Happiness index: Republicans are happier, more content than Democrats, according to latest national poll


The conservative voters are winning in the happiness department.

Every week, the polling company Morning Consult asks Americans whether they are happy, angry, tired, optimistic, scared, and a range of other emotions.

The results show that right now, at least, Republican-voting Americans are happier and more content than their Democrat friends, but Democrats are at least more optimistic than Republicans. Swing voters are the least happy, content, optimistic, or energized. The survey has a margin of error of 2 percentage points and is based on Oct. 20-21 surveying of 2,210 U.S. adults.

In general, the mood of the country has remained relatively stable since 2020, dipping only slightly.

Among the Baby Boom generation, those in their 60s and 70s, Democrats were more anxious and sad, but those identifying with either the Democrat or Republican Party said they were “tired” at about the same rate. Democrats were slightly more sad, anxious, and notably more scared in this generation. Swing voters in the Baby Boom generation were the most tired, and Republicans were the least sad and the least angry.

Morning Consult describes itself as a global decision intelligence company. It caters to business clients and occasionally surveys the public opinion about political leaders. Learn more at morningconsult.com.


  1. Thats because democrats and swing voters rely on the moods of the gods of this earth. Republicans rely on the true and one only God even those turning to Him last after all failed, cause we know he never changes, and he provides good refuge to take cover while all others grope in darkness.

    • Todays church day. Go to an imperfect bible reading preaching church. Better there than pithing the time away around depressed moody bar patrons sitting around getting drunk.

      • Adding- if you too scared to go to a church right now, then you can tune to KATB fm 89.3 in anchorage or your local ministry station where you can get teaching. Every listner eventually needs a church community, staying home you miss meeting your bestie, even never meet your future wife or husband being such a hermit!

    • Agree. Among conservatives you will find an overwhelming number of people that hold a strong faith in a creator God. Among the left you will find the opposite, most do not. It is sad. They have no firm foundation and life is only what they have here on earth. Hence the desperate need for power and control. Our hope is eternal and theirs is only in the tangible world.

      • You are the one talking about power and control Elizabeth. And the way you spoke of D’s- I would guess you are not a D. Hmmm…

  2. That’s not new news most normal people are happy just the basement dwellers that can’t work and are sure the end of world is coming are unhappy and a lot is about stuff that will never effect them personally.

  3. Suzanne, I am a member of the Boomer Generation and after reading this I have concluded that there may still be hope for America. Sifting through the charts it appears that many of the Democrats polled remain in possession of enough cerebral function to realize the deep doo doo their guy Joe Biden has gotten them into! Doubtless this is the cause of their increased anxiety and sad feelings. Proverbs teaches us however “there is more wisdom in the house of sorrow then in the house of mirth”, hopefully enough of our leftist friends will figure out the obvious root cause of their grief and join us in voting for Nick Begich and Kelly T!

    Now, wasn’t that better then taking a fistful of Prozac?

  4. I believe it. In Juneau Im surrounded by progressives who are always angry and bitter about something.

    Almost every conservative I know (all 27 of us) are too busy living and enjoying the wonders of SE.

    • Masked Avenger, sure, the wonders of Southeast, sideways rain, unceasing drizzle and fog along with snow and snain.
      But then there are those Days! The ones where the sky is blue, the green water fat and placid with orange kelp lining the shore all sent against green forest and towering peaks rising from the fjord. Surrounded by such scenes of Visionary Enchantment you fall under her spell.

      After many years you may realize that you have the Southeast Psychosis if you find yourself picking up friends at the Airport with the greeting, “Oh, if you only could have been here yesterday”!

  5. I think at least half of it is progressive theology (it IS theology to them) is doom and gloom.

    This is as good as it’s ever gonna get for them. And that DOES suck.

    Me, I got kids, faith, I like my job, and appreciate every day on this side of the dirt.

    Jesus brought us the Good News. St Greta brings them scowls.

  6. So this poll only asks “Are you miserable or are you happy?” And categorizes by party. I’m waiting for the poll that asks “Are you only happy making others miserable?” And does the same, Although I’m pretty sure I know how that will turn out..

  7. Just look at the nonsense that Maureen,lucinda, Frank and Sweeney post here. They all seem pretty miserable to me.

  8. A “happiness survey” of 2,210 adults! Wow! And all within a margin of error of 2%. Wowee! I’m not just happy, I’m absolutely elated. Frankly, I don’t give a damn whether anybody else is or not. And, yes, I’m as conservative as anybody in hell: all my “societal obligations” are met by smart and frugal donations to my “favorite charities.” And on Sundays pocket change covers the moral burdens that I shoulder for my Christian brethren!

    For those who are less happy than I am, get off your knees and get to work. Prayer will get you a pat on the back from your congregation, but in the real world it’s “business acumen” that puts the vittles on the plate! And if you’re just lazy, that’s your business; besides, it’s not as if this is the first century peopled with the haves and the have-nots! Let those who are unhappy stew a while longer: they’ll figure it out or end up in a pauper’s grave. God helps those who help themselves–hell, even the ministers know that!

  9. I only wish that these miserable democratic voters are in said misery because they themselves voted for the crap their in. Good.

  10. I would like to know the happiness level of those who “choose” to live on the streets so they have no obligations. Im with you, happiness comes from doing a good days work.
    My preacher at Sunset Hills Baptist in Anchorage had a great sermon today about being Not Grateful, but Grumblers” . You can watch it online at ‘www.sunsethills.org

  11. You think Republicans are happy? Really?
    Is that why they’re always shooting up places, acting crazy in response to Covid and science, scared of every single change going on in the world. Not just the Left, Centrists are also upset as the Supreme Court is now run by bigoted Jesus Freaks taking away everyone’s rights. We all should be scared – except the righty crazies!

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