Governor to hold press conference with Dr. Ben Carson on Monday

Dr. Ben and Candy Carson pose with schoolchildren after an assembly in the Lower 48.

It’s acceptable for world-renown brain surgeon to be at a public school in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley even if he is not welcome at the Anchorage School District.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy and world renown neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, who is the former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and a well-published public education advocate, will hold a press conference at Iditarod Elementary School in Wasilla on Monday at 11 am. The governor’s office made the announcement on Sunday afternoon.

Carson is coming into Anchorage to speak at an Anchorage Republican Women’s Club fundraiser. While here, he was scheduled to be on stage at an assembly at Mountain View School. That was not controversial until the Anchorage School Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt axed the visit without giving a reason why.

Civic leaders scrambled late last week to set up an event for Dr. Carson to meet and greet children at the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club on Monday afternoon at 3:45 pm.

On Aug. 22, he will be speaking in Anchorage at the evening event. Tickets and information can be found here.


  1. Bryantt’s reeasons are obvious. Dr Carson promotes hard work, perseverance in the face of difficulty and is a shining example of what can happen if individuals apply themselves. That flies in the face of the ASD and Superintendent Bryantt’s agenda. How can they expect to brainwash your kids in to thinking they are victims and dependent on government when such a great success like Dr. Carson is put forward as an example.

    • Like I said before , fire Bryantt and send him packing ! Stupid SOB is a radical racist not just a manufactured one from the left. Dr. Carson should be welcomed in any community in our country ! Who’d hire this person with these crazy ideas from Texas anyway ?

  2. First time I can remember seeing the comment section completely purged.

    Must have been some “lovely” stuff.

  3. Governor should RED LINE Jharrett’s pay from budget if he gets paid with State money. ASD needs to be remade in a one swoop action. A Red Pen could move it toward Center Right very fast. Negotiating, begging, crying, and trusting is a lost cause in dealing with Progressive Communist’s. . All they understand and respect is a Higher Power. We are the Frog, they are the SCORPION. The governor’s large footprint can Crush a Scorpion.

  4. Jharrett Bryantt Is a very foolish man blindly leasing the ASD school district in the wrong direction. What he did was very sad and grievous. Obviously caring more for his misguided politics than the futures of he students he is supposed to serve.

    • Jharrett doesn’t care about students; that’s why we’re ranked 45 out of 50. pretty much the last turd in the bowl.

      • Just a moment here.
        We were 49th in reading and math long before Mr. Bryantt got here. It is convenient to beat up on an outsider from Texas, but the real culprits on that score sit on the school board with their fanatical need to build more physical structures, push ideologies and social engineering. So if you are mad take that frustration and channel it into giving Dave Donley some help and elect better candidates to get the focus back on education, instead of a fertile experimentation environment for unions and zealots.
        That being said, I am in complete agreement that Mr. Bryantt values ideology over students education and it isn’t even a close second.

        • Taxpayer, Bryantt is an unaccomplished individual, that is exactly why the School Board hired him. And yes we are 49th , just like we are the 49th State, we however fund our schools at or near the top, 4th of 5th if memory serves. I know, we need to spend mo’ $! Just think, we could be #1 in Spending and after hiring more losers be # 50 in results!
          Isn’t that an exciting prospect, and within our grasp!

  5. Anchorage is a disaster zone. I went there about a month ago, businesses buzz you in through locked doors covered in bars to keep the homeless out. The homeless wander the streets, literally the middle of the streets all over the place, they sit here and there, sleep here and there. This is the leftist vision of utopia, there is no room for dissenting voices. Mr. Double T is only doing the part he is assigned to do in order to facilitate this utopia.

    Thankfully we have a Governor who sees the value in a self-made man who managed to rise to the the highest reaches of our government after coming from the depths of poverty.

  6. Anchorage school district should be ashamed of themselves! Tuck their tails behind their legs! Have a wonderful brilliant man come and visit? Uhmmmmm! Shame on you!

  7. Question: Would Superintendent Bryantt allow the NEA-National president to visit our schools? I just love the above picture with all those lovely children wearing “Liberty Warrior” shirts. The picture says it all. No need to further comment.

  8. Probably more appropriate venue for this political rhetoric in 2023; Anchorage Republican Women’s Club fundraiser, and a Meet and Greet for kids and their parents Mountain View Boys and Girls Club.

