Hearing on HB 105: Teachers testify that their rights have priority over parents’ rights


Dozens of public school teachers in Alaska have spoken out against Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s House Bill 105, the legislation that ensures that teachers are not keeping secrets from parents about students who are starting to have gender confusion.

Another House committee hearing was held on Thursday night, and at the request of opposing legislators such as Rep. Andrew Gray and Rep. Jennie Armstrong, teachers and LGBTQ Alaskans from across the states clogged the phone lines.

According to the teachers who testified on Thursday before the House Education Committee, teachers have a right and a duty to keep these matters secret.

The teachers said that minors have a right to change their names at school without their parents knowing about it.

The teachers also insisted that boys with penises should be allowed to use female bathrooms and locker rooms without their parents knowing about it.

In other words, once parents release their children to schools, they must trust the teachers to have confidential talks with their children, no matter the subject matter. There are some things that parents should just not know.

Members of the LGBTQ community and their self-described allies agreed with the teachers who testified: They believe it is a First Amendment right for a minor of any age to be able to change his or her name and gender identity without a parent knowing, and for schools to keep self-chosen names secret from parents.

Under this new right that testifiers believe minors have under the U.S. Constitution, a kindergarten student could have a different name at school, and be assigned a different gender identity than the name and gender at home. At school, a boy could be called a girl, while at home he would be known as a son and brother. School records, as in done in Anchorage, could have one set of documents for teachers and administrators, and another set of documentation for parents, with different information.

The Thursday hearing was much like another recent hearing, with only about 36 Alaskans speaking out in favor of parents’ rights in education and a flood of teachers, LBGTQ advocates and parents of transgenders taking over the phone lines.

HB 105 establishes parameters for what schools can teach regarding the brave new world of sex education, without parents affirmatively opting in to the curriculum. Current state law has an opt-out provision for parents to sign, but this bill puts more responsibility on parents to inform themselves about what is being taught. Without a permission slip, students may not be able to stay in class for such lessons as how to have anal sex, or whether they are actually a different gender.


  1. Citizens have constitutional rights, minors are not citizens; therefore, minors do not have constitutional rights. Next argument, please.

    • Not sure I follow your argument. Are you saying that since teachers are adults with Constitutional rights they can have power over their students because they are minors without Constitutional rights?

      Also, even though someone under the age of 18 yo is a ‘minor’ and has some legal abilities limited, I fail to see where the Constitution says they have no rights to, say, freedom of speech, or freedom of religion. And even if they did have limited rights, the rights of their parents to raise their own children as they see fit, trumps ANY kind of right a teacher thinks they have.

    • Can minors be prosecuted by the government for speech criticizing the government?
      Can minors be subjected to cruel and unusual punishments?
      Can minors be discriminated against based on their race, sex, or religion?
      Can minors be forced to perform religious acts that do not align with their beliefs?
      Can minors be prosecuted by the law without jury, without representation, without assumption of innocence, and can they be forced to testify against themselves in such cases?

      Seems like without constitutional rights, all that is on the table.

      Seems as though you are advocating that if your son/daughter were to express criticism against the government the government should be allowed to torture, arrest, and imprison them without trial, oversight, or any kind of restrictions whatsoever.

    • Minors are citizens, and they have rights under the Constitution. Stop spreading “disinformation,” that is, please don’t tell lies.

    • This is not about children. It is about parents. It is about whether a parent has a right to know what is being taught in public schools, and whether the teacher/administration has the right to keep things secret from the parents.
      Nothing to do with children’s rights.
      Your argument is meaningless.

    • Are you implying that the Federal Government grants rights?
      Have you ever read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights? Apparently not from your comment.

    • Excuse me. All citizens have constitutional rights. even children. Does that include illegal immigrants? They aren’t citizens and seem to have as many constitutional rights as citizens.

  2. These people disgust me. If my kids were not already out of school they would be home schooling going forward. These teachers that believe this disgusting nonsense are pedophiles in my opinion. Parents should not be leaving their kids with these monsters.

  3. All tyrannical regimes throughout history have their targeted children. Hitler Youth, Mussolini’s Children, Pol Pot. Read about these and you’ll find very striking similiarities.

