Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard quits Democrat Party, calls it an ‘elitist cabal of warmongers’


Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii announced Tuesday that she’s leaving the Democratic Party, which she describes as a “cabal of warmongers.”

“I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms,” she said in a video statement.

Gabbard retired from Congress in 2021, but even while serving in the House of Representatives, she tried to warn the Democratic Party from giving into its worst impulses of wokeness and racism.

The United States Army Reserve officer on Tuesday said the Democrats are “demonizing the police” and protecting criminals. Democrats are “dragging us even closer to nuclear war.”

Gabbard joined the Reserve in 2003 and was deployed twice to the Middle East. She earned the Meritorious Service Medal for her 2005 deployment to Iraq, and in 2020 she fulfilled her annual Army Reserve commitment in Alaska.

Gabbard urged Democrats who agree with her to leave the party: “If you can no longer stomach the direction that so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country, I invite you to join me.”

Gabbard was a U.S. representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district from 2013 to 2021, and was the first Hindu member of Congress. Born in American Samoa, a product of homeschooling and a former member of the Honolulu City Council, she was elected to Congress at the age of 21 as the first Samoan-American voting member of Congress.

While in Congress, she frequently criticized former President Barack Obama for refusing to say that the real enemy of the United States is Islamic extremism. She ran for president in 2020, but withdrew and endorsed Joe Biden. Since retiring from Congress, she has been outspoken on the Democratic Party’s war on America, including abortion and gender ideology.

This year she was a speaker at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference.


  1. Interesting turn of events–not so much for leaving the dem party, who have become (at best) a pile of miscreants–but for her association with Klaus Schwab’s WEF. Will she walk away from that–or continue as a protege? Until then, while I like a lot of which she says–I don’t trust her…

      • Thank you. It’s always the classic game of watch this hand–while the other hand is actually doing the action and intent. Two other WEF ‘grads’: Pretty soy boy turned petty tyrant Justin Trudeau and the chronically absent and incompetent DOT Sec, Buttigeig. With company like that, she needs to run, not walk from the globalist haven for oligarchs, WEF.

  2. “Look, the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.”
    Hillary Clinton 2005

    CIA Fingerprints on Nord Stream & Crimea Bridge Attacks

      • Actually, whether she said it or not, I believe both Clintons feel that way and a lie detector would prove it.

        • Of course the clintons feel that way, most Democrats do including Lucinda, but you shouldn’t put a quote on here or anywhere that isn’t true. That just debunks your argument.

      • Lucinda – the quote is attributed to Dick Morris, who for a time was a Clinton insider, who since has had a change of opinion concerning the Clinton’s pay to play empire. Snopes, a Deep State funded “Fact Checker”, is not a very good source to debunk anything! I tend to believe a real person rather than a propaganda arm of the political establishment.

      • Lucy, Both Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland said they would blow up the Nord Pipeline, but I’ll wager that once hostile actions are taken by Putin that information clearly depicted in video of the saying it too will be fact checked as false.

        It never ceases to amaze me how lefties like you will swallow your Dear Leaders big whoppers whole. Whether Hillary said it or not, a modicum of thought or introspection would confirm that Hillary did exactly what she supposedly didn’t say according to your fact checker. But then if one is stupid and malleable it might fit.

        • Puk. So actual evidence doesn’t matter to you. Hillary COULD have said that and that’s enough for you.

          That’s dangerous thinking. You should be embarrassed.

          • Maybe he’s thinking that once a liar always a liar prophecy is true. Like when Hillary told that Whopper about getting off of the plane and running under gunfire diving into the protection of the car. Later on that was found to be false. You can believe very little that comes out of a politician’s mouth unless you fact check it yourself.

    • Savage, you’re an intelligent man: I’m sure that you’d have to strain your eyes, but if you look hard enough you might find some of the “calling cards” Putin has left all over Ukraine!

      • First, JFK and the American people went nuts when Russia was going to plant missiles in Cuba 90 miles off our coast. Putin and the Russian populace were concerned because the Ukraine was being courted by NATO and NATO wanted to put missiles on Russia’s BORDER.

