First week: Parents tell of the strange start to the school year in Anchorage


“My daughter today at her high school had a teacher tell her she needs to get the jab to either not die, kill others or have a career in the future. Seeking guidance as I’m one upset parent. ASD will be hearing from me soon,” one parent reported to her Facebook group in Anchorage.

“My junior had the same issue at his school,” another parent replied.

Must Read Alaska scoured Save Anchorage and Alaskans for Children’s Right to Breathe pages on Facebook to find out how parents are doing with the Anchorage schools, now that the first week of school is in the books and the students have been required to mask up.

Conclusion: There are a lot of distressed parents out there.

One mother reported she waited for hours outside Polaris K-12 with her son, who has asthma and was refused entry into the school, while no one came to address their request for a medical exemption. Others reported that nearly all exemption requests are being denied by principals.

Here are some of their other stories:

“Dropped my son off this morning, I handed him a mask before we left home and he looked at me in shock and responded with “ugh! Really?! Why one of these?! I hate them! It makes my nose run and makes me sneeze!” 😔 These are causing them more wet environments to be breathing in every day producing more bacteria and issues than they help!

“Apparently it’s completely appropriate for teachers to be in the school mask free less than 24 hours before the start of classes but magically Covid shows up when all the children do. I’m currently sitting on the curb with my son who was kicked out of school this morning for refusing to wear a mask due to his asthma. It’s on.”

“So my daughter’s principal threatened to call APD on myself and my husband and get us TRESPASSED if we do not comply. The assistant principal has completely zeroed in on me because I ‘dared’ to question her. She got in mine and my husbands face on occasion (I’m talking inches away like a psychopath) and the next day tried to grab my daughters viola out of my hand as I was waiting by the door to give it to her. I called the district to file a complaint. The lady wanted to speak to the principal because she said she worked at the school prior. The principal basically called us liars- ‘I have a hard time believing this and I believe you are exaggerating. I can watch the footage’. I said please do! We are being treated like pieces of sh*t at this school. It’s terrible and the staff is horrid.”

“I pulled my kids from their private school because of mask requirements. And I understand enrollment in ASD is way down. Now our property taxes need to go down too.”

“We refuse to muzzle our daughter! She will not cover her face, the thought of it gives her terrible anxiety. She’s only 9. Homeschool again this year.”

“I pulled my children last school year from public school and have been homeschooling because I refuse to make my children wear masks (they don’t even own any). I have been watching my friends children fall farther and farther behind. I blame the in ability to focus because they are so uncomfortable. Has anyone else noticed that? How are your children doing in school and what’s the school districts doing to help catch them up?”

“Write an email letting the principal and all the way up know what was said cc anyone and every one you can think of. A teacher told my grandson that police shoot only people of color. He was crushed. He has so much respect for police officers and Military. The most heart breaking part is my other daughter’s son is black/white so he came home very upset thinking police are out to shoot his cousin that he loves very much.”

Superintendent Deena Bishop announced earlier this month that all persons entering school buildings in the district must be masked, with exceptions made for small groups of people who are vaccinated.


  1. I predict more Matsu valley population growth in the future…….

    Truly I feel for these parents, and the lack of logic and reliance on sound science is astounding. Even if a family is ok with full time masks in the school, a mask should never be worn constantly for more than a couple hours. That is how often a surgeon changes to a clean mask. Forcing kids to wear a mask for six straight hours sets the stage for all kinds of other health related issues. And most kids are not going to carry a stack of clean masks around daily. Not to mention it really isn’t necessary! At the most maybe in transition in crowded hallways. Certainly not outside or even sitting at ones desk. There are other effective things that can be done such as thorough hand washing, avoidance of touching ones face, covering coughs and sneezes with inside of arm not the hand, and distancing.

    What the Matsu schools did last year was effective and they are continuing this year. Cannot understand why ASD cannot take a proverbial page from that playbook.

    • That’s because it’s not about science or logic. It’s about destruction and control. We won’t comply so they go after the kids. They are utterly evil.

