Hearings continue: Covid cases fall dramatically in Alaska, as Anchorage Assembly considers a law to mask everyone


Since last week, the number of Covid-19 cases being diagnosed in Alaska has dropped by over 31 percent.

According to the State of Alaska’s data dashboard, 409 cases were reported yesterday, while on Friday the case count was over 1,000.

113,037 Alaskans have been diagnosed with Covid-19 since the virus came to the state in March of 2020. 558 deaths have been attributed to Covid-19. Less than 1/2 of a percent of Alaskans who have been diagnosed with Covid have died due to the illness, which is serious and sometimes debilitating.

For several days in a row, case counts were rising in Alaska, causing hospitals to sound the alarm. But statistically, with 373,169 Alaskans fully vaccinated and the 113,037 who have had the virus, fully 71 percent of Alaskans have some type of natural immunity or vaccine protection. It makes it unlikely there could be an ongoing new-case count of over 1,000 a day for much longer; after a while, the virus would run out of people to infect.

The Anchorage Assembly public hearing continues on Monday from 5-10 pm at the Loussac Library. The topic of the hearing is Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel’s ordinance requiring all people in Anchorage over the age of 2 to wear a face covering that obstructs their nose and mouth. Face shields would not be allowed under the new ordinance that would put into law what Mayor Dave Bronson has said is government overreach.

Although it’s clear he would veto the ordinance, the Assembly’s leftist majority has the votes to override his veto.

The ordinance has caused a deep divide in the community, and has shattered the trust between Anchorage residents and Providence Alaska Medical Center, which came out in support of the ordinance, while continuing to schedule full days of elective surgeries at the hospital and complaining to the New York Times that it doesn’t have enough beds.

Hundreds of Anchorage residents have attended the Assembly hearings on the ordinance since they began last week with a pre-planted group of doctors and nurses showing up at the Loussac Library to support the ordinance. Since then, the testimony has been overwhelmingly against it.

The maker of the ordinance, Assemblywoman Zaletel, has refused to show up at meetings until everyone is masked, and therefore has only observed the proceedings from the comfort of her home. She is the subject of a recall election this month for voters who are in Midtown Anchorage, from Rogers Park south to Abbott Road and west to portions of Spenard.


  1. All COVID surges follow the same path. A near vertical rise in cases, a small rounded plateau at the top and then a long tail down. These medical people and assembly knew this and made their case at peak hype. Now that the surge is in the decline phase it will be completely and utterly political if any, ANY MANDATE is passed whatsoever. At that point you will know without any doubt that the people running this town are extreme ideologues who are dangerous to democracy and your very lives and freedoms.

    • That only applies when the “herd” in question is radical authoritarian extremist leftists, and the “immunity” refers to relationship to logic and reason.

  2. Vaccines are NOT immunizations. Stop reporting it as if they are. The Vaxxed can still catch, spread and die from Covid. Plus you can die from just getting the Vax. New DOD documents whistleblown today shows majority in hospitals are vaxxed.

    • No vaccine has ever prevented infection. By definition, vaccines trigger your immune response to recognize and fight disease-causing organisms. The only way that can happen is if the organism enters the body. A vaccine is not a bubble.

      • They are trying to chase a disease with a vaccine during the middle of it. Does nothing more then cause the virus to mutate which is exactly what we are seeing today. The vaccinated could very well be the super spreader of tomorrow. I am not anti vaccine but I do look at the facts and the since they have have no long term effects to justify the continued use of the vaccine they should stop pushing it as the cure all which it is not considering the breakthrough cases that are becoming more prevalent. I have the best protection against the disease it’s called full recovery from it with all associated anti-bodies.

      • Interesting John, but I think you are citing the new definition that was introduced during this “pandemic” to fit the narrative.
        Here is the legacy definition;
        1. (Medicine) a suspension of dead, attenuated, or otherwise modified microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, or rickettsiae) for inoculation to produce immunity to a disease by stimulating the production of antibodies.

        Not the Narrative.

