Fight night: Bronson debates Dunbar (and moderator Palsha) in lively ‘conversation’


Dave Bronson, running for Anchorage mayor, found he was debating both his opponent Forrest Dunbar and moderator Rebecca Palsha, as the KTUU-Alaska’s News Source “conversation” devolved into an argument between a “wise dad” and an “angry teen” Wednesday.

The debate contrasted the styles and perspectives of two who would lead Anchorage over the next three years. Bronson described himself as a blue-collar worker, commercial pilot, military guy, and a leader who would set Anchorage on a better path. The runoff election is underway, with ballots in mailboxes and a deadline of May 11 to get them into drop boxes.

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Dunbar badgered Bronson for having campaign get-togethers without masks, and promoted his own accomplishments as an Assemblyman for the city. Dunbar became increasingly agitated, and the longer the debate went, the faster he spoke and the more frustrated he appeared.

Asked how he would have handled the pandemic differently, Bronson said he would have stuck with the original plan of social distancing to not allow the case rates to exceed the medical community’s ability to deal with it, pointing to the number of ICU beds as a barometer.

Bronson explained that at first the policy goal of the mayor had been to “flatten the curve. But over the summer, the rules changed.”

The municipal policy shifted to, “No one was supposed to get this virus. This would be the first virus in the history of the world that no one was supposed to get, I guess, by government edict,” Bronson said.

Of the handling of the epidemic in Anchorage, Bronson continued: “We have shut down businesses, we’ve destroyed lives. We’ve shut down our churches and our schools,” Bronson said. “I’ve never seen a community in worse shape than this community.”

Dunbar, however, defended the municipality’s policy, saying the pandemic was a first in history.

“This was a once in a lifetime event, a pandemic unlike anything we had ever seen before. It was a deadly and dangerous virus and it still is. The good news is that the people of Anchorage, for the most part, came together to do the right thing. People social distanced. People wore masks. People worked together to try to prevent the spread of this infection and because of that Anchorage had some of the lowest levels of hospitalizations and deaths for a city our size in the country.”

Dunbar admitted that the municipality had made mistakes that prevented the reopening of schools in the fall. He did not elaborate on those mistakes but said “then we worked very hard, particularly in December to get schools open, to get churches open, to get businesses open.”

That was not true. He fought opening the city in December. Must Read Alaska has the video.

Dunbar said that “Anchorage is now basically down to a mask mandate only.” That happened this week during an Assembly meeting, when his campaign ally Assemblyman Chris Constant moved to remove nearly all edicts governing businesses in Anchorage. It was seen by critics as a gesture to save Dunbar’s campaign.

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Bronson, throwing a punch of his own, said, “You’ve used your experience to destroy the city.”

As for Dunbar’s 10-point plan to rebuild the city, Bronson replied that the real 10-point plan needed is to get 10 new leaders at the city — 9 on the Assembly and a new mayor.

Moderator Rebecca Palsha threw softball questions at Dunbar and saved her hardballs for Bronson, and she and co-moderator Mike Ross remained mute while Dunbar interrupted Bronson repeatedly and then would not yield the mic.

Throughout the evening, Dunbar became more and more agitated. When asked why he wasn’t endorsed by the police union, Dunbar was visibly angry. He called Bronson a liar several times, and Palsha and Ross allowed it. But at once point Bronson said, “You don’t have the sense God gave an anvil.”

Dunbar finally lost his composure at the end of the debate, when Bronson explained that Dunbar’s statements about the U.S. Constitution were what finally drove Bronson to file for mayor.

