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Full force of government: Anchorage ordinance would prohibit ‘conversion’ therapy


Three Anchorage Assembly members introduced an ordinance Tuesday that would make it illegal for counselors to help teenagers seeking to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions or gender identity confusion issues.

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The ordinance would use the full force of government to require all counselors to endorse the gay lifestyle and transgenderism when dealing with minors. Assembly Chair, Felix Rivera, Austin Quinn-Davidson, and Christopher Constant introduced the ordinance. All three do not have children and all are openly gay.  

“Contemporary science recognizes that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is part of the natural spectrum of human identity and is not a disease, disorder, or illness,” the ordinance reads in part. 

The ordinance endorsing homosexuality and transgenderism may not sit well with traditionalists that typically evaluate such matters based on the teachings of their faith. Many Christians view homosexuality as an unhealthy distortion of God’s original design. They see the practice as self-destructive leading to a life of unhappiness. They believe homosexuality is a counterfeit of God’s purpose for sex which they view as best practiced between a man and a woman living together under the marriage covenant.   

Scriptures are clear on homosexuality. The Bible describes those who practice gay sex as depraved, detestable, inflamed with lust, and haters of God. 

The Christian worldview on homosexuality has steadily lost favor with many Americans through the years, especially among the young.  Typically, pastors and clergy are fearful of taking on the topic from the pulpit worried they’ll lose parishioners. 

Pew Research found 60% opposed same-sex marriage while 31% favored it in 2004. But a 2019 Pew poll showed the numbers flipped with 61% now favoring same-sex marriage.  

It’s no secret we are in the midst of an intense culture war between those who favor traditional family values and those who loath them and in the case of Tuesday’s Assembly ordinance, want to make some of them illegal. 

The Marxist social justice warriors backed by a mostly leftist media are taking advantage of the changing attitudes to legislate away family values traditionalists hold dear. One of the biggest differences between the two factions is traditionalists don’t seek to advance their agenda through changing laws. No one is calling for making illegal the practice of homosexuality.

But Tuesday’s Assembly ordinance would make it illegal for counselors, even some that work for churches, from discouraging teens from changing their gender or practicing gay sex.  

“The Anchorage Assembly desires to protect minors within the Municipality from harmful and discredited approaches to change sexual orientation or gender identity with minors, including so-called “conversion” or “reparative” therapy,” reads the ordinance.  

The municipality would fine counselors $500 for each day they violate the ordinance. The ordinance also opens the door for lawyers to step in and make money by targeting counselors.

“Any person aggrieved, harmed, injured, or suffering loss or damage” could be eligible for injunctive relief. 

This provision will allow lawyers to seek out faith-based counselors refusing to endorse sex changes and gay sex and take them to court for damages. Much like attorneys have targeted cake makers and wedding photographers for not participating in gay weddings. 

Social justice warriors like Rivera, Quinn-Davidson and Constant are savvy enough to advance their radical agenda only up to the point it won’t cost them their power.

The website, The Alaska Watchman reports Constant told an LBGT news site he was waiting until after the April election to introduce Tuesday’s ordinance “because his fellow gay Assembly members Rivera and Quinn-Davidson were up for reelection.”  

Imagine what social justice warriors like Constant, Rivera and Quinn-Davidson would propose if they thought they could get away with it politically. 

Dan Fagan hosts a radio show on Newsradio 650 KENI from 5:40 to 8 A.M. 

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  1. The Anchorage government is completely out of control. They need to be removed from office. It is against the constitution for them to make it illegal and it violates the doctor-patient confidentiality. I truly despise Anchorage government. They are communist.

  2. Our generation has allowed this to take over our education system and from birth the children are being bombarded with what is an abomination to the natural reproductive world is to be accepted as norm. Now we are seeing the door being slammed as to escape their indoctrination through legislation by those who have infected the body politic. GOD has dealt with the unruly before, This is not over. Evil fills the void when good men fail to stand,,,, They are our children not the insidious fantasy of the state.

      • Wow, I’ve seen versions of this statement written thousands of times and it never moved me like it does now. I think it’s the exclamation point and the homophobia. How do I do this repent thing? Donate to Trump’s campaign?

