Berkowitz vs. the People



While today Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s administration filed three lawsuits against the owners of Kriner’s Diner for remaining open against his orders, other restaurants say they are going to join the restaurant resistance.

Wings and Things announced today that it would open on Thursday, in defiance of the mayor’s Executive Order 15, which shutters all restaurants, bars, and bingo halls to indoor service. Little Dipper Diner said it would open as well.

Kriner’s Diner, at C Street and Fireweed, will be slapped with $1,800 in fines for the three days it has been open. The mayor’s attorney Kate Vogel says the owners of the diner and the other restaurants are committing a class B misdemeanor.

“We are taking those actions quite seriously and we have a menu of enforcement options at our disposal,” Vogel told KTUU.

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz

However, the mayor’s lawsuit against the couple that owns the restaurant was filed in civil court with no criminal charges.

There were 38 new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Anchorage on Aug. 4, the latest number available. Statewide there are 2,407 active cases of the coronavirus. Some 1,017 Alaskans have recovered from the illness, and 25 have died from it.

On Wednesday, a large crowd of supporters lined C Street in front of the diner with placards of support for the small business, whose co-owner Andy Kriner told Must Read Alaska that he is just trying to pay his rent and employees.

The support for the diner seemed to just grow, upon the news that the Mayor’s Office has stepped up the vendetta against business owners.

“We have more important things the city can be doing with our property tax money. This is nothing more than our mayor’s deaf ear to what his constituents want, said former Rep. Charisse Millett of Anchorage. “So frustrating.”

Kriner said he was engaging a lawyer, or perhaps lawyers. “I’m going to need a few of them, I think,” he told MRAK. Supporters were putting him in touch with some who may take the case pro-bono, for the constitutional question at hand. He indicated that people were coming forward with funds to help him with the city’s fines.

The city has asked for expedited consideration of a motion for a temporary injunction and request for a hearing. Judge Josie Garton has been assigned.

Meanwhile, Little Dipper Diner has also been fined for being open against the mayor’s orders.


  1. Five bucks says Mr. Kriner’s revolt will serve as impetus for change and will dispel any notion Berkowitz may have of winning future political office in Alaska.

    Good riddance.

    • I’d like to think you’re right, Trouser Bark, but I’ll have to take that five buck bet.

      The greasy little buffoon’s small-man’s syndrome and his desire to control and loot the masses suggest that he’ll be back either in a run for Governor or for Lisa’s seat when she finally folds and fades away.

      We should also count on the public employees’ unions, the villages, AFN along with many of the Native corporations, and the myriad “non-profit” parasites coming out in force to support him.

      It’ll be a well-spent fiver if your right though!

      • Correct on all counts.

        The career leftists always manage to fool the unions and the minorities into voting for them, despite the fact they always end up worse off in the long run. It is all in the messaging, I think.

        However, I will do everything I can, including continuing to back the RINO Murkowski if I have to to keep Berkowitz and any sitting member of the Assembly that continues to support him from ever holding a public office again. There are two members of the Assembly that might get a pass, the rest are useless.

        One thing that 2020 did was open the eyes of the uncounted masses who just wanted to be left alone. And, people like the mayor and the leftists on the Assembly do not see what is coming at them.

        • Excellent points. There should be a Cliffs Notes version for the marginally attentive that lists the incumbent detritus.

          Not necessarily whom to vote for but at minimum, who should be held accountable.

      • I have a fiver pinned to my wall with the word ‘looter’ scrawled across it. Think of it as a fatty retainer.

        Sorry, the greasy small buffoon parasite stuff wouldn’t fit.

        If you win I’ll put on my eating pants, you can toss on that old muumuu and we’ll go to Kriner’s. Order yourself anything on the menu under four bones (tip) then I’ll take notes as you speak evil of our self important toad, Barkowitz. We’ll live large that day.