    • Good point, Jim, and yes, I think what we are seeing here is essentially the same phenomenon, of the state both claiming rights to the children to raise as THEY see fit (and as suits their agenda), and of their burning desire to indoctrinate youth into their own statist beliefs and dogma.

  4. Obviously these individuals shouldn’t be allowed to be around children and damn well shouldn’t be teaching children…

  5. I’m just glad that my children are grown up. The current world has gone nuts. I would not be sending my children to any of today’s schools with the crazy mind set that teachers of today have. Freaks, pedophiles, cross-dressers, drag queens, trans, pronouns, etc;… it’s all nutsville these days. And believe me it’s happening. The children don’t have a chance. When I grew up teachers taught the 3-R’s. I didn’t know anything about their politics, their pronouns (other than Mr. or Ms.), their sex life, their nutty pronouns or whether they were drag queens at night. My parent’s taught me my morals and discipline and my teacher taught me the 3-R’s, some geography, a little science, a health class and a little history. Teachers do not cancel or supersede parents rights… and never will in my household.
    If I was a school age parent today I would be sitting in class on occasion to see what’s being taught. And I would be sewing one of those small little gizmo recorders into my children’s clothing. Like the gizmo the parents sewed into their baby’s clothes and caught the day care center abusing their baby. There’s lots of ways to catch these abusive teachers. Parents need to be pro-active to protect their children.

  6. We have been told that these gender confused make up 3% of our population. From observation, it would appear a much larger number than that. Or do they have such a strong desire to speak out that nobody else can have a chance. But what transpired last night leads one to believe that almost nobody is born in their appropriate gender and that they must seek out the gender that Mother Nature denied them. Wonder if the same thing is happening in the rest of the animal kingdom, or if it is only affecting humans. But other animals don’t have smart phones, so we can only observe their behavior, which appears unchanged. Maybe something in the water treatment system, as people on well water seem unaffected.

  7. They can do what they want I have the guts to pull my kid from school if they do and I will go after bonds of any admin staff and or starting class action law suit for any teachers braking Alaska law as it effects my family please hear me on this YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT to infringe on my family values in any way you not there to teach ideology your there to teach math writing history constitution etc mind you manners and respect parents and stay out of there family life respect parents wishes

      • I am a whiny parent because I want to protect my children from perverts and pedophiles teaching them inappropriate behavior and ideologys grow up Liz being free in America does not mean being care free

      • Now-now Lizzy don’t get yourself in a Tizzy. Schools got the kids 9 months of 12 minus federal holidays, in-service, snowdays, winter and spring break, 5 days a week for 12 years;while parents got their child for life and all their issues. They have every right to know what’s happening in school.

      • Liz, your repartee reminds me of the old adage:
        “Those who can, do! Those who can not, teach!”
        Liz your post seem to imply that you are under the erroneous impression that schools are primarily a jobs program for those, who wish to live out their version of world view by imparting it onto their immature and unsuspecting victims. You appear to furthermore demand to be free from criticism and WITHOUT any responsibility for the consequences of destroyed relationships and lives, in the wake of such teaching.
        How sad!

  8. These protesting indoctrinators (“teachers”) need to be reminded who they work for. They are employed to educate our children on life skills, not inappropriate subject matter. This tells you a lot about these “teachers” true agenda.

  9. The left wants your kids. They won’t bother to have their own, but they want to reshape yours in their image.

    Most conservatives refuse to accept it, most progressives deny it, but it’s happening right in front of your eyes.

    Get your kids out of public education yesterday.

    • Yep – take all your kids out of public education. But first, quit your job and try to figure out how to pay for stuff while you stay home with them. Or….put them in some religious crazy, expensive private school that funnels money to the churches that actually do molest young boys.

      • Why would anyone just quit their job if they chose to home school. My wife and I home schooled my son for about three school years. We both worked and had no issues. I also had one daughter that we put into a religious based school. Found their education program to be excellent and no one molested my daughter. Maybe you think only boys get molested by religious pervs?

        Not sure why you are so angry with parents that express concern over their children’s teachers. It’s a parents job to go over every detail of their child’s upbringing. So if you are ok with your kids attending public schools, then, ok, that’s your decision. But notice that no one is screeching at you about your choice.