      • You are entirely correct, Jean. All this rabid coercion regarding making people, kids included, wear ineffective and counterproductive masks is simply authoritarianism run amok and yes, pure evil. What disturbs me most is all the members of our supposed society, like Greg Forkner (our omnipresent and kneejerk pro-establishment troll) who not just passively bow down to and lick the boots of our sociopathic overlords, but who actually eagerly and gladly do so. In their complicity and compliance, they are just as evil as those making all these unscientific and freedom-destroying mandates.

  2. My heart breaks for these parents. Remember this moment when teachers and principals want to test your children in the spring. Withhold your children from testing.

  3. ASD & the teachers unions are in 100% with the WHO, CDC & Biden Administration to ensure our children get vaxxed, or shamed & ridicule6 if the don’t get it. Again, why bribe, coercion and threats to get this done if it’s so beneficial?

  4. I think a lot of these students probably should be homeschooled and private schooled. Especially the boy that made the Disgust sound at his mom giving him a mask. Later on life Boy Is going to give his mom and dad problems for that blatant disregard for his autonomy.

    Whatever happen to the (thousands) parents pulling their kids from ASD. Changed their minds? Generations have gotten so used to ‘free’ public education, it’s a little hard giving up something that didnt cost us anything when everyone else was helping us pay for it.

    • An education is definitely not what they are getting in school. An indoctrination is more like it unless you stay involved with your kids schooling. In today’s society I wouldn’t have my kids no where near a public school.
      I had a teacher once tell me my son wasn’t going to amount to much too, and he proved her wrong by graduated in the top of his class, joining the military and going to a trade school where he graduated at the top of his class. I’m sure he would have made a disgusted sound too if he had to wear a mask. Anyhow, she was a leftist Marxist too.

    • It’s not “free education”. Our taxes pay for it. So people who choose or feel uncomfortable with public education pay for it anyway!

  5. This has very little to do with the spread of disease – common sense cleanliness will work just fine to slow the spread. Cleanliness that I was taught in first grade… This is all about the communist control of our public schools and maintaining and expanding that control. There is only one answer: just walk away. Yeah, homeschool is difficult and very time-consuming – and not everyone can do it well. But I can assure you of this (having homeschooled our own) – it is worth all the effort and expense – your kids will get a far superior education, and without all the lefty political indoctrination. Time to burn those masks (don’t inhale…), demand school reform, demand tax reform, and vote the lefty bums out at all levels. We simply must take back control of our schools.

  6. The fact that they are ignoring medical exemptions tells me that is not at all about their health and is, in fact, malicious and an attempt at destroying them. Because we’re stubborn and won’t comply they go after the children. We better decide now if we protect our children or not. Australia is ripping thousands of children out of their parent’s arms and force vaccinating them. Think it won’t happen here? It will if we let it

    • It’s possible Australia could be forcibly removing children. After all, American government sent Agents to Native homes and forcibly removed Native children to bring them to boarding schools or downright kidnapped native babies from hospitals to adopt the newly born infant to a white couple. It’s possible that government is increasing the difficulties for parents resisting the covid shots.

      • AU is taking children now, quite a number, under the excuse of child abuse for parents refusing to “vaccinate” their children. They have turned into an extreme police state along with many sickening videos of police brutality. In my opinion, the only thing keeping us mostly safe here in the U.S. at this point is our 2nd amendment. Thank God for it. …I truly wish I were joking on all of this.

  7. Facemasks are useless. The vax is deadly, more deadly then the Chinese virus. .004 of us will succumb to the virus. Children are incredibly resilient. A daily regimen of D3, C, quercetin+zinc will protect most of us., No daily regimen will probably get you on a ventilator. Naturally produced antibodies are better. Avoid the vax.

  8. My kid will never again darken the door of a public school. The staff are dumber than a box of rocks, the teachers are about the same. They are malicious little trolls who think nothing of lying and attacking folks who question their questionable behavior. They do not teach history, but rather a bunch of nonsense that anyone who has a library card can disprove, they don’t teach math, they teach incomprehensible gibberish that makes it an exercise in futility. Pull your kids, and petition the government for your share of the taxes that support these communist agitators. After all, if they want communism, I’m sure they can share their salaries and make it by somehow.

