Four in a row: Winters in Alaska have been on the colder side


So much for being the canary in the global warming mine. If the past four winters in Alaska seemed colder than usual, it’s because, well, they were.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the winter of 2023 continued the chill set in 2019, with temperatures in Alaska averaging 11.8 degrees, just .2 degrees above average. The three previous winters were all below the average temperature.

In October, NOAA had predicted warmer-than-average winter for western Alaska. Old Farmer’s Almanac also predicted winter would be “much milder than normal, with the coldest periods in mid- to late November, early December, and late January.” The publication predicted snowfall would be below average. That was wrong. In fact, much of Alaska saw historic snowfall over the winter, and in Anchorage, a new record was set for the snow still remaining on the ground in April. The snow continued into the first week of May, with more than 100 inches falling this past winter.

Although this winter was at about the average temperature, last year’s entire calendar year temperature ended up as only the 17th warmest.

The winter of 2022 stayed -0.7°F below normal, and 2021 was -1.4°F. The last warm winter in Alaska was in 2019, when temperatures were 6.1°F above the norm.

Visit the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information to explore the data going back to 1977.


  1. Damn global warming. Explains the ongoing late season snowfall in SE.

    Got so hot it snowed.

    • Yeah but it doesn’t snow till January. Ski hill opens with man made snow. I dunno definitely seems like it’s getting warmer in a hurry.

      • It was snowing good in November.
        Not sure what Juneau you’re in, but the one I call home had plenty.

      • I don’t know about anywhere else but it snowed a foot in October and two foot on Nov 2 in Kenai. I’m a snowbird and try to leave around the first of November and miss the first snowfall and haven’t been able to achieve that goal for the last 3 years.

    • We have actually experienced warm winters compared to to the 1990s and prior, Moose Pass used to get 34 inches of ice on Upper Trail Lake, now maybe 12 inches. Ask the old timers how cold it was. In Anchorage I don’t believe temperature went colder than -10 below this winter, no lengthy cold snaps.. Muktuk Marston used to mush fright sleds at -60 below. Maybe the last 4 winter have been cool but overall we have been having warmer winters and summers with record highs, no record lows.

      • So?

        We’ve had ice ages and at one point most of Alaska was tropicalish.

        It’s the cycle of nature.

        • Masked; Albeit over millions of years plus continental drift all well before humans and primates existed.
          Ice ages thousand of years.
          Our concern is what humans have done over the last 200 years and the upward temperature spike.

      • I think that a more accurate description of all of this global warming and climate change BS is accurately called WEATHER!!! Listen kids, THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!

  2. Then the weather changed as the arctic weather gets lassoed and drug down to Texas like in weather warfare against the peeps of America. Bye electricity and things. And still Americans are nice. What a great nation.

    • They’ve been melting for thousands of years. The Mendenhall in Juneau was a tidewater glacier reaching out into Fritiz Cove when Vancouver surveyed it in 1795.

      • Motive for the climate warming deniers is science recommending curtailing emission, fossil fuels, over population and nothing more 😉
        NOAA graph clearly shows warmer now compared to the early days and 4 years is not an accurate measure compared to 100s or 1,000s of years.

      • Motive for climate warming promoters seems to be to raise taxes and give government more power. Which of course has no actual affect (positive or negative) on climate!

    • They’ve been melting since the last ice age, we are now in what is called an interglacial period. Oh yeah, and they melt every year when it gets warmer in the spring.

    • They don’t melt. Technically, they retreat because of lack of snow accumulation. It’s called science.

  3. Man-made global warming is THE biggest hoax ever perpetrated against mankind. All part of a political agenda to set socialism and a global government into place. The extreme Left and communists from within have been incubating this hoax in public schools and universities for decades, hoping that the next generation will accept it as a replacement precept to Christianity.
    Trump will immediately reverse it with real science policies when he regains the White House in 2024. The climate clowns and socialist stooges will be turned down, as a reverse in the old agenda gets a retransformation reconfiguration.

    • So the burning of fossil fuels has nothing to do with climate change? All those clear cuts? Nothing to do with climate change? Gosh and all this time we have been misinformed..

