Gov. Dunleavy: Health capacity is constrained, but emergency declarations should be few and far between


There can be no doubt the “delta variant” is impacting the health care capacity in Alaska hospitals, said Gov. Mike Dunleavy on the Friday Must Read Alaska Show.

Dunleavy had just finished visiting an Anchorage hospital, where he spoke with health care professionals about the dual problem of not having enough beds and also hospital staff burnout.

Alaskans who are enjoying the state on their mountain bikes and four-wheelers might want to keep this in mind. People are coming into the emergency rooms with their usual cuts and bone breaks, and there are increasing numbers of people coming into hospitals for or advanced care for Covid-19. The staff of hospitals are tired from working long hours, a situation that is true across the country, Dunleavy said.

“The virus is real. It’s making people sick, the beds are filling up, staff is diminished. And you may not get the care you’ve come to expecting our hospitals,” he said. “Most people coming in with the virus are unvaccinated and the age group is dropping.”

He encouraged people to give serious consideration to getting the Covid-19 vaccination, and to take more precautions in their outdoor activities, to alleviate the pressure on the medical infrastructure.

That said, Dunleavy is not caving to the pressure coming from Democrat partisans who want him to enact mandatory vaccines and universal masking, and to declare a disaster again; the drumbeat from Democrats has grown in what appears to be a coordinated political front to force behavior onto people.

Disasters should be declared sparingly, Dunleavy said.

“Many leaders across the world are coming to recognize that this thing thing is probably going to be with us for some time, if not forever. To be continually be issuing disaster declarations, really, it’s an inappropriate use of that power,” he said.

Emergency declarations should be reserved for events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, and floods, Dunleavy said.

“Really what we need to have is a targeted response to the needs that the hospitals have,” he said, which is why he added two items to the Special Session that is underway in Juneau. He asked the Legislature to work quickly to change the laws, so that more nurses can be working in Alaska and so more telemedicine is available — all that can be done without a disaster declaration.

To hear the entire 15-minute discussion with Gov. Mike Dunleavy on this topic and his views on the the Permanent Fund dividend debate, tune into the Must Read Alaska Show at this link:


  1. Dunleavy is urging us to get an experimental mRNA gene therapy drug that was rushed to market without the normal testing to save us from a virus that has a better than 99.7% survival rate while he simultaneously appears to be ignoring the promising therapeutics like ivermectin.
    Dunleavy seems unaware that global health authorities are now telling us that the current selection of “vaccines” appears to be ineffective against the Delta variant while accepting that the Delta variant is the dominant strain.
    Dunleavy appears unaware of the many emerging medical studies that support viewing the spike protein as dangerous in its own right and a likely cause of serious, even fatal, cardiovascular disease.
    Dunleavy seems to not be briefed on what other countries…India, African countries, Japan, etc…are finding effective instead of dangerous experimental drugs.
    The lesson for us all is – do your own research and don’t just accept what anyone else tells you and be highly skeptical of the one size fits all mRNA miracle cure that, just coincidentally, will provide extraordinary profits to the companies producing it.
    I like Dunleavy, I voted for Dunleavy and I’ll vote for him again but he’s not giving us good advice on this Covid situation.
    He needs to broaden his inquiry into handling this scamdemic beyond just “Get vaccinated.”

    • He’s not giving us good advice, because those he trusts to advice him are not. Put the blame where it really belongs. He’s actually doing very well given the information he has. At least he’s not acting like a Chicken Little and shutting everything down and mandating vaccinations and masks.

      • Dunleavy has access to the same information that all of us do…all he needs to do is a simple web search and then some easy reading…or are you saying that he needs to be spoon fed information by his handlers and is incapable of figuring this out on his own?

    • The vaxx is practically the delta variant. It’s a boon for everyone: power for the tyrants, profits for the health system, illegal immigrants for the no-border people, bigger government for the socialist, elder death for Medicare, travel restraints for the environmentalists, population control for the elite, weakened service-people for our enemies, massive profit surge for BlackRock holdings. It goes on and on. We peasantry better find a way to profit or else.

  2. May I suggest the governor might want to look into the use of preventive medicines and therapeutics to relieve the pressure on the hospitals and staff.
    Add to that , perhaps removing the mandate for healthcare workers to get jabbed with inoculations that ARE NOT APPROVED by standards of the FDA.
    Then , tell the liberals to get a life and stop trying to control OURS ! ! !

    • Exactly. It has been found that Monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin are effective in fighting the virus. The medical community needs to start using those treatments on all patients who have the virus. Governor DeSantis of Florida knows the benefit og monoclonal antibodies and has established locations for anyone infected to get that treatment and it is working!!!

