Hammering man: Read the federal criminal complaint against Paul Pelosi’s attacker


David DePape, the man accused of taking a hammer to the head of Paul Pelosi, was looking for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when he broke into the couple’s Pacific Heights mansion on Oct. 28. DePape had zip ties with him, as well as tape and rope, with which he intended to tie up the House Speaker and break her kneecaps if she didn’t tell the truth, the complaint from federal district court for Northern California reads. DePape owned the hammer that was used in the assault of Paul Pelosi.

DePape told detectives that after breaking into the home, he went upstairs to the bedroom, where he found Paul Pelosi asleep. DePape said he wanted to talk with Nancy Pelosi, and Paul said that she wasn’t there. DePape said he would wait for her, but Pau explained she would not be home for several days. Paul was able to go the bathroom, where he called 911.

When police arrived, the two were struggling over the hammer, but Paul pulled the hammer away from DePape, who then turned it on Paul, as punishment, the transcript indicates.

In an interview with authorities on Oct. 28, DePape said he had planned to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage and get her to tell the truth, and if she lied, he would break her kneecaps. He didn’t leave the house after Paul called 911 because he viewed himself much like the Founding Fathers, fighting tyranny. He sees Nancy Pelosi as the leader of a pack of liars — the Democrats.

Paul Pelosi is said to be making good progress in his recovery; he had surgery for a skull fracture he sustained in the incident.

Authorities have also located the place where DePape lives, which was not at the Victorian house that has been shared widely around social media. He lived in a modest garage apartment on Shasta Street in Richmond, Calif., where he has resided for about two years. Neighbors described him as a quiet right-winger. DePape is set to be arraigned Tuesday.


  1. Actually neighbors said he was very left and even has a big alphabet people flag in the yard. Normally I’m a big fan of your reporting but this report leaves out a lot of information. Please dig deeper into this story, it doesn’t add up.

  2. Hmmm… Seems like a garden variety lunatic. He should live right in The City. Richmond’s too far and a little heavy on the petrostench.

  3. DePape intended to just take a knee for Nancy. The Speaker’s gavel will forever now be called a DePape, much like a baton is called a Gillooley.

  4. Then why the BLM and pride flag on his bus? Not usually found on the right?

    Why was the home of the 3rd in line to the Presidency unguarded?

    More, why did Pelosi call him a friend?

    I acknowledge the complaint, but lots of things don’t add up. Plus the SF police have covered for this man before.

    This is like Swiss cheese. Too many holes.

    • The holes come from reading (and believing or wanting to believe) false reports (i.e., misinformation/disinformation). No BLM flag. No pride flag. Just Mr. DePape spending the last several years going down the Q-Anon rabbit hole. This isn’t even a MAGA versus liberal incident, it’s Q-Anon versus sanity/reality. Mr. DePape is more closely aligned with the surfing coach who took his kids to Mexico last year and killed them. When people get sucked into vile conspiracy theories, they can open themselves up to committing actions they might have never previously imagined. Truth and facts matter.

      • Remember you said that when all the facts come out.

        Your bias is showing. As is your desire to have this be what you want it to be.

      • Qnon haven’t heard that.

        We all like to feel vindicated when a loon from the opposite party does something, yeah another ( fill I’m the blank) until one from our own does it to .

        A movement cannot be responsible for its followers. We need to stop the partisan opportunism, lower the rhetoric, and realize there are a lot of nuts out there.

  5. Thank you for publishing this update, which clarifies that the attacker broke into the Pelosi home and was looking for Nancy Pelosi. The chief of the local police department has also specifically said that the claim that Pelosi’s husband and the attackers were friends or knew each other. The false stories that they were gay and that the incident resulted from a hookup gone bad, were published and promoted by right wing blogs and operatives trying to smear Pelosi.

    • Well if the authorities in SF say it I guess it must be true. Give me a break. They have the best security money can buy. Actually better than money can buy, she is speaker of the house. A crazy leftist in his underwear carrying 2 hammers and zip ties just walks in? The third person who opened the door according to the police doesn’t exist now? PP walks over and opens the door while simultaneously fighting over a hammer with a guy half his age? I could go on and on. This is obviously a date gone wrong.

          • Not you lefties though huh? Yep you guys weren’t screaming “Russia,Russia,Russia” “muller report” “quid pro quo” “Kavannaugh” “insurrection” and “follow the science” for four years. Please, enlighten us MRAK readers how you guys use discretion, discernment and voracity to temper your comments with wisdom. What a pair of clown shoes. Please return a comment.

