Haaland: There are too many unfilled jobs, so American mines not needed

Deb Haaland

During a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on Tuesday, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland shrugged off criticism of her decision to shut down a critical mineral mine in Minnesota, saying there are plenty of other job opportunities for Americans.

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri criticized the decision to close mining on 225,504 acres near Duluth, Minn, a project that would create as many as 1,000 jobs.

Hawley accused Haaland of sacrificing American energy security for a radical climate change agenda, leading the nation to become increasingly reliant on China.

“Your decision to trade off our energy security in favor of a radical climate change agenda is making us more and more dependent on China. And, at the same time, you are blocking permits for mines in this country,” Sen. Hawley said. “The jobs for blue-collar workers in this nation are valuable resources. The livelihood and well-being of American families are valuable resources. … Why should those things for millions of Americans be sacrificed in favor of your agenda for radical climate change?”

Haaland responded, “Senator, I know that there’s like 1.9 jobs for every American in the country right now. So, I know there’s a lot of jobs.”

Hawley was stunned by her response: “Wait a minute. You’re telling me we’ve got too many jobs in the country?”

“Well, I’m saying that we don’t have enough people,” Haaland said. “That’s why we are having a hard time finding folks to work at our department.”

Hawley responded: “They are blue-collar workers. And you’re sitting here and telling me that we have too many jobs in this country. Are you serious? I want to take the strongest possible exception to that comment and that entire mentality, which I think is very honest. I think it reflects the mentality of your administration, which is, when it comes to blue-collar workers in this country, ‘You’re on your own. Good luck.'”

The Twin Metals mining area has up over 85% of the country’s cobalt reserves, as well as copper and other critical minerals needed for green technologies, such as electric vehicle batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines.


  1. Peltola would rather child slave labor mines in Northern Africa mine the rare earth minerals and metals needed to build their electric cars with. After all, Democrats are the party of slavery and the KKK. Just look how they’re open borders policies has led to cartel child slaves being used in slaughterhouses and such right here in the US. 85,000 MISSING children since Joe Biden took office.

  2. A more proper response could have been: “Sen. Haaland, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  3. Hey Deb, isn’t that for the American worker to decide? Who are you to tell people where they can work and who they can work for. We have the liberty as American citizens to work for the people we wish to work for. So screw you!!!

  4. Uuhhh, Haaland, you are as demented as your boss, Joe Biden. These mines are not just about employment concerns. The mines are about bringing minerals to satisfy production needs for manufacturing in America, including your EV’s. And, mineral production is necessary for strategic national defense concerns, as well as a stable economy for US citizens. Haaland, did you actually take any college or high school courses in Economics or Logic? Or, did you just study LGBTQ and climate change? You are a dunce. But so is Biden. Go get a mental exam.

    • Haaland got this appointment because she is Native American, a woman, a Democrat, and a communist. End of qualifications.

  5. She is closing down oil and gas development all around the Navajo Nation in New Mexico too, preventing royalty payments and jobs for Navajos. They are also shutting down major coal burning power plants in New Mexico and Arizona that provided great paying jobs for Navajos who supported manycrenite communities. You can’t run a modern country without petroleum products, much less fight a global war.

    • Progressives don’t care about minorities. Even when the progressive in question is one.

  6. All the commenters on here need to realize the woman is actually right. We have zero unemployment now. Anyone not looking for work is not considered in the unemployed percentage. Our government has created a huge non-productive class on the public dole (one way or another). Platinum-plated retirement and health packages enable police, firemen, soldiers, coast-guardsmen, teachers, and pretty much all government workers to retire at 38 to 40yrs old with full lifetime benefits. They have a life-time of play for retirement. Then you have society’s drop-outs. The homeless, the under-achievers, low performers, those disabled by drug abuse and medications, and natural limitations. The malaise results in no candidates available to work in new industry. The only willing and able workers live in China or India. We can’t rebuild our economy without eager people to do the work. Several decades ago we went into full transition from a production-based economy to a credit-based economy. The former was like a farmer producing results. The latter is now like a meth addict killing himself. Halland is not the problem–rather, she is a symptom. The rest of the story is hard to accept but I will try on another post.

    • WDC,
      Your hero Milton Friedman once said, “We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes nonwork”. That statement sums up the problem you attempt to describe above. However this country is divided almost into two equal parts, half appear to be under the spell of the lies told by the Secretary in Suzanne’s story and the other half understand how freedom works and the blessings that industry and hard work can provide to our society.

