Gross, Sweeney, Begich saturating radio, TV airwaves


The race is on for Congress — in mailboxes, on the internet, and more noticeably this past week on the airwaves.

Al Gross, Tara Sweeney, and Nick Begich ads are going in rapid-fire succession over radio and TV in major media markets in Alaska, with just 18 days left until the end of the special primary election for the open congressional seat. June 11 is the final day when people can mail their ballots back to the Division of Elections.

Right now, radio listeners may experience a surge in radio ads from Gross and Sweeney, who are suddenly spending heavily, while Begich has been on the radio for several weeks.

The candidates able to raise money and put it into actual media tend to be the real contenders in the race, experience shows. The expenditures are, as of today:

  • The pro-Gross advertising on radio and TV totals $183,000, with much of it recently spent, giving an impression of a surge. Gross has no independent expenditure group working on his behalf.
  • The Pro-Sweeney group, including the independent expenditure group Alaskans for Tara, are spending $176,000 on radio and TV. Most of the ad buys are coming from the independent expenditure group.
  • Nick Begich’s campaign has booked $200,000 in radio and TV. There is no independent expenditure group spending on TV or radio for this candidate.
  • Jeff Lowenfels has booked $34,000 in airwave ads, all in radio. There is no independent expenditure group spending money on broadcast.
  • Sarah Palin has booked $30,000 in radio. There is no independent expenditure group spending money on broadcast.

Missing from the radio waves are Democrat candidate Chris Constant and Republican candidate Josh Revak, neither of which has radio or TV ads running, but have some digital ads.


  1. Well! No candidate has purchased airtime for the only station
    i hear. KATB. Its christian-based, so it probably is not allowed to air political ads. If
    thats the reason then
    it is living up to its sanctuary status.

    • Stations below 92 MHz on the dial are inherently noncommercial; of course, anomalies may exist. Their sister station, KAFC, is broadcast in the commercial spectrum and does air commercials.

  2. Spending ad money in a race for the few remaining votes has to be tough. Where to put your ad dollar? Will in generate results?
    My bet is on the candidates who advertise on MRAK. With readers who are active, serious, and informed, it seems like an obvious play. Our senior Senator certainly seems to think so!
    Any fun ideas for ways to measure the superiority of an MRAK political ad buck?

    • Ken, wow, so you are supporting Sarah? What, she give you her celebrity autograph? Cool Ken, keep drinking her kool-aid and you will get Allen Gross.

  3. Where are these candidates on the big issues?

    1. Roughly 250,000 illegal aliens broke into our country in the last month. Will you work to impeach Biden for refusing to follow our nation’s immigration laws?
    2. Our national debt stands at over $30 trillion. What will you do to obtain a balanced budget? Should we be spending $600 billion per year in interest to serve this debt?
    3. Describe any relationships you have with existing members of Congress. Do you have the name recognition to rise above being a mere junior member of Congress?
    4. What committees do you want to serve on?
    5. If you are now a legislator- in the Alaska Legislature- why should we expect you will do a good job when you refuse to give your full attention to the position you already hold?
    6. If you are a Democrat, will you support the demented Joe Biden and his efforts to destroy the US economy? Describe what you think Biden is doing wrong, if anything…

  4. Sarah knows it’s over for her. Gross in pathetic skin-tight pull-over hoping to attract LGBTQ. Sweeney praying for late Native votes. Coghill who? NB3 gets 80% of votes casted today.

    • Funny you should mention that about Al Gross and LGBTQ. I saw that ad too and Gross definitely looks like he is playing up to the toe-tappers on the Anchorage Assembly. Do they throw signals out to their kind in the form of body language?

  5. Correction: George Soros and other Davos crowd sociopathic big funders saturating radio and the TV airwaves on behalf of their globalist, NWO minions Gross and Sweeney (not sure about Begich yet).

  6. Al Gross’ latest ad shows his desperation of wanting to be elected, anyone with a functioning brain cell knows he’s a Democrat pretending to be an Independent.

  7. “the candidates able to raise money and put it into actual media tend to be..” the candidates that have sold out to special interests & political agendas. Sorry, but none of these candidates will be getting my ” Joe SixPack” vote!

  8. Gross is an Demorat He is NOT an independent. He is a LIAR. He will vote for Joe all the way

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