        You could probably even order a vinegar and water restorative from their special ‘acerbic cat lady’ menu (it’s like a kid’s menu but not). Yesss yes. Something to look forward to.

    • My hope is Good riddance to Berkowitz. I believe the judge will find in favor of the Mayor. I think it’s time for Anchorage residents to look at the valley for a place if freedom to raise your family, or to live without watered down communism, you can FULLY believe and follow your God out here. ???

      • Being a pastor is like having a PhD in unicorns.

        If the Butte’s got room for us snake handlers though, I’m in. A couple glugs off the turpentine jug and we’ll be good to go! Hoooohah! ?

        Voodoo, chicken bones. All that stuff. I’m whipping up a doll that looks a little like Barkowitz right now. Just need some incense and some true goat blood and we’ll be set. Tell me if any of you hear the wrong short guy holler. There’s always a final adjustment period.

  2. Berkowitz needs a mental health exam like most Democrat leaders do. Little dictators running around loose, praying to get noticed. Doesn’t he also have a big case of Napoleonic complex?

  3. Thank you for this update but I’m unclear about his premise – is the Mayor personally filing legal action against a family business or is he doing so on behalf of the municipality, voters & taxpayers? If the latter, I would note that the people of Anchorage are far better served by a locally owned diner than by an arrogant, insulated elitist during another of his conveniently politicized “emergencies.” (Third in his tenure, not counting extensions.)

  4. I am so proud of Anchorage for standing up against the tyranny of king Berkowitz the third. He has zero authority for any of this. My hope is that other business owners will learn from this example and stand in defiance of tyranny.

  5. A Democrat thing. Run the economy into the tank, then blame Trump and Conservatives. Eat up! We need sustenance to fight these bastard Democrats head on.

  6. MRAK you need to correct one thing. 25 people died “with” Covid not “from” Covid. The autopsies were not performed to confirm “from”.

    • Yes, a little clarification by MRAK would be helpful. Were the 25 Covid deaths in Alaska determined to be “Death With Covid” or “Death BY Covid”? Big difference.

  7. Please please let these restaurants be a beacon of hope to others to join in. Let the mayor show his tyranny to the max ! See how much the little weasel can take. I’ll patronize every restaurant that stands against the violation of our rights and freedoms. I will never spend a dime in any restaurant affiliated with Berkowitz. His application of rules to benefit only himself is an “in your face” attempt to show us who’s boss. Every restaurant in town should be able to close the street adjacent to them for outside seating. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Kriner’s should be able to expand into C street seating if Smerkowitz gets G street. Where can I donate to the legal fund for a class action suit against the municipality and mayor?

  8. Berkowitz versus the People. The idiot who came up with that headline must believe that the fringe group of right wing anti-public health fanatics are the PEOPLE. But for every moron who took his or her children to Kriner’s for breakfast today, there were a hundred law abiding citizens who were pissed off that these People want to help covid spread in our community. How many health care providers were sitting in that packed restaurant where possessing a mask was an insult to their liberty? When one of the morons gets very sick, I’m sure they will claim that any medical treatment violates their freedom. Or they run up a huge bill which they can’t pay. So the rest of us pay for the People who are too stupid to figure out how to wear a mask, even when they are indoors with a large group Of strangers. The correct headline should be: The Law Abiding Citizens versus The Dangerous People. And let me add that an overweight 69 year old man who doesn’t wear a mask should not be called Mayor Dan. He should be known as Dead Man Walking. Hey kids, when your parents dangerous behavior needlessly puts you at risk of getting sick, blame Berkowitz. Do not blame our powerful, strong, perfect, fantastic War President. Remember when President Trump assured us that the virus would suddenly disappear and by July everything would be great again. What happened? You know the answer. It’s Berkowitz’s fault. It’s all his fault.

    • “Idiot”, “Moron”, “anti-public health fanatics”, “Moron”, “stupid”, “want to help covid spread”, “moron”, “stupid”, “Dangerous People”, eloquently capped off with a rant against President Trump.