    • No it’s not the greatest hoax. The apple in the garden of Eden is bigger. “You can be like God”. That has lead to all we have today. It’s all the same lie wrapped up in different ways. Evolution, Global Warming, Trans movement, sin in general, all has the same roots in the lie that we can be like God, or even that we can be God, or there is no God apart from us.

  4. Couldn’t we just hide the decline with Mike’s Nature Trick? And label people deniers and threaten their funding?
    Smear them at conferences and in journals?

    • Mr. Galt,
      Al Gore and John Kerry are busy flying around in their gas guzzling business jets, when they’re not burning fuel and electricity in their multiple mansions. These climate clowns have made climate clowns out of millions of people and laughing all the way to their personal yachts.

      • Speaking of John Kerry, he put his three or four Purple Heart war medals back on his coat when he went to King Chuck’s coronation. LMFAO. The head Climate Clown meets King Climate Clown and they count each other’s war medals. The only wound Kerry received in the Vietnam War was a piece of rice stuck up his rear end when his swift boat got hung up on a rice paddie. Jerry said he threw away his medals in 1968, but they suddenly materialized on him last weekend. Ketchup man was later seen hopping back into his Lear Jet and flying to Monaco where he rendezvous with some little climate princess. Another broken criminal from the Biden Administration telling us how we are going to live.

  5. Keep up, we have to call it climate change now. That way we’re covered in any direction

  6. Maybe rerun your graph, This time choose “Average Temperature,” 12 month and April to get the latest complete month; 1926 for first year, 2023 for end year. Display the Trend, per decade. Do you suppose there might be something going on during the earlier cool periods (1956,1965-6, 1971-’76, 1999-2000, 2010 +-) common to the current one?

    • That reference was to a South Park cartoon episode that likened Al Gore’s obsession with climate change to a fictional creature called “manbearpig”

      This creature was a hybrid that was 50% man 50% bear and 50% pig

    • Steve- O, good point, that darn rascal oscillating current brings fish and then takes them away, and has been doing so for at least the last 5 to 8 thousand years. But then that was before mankind was concerned about Carbon Credits…

  7. Well how many people believe the experts? This is a clear counter to the global warming fear. I want to be a weather forecaster because you can lie and not get fired. How come this is not on the front page of the news? Those of us who received a good education know truth from lies and as the comments show this climate fear factor is a bunch of crap. The ones that believe this fake news are the ones whose education is at the elementary level. Good job you leftist at dumbing down of the American people. I am going to burn extra carbon fuels in celebration of the news that we are colder.

  8. My financial adviser is relocating to Atlanta and selling his mother’s home in Sarasota after living there for 25 years. High tide is now 8-inches higher on the dock, and the home now 10 above high tide vs the previous 11. Our glaciers are melting while MRAK’s Nero’s are fiddling

    • So why do you keep coming back. The articles are opposed to your viewpoints but here you are simply being a thorn.

      • Apparently First Amendment Rights are only extended to MRAK readers that agree with your views?

    • Frank, Not sure that the rising ocean level theory has ever been proven beyond a few millimeters. What we do know is that melting glaciers are responsible for land rising out of the ocean via a process commonly referred to as Glacier Rebound. Many folks in Alaska during my lifetime have nearly doubled their beachfront acreage since their Title is from the mean high tide line thence to a point inland.
      Maybe your Financial guy should advise you to buy property in Northern Southeast Alaska?

    • Frank
      What happens to ice when it is put in water? What happens to ice whe the temp is above 32 degrees ?

    • Once upon a time the world was covered in water. Once upon a time it receded enough to allow a land bridge from us to Russia.

      The planet has cycles, usually driven by the sun.

  9. Also worth noting that “normal” is a subjective term, few things are “normal” in ALASKA especially the climate/weather. Average would be a more accurate term than “normal”.

  10. This is the coldest Spring I have witnessed in 40 years. I plant seeds in the ground at the earliest time; usually end of April. This year had 3-feet of snow end of April. Planting about 2 weeks late.

