Report: Green New Deal would cost Alaskans $63,000 to $100,000 annually


A newly published report says the Green New Deal, a series of policies pushed by far-left Democrats, would cost a typical Alaska family $100,000 the first year implemented, $73,000 for each of the next four years, and more than $67,000 each year thereafter.

The report comes from the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Power the Future, two pro-business groups with missions of influencing public policy. Power the Future has an Alaska coordinator, Rick Whitbeck of Anchorage.

The expansive set of policy changes would cost the American economy six times the world’s current gross domestic product, Whitbeck said.

The Green New Deal was introduced in the 116th Congress as House Resolution 109 and Senate Resolution 59. It has its genesis with the Green Party, with Green Party candidate Jill Stein championing it as early as 2012.

The Green New Deal would guarantee a job “with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement security.”

According to the Sierra Club, one of the Green New Deal’s proponents, the result would be:

  • Millions of family-sustaining jobs: Whether replacing lead pipes, weatherizing homes, expanding railways, or manufacturing wind turbines, millions of workers will lead the transition to a new economy. The jobs created must be high-road, union jobs: with family-sustaining wages and benefits, safe working conditions, and training and advancement opportunities.
  • Climate sanity: A Green New Deal would help us swiftly transition to a clean energy economy. By investing in smart grids for renewable energy distribution, encouraging energy-efficient manufacturing, and expanding low-emissions public transit, a Green New Deal would significantly reduce climate pollution.
  • Clean air and water: A Green New Deal would replace lead pipes, clean up hazardous waste sites, and reduce toxic air and water pollution from oil, gas, and coal. Those benefiting the most would be the communities of color and low-income families who today endure disproportionate exposure to toxins.
  • Lower costs: A Green New Deal would help working class families slash their energy bills and reduce their transit costs by offering more energy-efficient homes, access to affordable wind and solar power, and more reliable options for affordable public transportation.
  • Community resilience: Communities need greater resources to ensure safety and growth amid rising climate risks. A Green New Deal would help climate-exposed communities build bridges that can withstand floods, restore wetlands that buffer hurricanes, and shield coastlines from sea level rise.
  • Greater racial and economic equity: The disproportionate benefits of a Green New Deal would go to the working-class families and communities of color that have endured disproportionate economic and environmental hazards for decades. A Green New Deal must counteract systemic racism and economic exploitation by giving hard-hit communities priority access to new job opportunities, cost savings, pollution cleanup projects, and climate resilience initiatives.

The Green New Deal is more than just de-carbonizing the American economy, because it touches every social and economic aspect of American lives. But the only real measurable aspect of the deal is the cost of the energy conversion, which is the focus of the study that looked at projected costs in five states: Florida, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Alaska. The states were chosen because they represent very different components of the U.S. and its economy.

  • Alaska: Remote, sparsely populated, and cold.
  • Florida: One of the largest states in terms of population and economy. An economic powerhouse of the Southeast in a warm climate.
  • New Hampshire: A small state well connected with larger economies in the region in a cold climate.
  • New Mexico: A small state in terms of population, but large geographically, is generally warmer, and is situated between significant large states by all metrics.
  • Pennsylvania: A large state in terms of geography, economy, and population in a mild-colder climate and well integrated with the largest regional economy in the United States.

[Review the entire study and its supporting documents at this link]


  1. Every Democrat has essentially signed on with this ‘Green New Deal’ and it exemplifies their true beliefs. I’ve heard that ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ likes this Green New Deal too which, of course, shows her true colors too!

    • 100% nonsense by radical Lefties to turn the US into chaos and make us the new model for global communism. Agenda 21.

  2. the Green New Deal, a series of policies pushed by far-left Democrats, would cost a typical Alaska family $100,000 the first year……That a lot of “green”…..Will they take a check?…..

  3. Convenient how the wingnuts have everything figured out except who’s going to pay for it. Instituting the idiot ‘green deal’ is not the biggest cost. The ongoing expenses to sustain it are insurmountable. The only answer for average Americans would be to quit work and become either ‘someone of color’ or ‘low/no income’ leeches. Kind of like it is now, only for everyone. Socialism? Sure sounds like it. Stupidity? Sure looks like it. American? No way, shape or form. Alaskan? Get real!

  4. Taking liberty with Johnny Paycheck’s song, please “take this green new deal and shove it.”
    Come on sing the line – you got it.

  5. “A Green New Deal would help working class families slash their energy bills”………so, for only a $100,000 in just the first year, I could slash my $1,500 annual electric bill?

    Sounds like a fantastic deal! Who could pass up a smokin’ hot deal like that?

  6. This is more big business babble trying to convince working people of a bunch of right wing garbage. Paying for it? How about making the one percenters and huge successful corporations actually pay their fair share in taxes for a change – the same percentage as a school teacher for example – instead of the big nothing they do now. Surprise, virtually ALL of the media is owned by one percenters, so that idea is suddenly the boogey man ‘socialism’-oooooh. Pay attention, we are being conned. I deeply doubt the study, as it was done by the very businesses which would have to pay taxes for a change. The people who came up with this garbage don’t actually give a damn about the majority of American people. The fear mongering against people of color is evident in this article too. Honestly, how do the promoters if this garbage sleep at night?

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