Fish, family, freedom, and flushables


Rep. Mary Peltola has cosponsored a bill that would ban flushable wipes — the wipes that are flushable but don’t break down in sewer or septic systems. Unflushables, in other words.

The bill would not ban the popular wipes, but require the “flushables” to be properly labeled as non-flushable.

The WIPPES Act — Wastewater Infrastructure Pollution Prevention and Environmental Safety Act — is a product of Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, Michigan Rep. Lisa McClain and Peltola, to address the wastewater infrastructure concerns caused by the flushing of wet wipes that don’t break down in sewer and septic systems.

“During the COVID pandemic, Anchorage wastewater workers reported pulling up to 6,000 pounds of wipes daily out of the sewer system,”  Peltola said. “To address this issue, I’m proud to be a leader on the WIPPES Act, a common-sense bill that would take a significant step towards reducing the amount of trash that ends up in our sewers, rivers, and oceans. Every step that we can take to improve our wastewater infrastructure and marine habitats is worth it, especially when it’s as simple as adding a sentence to a package. It’s time to wipe out this problem for good.”


  1. What a relief that our only representative in Congress has finally decided to support such an important piece of legislation.

    • “……..Who voted for her?”
      The same type of folks who think they can flush anything down the toilet………or just not care.

    • Much as I hate to admit she was right on something, in this single instance she is.

      Those things belong in the landfill, not the sewer system.

        • Government is going from village to village building sewer systems, then building bathrooms in every house.

          • Does the government provide free plumbers too? Bush life is great today. No costs. And they don’t freeze their asses in the outhouse.

  2. Peltola is a Democrat shill, with no mind of her own. She will vote however Hakeem Jeffries tells her to vote. Alaska, you got the third choice that RCV stuck you will. The good news is that you will have a chance to vote Peltola out in only 17 short months. The next election can’t come soon enough.

    • Seriously, flushable or any other wipes, paper towels, tampons, etc., should not go in the privy. “Flushable” or not, I’ve never trusted them with my 42 year old septic system. If you are on a private septic system, get rid of the garbage disposal in your kitchen too. Have your septic system pumped every year. The leach field will appreciate that. And when you want to sell your house, your drain field or leach field had better be clean or you will be in for an expensive surprise.

  3. Pretty sure the goofs will still flush em no matter what the label says.
    Society and congress is still going down the toilet.

  4. Sounds like a good plan when users of the system can’t be trusted to follow the rules. The out of sight out of mind mentality is reminiscent of mining days when water quality was at its worst. People used to fling buckets of human waste out into the streets. The runoff would get into the water supply. People just aren’t very smart sometimes.

  5. next she’ll introduce legislation to employ the finest drag queens and trans people to be bathroom attendants to make sure every American to the person is no longer flushing wet wipes.

    butt in all seriousness this is another stupid waste of time. I wish this was the only thing congress concerned themselves with instead of destroying my money with their inflation taxes, turning a blindeye on illegal regime change proxy wars and insider trading

  6. Boy, she is right on top of the most important issues of the day, the ones that keep Americans awake at night…..isn’t she?

  7. Peltola is redefining the word “useless.” But at least she is well plugged into the dem $$$ machine and will be as long as she votes the way her masters want her to vote. And she will. Cheers –

  8. She will probably be hurt politically by going up against major corporations. It is the first thing she has done that actually makes sense. She will long be remembered as the hero of the butt wipe revolution. Of course, people who own their own septic system have known about this for years. Kind of like tampons. They have to be handled again once you send them sailing.

    • I have to laugh at me. New house, new garbage disposal in 1981. I was a youngster then and didn’t have any idea about how things worked. I found out in short order. I had important company coming from the lower 48, my in-laws, and I stuck cantaloupe rinds in the new garbage disposal. It ground them up just fine. They went down the pipe from the kitchen but stuck in the bend that went to the septic system. Yikes, was I embarrassed when we had to call the drain expert to figure it out and snake the plumbing. My in-laws joked at me about that incident every chance they got. A lesson well-learned.

  9. She’s a frigging moron. My God! We use wipes in our bathroom. Have for many years. However, they are NOT flushed down the toilet. Most people know not to do that. The stupid don’t. Nor do they care.
    So Peltola is wanting to ban wipes that are “unflushable” because the libtards can’t figure out what can and can’t be flushed. She’s a complete idiot failure. This is the big work that needs to be done??? Banning something that if ya read the LABEL you would see it says on them DO NOT FLUSH.
    Same disgusting women who flush tampons too..
    So Mary Peltola, why don’t you ban the idiots from buying them.. Ya know like children. Clearly they can’t read it understand labels.

  10. Hey mary! If it’s a problem in Anchorage, how about Anchorage addressing it. Maybe NOT a U.S. congressman.
    She won’t close the borders or support a decent economy but she wants to tell us how to wipe our butts?

  11. When I owned a 4-plex sometimes I would need to respond to septic system backups nearly weekly. The “flushables” would hang up on the septic tank inlet baffle. I finally banned the use of these products by the tenants.

    • Mary is certainly not sitting down on the job!
      Next up: government-mandated and surveilled in-home bathroom cameras, to monitor and enforce proper sphincter cleanage. “If it saves just one wipe!”

  12. You can find out if your wipes actually break down in water (i.e., are truly “flushable”) by soaking a wipe in water for 30 minutes and seeing whether it’s starting to break apart. Most “flushable” wipes are still super durable after 30 minutes, which means they aren’t truly flushable.

  13. This is good. They should be banned & only throw away wipes sold ….imo.
    Clogged toilets & sewer pipes should not be a problem in a civilized society.
    But we re not that civilized anymore, are we?

  14. She’s good at what she knows – now being in Washington she’s around lots of the things that those wipes are designed for.

  15. What do you expect from someone born and raised in a village full of “Honey Buckets” and has been married how many times? I have known some fine people that came from Bethel, but not this loser!

      • They weren’t when Grandma Mary Grew up.
        You need to get out (in the Bush) more Greg …. There are 32 villages w/out running water.
        Visit to Tapraq (Stebbins) this summer; on the shore of Norton Sound, it smells wonderful when the breeze is blows the right way.

  16. How much shit will have to be pardoned by fake Pres Biden, I mean Arthur? Too much for Mary P to handle. It’s gonna get a lot hotter in a month when US Military tribunals start. Find out more at brought to all us citizens by an army vet with a few degrees.

  17. Not that anyone particularly cares, but Mary Sattler Peltola, was born in Anchorage 8-31-73. She was raised in Kwethluk which was her mothers home village, Tuntutuliak, Platinum and Bethel. She would have been 2 years old when I first arrived in Bethel in 1975. I have also been to 6 villages around the Bethel area, often times before noon. After noon I would frequently visit 5 or so more villages before the day was over. This is what you do when you make a living as a bush pilot out of Bethel. I lived in Bethel for a number of years while Mary Peltola was growing up there. Locating one of the many villages from the air was a simple matter of holding the proper heading, noting the time and looking for the brown stain on the snow…..where they emptied the honey buckets. Peltola was raised in a village full of honey buckets. I was there.

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