Dunbar interrupted him, “I did not say that. I didn’t say that.” Dave replied, “We have the video.” Must Read Alaska‘s YouTube channel, in fact, captured that video from a meeting last summer, when Dunbar was describing the racist origins of America and how our constitutional law is based on racist policy. Roll tape:


  1. The people of this city need to wake up. Christopher Constant, Felix Rivera, and Forrest Dunbar’s ideology is a blight on our city. It will take years as it is to recover from the damage they have done (also Berkowitch) as it is. I cannot imagine more years of this failed leadership. They are communists, plain and simple. Eventually, they will run out of everyone else’s money, and then what? We are all “created” equal, and then we have liberty and the pursuit of happiness ~ to be free and make our own decisions. Never, will we all be “equal” after the day we are born. Some will pursue their greatness, some will make other choices, and some will not thrive due to circumstances beyond their control. The commies believe we must all be reduced to the lowest common denominator, while their “leadership” enjoys the riches of others and line their pockets. There are two kinds of people: Those that sign the front of the checks, and those that sign the back. We know what group these clowns fall into.

  2. Yup, Dunbar is the biggest fabricator of them all. He has consistently said things from the dais that are contrary to individual rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution and the State Constitution.

  3. “This was a once in a lifetime event, a pandemic unlike anything we had ever seen before. It was a deadly and dangerous virus and it still is.” No, Mr. Dunbar. There are people living who have been through pandemics.

    I hope Bronson wins.

  4. Forrest Dunbar continues to demonstrate reason after reason why he should never have gotten into any position of political power and why his involvement with government at any level must be brought to the end very soon and never allowed to happen again….

  5. Debate in public is always good. But this election is going to boil down to those support the pandemic restrictions and those that do not.

  6. He’s a Democrat and they believe they can say anything that they want without being fact checked on it. Dunbar got caught in his lies and the citizens (most anyway) will tell him what they think when Bronson wins the election. And how is it that liberals always get to moderate these debates. Palsha and Ross should be ashamed of their lack of fairness in this debate.

  7. Dunbar is simply on his way up, first the assembly, then mayor, then state government probably governorship, then on to the U.S. House or Senate. He has a plan folks, it must be stopped, NOW.

  8. Governance has no place for petulant children. Bronson was the adult in the room.

    If you want this “plandemic” to be over, vote Bronson. It’s as simple as that.

    Then we can start fixing what Dunbar, Rivera, Constant and She Who Must Be Obeyed have broken.

    Tell your friends to vote! Offer to drive them to the drop box. Get an ice cream. Enjoy the sun. But vote!

  9. Dunbar is desperate! He will say and do whatever it takes by hook or crook! With his comments about the US Constitution I don’t know how he lives with himself when he makes a living off the very country he despises! I guess he backs up when he picks up is check!

  10. You can see the hate in Dunbar. He just exudes it. He hates the constitution, he’s said so, and by extension, the country for whom he wears the uniform of and presumably leads men and women under the banner of.

    But most of all, he hates free, independent men and women, of Anchorage, Alaska, and America. Vote him out, if you can, because you can better believe they have already coronated him within the media and the bureaucracy, and most likely have already printed enough pre filled ballots to secure it. You’ll need to have 20% more votes to achieve a 2% margin of victory.

  11. The guy who loves the republic and the wonderfully clear old clear words of the US Constitution founders is the only way forward for this community comprising fully one half the state’s population.

  12. “This was a once in a lifetime event, a pandemic unlike anything we had ever seen before. It was a deadly and dangerous virus and it still is.”
    That is a bald faced lie, pushed by politicians with an insatiable lust for power over every minute detail of your lives, and those politicians had and still have, massive help from the Democrat MSM.
    Come on Anchorage people, get off your duffs and vote. If you have another 18-20% voter turnout and Dunbar wins, then you deserve what happens to you for the next three years…..

  13. I don’t think the media should moderate anything, they are bias and leftist leaning. KTUU was a big supporter of Walker, they ran “news” items that hurt Sean Parnell during the campaign. Akaska has a news monopoly with Gray, which needs to be broken up.