        • It’s a well-known and over-used tactic of the Left to name-call when someone puts forth information they disagree with. It’s the same tactic that children use on the playground when they’re challenged and can’t come up with a good answer, intellectually or physically. “Homophobia” is just a use of that tactic. It isn’t fear that drives opposition to sexual deviancy, it’s concern for the well-being of the practitioner. I’m sure you ignore the studies that show how harmful this lifestyle is because it doesn’t agree with your PC worldview, but it doesn’t change the facts. If it was so “normal”, you wouldn’t have to work so hard to make EVERYONE accept it as such or scream out against those who disagree. If and when the day comes that you’re ready for repentance, you won’t have to ask how to do it. You’ll know. But I won’t hold my breath.

          • Gun violence is harmful but you don’t advocate for gun conversion therapy. And I believe the name for the name calling you’re trying describe is an ad hominem attack, of which calling someone homophobic hardly qualifies. And before you all freak out about how I’m a gun hating libtard, I own guns. I just wanted an example you can relate to.

          • And what better way to show your “concern for the well-being of the practitioner” than to:
            -deny them housing
            -deny them job security
            -refuse to recognize any other Civil Right for them that you enjoy for yourself
            -condemn them to Hell
            -try to forcefully alter their God-given identity
            -kill them… after all, isn’t that what the Bible literally says a good Christian should do? Kill the queers?
            What are “the studies that show how harmful this lifestyle is?? The ones that prove HOMOPHOBIA – the dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people (not “fear of”) – is harmful to LGBTQ+ people? THOSE studies, Randy? Because “studies” of people who are able to self-actualize show them to be FAR more stable/happy/healthy than those who remain in the closet.

  3. “Faith Based Counselors”..would that include a minister? If so, if you consider a sermon a form of “counseling” then this bill might prohibit specific subject matter being mentioned by a minister as part of their Sunday message? Seems like a clear violation of freedom of religion.

    • What’s “freedom of religion”, Dave? Please, read along, won’t you?

      Now, let’s follow that up with, “Your rights end where mine begin”.
      What part of your “freedom of religion” allows you to interfere in other peoples’ lives in order to do them harm? Hmm? What part of “traditional faith” preaches hate, condemnation, discrimination, prejudice, and violation of Civil Rights against a community of completely innocent people just because of who they love and how they express it?
      “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”
      That’s the teaching of Jesus Christ, Christian. Look into it, won’t you?

  4. Thanks to Dan Fagan for writing this piece and MRA for publishing it….both speak for the vast majority who choose to remain silent on these issues but need to find ways of speaking out about them as well….perhaps one of the best ways would be to VOTE and not let 10 or 15% of us get away with such antics so far out of the norm and contrary to the beliefs of the vast majority of us .

  5. Separation of Church and State is in the Constitution and passing this ordinance would violate this by forcing religious counselors to violate their faith. Plus, a minor can and should be stopped by their parents, if it is against their wishes.

    • Sorry Steve, but separation of church and state is NOT in the constitution but rather the brief synopsis is that that government (us) will not establish or strongly favor a particular denomination to the detriment of other denominations. However I think we are in agreement that a wall of protection shall surround the church that shall exist to prevent the government from dictating doctrine, procedure, times places of assembly etc. Or such as might prevent a minister or church member from counseling against transgenderism.

      • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” If a church-based program were prohibited from operating according to it’s tenets, that’s a prohibition and a violation.

        “…or abridging the freedom of speech…” that one should be obvious…

        “or the right of the people peaceably to assemble…” – yep.

  6. “Scriptures are clear on homosexuality. The Bible describes those who practice gay sex as depraved, detestable, inflamed with lust, and haters of God. ”
    -It also has Jesus healing the gay sex slave of the centurion… so…. yeah. The Bible, isn’t as cut and dry. Might want to look up the “new convenant” that believers so often cite when breaking Old Testament rules.

      • “We just can’t believe the Bible because ‘men’ wrote the Bible”…Then you can’t believe anything written in any book.

