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Floyd Hall, stolen car hunter, says no to plea deal

The man who has recovered dozens of stolen vehicles in Anchorage said no to a plea deal today — a deal that he was expected to accept, but which also would have put an end to his stolen car recovery habit.

Last week, it was reported that Floyd Hall had agreed to certain conditions, as he fought a reckless driving charge from August, 2017, during what police called a high-speed chase. He says he was just following a stolen car.

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The 54-year-old urban folk hero and his supporters have been fighting the charges for over a year and a half, but earlier this week, he appeared to have relented to pressure.

The plea deal downgraded the charges, and the penalty was 30 days in jail with 30 days suspended, and a $1,000 fine. If he stopped chasing cars, he could avoid paying $500 of that fine.

Today, Hall said that the terms of the plea deal had changed, and although he had agreed to them by phone, he wasn’t aware that they included the clause that says he cannot have contact with thieves “directly or indirectly.”

That part bothers him because, well, there is a lot of indirect contact with thieves in the avocation he has, which by its nature involves contact with thieves.

Hall said he has agreed to other parts of the deal, such as staying 100 feet behind vehicles that he is tracking. But he doesn’t appear to be ready to simply give up being the good guy. Most of what he does doesn’t require that he chase vehicles — he and his team have other ways of tracking them down.

Meanwhile, Hall still hunts down and returns stolen vehicles to their owners in Alaska’s biggest city, where car thievery is rampant.

Hall runs Facebook pages called Alaska Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Alaska Stolen Recovery, where he posts live videos of him and the “A Team” finding cars and trucks all over Anchorage.

People send him tips, and he has developed a fan base. He’s even attracted the notice of a producer of a reality TV show.

Just this week he found a stolen truck, pictured above, and with the permission of the owner, he was able to let the air out of the rear tires to prevent the thief from moving it further. The thief ran off. The truck and its owner were reunited.

Hall accepts donations for his efforts and for his legal costs at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, account 4636977.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Loving this story. I hope Floyd gets his own reality TV show. “Floyd, The Stolen Car Hunter.”

  2. He doesn’t puncture the tires, he removes the valve cores. Letting the air escape. Puncturing the tire ruins it, letting the air out just temporarily disables the tire .
    When your vehicle is stolen the cops spend no time looking for it, they may stumble across it if your lucky . Floyd is making them look bad and doing their job . So of course there going to try to screw him over . Floyd is a saint leave him alone..

  3. Jussie “got beat by white guys in MAGA hats” Smollett walks free. All charges dropped. Floyd has spent nearly 2 years fighting a charge of reckless driving for catching crooks. What’s wrong with this picture? Oh, I guess we aren’t in Chicago for one thing…… and no white privilege for Floyd Hall.

  4. This is a prime case for jury nullification. This man is correcting a problem the politicians created and law enforcement is incapable of solving.

    • I like that jury nullification idea! Of course he’d have to plead not guilty and go through a trial for that to happen. It might not be worth it.

  5. If it wasn’t for this AWESOME team, I wouldn’t have gotten my car back.
    Keep up thee awesome job you all are doin ??

  6. Floyd is a threat to the various overpaid unmotivated incapable bureaucrats … to them Floyd is a much bigger threat than the criminals. Floyd is a case study in how to ” get ur done” WITHOUT all the negotiating for mega salaries and Royal benefits, then negotiating for what isn’t fair to be expected of him as defined by his job description………
    Yep, Floyd, you sure do make em look bad …. Keep on keeping on.

  7. Floyd’s attorney made a good point in an ADN article last week…
    “I think people have the right to maintain a safe and civil society,” said Hall’s pro bono attorney, Joshua Fink. “Police don’t have the exclusive right to that.”
    As Alaskans faces more and more problems from property crime to sexual assaults and narcotic trafficking, It appears more citizens should “step up to the plate” and send a clear message to criminals that “enough is enough”.
    Good luck Floyd, I am sure that a jury of his peers will find his actions warranted and non-criminal in nature.

  8. Maybe APD needs to give him access to a police radio so when he’s following a stolen car he can get faster assistance before the perps figure out he or his team are there.

    It just shows how bad things are the guy feels the need to do this. Liberals like to downplay property crime like its almost victimless crime. But thats far from the truth. Stolen property=stolen money=stealing the time it took to make that money from you and/or your family, a precious finite resource.

    And a wild guess, most of these suspects are repeat offenders with previous juevinile or adult criminal history. If they had money maybe they could pay large fines to help finance proven multi agency repeat offender surveiiance apprehension teams. But since they probably don’t maybe they need to do at least as much time in jail as it takes years to pay off a car loan!

  9. Well,then we need to educate the masses as to what jury nullification means and it’s importance in the judicial branch.

    We are to judge both the law and and each case.
    We are to be judge the character of the individual charged.

    We the people do hold the power over so three branch… The power comes from the people both in the booth (or mailbox anchorage) Anson the the jurors bench. Our public servants we put in office (any office…even the human right seat) are their to serve us NOT having to now to them.

    The laws abused to punishable This man in THis case do not apply due the the character of the man an his purposeful action.

    Who or what we depend to solve our problems holds the power to determine our future!

    Depend on goverment, non profit, teachers, unions, special interest groups, a partner or physical item (drugs,booze,wealth ect) and you only give away your freedom , hope and gradually your personal ability to determine your future.

    That’s is turning to voluntary slavehood!

  10. Floyd screwed himself when he did EXACTLY what his plea deal said he couldn’t! He knew damn well that clause was there but continued to chase vehicles and then posted his s*** on Facebook! How stupid can you be?!

    • He never signed a plea deal. He is the one now saying he does not agree with what the DA has proposed. All within his legal and also moral right

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