Assembly meeting turns into farce as transgender stages street-theater protest


Bernadette Wilson, an Anchorage political activist, was sitting at home, monitoring the Anchorage Assembly meeting online, when she noticed two individuals lying on the floor directly in front of the Assembly panel.

Just lying there.

Earlier, the two had been doing pushups in the space between the podium for public testimony and the Assembly. But for most of the meeting, they just were prone, gazing up at the ceiling.

No one on the Assembly asked them to leave. No one in the audience knew what to make of it, but finally when it was time for public testimony, Dave Bronson scolded the Assembly Chair Felix Rivera for turning the proceedings into a circus.

“Dick Traini would never have allowed this,” Bronson said, referring to former assemblyman. Bronson told Must Read Alaska that for the Assembly to allow the antics in front of them shows disrespect for the institution of lawmaking.

“They need to stop with their virtue signaling and start treating this with respect,” Bronson said today.

Meanwhile, Wilson, watching the meeting from home, also decided that enough was enough. She grabbed a white plastic bucket and wrote “TIPS” on it, and drove to the Loussac Library, where the Assembly meets.

Without announcing anything in advance, Wilson strode to the front of the chambers and set the “tip bucket” down by the protesters. Then she walked out.

One of the protesters is known as MoHagani Magnetek, who is a transgender activist and performer who occasionally runs for office, most recently against Austin Quinn-Davidson. Born a man, Magnetek is in the process of living as a woman, although he has the burly body of a man and did pushups before the meeting, as captured in the video:

The other protester calls him/herself Dana Dardis, a person who is also involved in the petition to take down the statue of Captain James Cook at Resolution Park in Anchorage.

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Dardis said on Facebook that the protest was because of racism, sexism, COVID-19, intersectionality, incarceration, children in cages, LGBTQ, and the “whiteness of the Assembly,” among other complaints. Dardis claimed that people of color are being attacked by design.

It wasn’t long before the tip bucket was removed to the hallway by a municipal staff member, but the protesters were able to continue on with their antics and eventually they testified.


  1. At some point enough voters need to get excited and get out and vote to replace these out of control assembly members and mayor…..we have let a very small % of our Voters that get out and vote on any recent election so we get these far left nuts….

  2. So, the assembly, which is a circus, has become a little more blatant about it. This city has gone to hell in a hand-basket and we are allowing it.

  3. Unless we get some sensible leadership in place to regain control our city is doomed. A couple of wackos acting out and demanding their personal wish list simply need to be shown the door. We all have a right to free speech, and I strongly support that, but there is no inherent right to act badly and disrupt an assembly meeting. A weak, ineffective assembly that cows to our power hungry mayor is a recipe for disaster. Who will step up to provide some leadership as the next Mayor of Anchorage? Rebecca Logan, are you up for another run? I’ll be your first donor and vote.

  4. What a farce. Well ladies and gentlemen, as you well know, it is not enough to simply comment. And please forgive me if I am wrong about your political activity. Although your comments are superb — witty, spot on and entertaining, we must all do MORE. We must be actively involved as part of the solution. We have to actively solicit others to become involved, registered and voting.
    But then I’m not saying anything all of us don’t already know.

  5. I wonder what would happen if a bunch of MAGA Hat wearing white men pulled off some theater for the Borough Assembly leaders? My guess is that this August Body would not be very tolerant.
    However since these folks are from groups known and embraced by the Democrat Party it seems that there isn’t a problem.

    If I lived in Anchorage I would attend every Assembly meeting and bring my rowdy friends for some rousing testimony.

    • The history of the FNSB Assembly may provide some insight. Years before I started attending meetings, I’m to understand that people such as Niilo Koponen and Joe Vogler would bring down groups of adherents to heckle the proceedings. Years before that, Harold Gillam would do likewise as an Assembly member. In more recent history, self-importance set in and they codified some notion of decorum. Several years ago, a discussion on air quality brought a capacity crowd to the Assembly chambers. Present was a Fairbanks police officer and a private security officer hired just for the occasion, separate from the security officer who normally worked in the building during the meetings. This level of security was nowhere to be found when the chambers were filled with union members asking for more money.
      Speaking of the FNSB setting the tone, remember when the Assembly approved special exceptions to accessing public records? Looking at a recent agenda, the Anchorage Assembly was set to consider its own special exceptions and I haven’t heard a thing from the news media about that ordinance.
      I first attended Anchorage Assembly meetings when they were held at 3500 East Tudor. Anyone who goes that far back should remember Casimir Sanuita and his years-long crusade against his “evil neighbor” Paul Boniface. Now that was entertainment! I’ve seen few things in recent times which compare. Certainly Eugene Carl Haberman is a poor substitute.

