Fashion review: Patagonia wants to own camo as ‘bear witness’ color



Patagonia – the California-based clothing company that last winter announced its new corporate mission is to “Save the Planet” – might be planning a stealth offensive.

For the first time ever, the environmentally active business that helped bring Alaska “amateur bear expert” Timothy Treadwell is marketing camouflage outerwear.

Patagonia bills its “Bear Witness Camo” in wind shells, down sweaters,  bike jerseys and more as a “new color.”

Camouflage clothing has traditionally been marketed to hunters and the military – groups Patagonia has in the generally tried to avoid. Thus the new color caught the attention of Rod Arno, director of the Alaska Outdoor Council.

“Crack me up,” the leader of the state’s largest hunting and fishing organization. “The anti-hunting outdoor clothing manufacture has to sell camo now to stay in business?

“For years, I took a picture of myself and Patagonia gear with a dead animal, and they sent it back every year saying they did not support hunting.”

Patagonia has not revealed its motives for going camo, but the “color” is trending in fashion markets. The company founded by climber Yvon Chouinard has long had a strong fashion sense and good timing which, along with some higher prices, has sometimes led to Patagonia being mocked in Alaska as Pata-Gucchi.

“Camouflage Is Back (Yes, Again) and Here’s How to Wear It,” GQ magazine headlined late last summer.

“The motif is masculine, muted, and not complicated to reproduce on the cheap, which makes it too tempting for designers and brands both high and low to pass up,” wrote the magazine’s Megan Gustashaw.

Yes, you can’t get much more masculine than combat attire.

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  1. This one of the companies that sold a lot of fleece? Helping to pollute the waterways and ocean with micro plastics. Which enter the food chain faster and easier.

  2. I wouldn’t say that they have avoided the military; Patagonia has been manufacturing uniform and outerwear systems for the military for many years now! A simple google search would yield a lot of info on that.

  3. Patagucci wearers (on average) are all about social justice and fighting “the establishment”.. cursing the patriarchy, the military, and the police while wearing $600 jackets and sipping their Starbucks. The irony!

  4. I’m a hunter and I still wear a red hat and a red jacket when on hunts. I dont trust pot smokers who own Patagonia gear and Weatherbys that they can’t load themselves.

  5. It’s also called “rapidly losing market share due to corporate virtue signalling-stock price be damned”

    As goes Gillette, so goes Patagonia.

  6. Pata-Gucchi is Berkowitz’s go-to business suit. When he actually does show up at events or a meeting, he is usually in some sort of khaki pant, sturdy hiking type shoe, button-down shirt that hasn’t been close to an iron, a face that hasn’t seen a razor in a while and a Pata-Gucchi jacket. He really puts on a good look as the leader of the largest city in the largest state in the union that is the crossroads to the world. Way to go Ethan!

  7. It’s not even good quality any more. Walmart sells better clothes than Patagucci. I’ll stick with Carhartt and a few other actual working brands. Screw fashion.

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