      I think you would provide better service if you would use your energy in helping people understand that Haaland and her ilk are not freedom loving Americans but actually Treasonous vipers. Every action that she has taken aside from promoting Oil and Gas in her home State of New Mexico has been to weaken the United States and make it dependent upon her Chi-Com Masters, the Secretary is not alone in her treasonous action as the whole of the Biden Administration appears to be on a full court press to weaken America and strengthen the C.C.P.

      So, let us remember another Friedman saying, “Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself”, lets call out Haaland and her ilk for what they really are and encourage those individuals who want freedom and the right to choose where and when they will labor.

      • Okay Bobby Schenker, as you say, “lets call out Haalaand and her ilk…” First, let’s identify her ilk. I believe Lisa Murkowski cast the deciding vote to confirm Haaland. That makes Lisa “her ilk.” Murkowski’s vote was actually more determinative than Biden’s nomination of Haaland…. which was merely his fulfillment of his campaign promise to be a faithful Marxist.

        To call out more of “Haaland’s ilk,” we must then turn to those who elected Murkowski. Are you actively “calling out” your friends, neighbors, and relations who voted for her?

    • Your spot on Wayne.. I’m an employer and I can’t find people to work to fill positions I need filled. The youngsters all have 2 to 3 jobs. It’s the retired state employees locked into pension plans that aren’t working.

  7. President Zachary Taylor introduced the the position of Interior Secretary with nomination of a Mr. Ewing. Taylor of the Whig party of which the party was preceded and succeeded by variations of the Republican Party which also has evolved much during the past 167 years.

  8. They have no use for wealth creation. Wealth appropriation, redistribution, and theft from future generations is their goal.

    • The term “wealth redistribution” is, in itself, a misleading lie. It implies wealth is somehow “distributed” in the first place. In reality, wealth is not distributed but rather created only by hard work and creativity. It is impossible to “redistribute” something that was never “distributed” in the first place. What our government does is confiscate created wealth and distribute it to those who did not create it.

  9. Is brain dead an ongoing theme for people in the Biden Administration? Soon, everyone working for Joe Biden will need psychiatric badges as a means of explaining these new policies.

  10. To follow the idiotic leftist logic to its logical conclusion, if Deb can’t find employees to fill all the government roles then we should shutdown government.

    • SteveO, You are more right than you can imagine. As our working population continues to decline, we willl be faced with hard choices. Will we want another farm, factory, or construction worker? Or another bureaucrat regulating such workers? To actually survive with tangible needs being met, the size of government will need to go down.

  11. Growing up on the Iron Range in MN was great. We had the best schools, We had Olympic sized swimming pools in our schools when there weren’t any in surrounding areas. The Oliver iron Mining company employed the majority of men in the mines. I go back to Virginia Mn. now and sadly for me it is like a 3rd world country.
    It wasn’t long when the politicians in this country found out that bringing Iron Ore from Venezuela was cheaper and thus started the decline of the entire Iron Range. Now comes the Biden Administration and Haaland are putting the final nail in the coffin. Don’t know when those Democrats in Mn. will wake up and realize not only have these people opened the door to communist countries, but they have destroyed a beautiful part of our country.

  12. Of course she doesn’t elaborate on the truth. 1.9 jobs per American equals 1.8 jobs that pay minimum wage and 0.1 jobs that pay a living wage.

    • Yep, I see people dying in the streets everyday because there’s only 0.1 job per American paying a living wage…sheesh.

  13. If it weren’t for capitalism and resource development in this country , there’d be no large parks or public areas . This gal is a symptom of what’s wrong in America . Her brain is totally warped . Why it’s absolutely fantastic that’s she and her handlers are getting exposed for all the lies and deceit , it’s got chilling affect . We’ve got GOP senators who supported her nomination. Hey Mitch that party you lead , the GOP ( Grifters , opportunists and prostitutes ) likes open borders and no resource development. Mitches idea of development is lining his personal pockets from Chinese interests while mining the middle class in this country’s pockets . Mitch has got to go !

  14. You can’t change stupid Senator Hawley. The entire Xiden Administration are either corrupt or incompetent and are purposely killing America. Please Heavenly Father, help us remove these demons from office. The first remedy is to get control of the corrupt election system. End mail-in voting, machine voting and Ranked Choice Voting. We need paper ballots only with hand counting and only 1 day to vote. Stop election fraud now!

  15. Maby she could take another acid hit before the hearing. My god these people are lunatics. The stupidity is so deep it’s hard to fathom. Conservatives need to wake up and prepare for battle the war isn’t with China it’s with our leftist lunatics.

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