Fishing for fines: Peltola mixes campaigning into Lu Young fundraiser


Rep. Mary Peltola promoted a charitable fundraising fishing tournament immediately following the Kenai Classic, and has attached her name to it as a host.

For years, a fishing event for children has been known as the Lu Young Fund Fishing Event, named for the late wife of the late Congressman Don Young.

But Peltola, who replaced Young in Congress, is skirting and perhaps has broken campaign laws by using the fishing event to promote her campaign for reelection. She sent the invitation out from her campaign email account to official government accounts across D.C. and Alaska, that shows her as the honorary host. There is no disclaimer on the flyer.

Because of that, it means she is receiving a campaign benefit from a nonprofit organization, the Lu Young Children’s Fund.

The invitation landed in official accounts in Congress and in the accounts of staff and legislators in Alaska before August recess. That’s a violation on many levels, both state and federal.

If she is representing herself as an official in Congress at the event, Peltola can’t send out the invitation from her campaign account to official congressional emails. If she intended it to be a campaign function, she has forgotten to disclose that with the required verbiage.

The Lu Young Children’s Fund Fishing Event will be held in Seward, Alaska August 25, 26, 27, 2023, and we hope that you will join our Honorary Guest Congresswoman Mary Sattler Peltola for some of the best fishing and most breathtaking scenery in the world,” the invitation says. “A registration form is enclosed, along with a short list of important details.  Please register today to save your place, since the event is limited to 30 participants and the spots fill quickly.” The invitation was signed by a deputy campaign manager.

“Invitational participants will enjoy fishing for salmon and halibut in beautiful Resurrection Bay and the waters of Seward. Your participation fee includes 3 days of charter fishing, breakfast and lunch each day, a gourmet dinner, fishing license, fish processing and shipping.  The fish you catch will be flash frozen and shipped to you anywhere within the United States.”

The note that accompanied the invitation came from Elisa Rios, deputy campaign manager.

The Lu Young fishing event has now been turned into a political event for Rep. Peltola in violation of Federal Election Commission laws.


  1. If she doesn’t know what she’s doing with these simple things how can Peltola represent us on complex issues?

  2. All she does is raise money. She can’t make votes, Alaskans don’t know where she is most of the time. We hear secondhand, she was spotted here or there almost always at a fund raiser and most of the time one that’s Not in Alaska. Her support has always came from outside.

    Fooled you once, don’t let her do it again.

  3. Oh please! Hold her accountable like the republicans are doing about ASD superintendent Bryantt. A new generation of AKDemocrats (millennials and genX) who hire by politics rather than looking for readers within their party to do the reading and researching for the party before making such decisions as the Bronson team is finding out how important being a strong reader or having strong readers among the leadership to read lengthy voluminous policies. Parents today you Must read to the children around you including helping your junior teen to read. Until their 18th birthday it’s not too late to read aloud to a child or help them learn better reading skills.

  4. I think with my reading I am increasing my reading skills cause NLT is become much too simple, and I am going to The Gideon bible or KJV which were still too hard understanding 1 year ago. Peltola and team error more likely happen because of her team don’t read, they didn’t read enough and don’t read, and emotionally thought this was a great idea. Well it is. But there are laws written to protect our state and nation from corruption.

    • Is your letter about the importance and value of reading or about the Bible or is it about political issues ? Good comment should be simple direct and forward and hopefully offer a positive note . Yours appear to be convoluted, multi topical and pushing your personal agenda!!

  5. I wonder if it’s a case of not knowing what she is doing or a case of feeling entitled for various reasons and just doing it anyway?
    Grift, Grab, GRIN!!!!

  6. We don’t need more political events. We need less government and rules they think up. This world will be ok if these politicians would just go away.

  7. And who will reprimand her? What will be done about it? Could I send a letter to McCarthy? She should be cited and stopped. If it was a Republican Congress person, there will be instant punishment.

  8. My wife is full Yupik and my children, of course, are half, but none of us can stomach they way that Peltola plays on her blood quantum. Look at the flyer above where it states: “All together in Alaska- let’s all work together”. And what is the graphic? Just Eskimo women dancing in a circle. Not very inclusive, Mary.
    This woman is so utterly unqualified, it is (sardonically) laughable! She reflects everything Democrat: ineptness and racism couched as diversity. We cannot get rid of them any too soon.

  9. I wonder if humanity will finally start to see politics for what it has been for a long time. A popularity contest.

    To you taxpayers and voters who truly value your country, stop playing a rigged game. All you do is waste your time and money when you could be enacting real, effective change in the world by getting your own hands working. Stop allowing celebrity politicians to trick you into thinking they will do the work for you. They don’t. They never do the work for you.

  10. Aren’t there other Fish and Game violations here? I’m not familiar with all the laws but it sounds like a free chartered fishing trip with all the bells and whistles. Of course, a donation will be expected and a sizeable one at that. Either way, she’s a Democrat so nothing will happen.

  11. “Run-A-Muck’ Peltola!! She could care less about good manners or her “native sister” of influence and charity works. It took Lu Young years to become an elder of influence and just one or two bad actions on Peltoa’s part to try to ruin Lu’s hard work and care for others.

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