      Nice. You’ve displayed the depth of your character succinctly.

  9. How can we support these brave patriots ,if we are not able to visit their diners? Is there a fund set up for their legal defense?

    • Brave patriots? These guys are defying a lawful order so they can make some money. I sympathize to the extent that the shutdown hurts them, but, to quote a famous person, “It is what it is.” At least, at this stage it isn’t what the President was talking about, i.e. a thousand deaths a day from Covid19.
      We tried opening up, thinking that Alaskans would take necessary precautions to minimize exposure to the virus. Most did, but a few bunches didn’t, and Covid ramped up again. Now we have a replay of the contagion that brought about the first shut down, only the virus is more widespread than before.
      Right now, testing is so slow and contact tracing is so dilatory that the virus is spreading without us knowing where it is going or how it is getting there. Berk is trying to control the spread. Our governor has tried trusting Alaskans to do the right thing, but it should be obvious to him that his trust was misplace. Either he buckles down or this thing will run willy-nilly through the population.
      The problem isn’t that the mayor took action, the problem is that neither the President nor the governor took action. You’re blaming the wrong person.
      And no, the mayor is not hatching a commie plot to take over the country and steal your guns. That makes no sense whatsoever. He’s trying to take care of the people of the city of Anchorage.

  10. Way to go Anchorage! We’re lucky here in Juneau that we have a sensible mayor but we have a few on the city council that are just like Berky. I hope they don’t follow his lead. Keep doing what you’re doing, we’re on board with you and the brave Mr. Kriner.

  11. Maybe this will encourage more of Anchorages conservative and liberty minded people to get out and vote. This is what we get when we sit home and let the liberal left elect our “leaders”.

  12. Thank God for Kriner, and everyone who is supporting them.

    These continued “emergency” declarations are laughable. It went from flattening the curve (which is so flat it makes Kansas look mountainous), to protecting the vulnerable, to stopping the spread. And, now, basically, it is just to keep the politicians hyped on their power.

    One thing that is good about 2020 is how it exposed the politicians as the tin-pot dictators they actually are. Petty tyrant Berkowitz has clearly demonstrated this time and again. In his mind, criticism of the restrictions he imposes come with a “political asterisk.” (Sounds a lot like a petty tyrant to me) Or when a couple of parties in Girdwood caused a minor outbreak of cases, he stated that “If people will not wear masks voluntarily, I will make them mandatory.” (Which happened almost immediately. Now, he positions the restaurants he has an interest in to thrive, and then shuts down indoor dining for the rest.

    There is nothing about the Mayor’s actions that is anything less than tyranny in the making.

  13. The second lockdown was imposed in a fit of pique against the general public that opposes his homeless shelter / treatment center effort. The citizens of ANC rose up and they must be punished for it. And that is what Ethan is doing. Cheers –

  14. The restaurant closure will prove to be a completely unnecessary and damaging knee jerk reaction. If restaurants were causing any upswing then the Matsu valley numbers should be soaring. All of our restaurants are up and operating and filled daily. A little more space between tables and some extra sanitary measures but so far no Covid causation there. It is not restaurants! It is far more likely social gatherings and the age demographics of cases actually more indicates that than sit down restaurants allowing for distancing. I will be driving in to support the restaurants standing their ground!

  15. Funny how the Mayor/ Assembly/ Muni turns a blind-eye to all the “misdemeanors” committed by the so called “homeless” (read vagrant) population of Anchorage, but doesn’t have a problem enforcing the laws when it comes to a hard working, tax paying citizen who is just trying to make an honest living, take care of his employees and not lounge around in the social safety hammock. Mayor Berky, member Constant and all the other ASSembly members who support this disgust me to no end!!!

    • A bully only acts when there’s something to win.

      He’ll attempt to win penalties and press time at the Kriner’s expense but he could fine the living bejesus out of a homeless schlep and get nothing outside of a slurred response in fetid breath.