        I’ve been asked, “Why do I believe the Bible?” I choose to believe the Bible because it is a reliable collection of historical documents written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other witnesses. They record supernatural events that took place in fulfillment of specific prophecies and claim that their writings are divine rather than human in origin.”
        -40 authors: kings, generals, fishermen, tax collects, doctors
        -Span of 1500 years & 100 subject topics
        -Eyewitnesses included eyewitnesses to resurrection (over 300)
        -25,000 archeological digs related to the Bible-not one contradiction
        -A common issue with the Bible: “Been translated so many times” becoming the game of telephone: Translated direct source from Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic writings; manuscripts were documented dated AD100-120 (New Testament completion).
        And that’s why I choose to believe the Bible. I don’t defend it. It’s kind of like a lion, just let it loose (C. Spurgeon)

  7. I would recommend that everyone actually read the bill, especially the writer. It is not the doom and gloom that people are making it out to be unless all you did was read the title of an article and jump to a conclusion. It is like calling the bible evil because lots of people get killed… without context you know nothing about it. That being said, conversion therapy has been proven to be pseudoscience at best, quite ineffective and potentially harmful.


    [Live link removed by moderator.]

    • Of course assuming that the first indoctrination given our children was not the first conversion . Schools have been pushing this moral less anything goes curriculum for a long time . Natural Man Woman relations have been demonized and the promoters do not have the society’s best interest at heart. Look at the cesspool we used to call Anchorage. Adam and Steve did not have a son.So keep your hands off our children NOW!!!!! These good souls that are in the field of conversion therapy are only trying to rescue the confused,,, Yes the children of abomination indoctrination. The first conversion.

      • Ah hatred of others. How Christian of you.
        Also, I agree with the previous commenter… maybe you should read the bill/Bible first.

      • NO ONE has “demonized” man + woman relations. NO ONE! EVER!
        But, the homophobes have certainly demonized any other type of relations.
        So, yeah, John… “keep your hands off our children NOW!!!!!”

    • You believe Wikipedia?

      American Society of Pediatrics calls transitioning meds is a form of child abuse and harmful. So, that’s ok, when the physical changes are permanent, but it’s too harmful for someone to seek emotional or spiritual guidance, so must be banned?

  8. It is concerning to see this kind of reaction to this bill. Conversion therapy has been proven to be both ineffective and having a high probability of causing harm. This is not government overreach. This is an example of government doing its job to protect people. Some people of the Christian faith have used their holy text to justify their disdain for people of the LGBTQ community when it seems just a way to justify their own fears and lack of understanding. It is hard to understand why some people still believe that homosexuality is not an immutable characteristic and can be somehow be reversed through therapy. I would hope to see people of faith embrace the love and compassion ideals set forth in the text they hold so dear and apply that to all sexual orientations. Through love and compassion we can all come together and fulfill the our collective potential.

      • That is the question at the root of this all as I see it. The DSM(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) for a very long time categorized homosexuality as a mental disorder. It no longer lists homosexuality as such. People in that field over time finally realized it is not a disorder, it is a an immutable characteristic of being no different that the color of your eyes and skin. Through research and a mindset geared towards learning and understanding an acceptance has been reached. It currently lists transgender as a mental disorder and I suspect in time that too will be better understood. People realized that there is no therapeutic way to alleviate someone to be attracted to the same sex as there is not way to alleviate so many other characteristics we are born with. I am glad you asked that question as it is an important distinction to be made.

          • The definition of realize:

            become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly.

            Seems the clear and desired goal of behavioral science. Does this word somehow negate the point I am trying to make?

  9. This current Anchorage Assembly is as awful.
    Why do we continue to elect persons whose ONLY apparent purpose in life – and work- is to force the rest of us to validate their lifestyle?

    • Umm, cuz they’re politicians who serve their constituents and protect them from harm by a hateful majority who want to invalidate their lifestyle?
      Just a thought.

  10. Truly. This type of thinking from any government is insane. It amazing me that my son has to be bombarded with this rhetoric about same sex this and that when the folks with those perclivaties are such a minority.

    Live and let live, but don’t push it on people and constantly bombard them with your preferences, I person Nally find it revolting and am tired of it being shoved in my face . If someone wants to address feelings that they aren’t comfortable with to their doctor or parents, leave them be, and let them figure out their life. Homosexuality isn’t a natural way of being, recognize that and move on, half the stuff we people do in our lives isn’t natural, but we have the right to do (most of it), just stop trying to tell.my family what they should think and feel. Seriously, where does it stop. I live my life and you live yours.