      • Liz, are you 14? Or a groomer/ teacher?
        What do you think the purpose of school IS?
        I will tell you – and I will tell you what it is NOT:

        It is there to educate our children WITH OUR MONEY- to read, write, spell, learn grammar & punctuation, CIVICS, Science, Geography, World & American History (or we will repeat it, as we are now – see the Communist manifesto – see Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky – see the ACTUAL step by step program China & Hitler did – mentally separating the kids from the parents & teaching them to turn on the family that loved & fed them…) Then, the freedoms are taken, and the kids helped the government do that. Squeal on the parents. For saying or thinking the ‘wrong’ thing. China, Cambodia /Pol Pot. Kony. Have you never seen The Sound of Music? Germany. True story.
        Doubt me? Look at the comments here. Hardly anyone has a decent enough education to use punctuation, to construct a proper sentence. YOU don’t even know enough to Capitalize your own NAME. WHY? Because if we DO know these things, we are attacked as “Grammar Nazi’s”.
        Wtf. For knowing the correct use of English.
        “The dumbing down of America” is a real thing. It is deliberate, an actual plan to keep you poor & ‘them’ rich (if you follow politics? They are ALL breaking laws now, and NO ONE stops them. I saw pictures of Hunter Biden naked with children. THEY’RE ONLINE. Why is he not arrested? Because YOU are a pee on, HE is protected). Also, it’s partially due to vaccines (research the ingredients) & the fluoride in the water (pacifies the people, makes good sheep; scientists brought that info over from Nazi Germany & taught our officials that.) CDC lists fluoride as a poison yet it is in virtually all water systems in the country.

        Universities have been going communist for decades. THEY put out seriously left leaning teachers. Who else teaches kids that being a capitalist is bad? Having a lemonade stand or selling products for your school door to door is capitalism. Start small, work hard, make money, get what you want. Not one communist society on Earth has ever flourished or prospered.
        Next? They plan to take the guns using all the “mass shootings” (see Australia – only took ONE big event. They blamed an autistic guy- apparently made several crack shots from the hip. Most regret it as they are utterly helpless now) Then eventually the GOVERNMENT genocides the people. Educate yourself with the historical truths of disarmed populations. BTW, If Democrats just stopped shooting people, gun violence would drop by 90%.
        You mentioned “Whiny”? WHINY IS WHAT THE LEFT IS- DON’T RESEARCH, DON’T DIG INTO THINGS, just bullies, cries around, threatens others & plays victim until everyone gives in. How about JUST ACTING NORMAL!? You want something? STFU & WORK FOR IT.
        Couple things to look up- the Constitution & The Bill of Rights – not for the content – you can get that in (excellent) 5 minute videos on Praeger U (Youtube? Bitchute? Rumble?).
        NO. Content is good, but beside the point here; I want you to see THE WAY THEY WORDED THINGS. Those guys were in their early – late 20’s! And they spoke (& spelled) correctly, wrote eloquently, so elevated compared to us. THAT was from having been properly educated. One of my sons’ teachers couldn’t spell simple 4 letter words. I loved her but she had no business teaching 3rd graders.

        What is NOT education is teachers telling 5 year olds how to masturbate (California).
        What is NOT education is teachers telling OUR CHILDREN how to have anal sex (AIDS, anyone? fastest way it spread back then – way more of them than were using needles)
        What is NOT education is having cartoon pornography in grade school libraries – look up “Lawn Boy”.
        What is NOT education is ANYONE deciding what my child should do, be or think that goes against MY values. I AM THE PARENT. WE talk & decide. Not the school or some messed up teacher.

        You feel that way? Go have your own children. Feel free to fuck them up. 40% of trans people are committing suicide at some point AFTER the surgeries- not before – (while we’re being told WE will make them suicidal if we DON’T support transing our babies) But no one tells them they’ll never be able to get an erection, or have children, or feel what it’s like to have an orgasm. No one tells them her arm will always look deformed after they cut a huge chunk of muscle out of it to form a non functioning penis, or that they may have a bag hanging from their body to collect urine for the rest of their lives. No one tells them where to turn when they feel the deep despair & hopelessness of having been pushed into a forever decision before becoming old enough to drive or vote. Being “Supportive” means $$$$$ to the doctors, counselors, teachers, surgeons & hospitals – $100K minimum cost.