        Secondly, the Donbass region of the Ukraine which is pro Russia has been under attack by Ukraine forces since 2014. In addition to small arms, mortars and artillery have been used against the civilians leading to over 45,000 casualties as of last year.

        Thirdly, the Ukraine and its comedian leader Zelenskyy are notoriously corrupted. Biden and Hunter are just two of many who have received millions in ill-gotten dollars. Biden’s videotaped threat of withholding a billion dollars of US Taxpayers’ money unless the prosecutor who was indicting Hunter was fired, is a prime example.

        • Marlin, no doubt, you’re domesticated enough to go side-saddling for Putin.

          • Have you changed your moniker, Lucinda? Explain your issue with my historical facts covering JFK’s Cuba and today nuclear tensions..

          • Savage, certainly, we can factor the fall of man and the Authorized Version of the Holy Bible into your partial perspective given that Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev, Patriarch Kirill of the Moscow Russian Orthodox Church, sanctions Putin’s atrocities. What about the Crimean War and the Russian Revolution, and what about…?

            Squirm around in your side-saddle, Savage; your apologies for Putin’s war crimes reflect a lack of manhood!

        • There is just a jminor difference between surface to air missiles an nuclear armed theater ballistic missiles. Stop repeating you pal Putin’s BS.. what NATO was putting there were SAMs with conventional warheads

          • Of course, and NATO would NEVER put Nukes there???? ALL governments and their entities are untrustworthy.

          • Savage, with that rationale we can get into peddling indulgences. Which gimmick works best for you–“buy one, get one free,” or “two for the price of one?”

  3. Don’t blame the Democratic party. They’re just doing what comes natural to them just like a skunk spraying or a rattlesnake striking. And in some cases, a possum playing possum. But do give her credit for finally seeing the light of day and getting out of the gang of thugs and racists that were prodded on by Obama to start this mess. Remember when Ferguson Missouri was on fire and Obama sat in his Chambers saying nothing reminiscent of Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned? Remember when people were calling 911 and the police would show up only to be ambushed? Again Obama said nothing. He wanted it to happen. He wanted the riots of 2020 to happen. All he had to do was get on Twitter and tell everybody to knock it off. But I believe he wants America to burn. His brainwashing commands it. Not because his dad was a former slave because his dad wasn’t an American. Partially because his mom was white, he’s resentful of the fact that he’s half white. While the country is in turmoil, this Lynch mob currently identified as the Democratic party can get away with pretty much murder. Actually thinking back to the clintons I think they did get away with murder. Has voters all we can do is get them the hell out of office as quickly as we can and for the current idiot-in-chief, that means impeachment as soon after the Republicans take control of the Congress. A country has never done a back-to-back impeachment so it should come as no surprise that since we are a country of firsts, we should also impeach Harris for The invasion that’s happening on our Southern border and her unwillingness to stop it. Then in one quick swoop, we swear in speaker McCarthy and get the country back on track. But I’m not sure America wants to be back on track. We shall see.

      • And your reaction to the corrupted biden family per hunter’s laptop and joe’s blackmailing the Ukraine with a Billion Dollars of Taxpayers’ money. Then there’s the millions from Communist China that hunter, joe, valerie, and james received. And of course, the genius harris. Such a dishonorable group must have caused you to be apoplectic, unless you’re a democrat….

  4. People should wise up listen to Tulsi and expand that to the right as well. Both parties infested with the same people. Take their power away for it is all of them that are robbing our freedoms wealth and security to feed their own lust for power and money. ✌️

  5. As I hear over and over from the enlightened.
    “ They didn’t leave the party, the party left them “
    I am 1 such individual.

  6. Once upon a time in a place far far away, the Democrats were the party representing the small farmer and blue collar worker.

    The Republicans were the party representing business owners and college educated white collar workers.

    It always came down to economics and opportunity. They simply had differing visions about how to endorse American Exceptionalism.

    The Democrats have long since ceded the field of economics to the Republicans. Their quest for equity (we’ll all be poor together) at the expense of equality of opportunity is costing them their base.

