Forrest Dunbar files for Anchorage mayor


As rumored would happen in early October, Anchorage Assembly member Forrest Dunbar has filed for the office of Mayor of Anchorage. The election for that seat is in April, 2021.

Dunbar, a solid Democrat who registered as a nonpartisan, and then re-registered as a Democrat, won District 5 Seat H of the Assembly in 2016.

Previously, Dunbar was a 2014 Democratic candidate for the the U.S. House, running and losing against Congressman Don Young in 2014.

Image from Ballotpedia.

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, Anchorage’s current Democrat-registered mayor, is term-limited and ineligible to run again. No other candidates have registered with the Alaska Public Offices Commission for the seat.


  1. Ok, which one is worse? Could Dunbar be worse than Berkowitz? I don’t live in the Anchorage municipality but just wondering……? No conservatives have thrown in a hat?

    • Intelligent and qualified conservatives are too busy running successful corporations, for a lot more money than the Mayor brings in to run. It is sad, because we need to rein in the crazy high property tax. It is appalling to think that retirement means losing the home you love, because you can’t afford $14,000 a year just to keep what is yours. Every municipal vote, continuously raises the Mill Rate.

  2. Glad Republicans like Don Young have their friends the Libertarians to help them sway elections when they need them most!

    • Ranked choice / instant run off voting. Vote for the person you like without spoiling the chances for your #2 choice . . .

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