Governor to speak at Heritage Foundation


Gov. Mike Dunleavy is heading to Washington, D.C. this weekend; on Monday he will speak to an audience at the Heritage Foundation. His remarks on his commitment to transparency in budgeting, his approach to fiscal discipline, will take place at 11 am Eastern Time, 7 am Alaska time.

“Following years of deficit spending, in his first year in office and facing a $1.6 billion fiscal gap, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy proposed a budget that aligned expenditures with revenues,” the Heritage Foundation wrote in its introduction of the event.

The event will be live streamed at

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., that focuses on public policy.


  1. You know, Governor Dunleavy might just be “The One”. I apologize for my earlier doubts. He needs support from ‘we the people’. He’s got mine.

  2. “His remarks on his commitment to transparency in budgeting, his approach to fiscal discipline, will take place at 11 am Eastern Time, 7 am Alaska time.”
    Soon after he is finished talking about transparency he will pretend to have another meeting to attend and stop taking questions. He will later answer questions from people who are on his payroll.

  3. They must of lined him up before he unveiled his new budget. He came in guns ablazing. Figured Babcock could control the legislature. Arduin could create a budget conservative special interests would approve of. He and Clarkson would attack the unions and push an outside conservative agenda.
    He failed miserably due to his inability to lead and represent the magority of Alaskans.
    His new budget reflects his new plan. Sit back and play the blame game.
    I imagine the focus of his speech will be on how the left is out to get him.
    I predict he will not be the governor in a year.

  4. “Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy proposed a budget that aligned expenditures with revenues,“

    Funny! They need to change the description. The new budget makes no such attempt and flushes the savings account. This guy has abandoned the conservative voters like me (as well as abandoning all those in the House Minority who went through hell to back him up).

    Dunleavy is a lame duck. No one cares what he says anymore. Next.

  5. It is premature to declare “BIG MIKE” as a lame duck. This next year’s election cycle could change the Legislative makeup. Much depends upon how the Guv leads going forward.

  6. No Governor of Alaska can be successful under the current circumstances. People demand a “full” PFD, are unwilling to eliminate State services put in place during better times, insist that it’s their birthright as Alaskans not to pay taxes, while revenue from oil continues to flatline or decline.

    It’s an impossible situation, and only the foolish or those with a Messiah complex would venture forth to take the job.

    Oh…and Alaskans hoping that increased oil production will save the day willfully ignore the facts that hydrocarbons are falling out of favor as a fuel worldwide, and that they continue to melt its permafrost and drown its coastal villages.

    What a sorry state of affairs.

    • “Hydrocarbons are falling out of favor as a fuel worldwide” this is an incorrect statement.
      Hydrocarbon use continues to climb to record levels and hydrocarbons are certainly not falling out of favor as a fuel source.

        • And hydrocarbons are being used more and more worldwide, regardless of desire or need. Value is far more of a driving factor than desire or need. Hydrocarbons certainly are not falling out of favor as a fuel source, the fact that they continue to set records proves that.

  7. I think there is a method to his madness. I may be wrong, we’ll see soon enough. But most importantly we have to try & elect fiscal conservatives

  8. Sure a lot of bad-mouthing our Governor. Seems some forget the “resistance” being employed by the dems. Every single thing Governor Dunleavy proposes is hee-hawed into oblivion by the leftist controlled legislature. Then, he gets the blame. Pretty hard to ‘govern’ in that situation. Not to be taken lightly. Alaska’s future depends on budgets and policies echoing and enforcing the conservative reality that must occur in our State. Stop unnecessary spending. Define “necessary” as vital. Straighten out our educational disfunction. The rest is fluff. If that doesn’t happen, things are going to look pretty bleak for Alaska. The “fair share” oil tax is a job and State income killer. The dems don’t seem to care. Their greed may lead to all Alaska’s financial undoing. Like Napoleon said: “Stupidity is not a handicap in politics”.

    • Ben, what leftist controlled legislature? Do you have 2 lefts? If you have to make up complete lies to defend the guv, maybe you should rethink your “ends justify the means” philosophy. Credibility in the mean time is important to some of us…

    • Bill, since you asked it starts with the recall vote. Everything after will work itself out IMO. That said, it’s looking more and more like Dunleavy is trying for a job with Trump administration which would make that recall vote moot. We can sure hope. Heheh!

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