    They know full well that if voting reverted to in-person ballots by verified citizens they’d lose influence and power.

    The power of a Democratic politician, and many others in the halls of government, relies upon your poverty.

  7. Today’s Democrat party.

    “I don’t know what you mean by ‘glory’,” Alice said.

    Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. “Of course you don’t—till I tell you. I meant ‘there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!’ ”

    “But ‘glory’ doesn’t mean “a nice knock-down argument,’” Alice objected.

    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

    (I would have quite another quote for the feckless and cowardly Republican party who seemingly can not communicate its way out of a paper bag)

  8. She’s not wrong.

    Funny. I’m old enough to remember when the Democrats were the anti war party.

  9. Tulsi’s dad, Mike Gabbard, was an outspoken opponent of gay marriage back in the 90’s. He was a minister in Honolulu where Tulsi was raised. Tulsi came from a strong family-oriented, conservative upbringing. She has now come full circle. Welcome home, Tulsi.

  10. Well, the current batch of Democrats are most certainly war mongers & fascists! What is truly amazing is that their ranks contain millions of baby boomers who cut their eye teeth on being antiwar & anti-fascist. Evidently the medications many of them are now on has dulled their senses to the point that they do not see their blatant hypocrisy! Truly, the Democrats have become useful idiots to the industrial war complex.

  11. Gabbard is just another pretty face. No sooner does she open her sweet mouth she shows that her cranium is but a hollow chamber! But, there will be those “conservatives” among the plebeians who will welcome her into their compost heap where she’ll add to stench of the masses!

    • Someone is crushing hard. Don’t blame you-she is pretty.

      But it’s interesting how leftists, who allegedly are pro woman, almost instantly use sexist insults as soon as one steps out of line.

    • Democrat troll comment. So obvious. Nothing of substance here. Move along elsewhere, little mixed-up Commie voice. Go home to Brandon.

      • Well, well, if it ain’t Andy, the “friendly” android, out to win friends and influence people! Stick around, Comrade, you might pick up a word or two to add your “stockpile” of plebeian phrases: you certainly don’t want to live out your life in the potato fields do you?

        • I think Android Andy is just out to expose you. What’s with these long titles, without a name? Is it long-term drug usage, or is it because you are a real coward, but yearn for attention? Something is seriously wrong with you. You take up far too much bandwidth at MRAK for such juvenile postings.

          • Julia, let’s keep to the issues and sidestep the personalities. So I once wandered about Haight-Ashbury and dined at Sam Wo’s—of what significance is that to anybody but me? Hell, that’s where you could always find good weed and fine food! I suspect that Boswell, Johnson, and Smith would have figured that out for themselves if they were around! (Do you suppose that would have made Adam Smith a flaming “liberal?”)

            I’m willing to wager that as a thinking women you would never allow some jackass to “define” who you are. But, then again, I’m only speculating: Who knows, given that this is a strange, strange world that we live in!

  12. I think you meant to say she was 31 when elected to Congress. The Constitution states 25 is the minimum age to be a House member

  13. Brandon is just trying to get us in a fight so he can declare martial law and we can embalm his ass and he can stay in power. I once thought that his own party would take him out but since things are going so well for them I think they’re going to just leave things the way they are for the time being. It wasn’t even this bad before the civil war. Granted we’re supposed to be more civilized now than we were back then, and we were used to fighting back then a lot more. The country was still young and blood hasn’t even dried. They’re scared to death of DeSantis so expect something drastic to happen soon. He’s saber rattling with the Saudis now for stabbing him in the in the back on all production. He wants to stop all oil production, but yet he runs over there and fist bumps with the sheiks asking them to keep drilling baby. Then when they slow down production, he gets all weepy-eyed and wants to go over there and have a big pow wow. First thing he says is where’s my cane? What he must know is that the Saudis are in bed with Russia. The Saudis have never truly been our friends. They look out for themselves just like the Chinese do, just like what we should be doing instead of pissing in Putin’s backyard.

  14. After everything she has said, Tulsi Gabbard only really cares about herself. I don’t believe a word that woman says. She is a shape-shifting gun grabbing commie that will do anything to get political power.

