More details emerge about AK Dem sexual assault case


Olivia Garrett, a now-former Democrat legislative staffer for Rep. Scott Kawasaki who told an audience of Alaska Democratic Party activists about a sexual assault that took place, added more detail about that assault today to clarify that the attack didn’t take place at Democratic Party headquarters:

She said the assault took place prior to her job with the Alaska Democratic Party.

Rep. Adam Wool hired the accused man as his campaign manager and Garrett and the man had to share an office in the party’s coordinated campaign offices of the Alaska Democratic Party.

Kay Brown

The executive director of the party at the time was Kay Brown, and Garrett says Brown refused to make any changes or remove the man from the office.

“She should be bearing the brunt of the blame here,” Garrett said in an email. “I hope this issue keeps being discussed and hopefully addressed soon,” she added.

During her remarks at the meeting on Thursday, Garrett also said that Rep. Dean Westlake was a known harasser of women, that she and seven other women had suffered harassment from him, and she believes there are others who have as well.

This story will be updated. The original story, linked below, has been updated to clarify her allegations.

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  1. I think it is very wrong and bad for assault victims to make this a partisan issue. You are taking an issue that cuts across party lines and are using it to make political points. Just gross.

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