Galvin v. Young, Round 2


Alyse Galvin said she woke up yesterday morning, ate breakfast, and filed for her second run against Congressman Don Young.

In 2018, she lost to Young, 53.3 to 46.7 percent. She ran as a no-party candidate in the Democrats’ primary election, and under the Democrat label for the General Election, as she plans to do again.

This can only mean Forrest Dunbar, a member of the Anchorage Assembly, is not planning to run this cycle, as some had predicted.

Every two years someone takes on Don Young. Few have returned for seconds. Peggy Begich did, John Devens did, and came the closest.

Will Galvin be the one to unseat him this time? She is the highest Democratic vote-getter in the state, but her candidacy announcement video describes her as an aberration in her highly dysfunctional family, an odd credential.

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  1. Not yet, Alyse. Don is currently planning his campaigns for 20, 22, 24, 26, 28…….
    Try about 34, 36. Have a good life!

    • Honestly, I hope not. Even Strom Thurmond bowed out of office before he died, despite having turned 100 weeks before.

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I would like to reintroduce you to Representative Don Young, he will be serving in his 25th consecutive term as the representative from the great state of Alaska.

  3. Dear God,

    Please give me the strength and endurance to survive thousands of Alyse Galvin’s whiny campaign ad’s for another two years.


  4. Hehehe… If you can’t win as a communist er- democrat change the color of your clothes (grey) and run as a “independent”. We already have one democrat (Lisa) in DC, we don’t need another.

  5. Young will be running, and winning, in 2052. That will make Galvin…….about …….75 or 80? Get a life.

    • I think Don is in his 80’s now….. was 2052 supposed to be 2022? I expect he will handle another term with flying colors. Flew back from Seattle across isle from him – the man can work an entire plane! I would love to have half his energy and vigor at his age!

  6. It will be a mistake to think that Ms. Galvin did not learn a few things from her last campaign. Personally, I do not believe she has any good ideas but she was able to raise a lot of money. As much as I love Congressman Young, he is not getting younger and the Alaska population is becoming less aware of Alaska’s history and challenges. Take nothing for granted.

    • You are exactly right MQ. He should have had this apprentice in tow a long time ago and ready to cut loose. As much as we all like our Don, there will be an end and he, more than anyone, should have that in his plan.

  7. While she has been a great campaign finance raiser, during the last election cycle she did several debates with DY and lost miserably. I never heard her espouse one actual plan to solve all the “problems” she brought up. Shea’s always going to “do something” about the problems, but no real ideas about how. Is this a version of ‘We have to get her elected to find out what she will do?’ Sorry Dem-dressed-up-as-an-independent, But I don’t think it’s going to happen…

  8. Ms. Galvin disclosed some highly personal and painful information and your response is to come up with a way to malign the adult who has risen above such a traumatic childhood? It is important for voters to understand a candidate’s background.

    • I have no idea what you may be referring to… Apparently you believe that Ms. Galvin deserves to be elected to Congress because she had a traumatic childhood. Nonsense. She has bad — mostly far-left — ideas. I wish her well in overcoming whatever hardships she may have experienced but that is no reason to elect her to high public office. Ms. Galvin is part of the neo-socialist wing of the Left. A compelling personal story will not overcome that fact.

      • I do not believe she should be elected to Congress because she had a traumatic childhood. Her background is important information for me as a voter. Don Young’s background is important information for me as a voter. Information about her policy positions and plans should she be elected is important to me. There are several people who have commented on this thread who have made substantive comments about her candidacy. All of this is fair game. What is not OK for me is to twist the content of the video to suggest Ms. Galvin’s message is that her only credential is her difficult childhood. Ms. Downing’s post also communicates a sense of distaste that reads very much like disdain for someone who has the audacity to come from a modest background. That is what I object to.

        • Hmmm as a voter gathering info at the time I paid no attention to her past. I have my own and I would have zero place to judge. I was focused on her positions on various issues. Most of us have overcome something and moved on to live productive contributing adult lives. My guess is she has done the same. I would never not vote for her just because she went through something in childhood. I wouldn’t though vote for her because I don’t agree with some of her politics.

    • I think that was public info…. I heard it publicly when she was running and it was in humor. I don’t think she is hiding anything nor feels need. I simply am not on board with most of her political positions.

  9. With all due respect EldonJane, everyone has a past – every one of them is highly personal, many have a lot of pain. The deal is here that Ms. Galvin’s candidacy announcement video describes her as an aberration in her highly dysfunctional family, so she chose to disclose hers and try to make it special and part of her campaign.
    Gotta run! Getting ready for my 10th annual dysfunctional family reunion!

  10. Kudos to the Democrats for opening up their Primary to Nonpartisan/Undeclared candidates. Although I do think that Ms. Galvin’s support of Great Alaska Schools is not a conservative resume’, a big question is, “Why are you refusing to run as a Democrat?” THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY IS CLOSED TO NON-REPUBLICANS. I encourage the Republicans to open up their primary to conservatives who are not registered Republicans.. The two-party system is dying.

    • This is an old Democrat strategy to try and thwart a real Republican from winning. A lot of RINO’s might agree in order to keep a great conservative Republican from winning her primary, due to cross-overs. In the case of Lisa Murkowski….she lost, but got the Bush and other assortments of desperate Democrats to write-in her name in the general. Joe Miller, the far more intelligent and qualified candidate, lost his bid.

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