Firearm sales skyrocket


With nearly two months left before the end of the year, firearms sales in the U.S. already have blown past the record set in 2016.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation says there already have been 17.2 million National Instant Criminal Background Check System background checks this year, compared to 15.7 million in 2016.

Firearm purchases increased in every month since March, and more than 1.7 million background checks were conducted in October alone. That is about a 60 percent jump over the same period last year.

So far this year, nearly 5 million Americans have bought firearms for the first time.

What is driving the purchases? The pandemic. Violent protests. Promises to defund the police. Looting. Lockdowns. A general feeling that if you want a gun, you should get now because a Second Amendment advocate’s worst nightmare may be about to come true.

Joe Biden has promised draconian gun control measures. He even says he will use executive orders to carry out his vision of a disarmed America. Those increased numbers of firearms purchases may, indeed, make it tougher for him to pull it off, but no doubt he will try.

As always, we encourage training and gun safety courses for new gun owners, while we all do the only thing we can:

Wait and see.

Read the Anchorage Daily Planet at this link.


  1. This is what you voted for America. Hope you like it

    4 years from now you’ll be pinning for the “sane” days of Obama.

  2. As much as you all hanker for armed conflict with Liberals, you really won’t like it once it starts.

    Just ask anyone from the former Yugoslavia…

    Yes – let’s have more guns! The more the merrier. In schools, in churches, in restaurants, on the streets, in polling places. Who wouldn’t want to live in such an armed Utopia?

    • Ok doggie, you’re gonna want to grab your Washington state heroin before you hear this, so get ready. People. Are. Carrying. Around. You. Every. Day.

      • Really, Fireflower, you need to start paying attention. Heroin has not been decriminalized in Washington. You’re thinking (?) about Oregon, I guess.

        Someday you will regret your gun worship. Mark my words.

        They only make weak people feel powerful.

      • Dear Flower Child:

        You need to keep up better with things. Heroin is still illegal in Washington. You’re apparently thinking (?) about recent changes in Oregon, which is a different State.

        Now, with regards to your thinly veiled threat/intimidation; I’m a gun owner but I don’t worship them as you apparently do. I believe that they need to be much more tightly regulated, as is done in other countries where I have lived, where gun crime is almost nonexistent. Regulate me.

        Mostly, I believe that people who carry are either paranoid individuals, or inherently weak people who need a gun to make them feel powerful. But many of them will eventually regret doing so, when their Hollywood vigilante dreams play out differently in reality.

        Those who live by the sword are destined die by the sword.

  3. Now if only ammo could be found. Without it, all you have is an expensive paperweight. I suspect it will be years before supply catches up with demand.

  4. Why buy the gun and go to the ammo shelf and realize you won’t be able to shoot it until after the civil war?


    At least you can butterknife brigade with a crossbow…

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