Giessel gives ‘atta-girl’ to cross-over Reps. Kelly Merrick, Louise Stutes


Former Sen. Cathy Giessel, who did not survive her last election, says that Reps. Kelly Merrick and Louise Stutes demonstrated leadership in the past 10 days in resolving divisions in the House.

“The harsh polarization that has infected our policy-making entities in our city, state and nation is paralyzing producing movement forward,” Giessel wrote in her new newsletter, which is a personal newsletter that goes out to a select list of Alaskans.

Giessel lost her election primarily because she came out in harsh opposition to the governor, and was collaborating more closely with Democrats than with Republicans. Her District N voters chose Roger Holland instead in last year’s Republican primary.

“I appreciate the courage these two women have demonstrated in reaching across ‘party’ lines to bring folks together. I understand the challenge they face in doing this hard word … and the challenge they face in criticism of their collaboration,” Giessel wrote.

After suddenly joining the Democrat-led caucus, Rep. Merrick slipped out the side door of the House Chambers and scurried to a car with her handler, Rep. Zack Fields escorting her. She headed for the airport, refused to take calls from her District 14 constituents and refused to return text messages from her former allies.

Stutes has caucused with the Democrats for several years and is only a nominal Republican. She became House Speaker of a caucus of 20, which now includes Republican Merrick.

The Democrat caucus is a binding caucus, which means all members must vote on the budget and procedural votes together.

Merrick also refused to attend a meeting called by her district last week. The district has now issued a censure of her for ditching the Republican caucus. The district has since called for a town hall meeting next week in Eagle River with Rep. Merrick, Rep. Ken McCarty, and Sen. Lora Reinbold.


  1. Two thoughts:

    1. Do the actions of Rep. Merrick rise to the level of a recall? As much as I’m tired of the Cancel Culture everywhere, there tools that Alaskas founders put in place to remove lawmakers.

    2. Is Kathy Giessel looking to either get a job with Lisa Murkowski or looking to enter into a primary race against Lisa? Or… start a run for Governor. Politicians keep their names out front in an effort to win their next office.

    • Court ruled that there is no evidence required, just an accusation. The question is entirely up to the voters “to decide the merit of the accusation.”

      Merrick can literally be recalled because someone claims that an alien abducted her and possessed her brain making her “incompetent.” No evidence of alien activity has to be demonstrated. I bet she would be recalled in a special election too.

      One caveat….no recalls allowed for first 120 days of office.

      • Scott, yes, it seems you can recall someone merely for not liking the “cut of their jib”. Oddly enough a ships jib often identified the nationality of a vessel or it’s political subdivision back in the day. Jib is also often used to describe a persons face. Jib can be used as a verb, meaning to move to the opposite side of the ship or refusing to follow instructions. So yes, absent from alien abduction it appears recalling the representative meets the Jib test.

        A bigger question to the voters of her district is , why could you not see the trim of Rep. Merrick’s sails? I mean you elected her. I say shut the hell up and wait until 2022. These recalls are becoming an annoyance. When you adopt a dog from the shelter you cannot always take it back for another. Get a life beyond politics.

  2. Before Republican’s twist themselves into knots over the way the House got organized, why don’t we all wait to see what will be the agenda of the crossover coalition?
    One would guess that Merrick wants to fund a bunch of maintenance and capital projects to make her husband happy. That actually might be a good thing to do – put people to work! But guess what – THERE IS NO MONEY LEFT.
    For the millionth time I say SUSPEND THE DIVIDEND and balance the budget for the first time in 8 years!
    There might then even be enough to fund some of the backlog of maintenance and needed capital projects, among other things, without needing to impose an income tax or a statewide sales tax.

    We should be extremely grateful that the sustainable draw of $3 Billion per year from the Permanent Fund pays to support the cost of State government without requiring enormous taxes on working Alaskans and Alaska consumers.

    Sure, we need to reduce the size and cost of our State government some more but in fact the Dividend is one of the biggest contributors to our budget deficit.

    In summary, Suspend the Dividend, Balance the Budget, Pay our Debts, and Preserve the Permanent Fund. If we play our cards right, the PF will grow faster than the growth of government and provide greater future benefits for every generation of Alaskans!

    Sounds like a Republican idea (or at least a Conservative idea) Doesn’t it?