      If the AG has already stated clearly that he couldn’t in good conscious prosecute anyone for exercising well understood civil liberties there’s nothing that will come from Berky’s tirade aside from more squandered resources as he attempts to force himself on the populace. I’ve never been to Kriner’s Diner but I’d easily toss the Kriner’s a few bucks.

      And I will.

      This is the only situation where those without disease or symptoms are required to act as if they have both or be penalized. That’s not the way it works.

  16. Is there by chance a Go Fund Me page for Kriners? The penalties are pretty stiff if they stick with this which I so hope they do.

    • Actually, GoFundMe, if I understand correctly, will not allow a fundraiser for someone who is knowingly violating the law, regardless of the reason for doing so. Unfortunately, at this point, it looks like Kriner’s is not of the right side of the law. (Although, the courts will really decide that.)

  17. Is surprising to me that none of the people who tested positive for CORVID-19 were exposed at bars or in dinning. You mean to tell me that the big box stores such as Fred’s Lowe’s COSTCO Home Depot are so sterile that CORVID-19 is not lurking in these businesses?

  18. Hello, this is Huhnkie Lee, who is running for AK State Senate in Greater Wasilla Area.

    Kudos to Anchorage Conservatives!  When Alaskan Conservatives protest against repressive government, they do so by opening up a restaurant, by having breakfast in a diner.  

    A protest by working, a protest by breakfast- how ingenious, how Alaskan, how American, how admirable!  That is so uniquely Alaskan way.  No wonder this peaceful demonstration got the honorable mention and coverage by FOX’s Tucker Carlson Show, I’ve heard.

    Regarding Covid-19, I oppose mandatory shutdown, mandatory masking, mandatory testing, mandatory stay-at-home.  If a person practices a healthy diet, regular exercise, personal hygiene, that person will have a strong immune system and fend off any kind of pathogens with ease. 

    Thank you and have a blessed day,

    –Lee in the Valley

      • I have looked at the numbers for the rest of the world. This disease is no where near as scary as the headlines make it out to be.

        There is a difference between testing positive for the virus, and actually being sick. Also, have you noticed that deaths from almost EVERY other disease have dropped off to almost record low levels ever since COVID showed up?

        Actually look at the numbers surrounding this disease and ask some simple questions like:
        Compared to what?
        What other diseases did that person have?
        Exactly what percent of people testing positive are hospitalized, or have died?

    • Greetings, dear Alaskans-
      Thank you for being here with us today.
      This is Lee again, running for AK State Senate in Greater Wasilla Area.

      As many commenters correctly pointed out, Covid is a subject matter of science, not politics. So let’s do science.

      There are so called ‘surge’ in positive Corona cases, because more people are testing. I have to agree with Prez Trump, though he’s not trained in science, but he got good gut instincts. Most Corona cases are harmless, because today’s testing technology can detect a very small number of viruses in one’s body, or one’s antibody leftover after the viruses are long gone.

      Testing creates panic. I think it’s doing more harm than good.
      The best solution is, again, exercise and diet, personal hygiene, common sense.
      And yes, we all should get back to work and to normalcy. It’s like, enough is enough, you see.

      Happy Friday, Everyone //:-)

      –Lee in the Valley

  19. Petty tyrants need to petty tyrant.

    Berkowitz is a toddler, at best. He decided “this is good for everyone.” and any disagreement with that position he considers a personal affront. If you do not do what he wants, he will punish you with more and more restrictions. Any criticism comes with (in his five year old equivalent) mind a “political asterisk.”

    We make a mistake when dealing with people like our esteemed mayor of thinking they are adults in any way other than physical form. They are not. Most of the people on the Assembly are not adults either. (Hint: If your e-mail signature has your preferred pronouns, you are not an adult. An adult would not get offended if someone makes a mistake.)

    Scary headlines are all the data a toddler needs to make a decision. And, the Assembly and Mayor have been basing their decisions on scary headlines, without ever asking simple questions like “how many?” “Why?” or “Compared to?”