  15. Regardless, everyone should start loving the bomb. Most think of it as a vial inhumane thing, but if I were you I would start loving it because it is the only thing keeping you safe. It’s the only thing keeping Brandon from issuing marching orders. I could be one of the reasons why their so PO’d at Trump. First they threw a monkey wrench in their plans by exposing Hillary and her wicked ways, and second was because he played nice nice with the bad guys. Putin told Obama to bend over and touch his toes and then response Obama asked him is this far enough comrade and Putin said yes that’ll do just fine. Then Trump went over and made friends with the little shrimp dictator in North Korea. It was exactly what the little shrimp needed at the time. People with little man send them like him need to feel important and when they do usually all is right with the rest of the world. But Biden isn’t going to do any of that. The Chinese have him on a string, and are firmly in control. Trump on the other hand had the Chinese premiere backing down. Biden keeps poking the Russian bear so much so that one of these days he’s going to get back into a corner and fight his way out. When that happens we’re all going to be the losers. Now because of all this we have to pay higher gas prices because this fool in the White House won’t drill or allow pipelines and to get back at us hope heck and Russia are poking back with a sharp stick headed straight for our wallets which by the way is how we vote. We don’t vote with our hearts anymore. If we did these idiots and ass clowns never would have been able to get in office. We’ve learned nothing since Eisenhower. When Reagan was teaching, you had your eyes and ears closed. Now, you have to learn to love it because it’s the new normal and you better start loving the bomb.

  16. Tulsi has rediscovered pragmatic thought over the last couple of years, becoming more of a libertarian than either a Republican or a conservative, but still one of thought much to the right of the insane leftist ideology, and within that libertarian bent, I shall support her pragmatic thought process.

    There are those, of course, that do not trust her change of heart, mind, or thought process, based upon her past support of Biden, but I, for one, do.


    She is willing to admit a mistake within her own former thought processes, and that she had been fooled within said thought processes.

    She is not positing to changing sides per se but is abandoning the side she was associated within the past as not only unclear, but undeserved of hers, and any others consideration.

    She is anything but non-intelligent and attacking her physical appearance within relation unto her thought process is infantile.

    I would hold her thought process over that of those such as McConnell’s any day of the week and twice on Sundays, as it is more honest, and without the expectation of political recompense, such as his base thoughts and actions are.

  17. She got her eyes set on the oval office. DNC recognize it has no saner democrat other than biden. They need someone who can take on a trump if he runs. If she is the maverick she claims, democrats would had buried her long time ago. The answer and unity won’t come
    from her, nor trump, at best economically and geo politically by trump maybe america could enjoy a small unexpected bit of peace.

  18. It’s important to remember that Trump was once a Democrat but came over from the dark side too. Equally important to remember is that Hillary was once a Republican until she got liberalized and vrainwashed. when she went to college. This whole thing is nothing new, although it has been brought to light by the work of extremist globalist thugs. Remember where they used to be shootings on the floor of Congress? We don’t have that anymore, we just throw people out of 12 story windows like they did Forrestal or shoot people in the back of the head by an apparent suicide. Not much has changed but history does repeat itself.

  19. Gotta see more. What we don’t need is another fence sitter who runs on a conservative ticket. Many many of her positions are NOT conservative.

  20. Tulsi may be smart enough to ditch the Dems, but the R’s shouldn’t embrace her. She is fairly anti-Second Amendment.

  21. Tulsi, like Gaetz, Cruz, palin, MTG, Boebert, Tshibaka and noem are celebrities because they are good looking, have been told they are good looking since junior high school. They never needed education or intelligence because what they wanted was public attention ( thinking Palin) and they got it. America loves the cute ones and they love bombast

    • IDK ….I kinda like that Hispanic woman that tossed from the LA City Counsel today, quite a looker.
      And Tony Knowels …. those dimples! Not to mention Obama & JFK …. real boyfriend material.

    • Lucifer, did you just say that Palin was good looking? OMG she’s a hag. And I wouldn’t put most of those people in that category. Ted Cruz is a constitutional lawyer. He made his name doing that work. You really need to get out more.

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