    • No matter how much money they have, like toddlers in the candy bowl they will want more. If they spent all of the dividend, all of the Permanent Fund and implement the highest taxes in the nation, their appetite will still not be satiated. Given the opportunity, they will spend every penny to appease those who put them into office, namely the ones receiving the benefit of their largess. Another term for democracy is ‘tyranny of the majority’ wherein 50% plus one vote can pilfer from 50% minus one vote. Our governance is rapidly deteriorating into the condition where too few accumulate too much power to impose their will upon the masses (we won’t even go into fraudulent votes and questionable mail in votes). There comes a time to say ‘no more’ and that day is here. We the people need to tell the legislature the level of service that we will accept and the level of funding we are willing to provide, then force them to decide how to apportion the money for the best results. It won’t be easy, but they asked and fought for the job. The hand is empty and the well is dry. Time for some hard decisions. It is up to the voters to stand firm, VOTE, and demand accountability of those chosen. Merrick needs to be roundly condemned and recalled.

  3. Cathy Giessel is still putting out her (informative political) emails, just like she did when she was betraying her constituents in the State Senate. I had to unsubscribe. Giessel has been seduced by the Globalist Democrat machine and she still wants the power to control us. Watch out for her in the future, she is not quietly fading away.

  4. This is how the Democrats plan on revoking the Second Amendment. “Heroic” crossovers and once the damage is done there will be no return. No recall will help, no impeachment will help. And the weak links who crossover will be well rewarded by the extremely wealthy and well funded leftist not just Americans, but global leftists who are willing to spend freely buying votes.

  5. LOL….the exact reason Giessel got her A$$ handed to her by her own district in the primary last year. btw, we love Senator Holland.

  6. Cathy and Lisa two peas in a pod.
    Cathy got voted out, now it’s time to vote the other out
    Yes that’s you Lisa, the swamp!

  7. Ladies you’re known by the company you keep. And you’re in pitiful company.

    One thing: in two years the Cowardly Lion Dunleavy never said two cross words to Giessel. Yet he finds the stones to unload on Reinbold? This is why we can’t have nice things in Alaska

  8. And people wonder why conservatives don’t trust the republican party. They lie to get elected, then shit on the voters. The Alaska GOP is useless unless you’re Lisa murkowski.

  9. Democrats stick together, even if it hurts the people. Now a few “republicans” have joined the Democrat caucus, and it’s a binding caucus, so the republicans don’t want to vote with their own party but they are force to vote with the democrats. These women have no ethics.

  10. Many talk their outrage but let’s see if they attend the Townhall. If Merrick does not show at meeting again it will clearly tell us she was a turncoat all along. She can join Cathy Giessel writing newsletters at home. Recall maybe the only way to convince politicians that the voters are tired of betrayal and take their vote seriously.

  11. What a weasel ? These scheming elite women are helping to push us “ under of the bus” .
    3D Political Hacks …Dishonorable / Dishonesty /Dereliction of Duty
    Very Progressive

  12. Merrick has plenty of curb appeal – good looking – but she needs to resign. She has violated the trust she requested from her constituents. That trust was freely given, but now only a few weeks into the session Merrick has trashed that trust. Her constituents need to demand her resignation. It’s exactly that simple.

  13. We’re now living in the land of Oz.. where you require recognition from a two-bit politician before you can have courage, a brain or a heart. Given by those who have none of the above.

  14. Robert Service put it very well…”There are strange things done in the midnight sun…” What I definitely do know is that District 14 did not call a town hall meeting for 2/27, rather it was pre-arranged in December 2020, my office has been working the logistics, and I will be in Eagle River for it. See you all there.

  15. I don’t understand the antipathy expressed here over Cathy Giessel.
    Reining in the Dividend? Is that what it is?
    I did notice her opponent promised everyone a big fat Dividend – HA!
    Better start the recall on him now because that is a fantasy if not a huge lie.

  16. Every time this lady speaks, more people come to realize how corrupt the establishment is. We need to get her her own radio show. She does more good for the cause of ethics and reason in politics, just by being the corrupt egotistical person she is.

  17. Inspiring… one Loser “atta-girling” two soon-to-be-Losers…
    Remember what politicians and diapers have in common. They’re changed regularly, for the same reason.
    Their legacy reminds us politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession… which we’ve come to realize bears a very close resemblance to the first.
    We can’t mourn the loss of something they never had.
    But one can still be polite by waving to them with –all– the fingers on one’s hand

  18. Eagle River is learning their lesson about judging a person by outer appearances the hard way by experience. I am sure Rep. Merrick was always this kind of person she is now revealed to be. The Eagle River town leaders were blindsided by their own pride and prejudice. Don’t worry, because during the next election she can be replaced, hopefully. Get someone in that seat who has integrity and won’t vote with the baby-killers.

  19. Cathy Giessel is not someone I would want mentioned anywhere on my resume. She is a incompetent, unethical corrupt politician.

  20. Her opinion is pretty much useless since she got her ass kicked out of Juneau. She can start a Rino chat group with them after the next election. They won’t be doing much.

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