  3. Great plan, fire nurses and doctors who know better than to participate in the injection trials which creates a personnel crisis to bring in foreigners to replace them.
    Instead of waiting until people are very ill and needing hospitalization, encourage the treatment of early symptoms, which for most results in rapid home recovery.
    Hospitals are for profit and like hotels they profit when closer to full than empty. Firing the brighter staff for refusing to compromise their own health is causing this problem.
    Hospitals make a lot of additional $$ when the patient tests positive for SARS-2. Treatment of ambulatory patients who stay home and generally are healthy rapidly is not profitable.

    • Hear-hear. You couldn’t be more right. I recently had the Wu-flu, and I didn’t even bother to go to the doctor. I simply treated it myself like any other flu. I watched my oxygen in case that had to change, but even with all the comorbidities that were supposed to kill me, I recovered. (Thank goodness). Now I have antibodies that will actually last far longer than they are telling us.

  4. Uhh, if our ICU’s are nearing capacity, does that not constitute an “emergency”? Thank goodness Dunleavy was not around during the smallpox epidemic.

    • Actually, if the hospitals didn’t mandate vaccines for their staff, they wouldn’t be in such crisis. It is an “emergency” of their own making.

    • 13% of the cases in the ICU were Covid. That means something else other than your hysteria and imagination, is driving this. Glad cooler heads have prevailed and damn glad YOU aren’t in charge.

  5. Governor Dunleavy has done very well the last four years keeping the evil already in government at bay. I am glad Governor Dunleavy has the maturity, and he doesn’t tell people how to live their lives, unlike some of us still learning how to mind our own business-Hahaha.

    He understands what is someone’s emergency isn’t their neighbor’s, their neighbor might be having a totally experience that doesn’t make it an emergency.

    As for the overworked nurses, they have a job, and it’s a good-paying job, and they should serve with a cheerful heart. I am concerned they didn’t have enough work and its spoiled them.

    Look what pressure was on Dunleavy about the recall threat looming over him, and he remained cheerful no complaints heard like “this is so unfair happening to me!” Now we see that stress has passed. It had a season, and it passed. Look at the hotel housekeepers — the majority of them serve with cheerful heart and they are turning over room after room every single hour within a short time frame. They are exhausted at the end of each day and they still return to work the next day to do the quietly do the routine all over again.

    • Sure, cheer up nurses!

      Maybe their hearts are a little less cheerful, Jen, when they’re watching people struggle for breath and die every day.

      Get vaccinated and wear your mask. Those who don’t, well, back of the hospital queue for you!

      • Actually, it is more likely to be the vaccinated overwhelming ICU beds shortly both with COVID and long term adverse effects of the jab. Should they be denied for their stupidity of using an untried experimental shot?

        • Of all of the untrue conjecture out there, this one is amongst the easiest to disprove. AK, you’ll need to do better than this…

          • When do we get to start denying care to people who smoke, drink, over eat, don’t exercise? These all lead to diseases that people bring on themselves. Just think how much money we can start to save when we get to quit treating ALL people who don’t care for their own health.

      • Hey “Whidbey the dog”. Why aren’t you also advocating for the criminalization of alcohol, cigarettes and sugar, fast foods, abortion etc while you’re at it. All of these things I mention kill far more people everyday than this virus. Yet you virtue signal and claim moral superiority to others who make their own health care decisions.

        • Hey “Freedom”. Why aren’t you also advocating for the decriminalization of child porn, drunk driving, and speeding while you’re at it? All of these things that I mention also restrict your precious freedom and right to live life as you desire. Yet you freedom signal and claim moral superiority to others who choose to live their lives responsibly, and in a way that does not cause harm to others.

          Get vaccinated and wear your mask. It’s the right thing to do. Of course you know this, but admitting it to yourself and others would be a sign of weakness, which you find abhorrent.

          • “So You’re Saying This Mask I’ve Been Wearing For A Year Isn’t Really Protecting Me Very Much?” Chris Wallace.
            The toxic jab doesn’t protect you very much either.

  6. Again if there was truly a pandemic than why are your neighbors four-wheeling and mountain biking? They should be too sick to play.

    One neighbor’s health emergency is not always the same experience as their neighbors. It is good to know there will be limited service.

  7. Are these same hospitals mandating their staff be vaccinated or lose their jobs? The vaccination was not even available during the first Covid up-spike last year yet hospitals were full then too and staff were not contracting nor spreading Covid by being unvaccinated. Allow them to make their own decisions and support them in doing their jobs. The governor might do better to halt any vaccine mandate by employers.

  8. Per the State of Alaska COVID dashboard, there are 165 COVID positive hospitalized. That represents about 17% of the hospital beds. Doing a bit of quick math, that leaves 83% of hospital capacity available for other purposes.
    And… what is the correct percentage of hospital beds that should be filled on your average day? It better be close to 90%, or better yet, 95% because leaving a hospital bed empty is lost revenue. Just the operating expenses of your average hospital demand that level of occupancy, forget any capital improvement costs, or profit.
    The medical system is doing just fine.