        • Here are some other pre-covid definitions that might help quell the worry about whatever this new definition is supposed to have changed.
          vac·cine (vak’sēn, vak-sēn’), Although this word is correctly stressed on the first syllable, in U.S. usage it is often stressed on the second syllable.
          Originally, the live vaccine (vaccinia, cowpox) virus inoculated in the skin as prophylaxis against smallpox and obtained from the skin of calves inoculated with seed virus. Usage has extended the meaning to include essentially any preparation intended for active immunologic prophylaxis; for example, preparations of killed microbes of virulent strains or living microbes of attenuated (variant or mutant) strains; or microbial, fungal, plant, protozoal, or metazoan derivatives or products. Method of administration varies according to the vaccine, inoculation being the most common, but ingestion is preferred in some instances and nasal spray is used occasionally.Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012
          vaccine (văk-sēn′, văk′sēn′)
          a. A preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen’s structure that upon administration to an individual stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection.
          b. A preparation from the cowpox virus that protects against smallpox when administered to an individual. The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2007, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
          vac·cine (vak-sēn’)
          Any preparation intended for active immunologic prophylaxis, e.g., preparations of killed microbes of virulent strains or living microbes of attenuated (variant or mutant) strains, or microbial, fungal, plant, protozoal, or metazoan derivatives or product.
          [L. vaccinus, relating to a cow, vacca] Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
          vaccine a preparation containing live, attenuated (see ATTENUATION).or inactivated (killed) microorganisms (or some part or product of them), that is used to stimulate an IMMUNE RESPONSE in the recipient, which gains IMMUNITY. The Salk polio vaccine is an example of a vaccine that contains inactivated viruses, whereas the Sabin polio vaccine is a LIVE VACCINE. The name comes from the Latin vaccinus, ‘of cows’, and relates to the work of Edward JENNER on cowpox. Vaccines are not quick-acting, but rely on the recipient to build up a supply of ANTIBODIES gradually. Compare SERUM (3). See also COMBINATION VACCINE, DNA VACCINE, SUBUNIT VACCINE. Collins Dictionary of Biology, 3rd ed. © W. G. Hale, V. A. Saunders, J. P. Margham 2005
          A suspension of killed or attenuated bacteria or viruses or fractions thereof, injected to produce active immunity. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms, 6E, Copyright © 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
          vaccine Med
          1. a suspension of dead, attenuated, or otherwise modified microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, or rickettsiae) for inoculation to produce immunity to a disease by stimulating the production of antibodies
          2. (originally) a preparation of the virus of cowpox taken from infected cows and inoculated in humans to produce immunity to smallpox
          3. of or relating to vaccination or vaccinia Collins Discovery Encyclopedia, 1st edition © HarperCollins Publishers 2005
          vac·cine (văk-sēn′)
          A substance that stimulates cells in the immune system to recognize and attack disease-causing agents, especially through the production of antibodies. Most vaccines are given by injection or are swallowed as liquids. Vaccines may contain a weaker form of the disease-causing virus or bacterium or even a DNA fragment or some other component of the agent. The American Heritage® Student Science Dictionary, Second Edition. Copyright © 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

          • Jeff,
            Which definitions are not true?
            It must be terribly inconvenient for you when definitions and fact don’t fit the talking points you’ve been given to repeat. Don’t worry, when you are proven wrong time and time again you can fallback on the tried and true leftist doctrine of calling those you disagree with names.

          • Steve, I am not interested in verbal jousting with you, nor in engaging in pointless sophistry over abstract definitions. The fact that you are, and have been, only highlights the weakness of your arguments.
            Again, it is undeniable and PROVEN that the COVID jabs do NOT confer immunity to either contracting the virus, nor immunity to transmitting the virus, among those who have been jabbed. That makes them fail any rational or reasonable definition of a vaccine. They are treatments, but not vaccines.
            Everyone who is informed and honest accepts those facts, but you conveniently, dishonestly and disingenuously do not.

          • Jeff,
            I do not fault you for denying the standard definitions for vaccine and for immunity, if you were to accept them it would change your entire understanding of this issue, and any good true believer knows you cannot abandon your beliefs when facts disprove them! Since you refuse to accept reality and the standard definition of words, and insist on creating your own definitions I hope you don’t mind if I continue to point out when you do such.
            Since you will no longer be verbally jousting, with written words, I’m glad to hear you will no longer be posting your misinformation and insulting those you disagree with.
            Claiming that “it is undeniable and PROVEN that the COVID jabs do NOT confer immunity” is laughable from someone who claims to know the science, follow the facts, and is informed and honest…laughable.