  9. Happy flag waving kids, filling a room to overflowing, surrounding a wonderful self made Brain Surgeon. Why doesn’t ASD want such photo up here?

  10. See! A reminder. Ben Carson’s single mother is proof about single mothers that her child or children who must live without a father, their lives aren’t destined toward prison, unwed marriages, unemployment and welfare, domestic violence, single parenthood, nor addictions. They are no more and no less at risk to this dysfunctional lifestyle than children whom are in a two-parent home in a middle class or upper middle class home. His mother followed Christ as her Lord and Savior, she learned contentment in God alone to be her provider, her refuge, and her strength.

  11. All those statistics about single parent homes are lies, and a distraction, from the pit of hell so we stay focused on the problems keeping the families in the bondages instead of humbling ourselves seeking the life-giver. If more families brought the Book ( the Bible) back into the home and began having “ family bible”-Bradley walker feat The Oak Ridge Boys, reading it having devotion and prayer times, those numbers in prison, domestic violence, addictions, promiscuity will decrease because God working in the inner lives of fathers, mothers, and children where we can’t see.

    • Funny thing. For generations what you want occurred. And there was still crime, perversity, and failed families.

      It’s always funny to see people who cry for piety do the least to actually promote it.

    • Of course when Yahweh is put first in any situation, that situation improves. That said, He is the original author of the family unit (see Genesis). Anyone who strays from His plan opens the door for Satan to enter. Ben Carson is an exception to the statistical probability because he chose to seek after Yahweh’s heart. The key word is “exception.”

  12. I worked with a single mother during a stint at a health company computer system. She asked nothing from the government and was a tough Texan. Her kids were standouts who respected their independent and gutsy mother. It is simply amazing that the school officials didn’t want to hear from a self-made man like Dr. Carlson. And by the way, Governor Dunleavy himself fits a similar profile. He came north, started in the logging fields, completed a masters in education at Alaska-Fairbanks, taught kids, married his wife and raised a family in the Arctic. Two examples of people who worked hard and made their way forward and up. If kids are prevented from hearing such a great example as Dr. Carlson, we are indeed in real trouble. In today’s world, the kids need all the encouragement they can get.

    • You don’t need someone from outside the home for raising successful kids normally. You do however if you failed as a parent and need help. No one can be more motivational and influence kids more than a great parent.

  13. Conservative black spreads misinformation?
    No, everything he has said is based on truth and facts.
    Anchorage needs to hear these truths even black liberals.
    What are they afraid of? Becoming conservative Republicans and being truly free?
    Anchorage Daily News needs to publish Ben Carson’s visit on the front page.

  14. Charter Schools and Home Schooling is the answer. Eliminate public indoctrination aka public education.

  15. Are we shocked? ASD has become a cesspool of liberal thinking: suppress anyone who doesn’t align with their communist agenda being pushed by this heinous fraudulent government administration we are locked into at the moment. The tides are turning. Parents and community are going to come together and push back and stop the evil that is being perpetuated by Bryantt and his minions.

  16. Anchorage and the assembly is becoming more and more like Portland and Seattle even the crime is going up with all the stores having products behind lock and key.

  17. Anchorage School District doesn’t want kids to hear from a self made successful black man. Shocking! They don’t want the communist dystopian dream interrupted by what hard work and sacrifice can accomplish. I pity those children in their indoctrination camps

  18. MatSu! Invite Dr.Carson to speak at our schools!
    Don’t let the opportunity to truly educate ( not indoctrinate) our children- lets give our children hope and strength- not violence and victimhood

  19. Would it not have also been great to have Dr. Carson speak to kids at the Mt. View Elementary School? Imagine how inspired they would have been listening to this man who came from very humble means to be a pioneering doctor and Surgeon General. Pathetic that Jharrett Bryantt chose to take the low road and discriminate against Dr. Carson rather than seeing the possibilities. Me wonders whether it was because Dr. Carson served in a Republican administration, which tips his hands immensely to now becoming a solely political animal of the lowest form, or was it a racial decision. We might never know, but it is clear now that Bryantt does not serve the students and parents who attend Anchorage School District schools, but the Democrat party. He needs to go.

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