Gov. Dunleavy, Dr. Zink deliver vaccines to isolated Hyder, Alaska, and Canadians

Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Dr. Anne Zink travel to rural Alaska to deliver Covid-19 vaccine doses in 2021.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Sen. Bert Stedman, and Alaska Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink spent the day the southernmost communities in Alaska, ending up in Hyder, which is a border community with Stewart, British Columbia.

Dr. Zink carried with her a case of Covid-19 vaccines to administer to any residents who wanted one, as well as for any residents of Stewart who wanted one.

Stewart is a community of about 400 people, and Hyder has about 14 80 residents. Under normal times, the communities’ residents go back and forth across the border, but the Canadians have closed the border to the United States, due to the Covid pandemic. At the same time, Canada has been slow to vaccinate its residents, while Alaska has an abundance of vaccine.

Dunleavy and Stedman met with Mayor Gina McKay of Stewart, who came to the Alaska side to discuss the importance of reopening the border so families in Hyder and Stewart can see each other.

Dunleavy, Stedman, and Zink also visited Ketchikan, Saxman, and Metlakatka before taking a small floatplane to Hyder for the vaccine and cross-border goodwill mission.

While in Ketchikan, Dunleavy met with various community leaders including Borough Mayor Rodney Dial, City Mayor Bob Sivertsen, Saxman Mayor  Frank Seludo, among others.

Dunleavy and Stedman have been working cooperatively on a long-term sustainability plan for the Alaska Marine Highway System, and an announcement was expected today about the progress of their planning.


  1. What a lovely day. Many people decided to make Alaska home because of the interesting experience driving through Canada can provide. The illness has created a bad public relations anomaly between neighbors.

  2. Some doctors in France are asking for this experimental treatment to be pulled.
    Other doctors are recommending males freeze their sperm before taking the shot. Autopsy of miscarriaged baby’s show damage from the shot as well.
    C19 has a survival rate of 99%, what are the sheeple thinking?
    Lab rats haven’t been tested, and will wisely wait for human trials.

  3. I lived in Hyder, the float planes came in bringing the mail…we had about 50 people during the winter and May the tourist came by way of RVs. All miners have to come through Alaska to reach their mines on the other side of British Columbia. They put a gate in while I was there and locked us in when they couldn’t staff the border. It was a fun a event filled place with many black bears and oldtimers with stories for days.

  4. Alaska’s governor is a true diplomat and statesman. But it probably won’t stop the recall effort.

  5. Disgusting! Distributing experimental mRNA! Are you serious? How is this okay? Modern day eugenics in full swing! Say no to playing Russian Roulette with experimental gene therapy for a virus you have a 98.9% of surviving! Your future health in 10 years, including your reproductive health and your even your very lives may depend on it! Don’t be a guinea pig! Shame on this Governor. Shame on Alaskans who support this! Absolute SHAME! I am appalled by this and absolutely disgusted!

  6. If you’re naive and gullible enough to accept Dr. Fauci, Big Pharma, and the Mainstream Media’s Covid Narrative at face value, without doing any independent critical thinking or analysis, then on the face of it, it looks great for the Governor and the State of Alaska’s Medical Director to be delivering these still Not Approved By the FDA, Experimental Vaccines, to Our SE Alaska Communities! If however you’re able to do independent research and capable of rational thinking using science based analysis of the facts, you’ll realize that there is a wide divergence of opinion even among experts in the medical and immunology field regarding the safety and efficacy of these Experimental Vaccines. So taken on it’s face value this mission delivering these vaccines looks very well intentioned and done in the best interest of public health. I am however, very disappointed in the Governor and State of Alaska’s Dept. of Health and Social Services for their policy decision to abandon the public’s best interest in order to serve exclusively as Cheerleaders and Sales Agents for the Profits Over Safety Pharmaceutical Companies in pushing these still Experimental Vaccines. By assuming this role of being Cheerleaders and Sales Promotion Agents for the Profits over Safety Pharmaceutical Companies, they have also failed the public trust by totally failing to adequately notify the public that: 1) The Pharmaceutical Companies have been absolved of any and all liability from death or serious side effects suffered due to these vaccines! 2) These are Experimental Vaccines and have not been approved by the FDA!
    3) That these “Vaccines” may not actually prevent you from contracting the covid virus, at all, so they don’t even meet the traditional definition of a “vaccine”! 4) There are effective treatments widely available that have a high rates of success, such as: 1) Ivermectim, and 2) Hydroxychloroquine, in conjunction with Zinc, and Azythromycin.

  7. I’ve Never been to Hyder, but wait I can’t get there by car, the Canadian border is closed.

  8. Suzanne, You should probably correct the number of folks in Hyder, it doubles in the summer and 60 seems about right as we had 24 children in the community, 10 home schooled and 14 in the Hyder school so even if it the population dropped you still have about 60 people in Hyder…

  9. So can we expect Canada to release their chokehold on travel anytime soon? Maybe we stop getting S.O.S. signals over the border from their hostag….erm citizens.

  10. Canada sees what’s happening with our puppet president and wants nothing to do with us. Can’t blame them at all. Puppet Biden also shut down their pipeline which caused them to retaliate and cut off our cruise ships. Canada is probably now bracing for American refugees overtaking their borders as our country deteriorates under Liberal abuses.

  11. Unfortunately, Canada has their own comrade at the helm. Once he got his important messaging out of the way (calling for a Great Reset), he immediately got to work setting up camps to forcibly detain citizens carrying a virus on par with a mild cold or a strong flu (Source: a good number of people I know personally). On top of that, he has led the charge to take over Canadian’s internet and block anything their dear leaders find objectionable (i.e. sentences like the one before this and preachers who agree with God’s definition of right and wrong). On top of that, the country already has Obamacare on steroids, taxation to match its socialism, and laws that limit citizens ability to bear arms. Now, I’ve met some great people from Canada, I’m sure many of its people object to its direction, and the place has some awesome landscape. However, it fails mightily as a destination for freedom-minded folks looking for a haven from liberal abuses.

  12. With everything that is going on, I can’t help but wonder if this publicity stunt was really the best use of the governor’s time…..

  13. No masks, no “social distancing”, one person actually smiling…
    Picture must have been edited, yes?

  14. Hyder is not the Southernmost village in Alaska, It is further North than many Southern Southeastern Towns. However it is… The Eastern most spot in Alaska?

  15. Semisopochnoi Island (Pochnoi Point), 51°57′42″N 179°46′23″E – technically the easternmost point for both Alaska and US

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