      • John, your statement goes against a mountain of evidence as well as against logic itself, as it is for all practical purposes impossible, with tens of millions having received the jabs, for not ONE to have died as a result. EVERY drug on the market, or probably that has ever been administered, has a far higher fatality rate than that.

      • Um..there government VEARS system says otherwise lol.
        50,000 on Medicaid have died within 48 hours after taking it.

      • So John, you’re saying the VAERs database is nothing but a great big lie? Where on earth do you get your information?

      • Not according to the CDC or swiss policy research (swprs.org).

        Up to 25,000 deaths in the US and Europe. This took 5 seconds to find with a search engine. You certainly aren’t looking very hard for data counter to your narrative.

        Also try Vaers.
        While not all can be proven attributable to vaccines, certainly many have died “with vaccine”.

    • No one, ever stated the vaccines would prevent infection. You simply made that up or got some awful misinformation from Facebook or Breitbart. They were never intended to be a sterilizing vaccine, period.

      The vaccines were intended to reduce disease progression, to greatly reduce likelihood of hospitalization or death. They do that, and do it well. Not perfect, but better than without, by a wide margin.

      Nearly every vaccine works this way. Be smarter.

      • That is an interesting comment Matt,

        Your precious Dr. Fauci just recently stated that everyone should get vaccinated so they don’t get infected. Do your masters even know how to keep their stories straight?

        You say their intention is to “reduce disease progression and reduce likelihood of hospitalization or death”. This was not the intent at the beginning, the definition only changed because the actual effectiveness of the vaccine did not perform as advertised.
        The definitions are changing in front of your eyes and you don’t even see it. Sheep, or worse yet, agent.

      • In every other vaccine in the past and today (with the exception of COVID vaccine) they have asked if you have allergies, underlying disease , they do antibody testing.

        Let me put it to you this way-
        If a stranger walks up to you with a syringe and says trust me I’m a Dr. and I want to give you this shot-
        You ask – buts what’s in that shot? What if I get sick?
        Dr doesn’t really know , can’t answer and won’t get in trouble for giving you the shot even if you do get sick.
        I guess you just trust the Dr.? Just because?

        More information is needed, more testing is needed- almost all vaccines take 15+ years to observe side effects.

    • “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated; 85-90% of the hospitalizations are in Fully vaccinated people.” – Dr. Kobi Haviv, medical director Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem

    • I just know that everyone who I know who has COVID is considered ‘fully vaxxed’. 100%. I, on the other hand, worked side by side with these people, with their coughing and sneezing, and am just fine. Unemployed now but just fine.

  3. This has never been about public safety. Ever.

    Since Bush 43 created the TSA, the fascists in government (all parties) have been waiting patiently to restrict your lives even further.

    Covid gave them that opening. When 14 days to flatten the curve became 6 months and nobody pushed back, it was game on.

    You got scared, America, and gave away your freedom.

  4. To make matters worse, where are the churches? The folks who said that God is a healer, are nowhere to be found. Like didn’t Jesus lay hands on the lepers and heal them?!

    Why do we need a vaccine for a virus with low fatality rates vs abortion, HIV, DUI’s, and other sinful behaviors?

    Why aren’t churches preaching against the vaccine?

    Where’s that faith in times of adversity? The true churches in Alaska ought to be warning against the vaccines and protecting their congregations.

    This battle is very spiritual. That’s why they wanna shutdown the churches bc there is power in PHYSICALLY gathering together as one.

    • Spoiler Alert!

      The churches are governance in a different costume.

      Stay away from organized sheep. Remove the middle man. Connect directly to spirit.

    • The Northeast has had a challenging effort Evangelizing the Northeast Region of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska where peoples feel their well-being is complete when their is wildness surrounding us. The more people who ask the difficult questions about out community’s churches and leadership. Then maybe the sooner we as a body we can get the answers about increasing evangelical outreach and committed families to the scriptures. The AK church organization are behaving as they should in a non christian state, they are providing a pagan state with feel good materialistic help. Hahahaha

      • But! Yeah! I know what you mean “Sane mind” Alaska churches aren’t doing enough, they never did enough. It’s not their fault when the leadership struggle understanding the scriptures and spending enough weekly time teaching or feeding the scriptures into the body of believers.

