GOP censure of Murkowski spreads across state as one-quarter of districts vote


The number of Republican districts that have censured Sen. Lisa Murkowski has grown.

As first reported at Must Read Alaska, Murkowski drew the censure of five Republican district organizations. These are subsets of the Alaska Republican Party. Last week, five districts had passed censures of Murkowski.

Over the weekend, an entire region of the state had passed an additional censure and the list of Alaska Republican Party subdivisions had grown to 15, including two Republican women’s clubs in the Mat-Su Valley.

In addition to the Region 2 censure, districts 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 23, 30, and 31 have passed separate-but-similar censures and the districts plan to bring the matter before the Alaska Republican Party at its March 13 State Central Committee meeting for a formal vote from the organization.

Murkowski voted to convict former President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial that took place in the U.S. Senate. He was acquitted, but seven Republicans, including Alaska’s senior senator, crossed over to vote with the Democrats to convict him on a single charge of inciting an insurrection.

Not all districts in the state have organized Republican Party groups, which involve grassroots activists who make up the base of the Party.

The Region 2 Republicans are asking not only for a resolution of censure against Murkowski, but a separate resolution with appreciation for the presidency of Donald Trump. The group is asking for the two resolutions to be voted on during the same SCC meeting, which takes place in Anchorage.


  1. Who’s in charge of District 6, the unorganized borough of Alaska? I know the Legislature governs the borough, but is it the senior legislator (Click Bishop)? O r is it delegated by the Alaska GOP? Can’t get an answer from anybody …

      • Out of state billionaires spent millions lying to Alaskans about prop 2. Lisa Murkowski is now free to represents the elites. They pad her bank account she passes thier laws. Alaska gets a crumb or two.

      • They most likely didn’t. Without a doubt there was election hanky-panky that got that proposition passed.

      • They didn’t. This was one of the issues decided well after the necessary mail in ballots, tabulated without any verification were “counted”.

      • The proposition was unconstitutional to begin with. Alaskan activist judges ruled against the constitution and let the prop continue on the ballot. There was a law suit about this but haven’t heard anything about it since it was first started. If anyone knows anything about it, please post for us.

  2. While we’re at this, could we just censure the entire Murkowski family. They have been in political power in Alaska for over 40 years. That’s far too long. Frank Murkowski, who served as US Senator for 22 years, then governor for four years, was mostly ineffectual and not useful unless his wife, Nancy, was making important decisions for him. Daughter Lisa has proven to be antithetical to Republican values, and her house-husband makes no decisions at all except as how to spend their material wealth, acquired by years of political service. So, the issue is not just about Lisa Murkowski. It’s about the Murkowski Dynasty in the 49 the state. It MUST come to an end in 2022.

    • Nope, Prop 2 + Dominion makes it illegal to vote against Lisa. Also it will install RINOs at every level of the state government

      • Jon- It will be interesting to hear Dominion’s side of things. With billions of dollars in lawsuits and court decisions backing their accuracy, I think we will be hearing a lot about them. The Republican party will never win an election again if moderates are silenced or kicked out – they don’t have the numbers.

    • The single most corrupt act in Alaskan political history; the appointment of a daughter by her father to his seat. Literally the compete antithesis of what the republic was founded on. A coalition of willing media, bought off establishment, and like minded leftists, allowed it to happen. It should shame all Alaskans though, for never standing up to right this wrong.

      • The GOP is just as swampy as the dem party. They’re all in it together for themselves, and We The People aren’t part of their exclusive little club.

        More proof:
        Former officials, anti-Trump activists pledge $50M for Republicans who support impeachment

  3. Good.
    Murkowski was either playing partisan politics for the other side, or willfully ignorant. There is no way anyone looking at the “evidence” presented would vote to convict.
    Either way, she deserves censure.

      • Follow the values of the people that voted for you, the senator, or change to constituents that believe as you the senator does believes. She should just change to Democrat and take her money with her?

        • Her values are that of DC. Which makes sense. That is where she was raised, that’s where her friends are; that’s where her life is, and has been the majority of her life. ALL of her decisions are based on her maintaining the life she’s made for herself there. If you have any other delusions about what she does what she does, they are just that. Apart from some personal pettiness, every single thing she does is abort keeping her life of power and privilege alive and well..and in DC.

  4. President Trump did more for Alaska in his term in office than either Murkowski ever did for our State! Send them both to California.

  5. Lisa and her party are out of touch with the constituents in state and nationwide. Your recent comments indicating “now that Trump is gone” tells all. Trump owns the Republican party constituents. Recent MSM pollsters are lying or incompetent, if you look at real honest political scientist they indicate about three quarters of those constituents would join a third party, which is not the narrative they want the populists to hear.

    • Follow the values of the people that voted for you, the senator, or change to constituents that believe as you the senator does believes. She should just change to Democrat and take her money with her?

  6. She has made enemies in the Republican ranks and the Democrats will not help her. She may think they’ll come to her aid, but they won’t. She may get some sympathetic articles written in the MSM but she is an outsider to the Dems, especially the far left ones. On her own.

  7. Censure to Lisa means little to nothing. The rabble that votes Republican are of little interest to the power brokers now. They have managed to divide the libertarian-right leaning wing from the center left RINO faction of the Republican party. This conquer and divide strategy has work quite well. History is replete with stories that detail the success of the strategy. What to do about it? Perhaps come to the table and agree to disagree on some topics but also agree to defend our Republic against a socialist enemy? Perhaps we can be co-belligerents? We are stronger than the enemy if we can find some common ground on which to gather.

      • Billy Boy, interesting that you place the toilet as the origin of Bolschevism. You speak from experience no doubt. Thanks Billy.


          • Billy Boy, forgive me but I cannot make sense of your statement. Perhaps a clue for this uneducated neanderthal. Please try to remember that your subtle reference is lost on us “unwashed masses”. I do so want to learn from the Sage of Mendenhall.
            Yours in Liberty Har Har!

          • It’s just a way of poking those who are constantly seeing socialists/communists wherever they look Robert. You seem to qualify-in fact you might see it as a badge of honor. Heheh!

  8. The sooner we Alaskans understand that Lease-A is NOT interested in OUR interests; OUR economy the sooner it will become likely that she’ll become our principal export.

  9. Is Don Young next for recommending Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Interior to the Senate Resources Committee?

  10. Great news, I hope it grows! This woman is a disgrace to Alaska and the rule of law. She choose to convict a man with no evidence and no due process. This shows her vicious character as a person and politician without an ounce of wanting to support and seek out the truth. She is a waste of a Senate seat and needs to go!

  11. So where is Glenn Clary ???
    Still standing by assertion that Lisa is not a rino?
    Or maybe he recognizes and defends a fellow rino.
    And what is GOP leadership doing about the rinos in the legislature?
    Alaska GOP leadership needs some housecleaning.
    They are either weak and ineffective or sympathetic.

  12. Frank had no moral character appointing his daughter, who lies a has no moral character, accepting a nepotistic position and also saying she’d support whomever won the primary and yet did not……

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