Fairbanks school board lifts mask mandate


When students return from their winter break in Fairbanks, they won’t be required to wear masks, unless there is a flare-up of Covid-19 at their particular school.

The school board voted 4-3 on Tuesday to lift the mandate after cases throughout the district have dropped. Last week only 15 positive Covid tests were reported among the Fairbanks public schools and most schools have had no cases of Covid for the past week, according to the district’s data dashboard.

Unlike Haines, where cases of Covid are almost zero and where there have only been 16 cases reported in the past 21 months, Fairbanks is lifting the mandate for now.

The vote came after lengthy testimony from parents, with many in the meeting refusing to wear masks and calling for mass civil disobedience if the mask mandate continues.


  1. No way Deena Bishop is going to drop Anchorage’s without it being a fail safe option. She’s not going to risk any dirt getting on her before she leaves. Most likely ASD stays masked to summer break then she can take her resume to a bigger more progressive academia and leave the fish in the frying pan for the next superintendent to deal with. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the next super will drop the worthless masks, but Anchorage being Anchorage it will most likely be a north California liberal that doubles down on c-19 and CRT craziness

  2. Schools were shut down while we went to work. Kids have had mask mandates while the adults didn’t. They are more likely to suffer from issues of breathing in their own breath continuously as they play. Schools were the first to mandate shots on adults. Yet kids are, by a long shot, the least vulnerable, get infected far less often, and transmit the least. And teachers can easily spend time all day without being within 6 feet of other adults. While kids are the easiest to frighten needlessly, permanently messing with their ability to think critically. Impressionable kids have made the biggest sacrifices to their long lives ahead of them while being the least at risk and are the least likely to spread. My only hope is that of this is all evaluated in the future and seen as a huge embarrassment where adults in charge did nothing but show major flaws in their character as they let themselves be ruled by fear and hysterical and shameless finger pointers that should have been the last people that influenced our path ahead.

  3. So Fairbanks parents now have a CHOICE of whether to mask their kids.

    Liberals love to champion “choice.” But only if one makes the choice that liberals endorse!

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m just afraid it might be a bait and switch to up enrollment. We started fall semester with no masks and then they changed policy after 2 weeks. But I’ll try and remain optimistic.

  5. It is heartening to see that some have concluded that the benefits of masks are quite limited. I have yet to be presented with a persuasive study that supports masking by the general public. My views may make some on the Left apoplectic with rage. If so, good.

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