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Feds: Masks once again required in Denali National Park facilities, buses included

You can hike in the fresh air, but if you’re on one of the buses inside Denali National Park, or using the facilities, you’ll be required to don a face mask again. So says the National Park Service, which reinstitute a mask mandate for Alaska’s most famous national park.

That mask mandate applies to anyone 2 years of age and older, regardless of vaccination status.

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The mask mandate takes effect Friday.

The park mandate is following U.S. Interior Department guidelines, which require masks when Covid-19 community levels reach a high status in the surrounding area.

Mask requirements are based on the CDC COVID-19 Community Levels for the Denali Borough and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. And the insanity continues!
    God how I loathe these stupid, evil leftist statists and their absolute LOVE of their equally stupid and evil mask mandates! Anything to signal, and coerce, conformity to and compliance with their nonsensical, irrational, iron-fisted rule.

  2. Can’t blame CDC for trying desperately to keep their crisis alive while productive Americans seem to be getting distracted by factual issues they perceive as far more important to them…
    Seems reasonable to expect Alaska’s senators will quickly sponsor a Senate resolution banning mask mandates on land managed by the Park Service, something to the effect that no appropriated funds shall be used to order, enforce, or otherwise coerce mask wearing.

  3. Why not require people to wear orange socks? That does just as much good, and doesn’t cause respiratory infections.

  4. Oh for petes sake!!
    We just drove thru there last weekend and the only ones we saw with a mask were those most likely irritated by the heavy smoke.
    People on buses were unmasked as well as most drivers we saw. What’s the big emergency Feds?? Losing money??
    We are so so over this bs over mandates the puppeteers hold over our heads with Covid or whatever flavor of the month virus is around.
    The second they wanna throw the switch, oh we’re back to masks! Don’t think so! Don’t visit the national parks, not until this bs stops!

  5. They just love the science until the science doesn’t fit their agenda, which is control.

  6. > required to don a face mask again

    A talisman against fear.

    They say the past is a foreign country, but we are as primitive and superstitious as we ever were. We just have more tech.

  7. My brother’s coming to visit in August and wants to take the bus into Denali. I was thinking of going w/him. Now, it’s just best that I don’t go at all. 🙁

  8. Right on time as expected
    By election mid terms it will be full on Holocough again
    Dementia Joe can hide out and the puppet masters taking down our Republic will have even less resistance
    Hard to believe it could be less though

  9. Idiots! Was recently in the hospital Emergency Room with my wife. Lots of vaccinated people there with Covid. Being unvaccinated & Covid free we were very worried to be that close to these Super Spreaders who will likely be infected with Long Covid for life.

  10. The so-called covid virus has never been isolated. The PCR is not a test, but a process. As such, it is able to produce a positive “test” for “covid” (or any other pathogen depending on the number of cycles of amplification) from an inanimate object or from a mummy thousands of years old.
    We need to stop repeating the false narrative of the evil powers that are seeking to control every aspect of human existence.

  11. Only liked it to be able to comment. This is an important article Suzanne needs to write about to correct the record, please! Get the info out! ‘

  12. Anybody remember The Great Denali Trespass of 1979? My first act of civil disobedience! Sounds like time for another one, sans face masks!

  13. Why hasn’t our Governor had anything to say to the Alaskans, that he took an oath of office to serve, about all the serious adverse reactions to the C shots that are being reported in VAERS and the other two major sites designed to track vaccine injuries ? These aren’t headaches and sore arms, they are death and horrible life changing reactions to a vaccine that has now been shown, by the Pfizer documents and new data that they are NOT safe and effective. The way that all of our Alaska politicians shy away from this information that is absolutely crucial to Alaskans shows their total incompetence (or worse). Now they are shooting into our babies! I encourage Alaskans to start asking these clowns why they don’t speak up every chance you get, wherever you find them.
    There is a ton of evidence showing this and still the people we vote into office to look out for our welfare aren’t saying a word. Get a copy of Bodies of Others by Naomi Wolf and start to find out the very disturbing truth. Also check out these two sites:

  14. All the respiratory viruses constantly exist in about 1% of the population. Establishing 2000 COVID infections as being high is crazy. That’s the baseline. If we had quick tests for influenza, adenovirus, rhinovirus or the other common ones, we would see similar numbers but we don’t have quick tests for them and we aren’t screening for them to get in the hospital or because we get a runny nose.

  15. Nature hates a vaccuum. The WEF agenda will do, nicely, as the world leaders gracefully vacate their leadership premises. Of course, face diapers will be enforced and green fema spaces directed with grace by dealth department eugenecists.

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