Fallout continues: Bronson HR director resigns


Mayor Dave Bronson has named Raylene Griffith as the acting director of the Human Resources Department, as the mayor accepted the resignation of Anchorage H.R. Director Niki Tshibaka today.

Tshibaka was named Director of Human Resources on July 1, 2021. He previously served the state of Alaska as deputy commissioner of the Department of Education.

Griffith has worked for the Municipality since 2013 in a variety of roles in the Human Resources Department and is currently the Labor Relations director.

Tshibaka has become ensnared in a number of problems in the Bronson Administration, and is the current focal point for the Anchorage Assembly’s war against the mayor, and after it became clear that former Health Director Joe Gerace had manufactured his education. The blame was placed on Tshibaka’s department, although the vetting of new employees in the Bronson Administration followed the same procedure the city had done for years.

The Assembly held an hours’ long executive session, closed to the public, over the Gerace matter late last month.

Niki Tshibaka is married to Kelly Tshibaka, who ran against Sen. Lisa Murkowski in 2022, and came in second in the field of four on the November ballot. Niki Tshibaka has a Harvard Law degree and has been involved in Christian ministry and church leadership.

Tshibaka is the latest highly placed person to resign or be fired from the Bronson administration. Municipal Manager Amy Demboski was fired by the mayor, and Deputy Chief of Staff Brice Wilbanks resigned. Also resigning was Acting City Attorney Blair Christensen, whose last day is Feb. 8.


  1. No, Anchorage Assembly, you are not the acting HR Director and you are forbidden from “reaching out” for that space or position. Nothing for YOU to do here that is legal. Back off.

  2. Just imagine pretending the blame for hiring someone who fabricated his military, educational, and work history belongs with anyone other than the HR director.
    That is the world you are being asked to believe in.

  3. Mayor Bronson is cleaning house and trouble makers are being purged for the benefit of the city and dealing with an upside-down assembly that will do anything to avenge Forrest Dunbar’s mayoral election loss.
    I am behind Mayor Bronson, a man who served his country as a former fighter pilot and is a no nonsense leader that delivers 😉

    • Former HR director, Niki Tshibaka, was completely responsible for hiring the fraudster Joe Gerace to head the Muni’s health department. A simple Google search would have provided all that anybody needed to know about bad old Joe. And Tshibaka was completely in error when he chose to wear a t-shirt with the words “I’m with Judy” at a Muni meeting during which Judy Eledge, who did not have the required credentials for the position she was given, was under discussion.

      Tshibaka was never qualified for the HR position the mayor gave him and should have been fired well before now. Did the assembly’s subpoena motivate this action?

      Although I would prefer that Tshibaka return (at his own expense) to whatever he was doing in DC before Mike Dunleavy paid over $70,000.00 to move that family to Alaska, my guess is that Dunleavy will rehire the unqualified Tshibaka for a different state position for which he again will be equally unqualified.

      • RINO; all this fuss over unplowed roads, amidst record snowfall, real Alaskans don’t cry about snow.

        • The last week hasn’t been record snowfall and yet we still don’t see graders hitting side streets or residential areas. I’m not sure who a “real Alaskan” is outside of a Native, but thousands of people who live here are irked and disappointed with the lack of snow removal. That crush of snow in early December was one thing, but since 2023 started, plowing efforts appear to be lackluster. Maybe McKenna is dragging its feet now that they have to pay market rate for fuel.

          • As of today neighborhood streets had been plowed and widen. Its just not cleared to your perfection standard. At least city roads plus sidewalks looking better than during berkowitz terms.

        • Doesn’t change the facts that his incompetent Anchorage Baptist temple tongue talking government wasn’t prepared.

  4. This may be odd to say but Gerace actually did a satisfactory or great job in that nebulous position. It evolved to endless people pleasing which Gerace did. And serving imaginative, energetic, hyper alarmist bureaucrats. That was handled nicely as required. I thought he was just right for the job. His background was all that was needed to get Anchorage over the hysteric period and transition to less insanity. I thank him for that service.

  5. At the state of Alaska The HR DIrector relies upon HR techs class employee(s) to verify the resumes for jobs. He or she will seldom do that herself.
    Someone much more junior will confirm all resumes. I believe that is the case at the muni as well. Hysterics are seldom the answer.

    • However as head of department he was responsible.

      No hysterics. Gerace committed fraud. Either Tshibaka knew or his department failed to find that out. Both are quite concerning from a governance standpoint.

  6. Well plowed out over here in south Anchorage. Of course there’s snow banked up along my street( Evander Dr) but it’s very costly to do full on snow removal and usually doesn’t happen until closer to spring. Maybe y’all should move over here and better yet to south Florida!!

  7. “….the vetting of new employees in the Bronson Administration followed the same procedure the city had done for years.” Not according to Tshibaka, not regarding Gerace. Please read his letter of resignation.

  8. The then new HR DIrector reasonably defaulted to the state HR “practices”. The new Mayor had reasonable assumptions. Most employees were told by the Assmbly not to come to work. The actual voting public was locked out. No one could do anything. The assembly actually wiped the very valuable, historic, city web page. Total chaos. Now they have evolved to prim pollyannas with garden party sensitivities and garden party manners as the unconstitutional equitarian charlatans king themselves at “work” sessions. LOL. HOLD UP HERE!

  9. It has come to the point that alpha males may not attend the assembly meetings. They must communicate (freedom of political speech) at publicly noticed assembly of the public meetings in an effeminate manner while financing the same by the public to avoid testifying in the snow banks in the geo-engineered snowstorms designed to delimit population movement as they stand-up equitarian enslavements designed international globalists in subnoral male speech patterns. Also the US Constitution is delimited to a de moc racy which actually is mob rule. We don’t and never had a democracy. We have a friendly, capitalistic, three branch republic form of government guaranteed to every American equally no matter where we live in the United States. Fundamentally changing from a republic is insurrection.

  10. This guy is unqualified for the position he’d been in and is the same thing as Gerace albeit one of them fibbed about being unqualified and the other was hired as unqualified.

    His wife attempted to represent herself as Alaskan when she clearly is not. She also stretched legality where commercial fishing is concerned, lied about being a resident on her own fishing license, etc. Let these people go; they’re not made of the stuff you respect in others.

  11. According to his bio Niki is a Harvard Law Graduate. Sorry no excuse for his behavior. To say the higher ups made him breeze through the hiring process and play like he did not know he was doing a wrong action is ludicrous. You are responsible for your actions. Either move to Florida or back to DC. Love to see the in depth work Niki did for the Department of Education. Probably a great family man. But a lobbyist is a lobbyist. Leave him out of public office.

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