  9. 3 years ago school employees and customer service workers, like flight attendants, were kind and helpful. Mask mandates have made them all tyrants. They have a new power over you and your family and they are your master. Pretty sad. Start your own small private school.

  10. Very thankful that the ASD is taking this seriously, our hospitals can not continue to take on much more, especially when the majority of those they are tending to are the unvaccinated. They are moving back to discontinuing non elective surgeries and minimizing various critical cares because of the influx of COVID.

    • Becker’s Hospital Review
      Of 514 patients in Israel hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Aug. 15, 59 percent were fully vaccinated, according to an Aug. 16 article from Science that cited national data tracked by Israel’s largest health management organization. The figures suggest breakthrough infections may be more common than the term implies, the report suggests.

      Most of the vaccinated patients who were hospitalized, about 87 percent, were at least 60 years old.

      “This is a very clear warning sign for the rest of the world,” said Ran Balicer, CIO at Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest health maintenance organization. “If it can happen here, it can probably happen anywhere,” he told Science.

      The country has one of the world’s highest COVID-19 vaccination levels, with about 78 percent of those ages 12 and older fully vaccinated, mostly with the Pfizer vaccine. At the same time, Israel now has one of the highest infection rates in the world, potentially a sign of waning vaccine immunity as the highly contagious delta variant spreads, Science reports

      • coming soon to a town near you.

        centralization has failed and the technocrats and their progressive flunkies cant/wont admit the things they’ve put us through for the last 1.5 years have been for nothing or they run the risk of losing their authority and power…shameful

  11. Wow, this story about how bad life was in the USSR is depressing. Oh, wait, this article is about a city in the US, circa 2021. So, are we still pretending as though we have not crossed the line into an authoritarian dystopia? The citizens of the US probably ought to reflect on where we are, as a nation, before the clock runs out.

  12. You tell a one sided argument here, how about the parents of the Mat-Su Valley who under the guise of using the same mitigation efforts last year, the ones who’s kids are behind due to virtual schooling … walk into school on the first day to see the majority of staff and students with no masks.

    My oldest daughter is only 7 years old, and now sits in a packed classroom of 24 students, only about 2 other kids had masks on, as well as their teacher. My 6 year old at a different school, same promise of the same mitigation practices, she is autistic, sees her teacher without a mask, and rips her’s off immediately.

    3 days into the school year, with NO mitigation plans, opening in GREEN zone while the actually community is in the RED zone …. 28 cases over 14 different schools.

    Children can and do get sick from CoVid-19, they can have long term affects or rare effects, they can also die. Although the tragedy is rare, it is still a risk.

    How would you feel if your child was that rare case? You do not and could not possible know that your child will have mild to no symptoms, so why allow for the risk? Wearing a mask is not that difficult and the ACTUAL science shows them to be the best tool aside from vaccines, vaccines our children can’t yet get. I do look at the what-if’s , not to live in fear but to use the best tools are our disposal. I couldn’t survive if I lost my child so I will do everything I have to protect them now. I make my kids where a mask in a republican strong hold where the Superintendent of our Schools clearly stated in an email that this allowance of maskless schooling was completely about politics and not at all centered around medical and scientific data.

    I’m sorry, what? Why are we listening to polictics? If its a disease you listen to the doctors and the scientists, not your representative, and certaintly not an expensive superintendent who just got a $20K bonus for keeping schools open … basically a bribe in my opinion to force schools to remain open during a surge that is already bigger than the one last year, and arriving earlier.

    Public Health Policy does in fact trump your individual freedoms for the greater good of ALL people in the community, and in the nation. Its written into the law by our founding fathers who thought of ALL the what-ifs long before they were ever an issue. Why? because failing to remember history means we repeat history.

    Lets allow ALL children to return to school, by yes forcing y’all to wear a damn masks. Don’t get me started on that asthma argument, I’m asthmatic, I wear a damn mask and I’m vaccinated as well. I was promised mitigation efforts, and I was completely taken aback by the lack of them. According to the school board meeting out here in the valley, making masks manadatory will probabably be implemented soon due to risk seen in just a few short days, I mean who could have predicted this? Oh thats right the medical experts that warned the Mat-Su Valley to keep the same mitigation practices as last year, you know the same practices they promised me to convince me to enroll my three children.

