Former CIA director says Republican Party is most extremist, dangerous force in world


A former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency has called the Republican Party the most extremist and dangerous force in the world.

Retired Gen. Michael Hayden was commenting on a Twitter message from British author and Financial Times contributor Edward Luce, who wrote: “I’ve covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world over my career. Have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today’s Republicans. Nothing close.”

Hayden replied, “I agree. And I was the CIA Director”

Hayden is a retired Air Force general who was named director of the National Security Agency during the Bill Clinton administration and was named CIA director by President George W. Bush. He wrote the nonfiction book, “The Assault on Intelligence, American National Security in an Age of Lies.”

The CIA is the agency that houses America’s spies and keeps an eye on despots around the world — people like Xi Jinping, the president of China, which is the world’s largest thought police; and people like Vladimir Putin, president of Russia and ruthless invader of Ukraine. According to Hayden, the Republican Party is more of a threat than dictators he knows of across the globe.


    • I guess we should be proud an enemy of the American people considers us the toughest nuts in the world.
      That slimy creep can go pound sand .

      Never vote for another democrat.
      Democrats are fine people but their policies cause social decline. Forgive them in battle but vote every one of the misled democrats out of office.
      Our stand for liberty must not falter .
      Libertarians independents and republicans must stand together and stamp out the disease called democrat party. Never vote democrat.

    • Caterina, look again at his photo, put a Black or Dark Grey Uniform on him and tell me you are not thinking Colonel Klink, of Hogan’s Hero’s !

  1. Despicable Traitor. Classic example of what’s wrong with the military today- very few make it above 06 and end up staying apolitical or aren’t bought and paid for by the establishment and defense contracting industry. This is a man who cares more about what parties he’s invited to in DC or what board he’ll be paid to sit on, than the country he will readily sell out. He’s a disgrace to the uniform, the country, and the men and women who defend it.

    • Lawrence, you’re right. I say most above O3 will cooperate with the disgusting, immoral political agenda of our communist/leftist government. They are owned and will never risk their gold-plated benefit and retirement programs by stepping out of line with the woke agenda. They are reprehensible traitors.

  2. Well of course they would say that, the very existence of the organization they were part of is threatened by true Republicans who are sick and tired of those who have made a career out of bloated useless government organizations and who crave power and control at the expense of, well, the Republican base who carry the majority of the tax load.

  3. Really? We’re worse than Boko Haram? Worse than Antifa? Worse than Isis? This is the last desperate ploy of a party gasping for air. Classic democrats. Cheat,lie,steal, then blame deny and collude. This guy is a joke at best and is probably trying to drum up publicity for a book he’s writing.

    • My Dad was a big wig in the NSA – he thought Hayden was a traitorious a**hole, bemoaning what would become of American “Intelligence”.

  4. Hard to believe, except I trust you Suzanne, and your sources. This kind of demagoguery takes my breath away. I’m so grieved for our country right now. But instead of sad, nice people like me need to be mad enough to start standing up and saying something.

  5. The clearity of the Communist/Marxist mind. He was promoted to his position by greater like minded people. Supported by a Sea of Democrats and Moderate Republicans. Vote like your life is in Danger.

  6. Served under Clinton and Bush.
    Democrat scum. Sorry but the current commie regime in DC are the most vile and dangerous people around. They want to disarm us, keep us sick and or under mandates, and control our lives. Of course Republicans are not perfect.
    But at least when they are in office we are working hard and not laying people off to become government slaves!

    • You’re being too polite, but Hayden did have some help – while bearing huge responsibility for the mess we’re in, he had some help.

      • Apparently Greg has little idea how he sounds to others, or maybe he does, but simply doesn’t care.
        “Jessep: I did the job I was — Lieutenant Kaffee: — Did you order the “code red?!” Jessep: You’re god damn right I did!!!”
        I’m not a professional to make a clinical diagnosis, but he certainly sounds like a sociopath, psychopath, or narcissist. My best guess is some combination of the above.
        I have had enough experience in my almost 4 decades though to understand that he’s an insufferable jerk, who can’t resist putting others down.
        “Look. I know why he puts others down. It’s the Batman!”
        Like I said in a previous thread to Greg: “If you’re going to insult other commentators here, at least try to be entertaining.”
        Almost everyone enjoys reading a good “zing” now and then.