        You need to go LOOK at the agenda. And it IS an agenda.
        Satanic – As Above, So Below. What is bad is good, good is bad, etc.
        Opposites. Boys in the girl spaces- destroy the women. While pretending ‘me too’ uplifts women. Putting men into women’s shelters & prisons to be victimized again. Because ‘poor men’ I mean ‘trans woman’ / rapist – do some digging – how many rapes & pregnancies in every prison that’s done that.

        Screw them.

        I will not bow down to the 1 in 100,000 people that don’t know what sex they are. Probably the same idiots that ate Tide Pods.
        Wake up.

        • Well said thanks for saying it we will never bow to .06% of the population never it is a gross misstep to think children should be your target. the water is about to boil over the pot on this subject. I have spoke to many who are flat out fed up with this crap fed up with these groomers perverts and pedophiles. there are alot of logs on the fire when it comes to this subject. I hate to be the one that starts that fire.

        • Thank you for “hitting the button” on the TRUTH which never seems to get revealed in conversations and House Hearings and other modes of discussions on the truth, because they won’t allow it. it is forbidden or stopped before it is fully explained. Thanks again for revealing the truth.

      • Thank you, Liz, for your comment. You stated the problem many people have with public education.
        “Yep – take all your kids out of public education. But first, quit your job and try to figure out how to pay for stuff while you stay home with them. Or….put them in some religious crazy, expensive private school that funnels money to the churches that actually do molest young boys.”
        Speaking of churches “that actually do molest young boys,” Last year there were 350 pubic educators who were arrested for sex related crimes with children. Seems to me that you are like the pot calling the kettle black.
        You act as if you are in position to demand from the public. That for some reason, the “public” (which are the taxpayers who finance “public education”) are left to be subservient to the whims of so-called educators.
        If the Alaskan public school systems somehow even provided an adequate education, we may be a bit more inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. This state’s public education system is CRAP! We pay more per student than about any other school system in the country and less than half of the students have any proficiency in reading and only a third are proficient in math.
        You tell us that if parents don’t like the public schools, they should take them out and seek other options. You may not realize this, but most private schools in the Anchorage area can give students a better education for less cost than the public schools are costing us. School choice would save the taxpayers money and allow parents better control over their children’s education. Parents should rise up and demand that education dollars follow the students and not the teachers’ unions.
        And how exactly do you define, “some religious crazy, expensive private school” Are they as crazy as the public schools who encourage boys to be castrated and girls to have mastectomies?

      • Try and change my mind: Most “Christian” schools see their students performing two to three grades higher than the national average in scholastic testing. And this at an average cost of 4 to 5 thousand dollars a year. How much of the state coffers does it cost per student to unsuccessfully educate at this level? Over 20 some thousand across the board. You show me where the various school districts perform at the private schools like this and then lower the costs per student and I will be certain to change my view. Now as to the subject: Forget it…

  10. Remember the good old days when public school teachers weren’t trying to destroy our children?

    • Yes, in fact, I remember when we addressed them as Mr., Mrs., or Miss.
      We didn’t even know if they had pets, kids or were married (still Mrs. after a divorce).
      I am guessing because their personal lives WERE NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!
      We were there to learn, & they were there to teach. Not socialize.
      It was our parents’ jobs to educate us on the private & often emotional parts of life, and in school, sex ed was clinically explained. What the parts were, how things operated each month. No discussions on feelings about it. THAT prompted more questions at home. For those that couldn’t? Asked friends. We got through it.
      These days? Many of the teachers themselves have been so brainwashed & indoctrinated that they actually think they are SAVING our children from us.
      : (

  11. It should be obvious too those that are mad at my posts calling for drug testing for Politicians and Educators, why I think it’s past time to see a regular line up for UA Testing.

    Pee hot, be gone.

    • I have advocated for that for YEARS – after some teachers were seen smoking weed behind the high school, while drug testing my son for wrestling team.

    • Willy is right and that should extend to all health care workers. They’ve been forced into this agenda as well. And continue to have the highest rate of drug abuse among occupations

  12. The reality is there are natural rights protected by the US constitution. No, act or law supersedes written is legal if it conflicts consutition. What is more national right that parents raising and teaching them morals, values and faith.