    So do I wait till we are exposed to pull my kids? Do I wait till someone has symptoms? Or do I just pull my kids now, as these anchorage parents are doing? Very bizarre that in one town they are pulling kids for having a mandate, and in another because there is NO mandate.

    Honestly most anti-mask, anti-vaccine person stays that way until it hits too close to home, hopefully not one of their children; but perhaps themselves, and then who would take care of their children when they are gone?

    So lets STOP listening to politicians and instead listen to the medical experperts who have dedicated their lives to the study of medicine, public health, and vaccines. Lets stop allowing our own biases to come into play, and allow our children some sense of freedom amongst their peers, even if right now they have to do it in a damn mask.

    • Cannot think of anything worse than surviving this despicable abortionist culture for the first 9 months of ones existence, only to senselessly and needlessly have ones life snuffed-out in another state sanctioned institution, all before having had the opportunity to live, love and learn.
      #followthescience #mybodymychoice #murdereitherwillinglyorunwillinglyiswrong

    • Quite obvious the Mat-Su Superintendant wants to keep his job and collect bonuses. The science clearly showed that the mask optional policy would lead to Covid spread. Now the Superintendant can put in the mask mandate that should have been in place initially and can keep his job. Unfortunately there are some collateral damage Covid sick kids

    • Juneau (much smaller district) is forced masked and as of 8/20 had 9 cases plus in both cases they all probably caught it prior to the school year, so maybe you should heed your own advice stop listening to authority because you’re scared and regurgitating their talking points & propaganda and start having a more evidence based nuanced outlook on the situation

    • Life is a risk.

      Get used to it.

      Do you think we are all going to live forever?

      Maybe instead of relying on institutions for you to feel “safe”, you could do your own work to fortify your immune system and maybe quit feeding your kids junk food and sugary cereals.

      Oh, btw, the more you say “damn mask” the less I listen to your fear fill a$$.

    • Stephanie, you clearly enjoy the Jonestown-style Koolaid being served by the corrupt, co-opted and self-serving corporate media.
      In your childlike naivete, you would have us all surrender our autonomy and freedom to so-called “experts”, never taking into consideration the corruption and bias that runs through EVERY level of our society nowadays. Have you ever, even once, considered that your so-called “experts” might have their own agendas, and that those agendas might NOT have your personal self-interest in the forefront? Moreover, you ignore the many actual experts in medicine, virology and epidemiology who have tried to point out the innumerable contradictions, half-truths, and outright lies being propagated by the corporate media and establishment-beholden ‘experts’ (such as that blatant and repeatedly lying, evil gnome Fauci) regarding virtually every aspect of this so-called pandemic, and the official (authoritarians) responses to it.

  13. The virus has a very low human fatality rate, but it is steadily pulling off what conservative ideology has been unable to do since 1925: kill the authoritative public school industry.

  14. Anchorage parents should have paid attention to the school board candidates during the previous elections. None of the actions reported above should be a surprise to anyone who was awake for the past few years.

  15. Public school is used as a baby sitting tool! For parents that have too work and make ends meat too survive!
    And can’t afford expensive cost of private schools or can be home too school them theirselves!

    So federal governments have figured out the perfect way of indoctrination of a society! Take control of the tax paying peoples children!

    • Maybe you missed the article that said over 100 million people don’t pay any taxes. I pays lots of taxes and do not have school children. I support ASD 100% because they are more interestwed in public safety and education than your snide baby sitting remarks.

  16. Face shields are available for children that have issues with masks. Disheartening on how many commenters have such little regard for others and care more about their mis-guided freedom than their fellow humans. Masks limit the spread of viruses, anyone opposed to masks does not care for anyone but themselves

    • What is truly disheartening is seeing how many people are willing to give up their freedoms under the guise of safety and security (both are illusions).
      We see the corrupt establishment and have watched their system slowly take over our free way of life. Now these same corrupt people are doing everything they can to scare everyone into giving up their rights to body and health autonomy.
      So called experts and other media influencers promote chemicals over nature over and over again and we are tired of being bullied by those filled with fear.
      We listen to our intuition, we listen to our instinct. We are healthy and happy and we do not rely on ‘experts’ for us to be this way.

