Halloween greetings from the challengers


Two young Republicans who are challenging Republicans incumbents in Congress posted Halloween commentary that featured President Joe Biden.

“Happy Halloween! Today is full of scares, but there’s nothing more frightening than Liberal Lisa Murkowski being Sleepy Joe Biden’s Chief Enabling Officer. It’s time to defeat her and spook the DC Insiders!,” was the comment posted with Kelly Tshibaka’s Halloween greeting on Twitter. She is challenging Sen. Murkowski to represent Alaska.

Running for the House of Representatives, Nick Begich posted a design featuring Sen. Chuck Schumer, President Joe Biden, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi as pumpkin heads, calling them monsters who need to be kicked out of the “swamp.” His Halloween greeting was posted on Facebook.


  1. I agree, but this is what’s wrong with politics. Lowest denominator.

    How, exactly, would a freshman rep boot out Pelosi, Schumer, Biden?

    What I want to know is how he’ll act to support our dwindling freedoms, help stop the Covid police, shut down out of control spending.

    Kelly isn’t much better.

  2. Reality.
    Tabitha is the epitome of a Swamp creature. Look at her work background since graduating from the Ivy League (yeah, she’s one of those and a lawyer to boot!).
    Where’s the private sector experience? Started a real business? Met a payroll? Dealt with taxes and regulatory issues? Another “inside the Beltway RINO”. We HAVE to do better!
    C’mon, is he really fronting as a conservative? He is a RINO Squish – at best. And isn’t it time we stop the political dynasties, and the nepotism in Alaska?
    Don Young should go and live out his days in his condo in DC, where he spends most of his time – but we NEED to do better than Little Nicky.
    These people think we are idiots – and they are probably right…

    • Donewithit, Sir, you make the case that Kelly T is nothing other then a Swamp Creature seeking to get a promotion and return home to her Grotto. This may not be untrue, however I remind you that she is not LISA. The last statement makes the case for Supporting Kelly T.

      Begich is the real deal, he is akin to his Grandfather, pro-life, pro-development of Alaska and Pro- Jobs. He is also a smart cookie who has been successful in Business.

  3. I don’t know much about Nick or Kelly. But MOST politicians, after election, tend to stray (those on our side at least). It is up to us to keep them on track. That’s just the way it is.

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