    Parents are not breeders for this state or nation.


    Just as obviously, public schools should not be promoting politicized views about sexual orientation and gender identity to their students. However, with the introduction of gender theory into the classroom and public-school policies, this is happening in many school districts across the country.

    In fact, policies that ignore biological reality threaten student health and safety and undermine the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

    Contrary to what children may be taught in some public schools, no one is born in the wrong body. Studies show that most children who experience gender confusion will come to accept their sex if allowed to go through a normal pubert

    • In gay-speak, non-gay people are known as “breeders.” And there appear to be a lot of gay, non-parent teachers in Alaska schools these days, certainly several showed up to testify and acknowledged their LGBTQ-ness.

      Almost all parents are willing to throw themselves in front of a train for their children. Those teachers and testifiers didn’t look like they’d risk their lives if it meant giving up the chance to pound down another donut.

  13. If there appears to be a situation where there are abusive parents or some other reason for children to be doing something without their parents knowledge, it should determined unanimously by a panel, not just one counselor or teacher. It should include someone from outside the school system. Perhaps a CASA or court appointed special advocate.

    • How about THEN calling the police? The teacher is just that; a teacher. They are not police or social workers. If they observe anything criminal or abusive concerning a student, they have an obligation to report that behavior to the appropriate entity. That is the rule right now! It doesn’t take a panel of teachers to report, just the one that makes the observation. But, if you are going to make that phone call, please be accurate and have solid evidence. An underfed or bruised kid is cause for concern. A kid, pissed that mom and dad made him or her go to school that day is NOT.

    • That would be a legal matter, and teachers are not lawyers or judges, either. The teachers we have now can’t even teach kids to read, write, or do math at grade level. Why do they think they have time to teach a bunch of nonsense concerning what is a girl and what is a boy? If they don’t know basic science, why are they even allowed to teach at all?

  14. The logical next step: if a minor chooses to have sexual relations with an adult authority figure at school, he has a right to do so and a right to keep that knowledge from his parents.

    It’s not just “The Left.”

    It’s the endgame of the alphabet soup agenda: to groom your children so that they are easy prey.

    God, have mercy on us.

  15. Rep Allard allowed the local Juneau folks to just walk in an testify while those on call-in hold had to wait. I waited 3:45 hours to testify while those who walked in were pretty much immediately asked to testify.

    Here is a quote from Lenin re children,”Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”.

  16. Public education is trash, pull your kids out before they are brainwashed by groups of drug induced hypocrites.

  17. Well of course there were more alphabet supporters than conservative parents. The parents know what’s right and should not have to protest for their rights. The teachers and government do not own kids. We abolished slavery, and that caused the Civil War. The parents children are not slaves or peasants of the state. Parents you have no choice but to get your kids out of the school district and start some private schools in your neighborhood.

  18. Also, they have the right to hide a pervert principal. They hide everything from the public. They are afraid of the truth getting out. I wouldn’t want my kids in ASD with principals and teachers like that. Risking the kids future or educating him for the future but what’s it going to be parents.

  19. Within my own definition, a TEACHER is one that instructs the unto the basic skills education, that is mathematics, reading, vocabulary, writing skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and definition skills.

    What a TEACHER is NOT is an individual that supersedes, nor replaces a parent within regard unto societal, moral, or upbringing of ANY given child, or student.

    Once that line is crossed, said TEACHER becomes a GROOMER, and at that point, said TEACHER should be fired, fully and without recompense, as well as any administrative individual that supports said stance.

    • Ok. How about feeding your child who you did not, could not?

      If the answer is get the police involved on teachers-you are missing what the teachers are saying.

      • Your metaphor is totally disingenuous. “Feeding” emotional distress and gender confusion is child abuse – a teacher involved in such or anyone promoting such is a groomer, not a teacher, and is usurping the rights of parents to raise their child. Presenting alphabet lifestyle choices is not equivalent to reporting malnutrition or beatings. “Being born in the wrong body” as a concept is a lie from the devil which cannot be supported by truth or “science”. It is not abuse to teach a child with a penis that he is a boy and how to behave and think and have expectations like a boy.

        • Devil is a religious term. I understand you have religious concerns about how government education happens. I also understand that you believe as parent that you are the only influence on your child.