    • You speak of caring for fellow humans, but here you are, objecting to the concerns of fellow humans.

      Many of us have had to take care of ourselves, because we do not depend on the system like you do.
      We are not co-dependent to profit based chemical factories that claim they want whats best for our health. These systems have proven over and over again that they want you afraid. With you afraid, you are easy to manipulate.

      The system does not actually promote health and the treatment of disease. NO, the system only treats symptoms with chemicals while at the same time serving you up a nice huge dish of side affects. Many physical ailments can be attributed to psychological and spiritual trauma. They don’t mention that to you on the news.

      Ever watch a pharma commercial on Hulu? There are more damn side affects listed than actual benefits.

      Perhaps the reason we don’t listen to the guidance of ‘our loving health care experts’ and politicians because we have seen their true colors for many many years.

      They do not care about you or me. They care only for control.

      We are fully vaccinated, from tyranny and deception.

      We see through all this illusion, but go ahead, keep trying to peddle it.

  17. I don’t live in Anchorage, I live in the Valley where sanity reigns, not Marxism. Although, it is trying to raise its ugly head–Palmer has 4 Marxists on the City Council: Valerius, Combs, Daniels, and Berberich.
    You folks are focusing on the principals and school staff, they are effecting District policy that comes down from the School Board and the Superintendent. The SB is usually a rubber stamp for the superintendent. Protest at District and at the meetings and homes of the school board members. Take the fight to them, make them uncomfortable, protest at their places of work. Use the tactics of the Left against them. Write letters to the editor, post on FB and any other social media to vent your frustrations with this Marxist agenda. And, it is Marxist.
    Homeschool your kids if you want an education for them. You do two things, your kids will be better educated and you hit the ideologues at the District in the pocket book–funding is dependent upon school population.
    Get your kids out of the Marxist indoctrination centers. We no longer have a public school system that is interested in education. We have a Marxist indoctrination system.

    • Well said Larry. We need numbers. Conservatives have sat and watched for far too long. Peacefully FIGHT for your freedom people, before it becomes and actual fight with attrition.

  18. What a wake up call it was to help my children with assignments given to them during the lock-down!

    I found a coloring page in my daughters book bag depicting Rosa Parks being beat down by a police officer. Rosa Parks was depicted as an old feeble lady standing off to the side of a 50’s era bus with her sewing machine in tow, lying on the ground with her hands above her head as though to block the billy club the screaming police officer was wielding in the air! The teacher absolutely refused to return my emails or phone calls. When I put the (fraudulent lie of history) coloring page on social media for all to see I was amazed at how many parents were dumb-founded as to why I was so upset! I pulled my children out of ASD and home school them now.

  19. There is a Dr, Janci Lindsey made a statement (you need to google; that everyone needs to read)..that is if she hasn’t been “scrubbed” off the internet like many others who are trying to get the truth out.. The indoctrination that children need these shots, when the majority of the older people are getting sick, need to stop. Build up your immune system.

    • The indoctrination that children need these shots, when the majority of the older people are getting sick, needs to stop. Build up your immune system.. IS NOT HER STATEMENT.. It is mine

  20. The Indoctrination of your children has been planned and in play for the last 30 years. How any parent could send their children to public school after how these Marxist teachers have acted this last year I find insane. I know you want to pretend it’s safe to drip them off and only have to pick them up in hours later, but these schools are Marxist indoctrination camps. Kids who in 10 years will turn on you and send you to the Gulag. Remember Mao’s red army?? Brainwashed children—That ended up killing 40 million people. Wake up!! they’re abusing your children to turn them into “social justice warriors” that will turn on you and this country.

  21. Parents!
    Go to for substantial, factual science / peer reviewed studies reported by investigative journalists who are significantly helping those of us around the world who are done with this dystopian tyranny produced by governments that are either ignorant or just plain power mongers. Educate yourselves beyond the main stream media and see if you can discern a sensible reason for censoring thousands of other medical professionals and scientists with contrary views to the rhetoric presently preached .

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