Dunbar says he’s sick during work session, then goes to meeting with dozens of senior citizens


Assemblywoman Jamie Allard said she was advised by Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar on Thursday that he was sick and she might not want to sit next to him in the work session. Allard obliged and moved. Dunbar was coughing repeatedly during the meeting.

The meeting covered vaccine rates, quarantine rates, and other topics related to the management of the municipality.

Allard was surprised then to later see Dunbar at an indoor barbecue at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center, sitting between senior citizens and ate indoors with his mask off, in presence of more than 35 seniors. He donned his mask when touring the new skylights that had recently been installed.

Allard, who was surprised to see him after he had stated he was sick, sent a note to all of her fellow Assembly members about it: “Some in the medical community believe masks work and others don’t. I would kindly request if you’re sick, follow CDC guidelines and stay home.”

The Clerk’s office refused to send it to the Assembly. Allard called a second staff member of the Clerk’s office, who also refused.

Normally, such emails are distributed in an hour.

In a personal email copied to all the members on Friday, Allard sent a note to Dunbar asking him “take all precautions to protect our senior citizens, which we should all consider national treasures.”

As Alaska heads into cold and flu season, the CDC advises people with cold symptoms to:

  • Stay at home while you are sick and keep children out of school or daycare while they are sick.
  • Avoid close contact with others, such as hugging, kissing, or shaking hands.
  • Move away from people before coughing or sneezing.
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue then throw it away, or cough and sneeze into your upper shirt sleeve, completely covering your mouth and nose.
  • Wash your hands after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose.
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as toys, doorknobs, and mobile devices.

There is no vaccine to protect you against the common cold.

Dunbar has, for the past year, called in to most of the Assembly committee meetings but since Bronson was elected mayor, he has shown up in person at more meetings. He is being challenged in April’s election by Stephanie Taylor for the District 5 seat, Northeast Anchorage.


  1. Why not fire the clerk for not doing her job because she, showing she knows better than all others did not facilitate communication because she didn’t agree with the content of the communication. Her emolument, which we pay her for does not include inserting her own unelected opinion on anything. Her opinion is irrelevant in her position. She does NOT supervise the people’s elected representatives. Time for her to do other work.

  2. So what’s the deal here? Is Allard trolling Dunbar or is Dunbar spreading his genome to senior citizens. C’mon, people. We have a problem on our hands and messing around with gossipy stories and innuendo is probably taking us away from what we need to do to control a pandemic.
    Unless, of course, you don’t think there is a pandemic, in which case, never mind.

    • I think what’s going on here, is Dunbar is trolling the public, and Allard and Must Read Alaska are pointing it out.

  3. Another example of the Clerk protecting the liberal members on the Assembly.

    The Clerk must go.

  4. I’ve known this guy is a problem since 10 years ago. Just like a Peterman McChicken. Rules for me but not for thee.
    Don’t tax me. Tax the man behind the Tree. Fraud’s all over the place in Alaska!

  5. The facts indicate a hired pr employee chose not to facilitate communication. A MAIN FUNCTION OF THE JOB. If she does not wish to facilitate communication she no longer wants her job. She may want to keep her stipend and for us to speak of other things.

  6. Typically, in business, job descriptions are not described as innuendo or gossip. Job descriptions describe the title of the job, job classification, job functions, goal of job and minimum requirements, job classifications of those one supervises if any. The Clerk does not supervise elected officials who communicate using formats provided. Communications of public servants are public. A professional public relations person in every organization should be genuinely helpful and facilitates communications, quickly disemminates, memos etc.; not remove them from circulation.

      • My comment was supposed to be under Homo Erectus. A couple of other comments of mine have been shifted around. Perhaps the MRAK site and Suzanne are red lining. Maybe going back to no replying, just posting again for awhile will help.

  7. If he is fully vaxxed and has Covid, and is passing it around and knocking off our seniors, shame on him.

  8. I am more concerned who is running that Senior Citizen Center. I can’t even visit a senior citizen friend without wearing a mask.

    How so double standard of him. He knows the masks are Baloney. Actions speak louder than talking points.

  9. This is where we are at as a society in 2021…turn in your neighbor for coughing & not getting the “swab”. God help America pull out of this insanity!

    • Steve, while I totally agree with you, this particular citizen took every opportunity to chastise everyone else, lock them out of assembly meetings and touted his support for mandates to “keep everyone safe”. As an assembly member one could at least expect him to set an example, considering all the restrictive policies he supported.

  10. Dunbar should know better. Allard – well, wish she would stop the whinging. Her constituents deserve better.

    • I kind of admire Ms. Allard for whinging it. All the others have to use crib notes and cheat sheets. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

      • It was a librarian spelling error, “sort of.” Actually, I read many British mystery detective novels.

        whinged, whing·ing, whing·es Chiefly British
        To complain or protest, especially in an annoying or persistent manner.

    • As one of her constituents, I think, she was trying to keep this internal but the clerk refused to send her memo. The “Cabal” thinks they can operate with immunity (pun intended) while haranguing the public. Exposing their duplicity! Go Jamie!

  11. I expect nothing less of the horse’s patootie. Rules for thee but not for me! And anyway, we can spare a few seniors, they probably vote conservative anyway.

  12. He’s such a loser and represents the worst of anchorage and Alaska. He is about to get voted out of office in April and he knows it. No cheating this time now that Bronson is in, Forrest Cuomo Dunbar.

  13. With 5 most likely vaxxed seniors dying of covid in Ketchikan and with most likely at least one vaxxed person in juneau dying (basing this assumption on the refusal to answer the question of vax status of the recently deceased by hospital admin at bartlett) Dunbar knows better but couldn’t be bothered to let that get in the way of a good photo opp.

  14. This is the Municipal Clerk who counts the votes
    …when the Clerk’s Assembly-member bosses are running for re-election or for the mayor’s office.
    And productive residents can’t seem to do much about it.
    What a racket.

  15. Army Captain Forrest Dunbar did this on purpose!!
    Captain Dunbar knew he was infected with a disease. The plan he executed was to spread his disease to the senior citizens at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center.
    Then blame the spread of infections on Mayor Bronson for not having mask mandates and other COVID restrictions.
    It almost worked.
    Thank you Suzanne for letting Anchorage know what Forrest was doing.

  16. Wow Greg Forkner, captain mask mandate, the most misinformed man in show business, is silent on this one…….Wow, Big Wow.

    • Don’t forget Bill Yankee and his always “sensitive, insightful and respectful” comments. All joking aside, you know Forrest is their guy. They are not going to dump on Mr. Woke Mandate even when he is spreading the accursed blight.

  17. He did seem to be coughing a lot. Being sick around the elderly really isn’t nice. It’s worthy of questioning comment. It’s cruel to willfully be near elders when one isn’t feel up to par because their immune systems may not be functioning well.

  18. One of two things….Dunbar doesn’t believe in the virus and felt totally safe doing what he did. Or, he wanted to spread infection so get more publicity for the virus. You know the Democrats want more deaths, this will create more fear which leads to greater compliance with mandates. Wonder which one…I’m thinking the second one.

  19. And to think this doofus was almost mayor. It doesn’t matter if you trust the efficacy of masks or vaccines – if you are sick, stay away from vulnerable populations. It’s called common sense.

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