Financial reports show Bill Walker with the cash

Gov. Bill Walker is forging closer ties with China.

The year-start report with the Alaska Public Offices Commission shows former Gov. Bill Walker in the lead with funds raised for his gubernatorial campaign, as of Jan. 30.

By law, candidates must file year-start reports with APOC by Feb. 15 to show the public what they raised and spent to date, and this report reveals that between Walker and Democrat Les Gara, the liberal side of the governor’s race is bringing in the majority of the cash — and it’s coming to their campaigns from major donors who are giving them the maximum allowed by law.

Walker and Gara raised more than $1.2 million between them in their separate-but-friendly races for governor, while Dunleavy and Republican challenger Chris Kurka raised $411,648 between them. Kurka did not announce his campaign for governor until just before the legislative session and is not allowed to raise money for campaigns during session, but raised a significant amount, considering the time he had.

Here’s the breakdown:

$311,380 – Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Republican. The incumbent began with $48,426, raised $311,380, spent $89,874, ended Jan. 30 with $269,932 cash on hand, and $16,525 of debt. Most of the funds are from Alaska small donors. This is more money than Gov. Parnell and Gov. Walker raised at this point in their re-election campaigns; neither of them won their re-election.

$100,268Chris Kurka, Republican, plus $3,599 raised for Paul Hueper, who is Kurka’s running mate and who is now receiving the donations, since Kurka cannot raise money as a sitting lawmaker. Kurka began with $4,847, spent $35,429, and closed out with $69,686 cash on hand. Kurka made it to the $100,000 mark by declaring about $15,000 in non-monetary contributions, such as furniture, used sign frames and in-kind consultants; and he posted a $10,000 check from himself to his campaign.

Charlie Pierce, Republican. Pierce filed a letter of intent on Jan. 22, but has not yet filed a year-start report for the eight days in January prior to the Jan. 30 APOC deadline. His year-start report shows $1,000 from his own bank account.

$667,943 – Bill Walker, undeclared. The former governor spent $94,605, and had $ 573,338 cash on hand, with just $12,500 in debts owed. An additional report he filed with APOC shows him bringing over $46,699 from a prior campaign.

$533,583 – Les Gara, Democrat. He began with $5,901 cash, reported income of $533,583, spent $84,778 so far, and had just $1,047 in debt.

Walker has a lot of big donations, with more than 100 donors giving the maximum of $1,500; Gara has 60 donations of $1,500 or more.

In comparison, Dunleavy has gotten nearly all his donations from small donors. Some 1,387 of the 1,800 total donors to the Dunleavy campaign were in the $5-200 range, which indicates his base is still with him. He has far more donors than either Walker or Gara.

Dunleavy donations averaged $174, while Walker’s donations average $571 and Gara’s donations average $257.

Gara, who is is raising a lot of money from out-of-state lawyers, shows $21,500 raised from Washington (mostly Seattle area) lawyers.

As of Feb. 1, 82 attorneys gave to Gara, who is an attorney, while 61 attorneys gave to Walker, another attorney, and 31 gave to Dunleavy, a former school teacher and superintendent.


  1. Unbelievable. At a loss for why anyone would vote for Walker again. As my grandmother used to say in situations where people go back and do unbelievable things all over again: It’s like a dog going back to eat its own vomit.

    • No, Rollo, it’s more like a dog going to eat ANOTHER dog’s vomit!
      Who are all these obviously rich donors who are contributing the maximum to corrupt leftist statists like Walker and Gara? WHO???

  2. I seriously doubt walker and gara recieved that much money from alaskans, half of it will had come from outside the state. Take away the outside money and those two has as much as dunleavy and kurka. Alaskans just don’t give financially as much as we capable. We weren’t taught. Tithing wasn’t and still isn’t part of childhood learning, you know, seeing our parents budget, spend wisely, and be big tithers to church and missions. Growing up in a tithing family would make a difference, how little can be spent on individual interests so more goes out into mission work like campaigns to church.

    • If you’re familiar with the rest of this phrase “…the chrome off a doorknob.” That’s Walker wherever there’s a dime for him.

    • Walker wanted a cut in the Joe Biden deal with the head ChiCom. It’s in Hunter’s laptop. You could look it up. Hard to believe some Alaskans support this traitorous thief.