          If I had a nickle for each of the kids I worked with who wereas homeless-were from religious families that threw the kid out for questioning their orientation. This is why kids don’t tell parents.

  20. Sounds little Mike better grow a backbone or he’ll go hide again like during the recall fiasco. Needs to clean house in the state education department and hold accountable these failing districts. My god, ASD hired a nut job from a failing miserably district in Texas and said he had wisdom and insight; from what? Public schools are lost.

  21. Alaska needs to fully dismantle and deconstruct public education. It’s more clear than ever, that the schools are not educating children.

  22. Teachers are brainwashed too, by the teacher’s unions and their bosses. It’s just one brainwashed generation brainwashing the next generation. That’s how the communists play the game.

    • When my youngest was in high school, one of her favorite teachers was gay.
      I don’t remember how it came up, it’s been awhile.

      When one of the class asked, he responded yes and then immediately went back to the lesson.

      He didn’t make an issue of it. Didn’t deny, didn’t advocate, just…was. It turned out he was also a Democrat, but you had to go to his Facebook to figure it out.

      His orientation and politics were not essential to English literature, so they weren’t part of his classroom.

      His recommendation helped her get a hefty scholarship to a college down south.

      This is what I want out of teachers. Be whatever you are ON YOUR OWN TIME. Don’t bring it to the workplace, especially when kids are involved.

      I don’t get why this is so hard these days.

  23. Here is the email testimony I submitted. Will it do any good? Not sure. But the issue goes far beyond sex Ed, pronouns & co-Ed (or whatever u want to call it) locker rooms. The issue is the education machine assuming the role & responsibility of parents for the greater good because they are trained to do so professionally. They know best no matter what you may think. I do not believe all educators believe this but enough do, supported by the NEA etc that we have a problem.
    ……………. …………. ……….

    I support HB 105. I submit this testimony to supplement a previous email I sent 2 weeks ago.

    Education is being turned on its head in our country. Who really is in charge of our kid’s education & growth into an adult? This is not a gay thing or a straight thing. It’s a National issue.

    Rather than treating parents as holding the primary authority for teaching children, which they may delegate to a school (or they may home school), we are enabling the educational burocracy to be the primary arbiter of a child’s education and morality by painting the parents as potential threats to that authority. It erodes the family as the bedrock of our nation.

    A parental secrecy policy Re: gender identity is a slap in the face to responsible parents. If I were still the parent of a minor child I sure would want to know if they were wanting to identify as a sex they are not. Not to punish the child but to know the facts of their behavior. Plus the bill allows for exceptions in cases where there is a risk to a child.

    The need for a child’s privacy by sex in the locker room should not be controversial. Therefore I support HB 105.

    • Well said. I hope a boatload of us sent such letters. I too submitted a few to different committee members. I wonder if they even read them. I could not be home in time to get on the list to testify in a timely manner and tuned in about 40 minutes in. It was pretty depressing. I barely could stand 30 minutes. This is about power, control and chaos, and not truly caring about kids and families.

    • Thank you for taking a stand for us women apparently we have no rights. That a room full of men in drag have the right to testify and be heard.

  24. Myriads of confused union sheeple educators testified, likely spurred on by ample union memos, and a large percentage living right in Juneau. Then add in the misplace compassionate students and wounded deluded parents whose kids fell into the dark side. This has happened in a vacuum as where were the conservatives? Not a one that I heard. Maybe on the phone later? Or they wrote letters as I did? I know there are conservatives in Juneau but during the torturous segment I watched, maybe two dozen testimonies or more, not a single person in favor or sounding remotely conservative. It is easy to tell by what was said that most or all that I heard at the podium were quite left leaning and extremely confused.

    So, bottom line, parents should be left in the dark, as they are too stupid to know what is best for their kids, in order to make a still minority number of gender dystopic kids feel good. In essence, they want your kids gender dystopic too! Getting you out of the way makes that so much easier. They obviously don’t want healthy grounded families protecting their kids from the dark confusion perpetuated by the left so that their kids can weather those growing up years often fraught with insecurity and vulnerability. Never mind there are already protections in place to step in for at risk kids with sketchy homes. That was conveniently ignored.