  6. We missed the boat with Christine Hill….. Not only s Felix the Cat still around, he’s the current Chair of the Los Anchorage Politburo…… We tried, but we lost out, at least for a couple more years. The virtue warriors will remain at the Politburo for a while longer.

  7. Just a Democratic ploy for sympathy and to disrupt the meeting. Now they can blame their fascist control on something else.

  8. People get the government they deserve. Unless and until enough take a stand against the radicals their anti-social antics will only escalate. Berkie mandates masks today; Depends tomorrow? How much do people tolerate/condone? When will they say no more to the radicals/unions (but I repeat myself).

  9. Tell me again these gender confused babies don’t have a mental issue. They all do… This should have never happened…especially in A City Council meeting. Apparently no one has any moxie anymore.. They are too scared to speak up and that is ridiculous! It’s like this is not Alaska anymore… The trolls from Seattle and California have invaded and brought their mental problems with them. Unreal…

  10. Parents often ignore out of control kids in hopes that they will tire themselves out. Fact is they rarely do. They just get louder and louder. If that doesn’t work they start breaking things. If that fails they start hurting people. Sooner or later someone pays attention and the kids get the attention they wanted.

    Dear parents:

    Thank you so much for producing these children. Hope you had fun. There is no reason to concern yourself with raising them as everyone else will deal with it from here. In recognition of your excellent work please retire from parenting and don’t concern yourself with having anymore offspring.

  11. Today this was allowed. Tomorrow CHOP. They just tested to see if they could get away with it. Sure enough, they got away with it! On their agenda , our are statues coming. Next CHOP.

  12. I must not be woke enough…wth is “intersectionality”? The Assembly is a joke of a circus anyway, so it’s not too surprising that no one had the nerve to remove the exhibition of (?) because they are terrified of virtue signaling the wrong thing.

  13. Time to go back to the guys with the white coats and straight jackets to show up. A few of these crazies get rounded up and ‘treated’ for their apparent mental illness, and we would have a lot less of these types of ‘protests’.

  14. I thought unaccompanied children weren’t allowed in Assembly chambers when the Assembly was in session…

  15. I find it very interesting and telling that the tip bucket was removed before and quicker than the two buckets of excrement laying on the floor next to it, of course when you are in a cesspool the object that stands out gets noticed first.

  16. It serves them right. This is what you call “holding up a mirror”. The people writhing on the floor are mentally ill; they deserve our pity. The really pathetic freaks were sitting on the Dias, watching the show.

  17. More proof of the mentally ill taking control of our society and the cowards in elected office allowing it. Anchorage local government is under the control of the same types of feckless liberals who have delivered Seattle into complete insanity.

  18. Fortunately the solemnity of the assembly was upheld by removal of the tip bucket.

    Little Ethan certainly is a wonderful leader.
    [/sarc font]

  19. You have to look at the leadership of Anchorage as mayor. “Bullhorn” Berkowitz is eating it up for his popularity stunts. API should get involved with this bunch of “nothings” in Anchorage. I can hardly wait till its voting time. Every registered voter should show up and vote to rid the Anchorage Borough of the idiots.

  20. I agree that the answer is that you get the Representive in government that wins the vote. However we have set back both you and me and watched while they infiltrated our schools and universities and trained our children to believe in their morally corrupt ideas and policies. They removed Christian prayer from the schools but allow and make room for all sorts of clubs that preach immoral doctrine. They allow and make areas for Islamic pray and classes in schools but deny any other religious activities or classes. The most active voters of today have been corrupted to their immoral or socialist doctrines. They have changed the norms of the voter. to their socialists doctrine. They then produce the polls to prove they are right. They vote and we complain! They march and occupy government spaces and we punish those who try to keep order and do nothing else but complain.
    They instituted mail in votes and send ballots to every name on out of date election registers. Conservatives in the future will only win Eagle River seats in the Anchorage Assembly and State legislature because of our high former military and Conservative voters. Anchorage is doomed to be Seattle North from now on and they feel so powerful that they will introduce ordinances like this without fear.

    If you don’t like it call them, txt them, email them, and fill the assembly and the streets and their offices with your respectable polite opinions and actions.
    Can you impeach the Mayor and assembly members? Yes why wait for years act now and change those you believe don’t represent you. But be prepared for the attacks and vindictive hatred they will bring on you. Also be prepared to lose as I believe they now control the system. Prove me wrong.

    The ballot initiative to change elections and primaries to a weighted system only helps them to control future elections. Don’t let it pass or suffer more.

    • Can you lock the Assembly “Persons” out and not let them have their public shows? That would take fewer Right Thinking People to pull off. A good, old fashioned, bring some snacks and lock the doors, sit in.

      And do it more than once.

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