    • Have him be a permanent resident of China so he can freely ‘kowtow’! Walker needs to keep on walking and stay the h-ll away from Alaskan Patriots

  3. God help us if those Libtards get in, Walker proved he was against us with the crap he pulled with the PFD, and Les is vary less, for Alaskans.

  4. It’s obvious who is bankrolling Walker. The Chinese seem to really like him, as evidenced by the left handed handshake. He wants to sell out to them in a large way. It worked out well for the Clintons so why not? I can hardly wait for the adds that big money will put out for him. It’s proven that Alaskans have a short memory. Maybe the last gift from the Chinese will still be fresh come election time. But nobody wants to talk about that, so how about that airport in Africa. And who is in possession of all of our voter data?

    • Walker is a prostitute. He would sell anything of the State of Alaska to benefit himself and his cronies. We in DPS utterly hated his guts. He made a loyal buddy, the police chief of Valdez (maybe five commissioned members), Deputy DPS Commissioner just to spy on AST HQ and to reward him for favors done…

      • Rabbl,
        He’s worse than a prostitute. Prostitutes actually provide something as a service for money exchanged. Walker is just a plain thief. That was further proven with the PFD. Walker hangs out with scum. Proven with his child molester/pedophile running mate.
        Walker is immoral. Proven by his failure to rescue the teen girl who was assaulted by his running mate. Walker is a traitor. Proven by his willingness to kiss the a$$es of the Communist Chinese and invite them into our House to steal our resources.
        Walker may lead in donations, but his donors have the same immoral principles as the man himself. Birds of a feather….

        • Walker is a broken old man with no conscience. He’s in the race for one last crack at redemption……..not out of guilt, but out of self-pity and a deflated ego. His wife should interdict now, or face the same prospect that Jill Biden faces…….a spouse who left the room and wanders around in the twilight zone.

  5. The tyrannical and murderous Chinese Communist Party must be condemned and ostracized by the Free World, of which the USA was once the lead nation. Beginning with Bush I, the West’s illustrious bankers, manufacturers, universities, and politicians realized, “Hey, we can clean up financially by doing business with the Chinese government… er, people!” Naturally, the CCP played along in order to steal the West’s industrials processes, scientific secrets, computer software and hardware, and have neatly co-opted the universities with grants and Chinese students. Today the CCP corporations are purchasing US companies and farmlands. Having been duped with the “free trade brings peace” lie, we the people have permitted our so-called elite to sow their political and economic nonsense to the wind, and now we the people must reap the whirlwind of C-19 death and CCP economic blackmail. I once voted for Walker, but came to see that he a joke at best, and a malignant politician at worst.

  6. Let’s face it, when we look at the scheming of Walker minion Scott Kendall and the former Walker AG, we can see that Walker has been running for 4 years, through dirty tricks and sabotage of Dunleavy’s term. What I expect to see is Sorros money and Chinese money in spades and well camouflaged to get Walker back in office. Studies seem to show that the Chinese own a lot of Africa because their “aid” came in the form of a debt loan which was then foreclosed on when the project went south, and got them a lot of valuable property like airports and other valuables put up as collateral. It was Dunleavy that canceled the deal the Chinese had with Walker in Alaska. Now if Walker gets in again, what will Walker put up as collateral for that gas pipeline he want to build? The PFD? Alaska oil? God help Alaska! And just why did he expend so much effort to dislodge Dunleavy? Is there anything going on we don’t know about? By the way he has operated, Walker cannot be trusted.

  7. If Walker wins, I’ll be 100% convinced our elections have been hijacked and I’ll be demanding a full forensic audit.
    Walker is a thief and Alaskans know it. That’s his legacy. The Governor that stole half of Alaskans PFD.

  8. Again, money alone DOES NOT elect a person. It’s the will of the people who vote..It’s hard to understand why people gage a winning vote on the $$$..It helps with the expenses they endure(advertizing, and all the other expenses involved), but that alone does not make a candidate to win.

  9. Wow! Democrats already filling their war chests with soros bucks!
    That would include Bill “The Thief” walker.

  10. Does anyone have eyes on the facebook live “performances” Walker did where he was literally wearing the Chinese flag on his lapel? I can’t find them anymore. I am not a “prostitute” and don’t want to be sold to another country! WALKER IS A WASTE TO THE PLANET! Where are the green planet people on that waste of space?!

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