  14. I like the idea non profits that are serving services to homeless, addicts, and mentally ill do not take government money and they sorely rely upon generous donations from the community and businesses like Anchorage Gospel Mission’s sore revenue source comes from in-kind donations.
    Until these needy peoples can learn to provide for their own basic needs and study Christ, then it doesn’t matter how many nor how big the buildings are for the homeless if the services hadn’t taught clients their own autonomy.
    If a non profit always expects government money to come and pay for its existence, then the reliability of it doesn’t bring about much change out of the staff and those broken-hearted people don’t receive the appropriate attention, care, and services for regaining their Independence from very little to without government assistance. Because No human being really wants to be dependent on someone for their own sustenance.

  15. I have never met Bronson, but I am starting to like this man, a lot. Bronson telling Forrest, “you don’t have the sense that God gave an anvil” is the best publicly uttered political statement I’ve heard in years. Go Bronson.

  16. Ak news source is another hot tub of liberal misinformation now. KTUU has fallen to their left wing overlords and now uses its power to subvert conservatives, conservatism or anything not lock step in line with the progressive left. No doubt they had their sights set on catching Bronson in a “Gotcha” moment, good for him rising above and staying professional.

  17. “This (covid 19) was a once in a lifetime event, a pandemic unlike any we had ever seen before…” Yes, dumbar is so right. The bubonic plague, Spanish influenza, ebola, and others were nothing in comparison. Will somebody please send him Craig Campbell’s article with that excellent comparative graph showing the numbers of people that perished from each pandemic?

  18. This election is going to boil down to how many of the surplus ballots that were dropped from the sky are going to end up in the hands of Dunbar workers.

  19. “Forrest Dunbar continues to demonstrate reason after reason why he should never have gotten into any position of political power and why his involvement with government at any level must be brought to the end very soon and never allowed to happen again….”
    And why the hell do they allow him to be in the National Guard?! The man hates the Constitution.

  20. Where is our esteemed Dr. Dan for a psych evaluation on Demento Dumbar. I see a severe anti social personality disorder. I would love to hear from Dr. Dan on this one.

  21. KTUU is in the democrat tank, they are bias toward republicans and conservatives, the media has no business moderating anything!

  22. Palsha is a liberal hack just like all the other “reporters” at KTUU, ADN, and a variety of other local news sources. They will always favor fellow lefties and counter conservatives, whether consciously or unconsciously. That is who they are, because journalistic objectivity died a long time ago.

  23. Maybe it’s all the stress of the last year and now a race for mayor, but Forrest looks sickly. Could just be that he is on a vegan diet though, those people almost always look sickly.

  24. MF and Elizabeth Henry, don’t forget to add malaria to your lists of diseases of which Dunbar is unaware.
    Vote Dunbar for More of the Same. Or vote Bronson to get us out of the ditch.

  25. Forrest appears to have a very thin skin, something that would be good to remember and lots of fun to poke at now that we know it. Cheers –

  26. I missed the debate and no where on KTUU can it be found, unless it is well hidden. Guess Forrest didn’t do so well!

  27. Dunbar … City is under masking only.
    As if that’s it from the Assembly /Mayor cabal.
    Just re-elect this clown … and they’ll
    Be back “shuttering & destroying our economy “.
    The solution :
    RED —Remove Every Democrat & Fake Nonpartisan

  28. “a pandemic unlike anything we had ever seen before”.. Really Dunbar..? I guess the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 slipped your mind. What was the death rate of that pandemic to the latest Wuhan Flu SCAMdemic..? Lets see what you and your deep state has created.. Prices rising on food and fuel, loss of freely traveling unmolested, requiring face diapers to enter some buildings, working on restricting our right to freely travel unmolested, working feverishly on how to require vaccinations and issuing “passports” for a vaccine that does not work and can have debilitating life-long side effects.

  29. Dunbar should have Never accepted this debate! He was out classed, out played and uncovered as a liar and fraud! The “say anything” and “deny everything” is an apparent lack of moral compass which translates into a quest for power (ends justify the means) over your Life and the continued deconstruction of our liberties and freedom provided in our Constitution he hates. So the take away here is he’s in this campaign like so many of his democratic friends to destroy the very tenets of our founding.

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