Fake news alert: Operative Scott Kendall tries to shame governor for being out of state, but his troll work comes up short


Recall Dunleavy lawyer Scott Kendall went on Twitter today to tell the world what a shame it is that Gov. Mike Dunleavy is in New Jersey with former President Donald Trump at a fundraiser for Dunleavy’s reelection bid.

Only it just wasn’t true. One look at Dunleavy’s Facebook page makes it clear that he is in Alaska on Friday, and in fact was at a ceremony to thank Korean War veterans that was held at the Kincaid Chalet in Anchorage.

Dunleavy had planned to go on a fundraising trip to the Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey, but when the Legislature failed to pass a budget, and a shutdown of state government loomed, he changed his plans. Evidently no one told Scott “Scooter” Kendall.

“Where is @GovDunleavy? Well he’s on his way to a big $ fundraiser back East (charging $5k for a photo must be nice!” Hanging out in New Jersey while AK suffers. SAD!” Kendall wrote.

While Kendall was busy critiquing on social media, Dunleavy was posting his own message: “What a privilege to join and honor our Korean War Veterans in Anchorage this morning. On the eve of Korea-Alaska Friendship Day, we thank our heroes who served our country and answered freedom’s call.”


  1. If I was Gov Dunleavy I would send a press release announcing I was staying in state to focus on the budget issue facing the state. This would send a clear message to residents that his priority is here in Alaska.

  2. Hey Suzanne – good work – how can we play this up to expose Kendall for the partisan foolish idiot that he is and destroy his influence?

  3. Typical liberal…… Lie,Lie,Lie
    Pathetic, even worse most of the Democrats in his echo chamber will thumbs up or like this post without even questioning its validity.

  4. It’s True right, if it’s on the internet ?
    More lies, the Sheep just following their Leaders, who are even bigger liars
    Stop the madness

  5. Scott Kendall is just doing junior patrol work for his ex-boss, the shamed and disgraced, former governor Bill Walker. Kendall doesn’t do normal lawyer’s work because he lacks the skill-set. Recalls and political skalliwagging is his business. His dad-in-law, Luke Hopkins, the former mayor up in Fairbanks and his brother-in-law the ultra-Leftie in the Legislature, Grier Hopkins, don’t exactly lend additional creedence to Kendall’s skimpy resume’.

  6. On social media this guy is the explainer and defender of the Alaska House Majority, as enabled by Stutes, Merrick and Rasmussen.

  7. Kendall starts a recall effort, against a Gov that has done nothing statutorily to warrant one, gets a corrupt judiciary to go along, then chastises the governor for raising money, to fight the recall.

    Just when you think they couldn’t be any more petty, dishonest, hypocritical or corrupt; Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the American left.

  8. I presume that Scott Kendall’s real problems began when he married into the Hopkins family. Fairbanks seems to breed some real winners. LOL.?

  9. The Dunleavy Recall is nothing more than the Revenge of Bill Walker. Walker is a hateful, frustrated, and vengeful old man. He uses certain people like Scott Kendall to advance his revenge. And he’s still hiding out at the Brena Law Office.

  10. Little Scotty is obsessed with his hatred of Dunleavy. The Guy took his kingdom and he is never going to let it go! Grow up Kendall. Time to move on!

  11. To G. White from a student of Alaska Politics: Bravo! You should email the governor and tell him exactly that – so he can take full advantage of the lie just put out! At least Big Mike put out the announcement on his Facebook page along with pictures so Alaskans could see what the truth was. Good for him!

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