  5. The testing and spikes can, and are, easily manipulated. Need more cases? Have a testing fair. Advertise on media and the web non stop and have extended hours testing at multiple locations. Gather up the positive tests and release them all at once. Bingo, instant spikes and now the scare can begin. Cases get low? Repeat procedure. They’ve been doing this in Juneau for over a year now.

  6. State Epidemiologist (Joe McLaughlin) pointed out where Bronson’s graph was in error in ADN article.
    Sounds like he was speaking of this graph put up in the above article.
    Figures don’t lie but liars do figure, it seems.

      • Suzanne, here is the appropriate statement from the ADN article: “Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson, who opposes a proposed citywide mask mandate and COVID-19 mandates in general, recently cited a graph on the city’s COVID-19 dashboard that he said showed a decline in the city and state.”
        I suspect the graph you posted and Bronson’s are one and the same that was criticized by McLaughlin.
        Again, this appears to be a graph that (while true) doesn’t appear to show what your headline says.

      • On Monday, Alaska reported 2,290 new cases: 1,405 on Friday, 781 on Saturday and 409 on Sunday among residents, plus another 55 nonresident cases. Alaska’s per-capita case rate over the past seven days remains the highest in the country, according to CDC data.

      • Suzanne,
        That graph has a lag and is back updated so it can no way or form be used as metric. I do understand how we can all use stats to bolster our agenda, but this happens to be an erroneous usage as the adn pointed out.

        Test positive rate can be used as a metric. Please post the alaska test positive rate graph for the last month.

    • So Bill Yankee, how does it feel to be taken down by the truth. . The author of this Blog deals in facts, not myth. You are right about one thing however. Figures do not lie. But some who comment here do!

    • Billy, can you even figure? Heh Heh, are you a liar or just programed to believe the MSM? Is there a difference? Waiting for your programmed response…

      • You seem to have jumped to a conclusion without adequate information OA.
        “Sometimes it’s better to remain silent and thought the fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

    • Joe McLaughlin also claimed that 4% of people who caught covid would die from it.
      Figures don’t lie but bureaucrats do

  7. This shocking report on today’s Stu Peter’s Show rumble -dod-documents-over-70-covid-hospitalizations-are-fully-vaccinated-over-65.
    Fact from the feds dod report. Wasn’t intended for the public. We are in perilous times!

  8. Having just survived a bout with the Chi-Com Flu, (yes tested positive and I am living in my eighth decade upon this planet) I want to let others know that yes it is nasty, but then lots of ailments are. I received zero medical help. I took some aspirin to quell the aches and fever. Bottom line, we have been played. Our medical establishment and Government has been less then honest with us over the last 18 months. We have been sold a lie about almost every aspect of this virus, from alternate treatments to the ineffective vaccines, which when I last looked reportedly have killed almost 15,000 people in the U.S .alone.
    Natural immunity is best, your body has a fantastic God given way of fighting off virus’s both natural and man engineered. Please really educate yourself. Look into how other parts of the World have treated their Covid infestation. Begin with looking into what happened in the India State of Uttar Pradesh. Faced with a pandemic they adjusted their protocols away from the U.S. model. The result? Reported cases fell through the floor in three weeks time.
    This is a defining moment in the American Experience, will people wake up and live Free or will they be led into perpetual servitude by way of the authoritarian’s use of fraud, force and fear? It is your decision. I hope the majority will Question Authority and arm themselves with the truth and live Free!
    If you cannot bring yourself to think critically about this subject , go ahead mask up and cower in irrational fear but don’t attempt to bully the rest of us with your pseudo science. It Ain’t Working Anymore!

    • Old Alaskan,

      You have the upmost respect and I applaud you for being one tough cookie!

      Those who are awake knows their fear mongering is at it’s end with a BOOM!

      Unfortunately those who are the leftist and choose to continue to stay blind, well, I hope they hit rock bottom before it’s too late for them.

      There is much evidence out there to have an informed choice to keep pushing back. As I’ve said in so many MRAk posts, when 2 or 3 bond together, makes a stronger cord. We as Patriots have pulled, pushed together! Keep pushing, keep pushing back!

      Like so many who’s gotten the “chi-chom’ flu and came out stronger is such a breath of fresh air to read & hear! You all are rock stars to me! Solid, hard core Patriots & know this is beatable w/o that damn jab!

