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Health is important (but not that important) to Anchorage Assembly fixated on crippling Mayor Bronson appointees

The mission of the Anchorage Health Department is critical in this era of a global pandemic, with possibly more pandemics to come. But to the Anchorage Assembly, health is evidently not that important. They’ve been unwilling to confirm a Department of Health Director for nearly half a year.

On Tuesday night’s Assembly agenda, Joe Gerace was up for confirmation. But at the last minute, an anonymous person lodged a complaint about Gerace, who has been interim health director since the Assembly drove off the former director, David Morgan.

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The Anchorage Assembly majority of nine decided to table the Gerace nomination and take up the anonymous allegation in executive session at 10:30 am on Friday, even though Gerace was willing to speak to the allegations on the public record Tuesday. There’s no indication that Gerace will be confirmed on Friday or if his confirmation yet delayed.

The Assembly and those attending the meeting seemed surprised by the guerrilla attack on Gerace, who has an extensive resume in health, law enforcement, and the military. Some of them said they had been on board with the nomination of Gerace, until the two allegations showed up.

A last-minute attack from an anonymous person.

A former employee is making a claim, and another person is making an anonymous claim made on his confirmation day, Tuesday.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. They are the bad figs who chased all the good figs out of the land. When Judah fell, the bad figs were exiled into Babylon where king Nebucudnezzar killed the once ruling class. The good figs returned back into the land where the once ruling class exiled them out.
    That’s how I see these ruler, today is their day ruling with great power. Oneday they will be reduced to rubble, the birds will eat their flesh, without one person able to bury their corspe cause their friends will be dead too!

      • Or you could… please… not mix religion and politics. Isn’t it enough to already have the Supreme Master of the universe on your side? Leave the little bits to we mortals please and thank you.

  2. Until Rs learn that they need to play by the same rules the Ds do the Rs will continue to take a beating. Compromise morals? Never. Trade right for wrong? Never. Take the gloves off, unite, and fight like hell? Yes! I like Bronson and I hope he hangs in there.
    By the way, when I say “fight” I mean politically (disclaimer for those who like to mischaracterize things).

    • Its past time to lock up the insurrectionists of the assembly. Theses public serpents lack only a nut job wearing furs and horns. They’ve done just as much blocking of functions as anyone did on Jan. 6. Time to put them in solitary!!!

  3. Public health has never been the issue. Public control and forced obedience always has been.

    If they have a damn they would warp speed the guy through. Instead they are more concerned about hamstringing Bronson at every turn.

    Tells you everything you need to know about your rulers, Anchorage

  4. So, a last second claim, which is unverified is treated like the Word of God. Consideration of the nominee is tabled.
    Yet, the equity officer cannot be bothered to show up for work for weeks, and the Assembly fights tooth and nail to keep him employed.
    I am pretty sure that if Bronson nominated Dunbar for the position the Assembly would not confirm. Just to spite.

  5. The Dems used this same tactic to try to neuter Trump.: impeachments, no-cooperation, indictments, allegations… it is how the left conducts business at all levels. They call themselves progressives, but the only progress they want to see is toward communism. If they can impede and slow down conservatives they win a partial victory. They win a full victory when conservatives wear down and quit. I hope Bronson, unlike Dunleavy, doesn’t give into these slime balls.

  6. Okay, nine assembly seats voted in by the people of Anchorage. Who’s to blame here? Either nobody bothers to vote anymore or the whole city has gone communist. They can’t even oust one of them given the chance. We motivated enough people to vote in a good Mayor, but that was mostly Eagle River/ Chugiak. When are the people of the nine districts that allowed these law breaking idiots to take power going to take responsibility for their representatives? Soon they will take your own children away if you don’t agree with their ideas. When you see what happens with their rules as the people in Virginia did, perhaps you will quit worrying about where they dump the winter snow and start being parents if not citizens. Maybe one of the side effects of the shot that could effect the reproduction organs would be a good thing for some.

  7. A question that really begs an answer: how can the voters of Anchorage keep electing such self-absorbed fools who comprise the Anchorage Assembly?

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