    • Yeah okay Rick, like anyone needs to make anything up to “smear pelosi”. She’s as dirty as Las Vegas sheets and there is more to this story than just “wacko with hammer”. He’s an illegal from Canada who was a “friend” to at least Paul, you lefties can try to save face here all you want but this whole things stinks of typical democrat behavior. A democrat got caught with his pants down and main stream media is running cover……this goes all the way back to JFK. Give it a break, sympathizer.

        • What part is false Mo? If you have some information to provide, we are waiting. Anytime……anytime……

      • Floyd. You made a solid list of why the Trump administration was the worst since forever. Science uses evidence and reason to establish conclusions. The bummer is that then the Republicans twist it to meet their beliefs. The insurrection is a perfect example. One Republican said it was a normal tourist visit. The RNC called it legitimate political discourse.

        By and large democrats follow the evidence. Democrats call the insurrection a violent deadly attempt by domestic terrorists to overturn the heart of our constitution. That’s accurate. That’s based on mountains of evidence.

        • Hahaha you’re a regular Paula Poundstone. You’re a funny guy.
          Your double masks must have depleted the oxygen to your brain though. Last I checked the democrats are in charge, with dr. “ I am science” Fay I leading the charge. The democrats were the ones saying that if you get vaccinated you won’t get Covid. The democrats were the ones saying that the masks would slow the spread. The democrats were the ones that instituted the fake six feet apart rule. The democrats were the ones saying that this would now be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Funny, I don’t see near daily news reports of unvaccinated people dropping dead mysteriously. Who again “ twisted the science” ? You might want to reverse your laboring and pay closer attention. Your being lied too, but ignorance is bliss for some huh terry? Also the term is mostly peaceful protest please try to stick with proper verbiage of todays societal norms.

  6. What a carefully crafted criminal complaint. Are all the ducks in a row now or are there still (many) loose ends to arrange?

    How about some no cash bail- or is that for only crimes against the little people?

  7. The article says, “When police arrived, the two were struggling over the hammer, but Paul pulled the hammer away from DePape, who then turned it on Paul, as punishment, the transcript indicates.” Even a child can see the fallacy in that statement. If they are going to contrive a transcript they ought to at least have it make sense logically.

    • The article does state that quote Wayne, but my reading of the “transcript” doesn’t show anything like that illogical statement.
      Just more clouding of a simple assault on the home (and husband) of Nancy Pelosi. Who is your “they” you think is contriving this transcript? Heheh!

  8. No one has to smear Mrs. Pelosi, she does that to herself. Where is the video of DePape breaking in? Where is inside video? I smell a nasty, vile rat. And we all know the rats name.

  9. Just for giggles. Wasn’t the laptop from hell considered a non entity? Right up until it wasn’t anymore?

    Sorry, but neither press nor law enforcement have a stunning amount of credibility these days.

    • Considered a nonentity by whom? It only matters what the DOJ or other law enforcement agencies do, and they appeared to have done their job. It just doesn’t matter what the media reports or doesn’t report or what MAGA knucklehead who believe anything coming out of someone/thing with a fake tan have to say.

      • Huh? It was considered a non-entity by the FBI, goofball. They were the ones who not only held the fact that it exists and is full of family secrets, filth, insider trading and evidence that Amtrak Joe is on the take, but also actively told the media to state this as Russian disinformation, see Brian stelter, but also threatened to Epstein the guy who ran the computer shop that turned it in to the authorities. Good lord, you don’t really read much do you?
        Your Trump Derangement Syndrome appears to be terminal, ol’ sport. You still can’t let go years later…..sad really.

  10. Based on reliable sources this was a Grindr date gone bad with a blood sucking pedophile. When will the anonymous trolling stop?

    • You can stop the trolling anytime you want Frank. All you do is troll here. Soooo…stop posting. Thanks, from all of us.

    • Why is this a market place in the mid-east Dave?

      We get it, you sleep in pj’s and think everyone should. Enrique Tarrio was in his underwear when arrested, after getting out of bed when police arrived. THAT doesn’t add up.. must be something else out there. Is the proud boys leader gay, too?

      See how crazy conspiracies are Dave?

  11. Camera footage?
    Amazing that the third person in line for the presidencys body guards just happened to be somewhere else that day.
    What a coincidence.

    • Yessir, what a coincidence that her bodyguards just happened to be with her in Washington DC. And what a shocker that the Speaker of the House would be in DC.
      I’ll bet you are amazed when the sun comes up in your neighborhood, too.

      • Bill, I think you must be really naive.
        Cameras on every corner, bodyguards would be afforded to her and her husband.All comings and going’s recorded.
        And yes, I am amazed when the sun comes up sunrises are beautiful.
        I can at least see the sun, not like you Bill – you’re completely blind.

        • You have no back-up that Paul Pelosi would have had bodyguards-where were they?? And the only reason cops showed up was due to Paul’s 911 call so your “all comings and goings recorded” is bullchit T.
          Get a grip here as you have nothing but your asinine assumptions that don’t hold any water.