    • Finally, some actual statistics on how many beds, how many with covid, etc. Every news report, including this one never gets to the real data, they just say things like “hospitals are overwhelmed, nurses are tired,” etc. Sounds like fear porn and fake news. And the quote where most in the hospital are unvaxxed, I don’t believe that either. We have been lied to throughout this who thing.

  9. Not one word on early home treatment from our governor. Governor Dunleavy speaks as a politician. Meanwhile Mayor Pierce of the Kenai Peninsula behaves as a statesman. Opening up the dialog on early treatment with repurposed medications like Ivermectin. And where are Peter A. Micciche and Ben Carpenter on this issue?

  10. I hope he stays strong on this. This would be the ultimate government over-reach. They will have to force the vaccine in me and God help them if they do. Because He made a promise and I believe He keeps them. God will be their judge.

  11. Dear Bible Believer:

    Clearly, the vaccine is part of God’s Plan! It’s not, you say? Well then, who are you to know the Mind of God? Pretty arrogant if you ask me.

    One thing is for sure, though. If you don’t get vaccinated, your chances of meeting Him sooner rather than later increase significantly.

    • Satan is also part of God’s plan to tempt away from the proper path. It all depends on if a person is wise enough to cipher the proper path from the wrong. The wrong is usually the easy way. And in Murphy’s laws of combat, the easy way is mined.
      Time will tell, but right now, based on current events in Israel, the jab is highly overrated and we have no idea of the long term effects, but five years will tell (for the survivors).

        • Time will tell. Compliance to tyrants is the easy way. The easy way is always mined.
          When you vaxxed are lying there dying of COVID or side effects, see again if you make a last look to God.

        • I agree with the Governor that it is inappropriate to say there is an emergency when there is in upper respiratory virus going around. It is a federal offence to label this bio engineered common cold as an emergency because it is survived by most. The state of emergency is intended to bring immediate federal financial assistance in the event of a catastrophe like a volcano erupting like St Helen’s or the 64 quake. Governors who misuse this are criminals and fraudsters. Those who demand he do this falseness are liars and cheats also and should get out of Juneau.

    • Maybe if you opened the Bible and read it than you too would understand the heart and mind of God. Open it up and try it some time. And meeting God is not a bad option in the grand scheme of things the question is do you know Him? Besides plenty of the vaccinated have met an early death and are still being hospitalized with Covid so your point is moot.

      • I dare say that if I took up religion, but Islam instead of Christianity, you wouldn’t be so keen to have me open my mind up to God.

        Religion is fantasy, pure and simple. I have no need for it, and so I discarded it long ago (having been very well indoctrinated, indeed).

        Read Dawkins, Hitchins, and Harris, if you dare. I’ll bet you can’t.

    • Who is the God you are talking about? Lucifer? He has been interested in killing humans since the Garden. Old Lucy and his good for nothing minions have quite an elaborate scheme this time. Christ will complete His Conquest soon and deliver the meek of the earth from the saucy predators so they will live forever in good health and in exquisitely delightful peace on earth..

  12. Dunleavy’s stance on vaccines disgusts me! What an ignorant shill! He is loosing his base if he doesn’t quit promoting these kill shots and start protecting Alaskan’s employment from unwanted injections! I will not vote for him again until he shapes up and grows a pair and stands tall for someone other than big pharma. Absolutely disgusting!

  13. Seems reasonable to ask, if “health capacity” is so constrained, why haven’t Alaska’s health care officials demanded emergency assistance from the military, or for that matter, why haven’t the military or FEMA intervened with emergency China flu help.
    If “health capacity” is so constrained, why have Providence Hospital officials been allowed to create hostile work environments with vaccine mandates?
    Then we find this from The Heartland Institute:
    “Alaska is one of 35 states that enforce Certificate of Need (CON) laws, which deter health care expansion and access.
    …CON laws protect established industry leaders from competition by limiting entry into the marketplace, which in turn hurts the consumer because this results in fewer health care choices and higher costs.”
    Alaska’s lobbyist-legislator team deliberately did this to us, deliberately constrained health-care capacity… and stole our PFD’s which probably won’t matter that much since everybody gonna die from China flu, but still it’s kinda rude.
    So Governor D., what do we do?

  14. Both the Governor and I have taken the vaccines. He has just turned 60 and I am 81. I don’t read or hear of him suffering from the vaccine. Neither am I suffering. Just had a Covid test and I am still free of it. So, if you don’t want the vaccine, fine. I usually don’t bother to take any vaccines myself. To me, we should be asking why there are more and more variants coming down the pike and why the Chinese are erecting more of those experimental places. Also, since the Biden administration flew some of those illegal aliens that they let in to Hawaii according to news reports, maybe we should ask if any were flown into Alaska. News reports say that about 20% may be Covid positive. Since so many states are now dealing with this extended outbreak, is there any connection? There doesn’t seem to be any real testing going on. Just saying….

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