Hiland Road avalanche update: Power returned to homes, and snow removal is underway


Power crews were able to restore power to 24 of the 25 remaining members affected by the avalanche on Hiland Road. One home is without power; it is in a difficult area to reach.

The mayor asked the Anchorage Assembly to approve extension of the emergency order. In a special meeting of the Assembly on Wednesday, the Assembly approved the request, AR 2022-97, the declaration of a civil emergency, which was first declared on March 26. The Assembly also passed an emergency order that allows the mayor to spend up to $1.5 million to respond to the emergency.

On Tuesday, over 300 truckloads full of avalanche snow were removed by McKenna Bros., which has the contract for Eagle River.

The liberals on the Assembly complained that they were not getting enough information from the Mayor’s Office, but none of them showed up site at Eagle River, and none of them called or sent text messages Assembly members Jamie Allard or Crystal Kennedy to get updates during the initial phase of the disaster.

The liberals on the Assembly on Wednesday proceeded to complain about the $1.5 million. Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance, Assembly Vice Chair Chris Constant, and Kameron Perez-Verdia said they needed justification for spending the money.

City Manager Amy Demboski said the State would reimburse the $1.5 million. The money for the expenses right now is coming from an inter-fund loan, because the Assembly has spent all other available funds.

Demboski said if there are further costs, a request can be made to the federal government for a disaster declaration.


  1. My Wife and I are building our home on West River Dr and it is supposed to be finished in 3 weeks. It’s costing me personally thousands of dollars… if I can’t close on time, I’ll have to apply for a new loan and we will lose our 3.75% interest rate. The new rate is 4.9% for people with excellent credit scores. I am extremely stressed, but there is nothing that I can do. Also… the people in that valley pay the highest rate of property taxes. The Assembly should shut their mouths about what it cost, especially since the State of Alaska is going to reimburse the money. However… they don’t really care about Eagles River, which is one more reason that I support Eaglexit. Eagle River is nothing more than a cash cow to Anchorage and we as a community do not share the same values.

  2. I’m so thankful for our mayor and his staff and as well for our two assembly members for their actions during this emergency situation. As for the nine others that pretend to be public servants, well what do you expect? They have always shown how heartless they are. Alaskans helping Alaskans, that was the show. I know there was a lot of people, from the Red Cross , the firefighters, the utility workers, and volunteers and neighbors helping out in any way possible. Thanks and God Bless.

  3. Mayor Bronson should have just told the Marxist Nine that he suspected that several homeless waste cases may have been buried under the avalanche, and the assembly’s Marxist majority would have approved the spending of multi-tens of millions of dollars without question.

  4. We appreciated the swift action of the Bronson administration so:
    “Good work, Mayor Bronson, Amy Demboski, Jamie Allard and Crystal Kennedy!” Also a great shout-out to McKenna! They have had the road service contract in Eagle River for years and do a fabulous job! This is a monumental and dangerous task.
    When one considers how much money has been spent on various issues ($59 million for meals at the Sully anyone?? or hiring Bill Falsey for extra legal services), complains about an emergency expense by Mr. Constant et al only further demonstrates the disdain they have for folks out in Eagle River. It is a true shame that their partisan hate is more important to them, than compassion and service to members of our community impacted by a natural disaster.

  5. They could have blocked the expenditure altogether since that area never should have been zoned for residential, and they could have just told you to wait until it melts in a month or so.

    • Esthera, this was a “once in a hundred years” event, so your snarky and callous comment is uncalled for. I would also like to point out, that these residents pay property taxes and are therefore entitled to city support for road access.

  6. If it was state they would have fired the union operators and Local 71 would have backed the mismanagement. Service to the people’s needs is a laughing place to Alaska.

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