    2020 has done one thing that is good. It has woken up the people who just want to be left alone. All the events of this year have clearly demonstrated that the government, at all levels, is not interested in working for you. It seems to believe that you are there to serve the government, not the other way around.

  20. Berkowitz’s partner’s place downtown, Crush, gets to put tables outside and encroach on a public road… G Street.

    So let’s put some Kriner’s tables out on C Street and put up some orange cones. Presto, open air dining just like the mayor enjoys.

    Or is the mayor in the business of picking business winners in this city? Isn’t that illegal?

  21. $100.00 donated to MRA for the first quote that the left wing mayor B-Witz has made with FREEDOM OR LIBERTY in it that is positive!.

  22. How can they be charged with a misdemeanor for something that isn’t a crime? What law have they broken? A mayor’s “edict” isn’t law. It is a “please do what I ask”, nothing more. Mayors don’t make laws. Legislatures do.

    • Actually…in 1990 I took exception to being forced to stop at the California Agricultural Inspection checkpoint. Was pretty sure the Constitution gave us the right to travel freely between states. But in doing the legal research to fight the misdemeanor citation, I found out otherwise. In the 1930’s the Republican controlled State closed it’s borders to Depression/Dustbowl refugees (mostly Texans and Okies). They got a Supreme Court ruling that set precedence, and again with the “Medfly quarantine”. Tenth Amendment. It’s ironclad that governors have almost unlimited powers in “emergencies”, AND in the absence of any State emergency mandates to the contrary, that power falls to mayors. There’s a reason the Governor of Georgia dropped his lawsuit against the Mayor of Atlanta after only a few days.
      If you don’t believe me…Fox and Fox Business had their legal experts on today asking about the legality of NYC Covid checkpoints and LA shutting off peoples electric and water for non-compliance. There was no debate, mayors DO have that power.
      This fight was over before it started. What the restaurant owners don’t get is they’re setting themselves up for lawsuits by people claiming they got Covid there when the restaurants were in violation. Say goodbye to Kriner’s while you can.

  23. “The war against the covid invaders”

    Humans are now at war with an invisible enemy. Let’s think about what we know about our invisible enemy. We know that the covid enemy enjoys taking down the weak and aged. Its a way to sneak behind enemy lines and take out its foe. This entity acts a lot like a predator.
    We now know that this predator can be taken out by sending out the strong antibody defense troops that mother nature has set forth to protect humans.
    Let’s say the human antibody defense generals believes we will attack in waves like walls of fire power. We shall attack the covid invaders with the healthy humans as a front line attack. We will see low and hopefully very low casualties. These antibody troops have won their battle and step aside for the next wall of antibody troops to charge the oncoming covid and so forth.
    Meanwhile the elderly, let’s say over 50 and the weak whom have been hit hard by other sickness shall be protected from the enemy, by using this approach the antibody generals will have herded the enemy until we can strengthen the not so healthy and aged.
    I believe that this story is one way we should look at in speeding up the war against this invisible enemy and saving lives. Could this strategy help humans maintain a stronger management over this war. Or shall we let this enemy play hide an seek with us.

    Ed Smith

    PS research the healthy military and see how they are winning the battle.

  24. Little Ethan, the Diminutive Dictator, claims to “follow the science”.
    One only needs to look at the graph (previous MRAK article) showing the spike in so-called positives since the mask mandate. It’s as if the masks are the problem! 🙂

    Poor little fella is probably stamping his little feet – Make it stop! I’m the mayor!

  25. Sorry, a little late to the party people, but has anyone ever thought that this is a perfect property/business power grab. Ace hole mayor restricts Types businesses he Has the ability to invest in with his elitist partners when these ones go bankrupt. Then it doesn’t matter if he gets elected out or not. Just something to think about it. I’d do it if were an ace hole. He’s proven he is.

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