    • It depends on our sources of information. If you trust my pillow guy for your civics, you’ll be sincere but wrong.

      I trust medical professionals who are educated, experienced, dedicated and vetted by their peers. They guide my health care.

      • Well those in my medical group all reject the jab. And, recently everyone seeking treatment has had the ‘vax’ (despite Steve-O rantings it is not a vaccine). You can think what you want but only time will tell which group is correct. How about lighten up and let us work together? If you believe so strongly in the protection of your shot, then you have nothing at all to fear from us refusing it.

        • KE,
          By ranting you obviously mean providing standard definitions for words that disprove your talking points. You see a typical leftist doesn’t believe words have meaning. To show a typical leftist that words have meanings and they can’t just make up definitions out of whole cloth to suit their political ideals would sound like ranting I suppose, if you were a leftist.
          These vaccines are vaccines, because they meet the standard definition of a vaccine, no matter how much you or Jeff wish to create your own new definition.

          • Steve, your repeated and BLATANT lies here have convinced me that you are truly malicious and malevolent in your intent to confuse and obfuscate matters surrounding these COVID non-vaccines.
            How can an injection that neither prevents the contraction nor the transmission of a disease be considered a “vaccine”? It can not, not under any ordinary and logical definition of the word. And the COVID jabs have been conclusively shown to provide little if any protection against the contraction and transmission of the Wuhan Virus. Therefore, all your sophistry and rhetorical jousting notwithstanding, they are NOT vaccines. Period.
            Really, stop with your attempts to lie and misrepresent reality here. You only further damn yourself with every such attempt.

          • And if you believe that the Earth is flat, then I’m sure it is. You just believe what you want (because MSNBC says so). For you, again, from Toxicology Reports: vaccine is legally defined as any substance designed to be administered to a human being for the prevention of one or more diseases [5].
            Reference (5): Cornell, Definitions relating to vaccines, 4/26/2021.
            The jab does not prevent COVID, it merely mitigates the symptoms (often allowing those infected to unknowingly shed virus). Please cease your ill informed, non-factual rants. And remember, I favor the shot for those for whom it is indicated. But it is a pre-emptive treatment.

          • I understand that this whole definition thing is tough for you, it means that those who told you what to think about the covid vaccine not being a vaccine by any standard definition were wrong. It means that your understanding of this whole entire situation is wrong. It’s hard to acknowledge that you are wrong for some people.
            Instead of calling me names and insulting me, I might suggest you expend your efforts trying to understand that words have meanings, and then trying to understand those words. When you finish with that please feel free to insult those who have led you to believe that words do not have meaning and that definitions can be made up to suit whatever your world view might be.

      • Because NO ‘medical professionals’ could EVER be ignorant, biased, pushing an agenda, compromised in any way, or simply brainwashed by the flood of propaganda from the political establishment and the corporate media as so many others are. No, not one!
        Your naivite is touching, but also disturbing and dangerous.
        Tell me, do you still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, too, and that those in government only have your own best interests at heart?

  9. Is the “my body my choice” saying only for women wanting to kill an unborn baby? You wear a mask and I’ll take my “choice” chances.

  10. Myself and one other member of our household are recovering from Covid. Neither one of us got tested or went to the doctor, there’s just no need for the hysteria. We fought this virus the same way we have fought them in the past. We now have immunity better than you can get with the vaccine. This gives me more confidence going forward. The virus will continue to move through the community with it’s ups and it’s downs. Your best defense against it is to be in good shape physically before you contract it.

    • What is your evidence for your statement, “We now have immunity better than you can get with the vaccine.”

      • Only Pfizer’s own people.

        Nick Karl, Pfizer Scientist: “When somebody is naturally immune — like they got COVID — they probably have more antibodies against the virus…When you actually get the virus, you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus…So, your antibodies are probably better at that point than the [COVID] vaccination.”

        Chris Croce, Pfizer Senior Associate Scientist: “You’re protected for longer” if you have natural COVID antibodies compared to the COVID vaccine.

        Rahul Khandke, Pfizer Scientist: “If you have [COVID] antibodies built up, you should be able to prove that you have those built up.”
        But they’re just Pfizer scientists who developed the shot and are paid to hype it over everything else.

        October 4 interview release.

