Former legislative aide had reported harassment in March



A former legislative aide to Rep. Scott Kawasaki has accused Rep. Dean Westlake of groping her and making sexual advances, even after she rebuffed him. And he did so while serving in his official capacity as a lawmaker.

The woman named Olivia has made public the letter she sent on March 13, 2017 to Speaker Bryce Edgmon and Majority Leader Chris Tuck.

The letter describing the incidences in detail was released to KTVA, which published it here.

She said she has received no response to her complaint.

The reveal of the letter comes just days after the woman made public her allegations to a meeting of key Democrats in the Alaska Democratic Party. She said while working in the party, she had heard many unsavory things about Westlake from the people in District 40, and that party officials refused to listen to locals who said he was a known harasser, and backed him anyway.

The governor’s campaign manager John-Henry Heckendorn served as Westlake’s campaign manager as his role as the head of the Ship Creek Group.

Westlake has a court record of instances involved with domestic violence that stem back to the 1980s, but no convictions for such.

The video of her remarks was published last week by Must Read Alaska here.

And more details about the allegations are here.


  1. The picture tells the story. If you are wearing a kuspuk when you lie, steal or grab a woman’s ass … then it is no problem. Just ask Bill Walker. After stealing PFD money from all Natives, he puts on his kuspuk and goes to Bethel and dances with them (and of course, tells them lies about how gas from his pipeline is soon coming to them … to get their votes). Politicians can get away with anything in Alaska if they put on their kuspuk. The kuspuk is a politically correct shield that makes politicians’ wrongs invisible.

  2. Absolutely should be removed if proven, especially if it is a pattern of behavior, regardless of party affiliation. This should be the new normal. Everybody is now informed go forth and be respectful. This isn’t a partisan issue. Right!?

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