  7. LMAO! And this is coming from a former CIA director!? This is almost as bad as Biden saying he won the election!

  8. There you go. Bill Clinton put him into position, and the idiot George Bush kept him there. Need more be stated? Clinton, a commie radical of the 60’s. Bush, a privileged, dumber than a box of rocks liberal president’s son.

  9. Be curious to see his voting and contributions records. Equally what went on during his tenure as Director.

    Last I checked, it as the hard left engaging in political violence.

    He is as entitled to be as full of crap as he wants.

  10. The CIA is NOTHING BUT abuse of power, propaganda, and killing missions, not to mention the number one criminal intelligence group in the entire world since it’s creation and I’m supposed to be drinking the kool-aid that half of a federal 2-party system in one country out ranks the clowns in sleazy criminality. Hayden is ridiculous and his pathetic record is only part of why the cia earned its moniker: “The Clowns.”

  11. A democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner.
    A Republic is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.

    • Theoretically that sounds good, Joel. But big money and their lobbyists have turned this country into “lamb chops!” It’s going to be a sheep dish for dinner, but what are the wines?

  12. What’s truly scary is that people like him have even held such important positions in our government. While every political movement has its extremes, Republicans across this country stand for the rule of law, smaller government, personal accountability, a belief in our Constitution as the finest governing document in world history, and a belief that a strong America is essential for maintaining some semblance of peace in a dangerous world. When idiots like Nancy Pelosi say that our conservative philosophy ‘doesn’t represent America’s values’, well, we have seen what liberal ‘values’ have done to our country’s culture.

  13. “Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice”… to quote another Retired Air Force General, fella named Goldwater. What is pathetic and disgusting is how the Chi-Coms have been able to yield such influence into the American Political Sphere especially during and after Hayden’s tenure as a TOP Intelligence guy. I suggest that one might read Retired Air Force General, Robert Spaulding’s book “Stealth War” to gain perhaps a more enlightened perspective. Spaulding was an Intelligence officer as well as being fluent in Mandarin, he worked for the NSC and as a senior strategist for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

    I find it interesting how the guys that allowed China to loot the US via bribes to the political class and Wall Street Fat Cats and who were apparently clueless to Ch-Com espionage, now seem to have such angst towards Patriotic Americans.

  14. A perfect example of the mentality of someone representing the Corporation of the United States not the American people. I just wish more people would wake up to the fact that since 1871 all governing activity in our country has been under the rule of the monarchy, Vatican and the Rothchilds. So, when the ten square miles known as Washington DC is not American soil, you see how we as the country are treated as the foreigners and slaves. No one has yet to prove me wrong.

    • I hear you, man! Once I took several hits of window pane and stumbled into the pages of Lewis Carroll’s “Wonderland.” Hell, I ended up down a rabbit hole and it literally took an eternity to get the hell back out of it! What did you take–the sugar cubes? These last few years I’ve been on good shake and haven’t had to worry about keeping my mind battened down–if you know what I mean! But, good luck, bro, maybe you can get us all rebates or whatever on the taxes we’ve paid! What do you say?

  15. Hayden was also one of the signers of the so called “GOP signers” who said in “2016 Trump would put the Nations Security at risk.” So much for that lie. I think they were all Democrats in disguise as being GOP. MORE LIES!

  16. That is rich, coming from Hayden who misled the White House and downright lied to Congress and committed multiple felonies while acting Director of the CIA. The man is a war criminal and traitor.

  17. Hayden is just another well-heeled mouthpiece! I don’t know what his preferred opioids are, but it is evident that he should either cutback on the crap he’s using or double his dosage to get a handle on reality. He looks like Porky the Pig, so you definitely know that he’s been well fed, and I’ll bet that he has earned more than a few rounds of hearty applause for all the dinner toasts he’s made for his “patrons.” That said, so the world is in danger–what’s new?

  18. I suspect his revelation of mind and soul came completely after his “public service”, which reflects more on the failures of the U.S. Senate in his confirmation than on his own dark soul. At least now we know that he has no further role in public service. I hope the rest of government realizes that basic truth.
    In truth, I feel as he does but about the Demonrat Party. I also felt that way during my federal service, but I strictly obeyed the Hatch Act and steered clear of political activity. In any decision I made or advised on, I ensured that it was in accordance with the letter of the laws/regs and non-partisan.
    He and I both have no legitimate role in public service…… least as long as our political parties continue as they are now…….

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