    Stop trying to tell me or mine what we feel, believe, or want, that way lies danger.

    • …as are the excuses for condemnation, prejudice, and violence by the ignorant and hateful…

  11. You will “reap what you sow.” Too many sit idly by and not speak out and vote. You enable assembly members to be elected and speak with the force of law for you. If you don’t agree, organize, march in the street, demonstrate in front of their homes, businesses and government offices. Make such a loud cry without violence and looting that they feel as abused and threatened as you feel. For to long we have sat by complaining to ourselves and praying for someone else to save us but we continue to loose.

    The BLM leaders have succeeded destroying our statutes and memorials and now they have turned their attention by calling for the destruction of all white religious statutes, stained glass windows and paintings depicting a white Jesus and Virgin Mary.

    BLM, like our current assembly will never be happy until they destroy everything you believe in and they demand you life like they demand. Draw the line and the sand and tell them enough is enough. We have already lost most of our children but they want total destruction of society. Look to the “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” and the Russian and Maoist Revolutions for a view of our future.

  12. By all means, let’s make laws based on religion! Science doesn’t know anything: GOD knows all! And He told us EXACTLY what he wants! It’s all right there in the Koran!
    Wait… What?!
    Ya still with me, Christians?

    • And “science has been so accurate.”

      Doctors just started washing their hands before performing surgery on their patients in the mid 19th century.
      Doctors were using bloodletting as a form of treatment until the end of the 19th century.

      Science, particularly the medical field, has come a long way. Being that God has been around, well, forever, Creator of the universe, so forth. Yep, He truly does knows all. The Author behind the Bible. (Sorry Mohammad, no hijab for me).

      • So, you gotta reach back 120 years to point out major flaws in medicine? Not exactly a compelling argument to distrust science.
        But, since you brought it up, could you point out the Bible passages that advanced science/medicine? I mean, the stuff scientists/doctors DIDN’T accomplish?

        • Major flaws in medicine? No, that’s not what I said. At that time, it was just the way it was; doctors were unaware of viruses and bacterias lingering on hands that went to the bathroom before performing surgeries. You can thank the 1840 Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis for initiating the practice of washing hands.

          Do I distrust science? No, not really; I appreciate being vaccinated against polio, smallpox, and a whole host of diseases that I would normally catch without the vaccine. And I really do hope that drug/laboratory companies like Pfizer and Biotin are as close as they say they are for a vaccine against Covid-19. It would be wonderful to see that happen. However, for all the accomplishments made, there are usually a ton of failures. But that is the nature of the scientific method: it must be observable, measurable, and [and for success] repeatable.

          You asked Bible & Science/medicine passages. There are chapters in Leviticus regarding cleaning mold & steps to deal with it; treating contagious skin diseases and how deal with that; the cleanliness procedures required for women who have had babies or are menstruating along with men’s [ahem] stuff that I will not mention here. God not only cares about our spiritual welfare but our physical being as well. This is a debate that’s gone on between atheists and Christians for quite some time. If you’re interested in furthering your education on science v.s. the Bible, I would recommend the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Hamm on YouTube.

          Don’t bother to respond, I unclicked the “follow-up” comments so I won’t read any responses. But I do hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. And Thomas S. Green – just remember God the Father & Jesus Christ loves you. Not science.

  13. By infusing this opinion with religiosity and massive and misleading generalizations the facts are lost and reason is abandoned. So much more to the story but then again this is not really journalism but clearly a biased slight against the LGBT community without any reference to the ACTUAL language in the bill. It may be a good bill or it may be a bad bill, so illuminate us and flatter yourself by offering a real story with verifiable and well presented information please.

  14. Sorry Bible thumpers. You don’t get to pick and choose what is important in the Good Book. It’s all or nothing. After all, who made you God?

  15. Thomas, to tell you the truth I could care less what anyone does regarding their sexual identity. I really don’t. But you do find verses in the Bible that condemn homosexuality. They are there. I did not put them there. They are in black & white. Still, that’s for God to judge.

    But if a minister is to teach from the Bible, he or she can’t change it. The last verse in Revelations makes that clear. So if Christianity is based on the Bible, that is the source of their religion and prohibiting the free worship of it as itemized in the Christian Bible is infringing on that religion.