    9/22/21 was the earliest freeze I have ever witnessed- 6 inches of snow with cold; had to dig potatoes for 5 hours so they did not freeze.

    Garden blog: ‘

  11. Funny how the NOAA’s weather graph only goes back to the 1970’s. Statistically speaking that amounts to a pimple on an elephant’s ass when speaking about climate. Of course, if NOAA were to include climate data from the 1930’s it would completely shred their “climate change” narrative. Much hotter then and many more acres of forests burning!

      • jore – that is exactly my point! Almost all the consensus climate change” computer models start their graphs in the 1970’s when the world was coming out of a period of cooler temperatures. There is reliable data that goes way back to the 1900’s but it is never included in these models because it goes against the official narrative. Even in Alaska there was pretty good military data that indicated that Anchorage experienced the warmest temperature on record at Merrill Field (Ladd Field?) back in the 30’s not a few years ago. Just look at the graph in the article – it only goes back to 1977. Why is that?

        • Why is that? You’ll have to ask someone else that question. But the data going back another 50 years does not support your viewpoint. The National Centers for Environmental Information (, look for climate monitoring, climate at a glance, time series )has great flexibility of choice of the parameters one can choose for the displayed graphs. SD chose 1977 to begin the time span. The Alaska Average Temperature, January – December data starts with 1925. The other one has data beginning 1926. The possibility of plotting trends is included on the site. It will be “interesting” to see what happens with the next strong El Niño!

          • Jere – all of the alphabet agencies you have such high regard for have had scandals concerning manipulation of data. Also, leading climate researcher Thomas Mann, recently lost a court case and had to pay other scientists attorney fees who publicly refuted his infamous Hockey Stick graph, which was proven in court to be a con job! Google it.

  12. This is easy to check. Solar activity has been slowing since the ’60s. You’re being blatantly lied to about the warming as they put thermometers near heat bubbles. Thermometers were put at airports that were away from cities but in the last 50 years the cities have encroached closer to those airports with concrete that heats up. There are many other factors of how they lie to you. All you have to do is quit watching a TV

  13. Posters and comments above are correct about it being a hoax. Climate science is geared to perpetuate a myth. Short term measurements may show some small warming in very proximate locations. Overall, this is weather related ……..which is conveniently turned into climate related…….all to gain research money and Left-wing political control. More people are starting to realize this hoax.

  14. Anyone check where the magnetic pole has travel to? It has been moving for about a decade or more from its former anchor in eastern Canada. Last I heard it was moving toward Siberia. We have never seen a polar flip during human occupation of this planet, though ice samples indicate there have been quite a few of them. Why hasn’t this been more in the news? What effects does that have on climates? We live in fascinating times.

  15. So I guess a few years of cherry-picked Alaskan data disproves terabytes of historical global data that has been analyzed by scientists and statisticians…

    Is there no limit to the amount of baiting that MRAK will do in order to spin up its base, and pander for eyeballs, clicks, and profits?

    Global warming is real. Vaccines work. Trump lost. The Earth is round.

    Someday soon, the undermining of science, academia, medicine, and government will come back to bite, and publications such as this one will be to blame. MRAK should stick to what it does best – disseminating political propaganda – and leave science to others who are properly qualified.

    • Whidbey – I can’t post links on MRAK, but if you Google Thomas Mann, leading climate change researcher ordered to pay opponents in lawsuit, you can start your own intellectual journey to the truth. The short of the court case was that the famous Hockey Stick graph that Mann fabricated was proven in court to be a con!

    • “Someday soon, the undermining of science, academia, medicine, and government will come back to bite”

      ohohohohoh sounds religious in nature, apocalyptic even but wait that cant be this guy doesnt believe in
      god just the power of the state

      OMG lulz this guy will literally believe anything his masters tell him. you’re one good dog!!! long Live the managerial overlords down with any dissent, questioning of your betters, independant thought or critical thinking you pigs in human clothing!!!

  16. Science, academia, medicine, and government have all been completely taken over by leftists. When the results of this “come back to bite”, the communists are the ones who will be to blame. – M.John

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