  11. Well, it cannot be too bad out here in COVID land. The Eagle River testing site was closed on Sunday, and keeps regular business hours during the week. Vehicular traffic at the test site was way down too, just twenty minutes ago.
    Last month however, the ER test site was bopping, a full double-curl of vehicles around the town square car park, daily. Its almost as if someone sent out the “bat [COVID] signal” for folks to come on down and get tested, and looking at those graphs, the lab tech cranked-up the old cycle testing up north of 40. More conspiracy theories, I know…………..

    • I was in that long line at the Eagle River test site, because like many others, was told I had t have a negative test result or they wouldn’t allow me to go to work the following Monday. After forcing a whole lot of people to get tested and then delaying the reporting to allow time to accumulate a large number of cases, it is not surprising that there was an increase, especially considering the inaccuracies of the PCR test.

  12. Alaska reports 2nd highest COVID-19 hospitalizations tally and nearly 2,300 cases over the weekend. The 409 cases are only for Sunday. Friday and Saturday are not reported by the State so Monday is always a distorted report.

  13. Common sense action to take by the assembly, based on current hospitalizations and death rates, is to downgrade this epidemic to a flu, serious one, if you like. Follow Alberta and Norway, and let’s get back to work.

  14. Curious description of Providence Medical Center as a source for the NYT – could they be trolling for an expansion grant?

  15. Great article Suzanne. I also zeroed in on that graph Monday when I did my daily check of the dashboard. I posted it to Neighborhood and Reddit. And, just as happened here rather then accept the numbers commentators speculated why they dropped depending on their politics. Supporters of the mask mandate tend to downplay a declining number of cases. Opponents accept and point out why new mandates if the numbers are slipping. Meh

    • RG, Like the old Simon and Garfunkel song stated,” Going to the candidates debate, laugh about it, shout about it every way you look at this you lose…” meaning the narrative here is intended to be factual free. Meanwhile in India of all places they beat covid for under three bucks a head. Go figure. Look up Uttar Pradesh. Where amongst a population of 240 million people, cases of the dreaded Covid dropped from 310,000 cases per day to less than 1000 within three weeks. But then Fauci wasn’t directing the program… oh and remember the cost of three bucks per head. This is a money and power grab unequaled in our history.

    • The problem is a loud, obnoxious minority that has fought and ignorantly dragged out the implementation of the mandates, while people are getting sick and too many are dying unnecessarily, until it’s redundant! We need a law that says whenever the case count exceeds 50 a mandate goes into effect!! Then it will respond in real time rather than react!

      • More Covidian irrationality and hysterics from a dedicated Covidiot cultist.
        Where were you and your hysteria during every past flu season, Esthera? Where were you every year when over 600,000 Americans died from (mostly preventable) heart disease? Why no draconian mandates surrounding all those deaths, eh? And while we’re at it, what about the more than 30,000 who die on US roads every year? Did you know that we could save EVERY ONE of those people if we just instituted a 10 mph national speed limit? Why aren’t you advocating for that, eh Esthera? I mean, “if it saves just one life”, right?
        Esthera, I am justifiably mocking you because your arguments (such as they are) are simply emotion-based hysterics, devoid of reason, logic, perspective and context. You are simply a sheep who has been propagandized and led into a paranoid frenzy by all the fear-porn of the corporate media and the self-serving political establishment, who are using this so-called “crisis” as yet another perfect opportunity to consolidate and expand their power. In short, try coming back here with some rational and logical arguments, instead of with your hair-on-fire histrionics.

      • Just came from my doctor, who says that all the cases he sees, and especially all the sickest, had the shot. He is actually concerned for his own health by issues showing from the jab. He agrees that masks are theater and, once in the room out of sight of Karen nurses, we both went mask free so that we could understand one another.

  16. Sensible people who don’t want exposure to the virus at unmasked, unvaccinated assembly meetings are sending their support by mail, telephone, and email. The numbers on mandates are 2 to 1 FOR them! In other words, TWICE AS MANY people SUPPORT the MANDATES as oppose them!!!

    • Esthera, your LIES here are just another reflection of your emotive irrationality, and of your fear — and the fear of radical extremist authoritarians such as yourself — that your draconian and Orwellian political agenda is at last failing as the truth continues to come out, refuting many if not all of the half-truths, misrepresentations and outright falsehoods upon which the Covidiotic political agenda has been based.

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