    By having the State determine how that can be done & what parts are ok to teach & what parts are not is, in essence, establishing a state religion, which is specifically prohibited by the Constitution, I believe.

    But most of all, when we are addressing minors, it’s the parents who should have the final say as to what they feel is best for their kids. And if they think it would be best to seek counseling from a Christian-based source who do not endorse homosexuality that’s their right especially if their kid feels that’s best too. So my rights end where your nose starts, true enough. But the reverse is true as well. Your rights end where my and my kid’s rights start.

    You can do what ever, identify however & be whomever you want. Again, who cares?. Not me. But where my minor children are concerned, you have zero rights.

    • Actually, Dave, there are quite explicit SECULAR laws that protect children from their parents:
      Incest/sexual abuse? Illegal.
      Physical abuse? Illegal.
      Underage use of tobacco or alcohol? Illegal.
      Failure of a parent to provide necessaries such as food, clothing, shelter, and appropriate medical care? Illegal.
      Far from having “zero rights” regarding your minor children, I, as a citizen, have a vested interest in protecting them from harm that you may inflict upon them because you “feel” like it, or your religion allows it. Parental rights are not absolute; they are not the “final say”. Society will step in to protect the vulnerable from harm.
      Is that infringing on religion? YEAH! Absolutely! America is a country ruled by law, not religion, and religious practices that cause harm are ILLEGAL, thank Christ!
      Is that a violation of the First Amendment, “establishing a state religion, which is specifically prohibited by the Constitution”? Nope. Not in the least. Practice whatever religion you choose. You just don’t get to use it as an excuse to commit child abuse.

  16. Why are they so against teenagers wanting counseling – which is supposed to be private, by the way? If a teenager wanted genuine guidance from counseling, why is that wrong? What if their feelings about their sexual identity lead them to commit suicide?

    As for the Bible thumpers…Christian: Someone who believes in & love the Lord Jesus as their Savior, faithfully follow Him, pray to God, read the Bible but there will be the times where we stumble…Badly. A Christian is a mere human after all. A lot of people on this planet do not realize that each and every one of us will have to give an accounting to Jesus as not only is He the Savior but He’s also the Judge as God gave Him all judgment authority (John 5:22) for the things we’ve done or didn’t do or should’ve done, whether we are genuine believers in Jesus Christ or an atheist. When a Christian sins, grieve and confess their sin and turn to God for help and strength to overcome it. To hide or deny the sinfulness of sin is to lie. The root of sin is failure to value God over everything else. The many sins that are profane to a Holy God in the Bible are sexual immorality (couples shacking up outside marriage without God’s blessing on their union), adulterers, thieves (take what belongs to others), greedy (want what belongs to others), drunkards, revilers (slander, telling lies about others & isn’t social media is just full of that?), swindlers (unlawfully taking advantage of others financially/embezzling etc.) will get to heaven. To keep focus on the other sins that are equal in God’s eyes, I purposely left out homosexuality of the list, but it is there. Greedy sin vs. theft sin: greedy is coveting (heart’s desire) whereas theft is conduct (acting out heart’s desire). Same with any of the sins, heart’s desires v.s. actual conduct in following the heart’s desire. One is lesser sin v.s. a greater sin.

    I’ve read the Bible many times, but I can honestly say I have not seen that statement “…the Bible literally says a good Christians should do? Kill the queers?”
    No. But as for Thomas S Green stating “No One has demonized man + woman relations. No One ever!” That’s because a union between man and woman is ordained by God; naturally, that union will not be “demonized” whatever that means. This brings up a headline in New York Times titled “Sex Does Not Mean Gender. Equating Them Erases Trans lives” Embracing the experiences means leaving old vocabularies behind. (June 23, 2020 MIT Asst. Professor Devin Michelle Bunten) When I read stuff about how gender is a socially constructed reality that doesn’t have to do anything specifically not tied integrally to biological sex. Throughout human history, male meant man, woman meant female. The author specifically talks about “stop using male and female to refer to men and women. In fact, stop using sex-based words to refer to people at all. They’re words for bodies, not for people with hearts and souls and minds.” That sentence from an Asst. Professor at a prestigious university like MIT? Now that is demonizing.