    The left wants government control of kids, keeping the stupid parents out of it. Unless of course a parent makes it their full time job to volunteer at the school and have presence in the classroom daily so they can remove their child as needed. The left in education have a huge advantage with union organization and leading. You can bet most teachers in Juneau are blindly liberal and all it takes is that directive memo and they are lined up at the podium to give their embellished sob stories. Then add majority of the population has to call in and has minimal access to our elected officials or the process.

    • Elizabeth, I was on hold for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Then I called the LIO on another phone and asked, “Did I get skipped over?” The LIO responded, “Oh, you are next in the queue”! I have my testimony posted on my FB page.

  25. Who has had access to train children what to think about sex? How did we get here? Planned Parenthood has been teaching sex education in the public schools for more than fifty years. According to their website, “Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of sex education.” When I was in school, a less shocking presentation was given when they knew a parent was in the room.

    Having long been the nation’s largest abortion chain, now one of their streams of income is from “gender affirming hormone care” including giving hormones to minors in most states with Medicaid reimbursement. No wonder Planned Parenthood Alaska has been directing people to call and e-mail about HB 105. Whether you have kids in the public school or not, this affects all of Alaska. Please weigh in. [email protected]

  26. I was a knucklehead in my youth, my dad spent his non-working hours in taverns. I would have had to walk in a bar at 13 to get my permission slip. Teenagers should be able to decide who they want to talk to without permission, this is a basic right of privacy in the Alaska Constitution. This bill is also hypocritical increasing administration costs taking from class teaching time.

    • My sympathies… Where was your Mom? Taking away parental rights and giving them to groomers is not for the benefit or rights of children.

      • Mom was raising kids, handwashing diapers, trying to learn English and be a good citizen. I have not seen many stories of teacher groomers, do you know of any in the ASD? Lots of stories about pedophile priest though and missionaries throughout Alaska. Satch Carlson left town 30 years ago.

  27. The moment an adult in any position of authority tells a child to keep a secret from a parent, that adult knows they are doing wrong.
    No, I am not talking about a trusted relative/friend of the family that is saying “Don’t tell your mommy we are throwing her a surprise birthday party.” I am talking about this crap.
    Exceptions can be made to stop abuse, or for health and safety reasons, but this is too far. It is teachers demanding full blanket coverage, no parent should have any right to hear or see what is going on in the classroom. Why? Because they know what they are doing is wrong.

  28. Children can not give consent. Everyone of these teachers that called in to oppose is a clear and present danger. I do not want to share a state with them. They need to go.

  29. I waited almost four hours then testified in complete support of HB105. I closely followed Susanne’s talking points from her previous post about this issue. I cited the U.S. and Alaska laws that require parental notifications…I’m certain the snowflakes listening melted down collectively, in the same way their scripted rhetoric came from one “educator” after another. In hours of listening to their testimony’s hour after hour, no concern was shown for those affected by the trans-communities requirement to allow boys into girls bathrooms dressed as girls. Stated over and over were these concerns:
    * Suicides will escalate among children if the “educators” are not allowed to help them transition;
    * It will be a tremendous burden on the “educators” to use “opt-in” permission slips, students without completed permission in time will miss out on important sex education indoctrination, leading to confusion and increased rapes;
    * Teacher recruitment is difficult now and will prevent potential “educators” from taking jobs in Alaska;
    * Bathroom accommodations for separate genders will be harmful for acceptance of trans students; and
    * Transitioning students will be abused by their parents if their parents know about their pronouns or plans, in spite of a provision in HB105 to allow Counselors a secure path to prevent these incidents where legitimate fears exist.
    This was a well organized effort of mostly scripted responses from the far-left marxists “educators”, and friends raising their own trans kids. It was tough to listen to, mostly emotional and principally testimony about the problems notifying parents has on a small percentage of students, while ignoring the secure bathroom needs of traditional little girls and boys in our schools.

  30. Since when did teachers have RIGHTS to “change” children against parent wishes?? I must have missed that amendment!!!

    • Chuck do you know why we send kids to teachers, or maybe you’re not understanding the whole concept of education?

      • C’mon Maureen. What about the idea of teachers sticking to teaching the subject of the class? Personal example: My son had a 5th grade teacher that used her science class to tell the kids that mankind is destroying the earth. Her job was to teach simple natural science to 5th graders and she used it for political purposes.