          • Yanker, we provide 24/7 protection for Hunter Biden, we provide the same for Kamala’s brood, we provide for a multitude of people all over the world. Are you so dumb you think pelosi’s husband and son aren’t looked after? We pay for their security even though they are worth about 200 million.
            You lefties really lack the ability to see the big picture or think critically. I guess it’s not really your fault since 90% of all media is lying to you and covering for the dems. However your obtuse asinine ramblings on here are laughable feeble attempts at trolling. You’re probably a dandy at world of Warcraft or whatever you’re playing in your moms basement. Do you live with Maureen? Because you both slap the same crap on here all the time. Your arguments are pathetic grabs at msm talking points. The Pelosi’s are ok but orange man bad huh? Give it a rest. Why are you so driven to let the story unfold and the facts come to light, you leftoids never bother to give a republican the benefit of the doubt, why should we?

  12. I don’t believe this guy will ever make it to trial so the public can hear his testimony. Some how he will be Epsteined while the cameras conveniently quit working for unknown reasons.

  13. I have cameras at my home in Anchorage, Alaska and I’m a nobody. The Speaker of the House in crime-ridden San Francisco doesn’t at least have a ring doorbell? [insert laugh here]. You would think they would have a state-of-the-art hard-wired security system that would be set off with a fly landing on the window and would dispatch law enforcement immediately. Their house has been subject to attack before as well. So this loon just comes on in and all the way to their bedroom? There is a piece of this pie missing for sure.

    • Ring doorbells will take information from your doorbell regarding the house across the street. If police ask-google just hands over the footage. Even if members of your own family are in it, or that it identifies your home Google just gives it away without telling you they did. I would never have a ring type doorbell.

      Wanna talk about how the police are also accessing the 23 and Me test results to find criminals in your family line by your dna to find your ethnicity? Without telling you.

      • What in the hell does the have to do with the story Maureen? The point is the Pelosi clan is a dirty and mischievous group. The point is that they surely have camera footage that shows how this BLM antifa got into the house. If he broke in then show it and verify the narrative. If he was let in then the whole dirty deed comes out and the lies by the left stop. If the was any way, any any…any effing way the video could put a right winger in the crosshairs, it would have non stop full court press in the news cycle. You’re actually right, if only for once, if there’s even a shred of a glimmer of a chance of DePape being Maga that video would have gone straight to Google so that it could be blasted across the universe. The fact that it hadn’t been ought to tell you something.
        Your copium must be pretty powerful. You cannot accept that your beloved left leaders are the ones doing all the stuff they blame President Trump for. Does it get hard to breath when you bury your head in the sand?

  14. Headline is gold. A+++. We are still hearing just one side of the story — the side that favors the prosecution — but it’s at least clear that this attacker was not in his right mind. By the time this goes to trial in three years, if he is not somehow taken out by the system, so much will change in the “facts” and narrative. Meanwhile, pass the popcorn.

  15. I’m pretty sure he was saying ” where’s macy’s” “where’s macy’s”. With the cool fall breeze this nudist just wanted some pants.
    All will be revealed when the multiple security camera footage is released. I’ll not hold my breath for that footage anytime soon.

  16. Basic security protocols require that the residence of any high ranking individual must be secured at ALL times. As in, whether she’s home or not. Not even room for argument there.
    So that leaves us with the question of how the hammer guy just walked into the house. Was the security detail told to let him in (he was a ‘friend’ remember)? Or were they told to go grab a cup of coffee for an hour or two, while he visited? And, as asked above, where are all the video’s of the area? Both from the Pelosi property and from the surrounding houses. These high dollar houses are flush with electronic security including cameras, so why have we not seen any? Another question is where are the logs from the security detail? ALL visitors are logged in, even a pizza guy, so are there any entries for this guy?
    I’m not holding my breath waiting for details. This thing will be buried just like the crazy lady in Halibut Cove harassing an airplane on floats. An investigation followed by . . . nothing.

  17. Too many unanswered questions and now the spin. At this rate it will be a Hallmark movie of the week on January.

  18. Here we all sit watching these events through our lorgnettes, eagerly waiting to see if the perpetrator is either a right-wing fanatic (which, of course, gets maximum news coverage) or a left-wing antifa (which gets zero coverage). When it is really neither – as seems to be the case here – we all speculate.

  19. This story just keeps getting more bizarre. Police arrive, and are let into the residence by a third person, and encounter two men in underwear each holding the hammer. Sounds like Mr. Pelosi was having a sexual liaison that turned violent.

    Pelosi’s are denying there was a third person in the residence, yet it clearing states in the police report that the officers were giving access to the home by a third party.

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