        • Identity politics creates ‘us’ against ‘them’. ‘We’ have to educate people as to the virtues of ‘us’ in order for ‘us’ to gain acceptance and therefore gain power. An effective way to do that is to ‘dehumanize’ ‘ you’. ‘You’ are bad, so ‘we’ need government protection from you and aid to survive. The more ‘we’ can dehumanize ‘you’, the bigger the jackboot we can get put on ‘your’ neck. Maybe even get the government or a mob to exterminate ‘you’. Dehumanizing the enemy helps win wars.
          Identity politics and the concept of group rights starts in early education. Dehumanization and Envy (one of the seven deadly sins) is a part of human nature. It needs to be shaped early for it to be taken full advantage of. The concept of individual rights and individual freedom have no usefulness in future society. It’s just too hard to dehumanize individuals. It’s easier to link them to some perceived evil. That will shut them up usually. Just remember that whatever you think about that phrase “all men are created equal”, it was written by white sexist slave owning men, lol.

  17. Does Dan Fagan reside in Alaska? What happened to Michael Ortega on Dan Fagan’s radio show?
    Certainly sounds to me like Dan broadcasts his show from a basement in Louisiana while discussing Alaskan politics.

  18. Mr. Fagan,
    I believe I’ll address your misleading and fear-mongering opinion piece now, having addressed some of the readers who you’ve managed to whip up with some typical red meat/right wing tropes.
    You set the tone early – in your first sentence! – with an outright lie: “Three Anchorage Assembly members introduced an ordinance Tuesday that would make it illegal for counselors to help teenagers seeking to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions or gender identity confusion issues.”
    What the ordinance actually proposes is: ” It is unlawful for any provider to provide, apply, or use sexual orientation or gender identity change efforts with a patient who is a minor.”
    AND, ” Sexual orientation or gender identity change efforts do not include counseling that does not seek to change sexual orientation or gender identity…”
    The ordinance is all about banning “change efforts”, isn’t it, Mr. Fagan? Not counseling in general, not endorsement of lifestyle, not religion, not anything other than “change efforts”, and that is very explicitly stated.

    You presumably read the bill, since you were able to quote some of it, so you presumably know what it says, yet you reported the opposite. Knowing the truth, then deliberately misstating the truth, makes you a liar, sir.

    But you didn’t stop there, did you? No, you ran with it! “The Marxist social justice warriors backed by a mostly leftist media are taking advantage of the changing attitudes to legislate away family values traditionalists hold dear.” Way to fan the flames! Let’s ignore the characterizations you just pulled out of your ass and focus on the fact that there’s NO attempt to criminalize family values. Unless, of course, trying to change a person’s God given nature because you don’t like it is one of your “values”.

    And this nugget: “One of the biggest differences between the two factions is traditionalists don’t seek to advance their agenda through changing laws. No one is calling for making illegal the practice of homosexuality.”

    WTF?! How about a little history, Mr. Fagan (courtesy of Wikipedia).
    -In 1996, the Alaska Legislature passed a bill banning same-sex marriage.
    -In 2009, the Anchorage Assembly passed for the first time an ordinance to ban unfair discrimination against LGBT people in the city, by a vote of 7-4. Mayor Dan Sullivan vetoed the ordinance. A second attempt occurred in 2012, but voters rejected the proposal, known as Proposition 5, in April 2012 with 57% opposed. In September 2015, with support from Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, the Assembly again passed an ordinance to protect LGBT people from discrimination, by 9 votes to 2.
    – Alaska repealed its sodomy law on January 1, 1980. (FYI, there have only been five recorded sodomy cases in Alaska; three of which involved heterosexual conduct and two homosexual conduct.)
    – In 2015, Representative Andy Josephson filed a bill banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill had two co-sponsors, but died without a vote.
    So, yeah, the “traditionalists” HAVE been using legal measures against homosexuality. But you knew that, didn’t you? And you lied about it. To play the victim. It’s scary, isn’t it, having your whole “white male Christian conservative” power structure being openly challenged. So sorry for you. Thoughts and prayers…
    Gender and sexuality are not the binary divisions they were once believed to be (although other cultures/societies knew this from antiquity). A person’s sexual identity is not a choice, and cannot be “converted” any more than their blood type. Attempts to do so – especially with minors – has been repeatedly proven to be harmful.

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