        Now take that same idea and imagine a teacher telling student that they need to keep their sexuality or ideas about their gender from their parents. You have a counseling background, so do you feel a public school teacher is qualified to counsel a student in areas like this?

      • We do not send our kids to teachers, Maureen. We send them to school, to be educated within a classroom setting so as to learn the basics of education amongst their peers, not to be subjected unto the personal social whims of the teachers employed by said school.

  31. The left wants control of your kids. It’s as simple as that.

    Sad thing is, way too many Americans are gonna go “ok fine” and get back to scrolling instagram.

    We get the government we deserve

  32. There are more parents than teachers, at least two for every kid (in ideal circumstances). Vote, both of you, for people on the School Board who aren’t trying to indoctrinate your children into their gender fluid communist dystopian nightmare. Teachers are employees who are paid to instruct a subject, not to inculcate children with morals (their own or other peoples). Take the power back, it was always yours; you just stopped using it. Vote!

  33. Anchorage School Board members, Andy Holleman and Kelly Lessens testified in opposition to the Parents Rights in Education bill. Why do they oppose parents being involved in their kid’s education? BTW, they toed the NEA-National policy on this subject. The NEA-National is where the Transgender Guidelines came from and this is what has been implemented in AK schools, including the ASD.

  34. Those teachers and non-hetrosexuals are enemies of the public and should be considered a threat to the safety and well-being of our children.

    My parental rights are derived from God and nature… there is a reason parents rights are not in the Constitution or mentioned… because the government has no right or hold over our children and the very thought is unnatural and absurd.

    Now, let’s see if Suzanne will actually let my comment post.

  35. Most of you are confusing citizenship, rights, and knowledge/decision making skills. Children are citizens and they do have rights, but they do not have good decision making skills. To imply that the parents have no part in helping them make good decisions or understand the impact of a decion is ridiculous. Those opposing the bill imply that a 1st grader has the ability to undestand a contract,to understand the long term impacts of irreversible surgery or chemical castration. I would point out that some children in high school thought it was a good idea to participate in the Tide Pod Challenge. You think those kids understand the impact of their decisions?

  36. When you are at war- the best strategy is to cut the supply lines. The children are the supply lines here. Parents have too many lame excuses for not even TRYING to home school. Most of those excuses are because they are chasing the great american dream of owning every new thing under the sun of at least trying to look like they own it while they are a slave to debts they will never pay. That’s the main reason both parents have to work.

    The other contributing factor here is the idea that the public school teachers work for us because we pay them. That is an obvious delusion. We do pay them but there’s no doubt they do not work for us. So you might as well count you money as a loss and save your kid. You can’t keep up a false hope that these teachers are going to comply with your wishes, you do not have the upper hand- except you do. PULL YOUR KIDS. Even if your kid gets a 3rd grade education because that’s all you can afford, at least they won’t be ruined for life and get a so called high school education but end up physically mutilated, emotionally ruined for life or just commit suicide.

    Keep giving your kids to them and you can only blame yourselves. Be corageous and get them out of there and you will find a lot of support around you. Get together with other like minded parents and learn how to help each other educate your kids. And give up the lie of the american dream and instead sow into your kids and you will have no debt in the end, no junk to manage and a kid that you can take pride in for the rest of your life.

  37. Two words: Home School.
    A rhetorical question: Why always children as the focus of your efforts?
    Rhetorical because we all know the answer. Grooming.

  38. And let’s not forget the history of education in Alaska. Rural Alaska was a haven for pedophile rings in the BIA schools in the last century and some elders still remember. Directly affected the people to this day the child abuse has infected the people. I learned about it in an award-winning expose’ in the Anchorage paper in the 90s and I believe it was the Daily News. I remembered what it reported clear as a bell. I am trying to find it but seem to be having a difficult time today. Go figure……?
    Anyone know what I am referring to?

  39. This is one of the elements that’s causing a general evacuation of traditional public schools for other option. There’s a huge values misalignment between parents and large number progressive activists working in our public schools.
    In 2003, ASD had just over 50,000 students with capacity for 53,000. The current District projections are that there will be fewer than 36,000 kids in ASD brick and mortar schools over the next five years.

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