Fox’s Tucker Carlson calls out Mayor Berkowitz for sketchy COVID rules


Tucker Carlson, a news commentator on Fox, used Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz as the poster child for elected official using the coronavirus for political and financial advantage.

He wrote that the mayor blocked off the street (G Street) so that a “wine bar” that he has financial ties to could have outdoor seating, while all indoor seating at restaurants was banned. That wine bar is Crush, which is co-owned by partners of separate trendy restaurant ventures with Berkowitz.

Carlson’s naming of Berkowitz was part of a segment about abuses of power spotted around the country with mayors and governors having extended emergency powers that are crushing local businesses.

The original Must Read Alaska story that ran Aug. 3 on this topic is linked below. Carlson has cable television’s highest rated show for Tucker Carlson Tonight.


  1. Little guy gets his thirty seconds of infamy. Perfect example of a leftist punishing his constituents,
    not friends but foe, watch out. Little fella’s got his. That is good enough for him. Citizens depending on him to pull the community through these rough times are SOL. It’s only himself, his cronies, leftists and aspiring leftist politicians that he cares about. Business partners get the ‘extra deluxe’ treatment, adorned with profits they have no right to and business rights they aren’t entitled to, while competitors get the “little tyrant” treatment, with only the right to bankruptcy. If those disgruntled citizens object too strenuously, just put a newly purchased “homeless” drug, alcohol and abuse of both, facility in their neighborhood. That will teach them. The rest of his “subjects” are only to pay the ever increasing ‘municipal’ bills and do what they are told by the miniature tyrant. Or else. I’ll bet he stands on a box to get interviewed.

  2. Jerkowitz should be billed for the cost of the street on a per square foot basis.
    Jerky, it’s only fair that you pay your way!

  3. The guy looks like his mother dressed him. He’s the mayor of Anchorage for goodness sake can’t he dress any better than that? No respect for the office of Mayor nor much else.

    • He’s trying to look “Alaskan Outdoorsy” instead of “Born with a platinum spoon in his mouth, transplanted San Fransickoan”.

    • I really hope that this backlash carries through the elections. Our condescending Assembly and Mayor have shown their true spots the last few weeks, an abysmal example of dis functional local government. This combined disgrace of our Liberal Mayoral cities has opened the dirty little secret for anybody with a curious mind, with Anchorage being our first hand example. JH

  4. These far left Demos are being given marching orders. This is what happens when you sell your soul to the globalists for a political career. Toss your common sense, decency, compassion and conscience out the window and do as you’re instructed. You took the money and they own you.

  5. Berkowitz doesn’t have the stones to go on Tucker’s show and explain his side of the story because he knows he’s in the wrong. And as aside, more restaurants are opening every day and defying this tyrant’s “mandates”, maybe Anchorage citizens have finally had enough.

  6. Less than 1 percent of Alaskans are currently positive with this flu (and a vast majority of them are without any symptoms), by WHO guidelines that does not even meet their requirement for a “pandemic”…what is really going on in America right now?

      • Looking at the math…3,000 currently infected out of around 700,000 people looks like exactly .43 percent to me.
        That is less than one percent, not exactly a pandemic.

      • Greg, Greg, Greg,

        Florida is not overwhelmed by wuhan v. Regular colds, flu and a variety of other viruses are “corona” by definition and according to the weasel, fauci, a cold will test positive for wuhan. I don’t know about flatulence, but it wouldn’t surprise me to be positive for wuhan v, too. I see the poor guy, a roofer, was killed by lightning yesterday, where you live. He was officially listed as a covid-19 fatality. Are you sure your data is valid and up to date?

        • Actually it was 8.9 percent yesterday so it has fallen during the week. We still reported over 7000 new cases and 120 died yesterday. It’s getting better if you can call it that.

  7. Positive test results mean very little. People only get tested for seasonal influenza when they are actually SICK.

    If you have no symptoms, are not sick, have no need to be seen by a medical provider, and ONLY know your Chinese flu status via testing…’s pointless.

    Why have all the talking heads stopped talking about herd immunity? That is the salvation to positives. Need exposures to reach herd immunity.

    • My guess is at least down here people are freaking out and this gives them some piece of mind so that they can sleep good tonight. It doesn’t do anything as far as the number so much because you could stop at McDonald’s on the way home from the test results and get it then but it does tell you just exactly how many people have been exposed which is around 30% statewide down here.

  8. Nothing like screwing other restaurants out of business must be nice to get away when things went your the Mayor

  9. Hey Mayor Berkowitz- close down my cul-de-sac so I can put my foodie truck out there and make some money. Thanks! You want in on it?

  10. We get the goverment we deserve. And had we not allowed this tom foolery in the first place we would not be here and dealing with the Berkowitz we have right now.

  11. Just don’t buy anything from any Berkowitz own businesses. This guy needs to be taught a lesson

  12. I used to serve him at my job in a downtown restaurant. A job that I LOVED. A job that disappeared in March. A job that may have come back but for the second shutdown. You know, the second shutdown that took away my livelihood and put money in Mayor B’s already lined pockets.
    My unemployment is running out. Do you think Ethan will help me with my rent/bills/food with some of his restaurant dividends?
    I’m still searching for a new job. I’m a well-seasoned, highly skilled rockstar server who will NEVER work for anyone who partners with such a despicable little man.
    Pandemic safety? Please. I can get my hair cut….or removed—a much more intimate service than enjoying a meal out—or swim in a pool with who knows what. But having a server/bartender/chef position is cray-zay….unless of course, one works at Crush, South, Spenard Roadhouse, or Snow City.
    April can’t come soon enough. Get the little tyrant out.
    Caesar was stabbed 44 times, so the ancient sources say.

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