Fairbanks borough rolls out ‘vaccine passport’ for unmasked employees


Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Bryce Ward said that employees of the borough can start bringing in their proof of Covid-19 vaccination to Human Resources on Monday, and by June 1, all employees and patrons who are vaccinated will not be required to wear face coverings in Borough facilities.

Ward said that patrons and guests will be informed of the borough policy at entries and will be instructed to self-enforce, but employees will need to show proof before they will be exempt from mandatory masking policy.

Those employees who wish to continue to wear masks are not required to provide any information to HR, and those who are vaccinated may also choose to continue to wear a mask in facilities, Ward said in a memo to borough employees.

“Staff that violate the masking policy will be disciplined in accordance with Borough procedures,” Ward wrote.


  1. What about those who have natural immunity because they got sick? That immunity is better than a vaccine and no one is giving credit to survivors. Vaccine Passports are anti-science.

  2. They are violating a person’s HIPPA rights by making them show their medical history to someone besides their private Doctor. Gurantee there will be a lawsuit brought against the borough.

  3. Our governor needs to act like a governor with some actual leadership.

    Put an end to all of this.

    • Exactly, this is complete HS and can’t be mandatory since it’s emergency authorization and not passed by the FDA. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  4. And Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis just completed a study showing long lasting immune protection from mild or even asymptomatic cases of COVID, based on bone marrow biopsies. So those of us who had it-do we need the experimental, DNA altering jab in order to not wear a worthless mask? Or how about as free citizens we can make our choices about our bodies? Say no to tyrants.

  5. If you do not have proof of vaccination you will be required to wear a mask toward what end? If vaccinated people are truly benefitting from the vaccination, then the only significant risk of infection from an unmasked person is shared by people without vaccinations. People working for the Fairbanks borough who haven’t been vaccinated, at this point in time, are making an informed decision not to. Many people believe that getting a vaccination for an illness with a survivability rate of over 90% for all groups of people who aren’t already extremely ill is unnecessary. So, if the only people at risk of infection have anyway decided the risk is practically benign (enough to refuse vaccination), why do they have to wear masks to prevent themselves from contracting an illness that they already dismissed as a reasonable danger to themselves? Modern medical ethics is based on informed consent, but apparently that consent is stripped away in times of mass hysteria. I could get into the lack of evidence regarding the efficacy of surgical marks in the prevention of COVID-19 infecting, but the absurd reasoning for this policy is obvious independent of that. This is cult behavior meant to affix a physical totem on the bodies of the unbelievers, and it is dehumanizing.

  6. MATHEW MYERS wrote:
    “Our governor needs to act like a governor with some actual leadership. Put an end to all of this.”

    Our governor is too busy bending over to stand tall for Alaska.

  7. “Those employees who wish to continue to wear masks…”

    Clever how they turned the words around on that. I bet they spent hours in a staff meeting coming up with that one.

  8. Love thy neighbor as thyself. I cannot stand six feet away from myself. Therefore I approach, shake hands and give all who accept, a great big Alaskan Bear hug. Neither did Jesus nor any of his apostles stand six feet away from those whom they laid their hands upon to give them a blessing.
    Socialist Elite Doctors, are using covid 19 as a scare tactic to demand compliance with their illegal mandates.

  9. “disciplined in accordance with Borough procedures,”
    When did these procedures start, and who made them? Was it last year or now?
    More stupidness, madness, there trying to control you.
    No Diaper (a piece of absorbent material wrapped around a baby’s bottom) Masks for me.
    Get a life people, who is controlling who?
    Must be time to boycott Fairbanks.

  10. To Governor Dunleavy, please invoke your executive authority to stop this vaccine passport requirement.
    These may be be useful for drafting your executive order:

    Florida Executive Order 21-81
    Texas Executive Order GA-35

    Montana Executive Order 7-2021
    Arizona Executive Order 2021-09
    Thank you for your support, Governor.

  11. Unfortunately, Fairbanks is full of idiots, most of them Lefties and Democrats. The real dumbing down took off in about 2009 when Luke Hopkins became the borough mayor. He single-handedly came close to starting a civil war in the Interior. Some people now call them the Hopkins crime family, but they’re really just a bunch of marijuana stooges. Scott Kendall, Grier Hopkins, Luke……the skallywag stoners of the Banks. LOL. Throw Bill Walker in there too and you get the Commie version of Petticoat Junction, or the Beverly Hillbillies.

  12. We need our governor to step up and protect our freedoms as governors in states like Florida have done. This means No vaccine passports ,no not-so-subtle forcing of employees to submit to a jab they cannot or do not want to take! And no masking. What are those who will not get the experimental jab supposed to do? Wear a silly mask forever?

  13. Our very existence as a nation depends on our refusal of illegal mandates by dictators. Compliance will be the final blow to our Republic and the death of a free America. Copy and paste into your browser:
    Federal law prohibits mandates of emergency use COVID vaccines, tests, masks — 3 resources you can use to inform your school or employer

  14. Someone should ask Ward, “If a vaccinated person is at risk by being near an unvaccinated person…..then you really don’t believe that the vaccine works, do you?”

  15. Now they cannot fight a ***VOTER ID*** app that’d sit right alongside their COVID-19 app can they………..

  16. “those who are vaccinated may also choose to continue to wear a mask in facilities”

    Oh goodie. I get to keep suffocating myself even if I have no reason for doing so.

    Thank you, sir. May I please have another?

  17. “Those who are willing to show an HIV Passport can enter the bathroom with other employees. Otherwise it is your choice to stand in the hall and wait for them to finish.”

    What ever happened to “My body my choice” and “Keep your government off my body”?

    What about naturally acquired immunity? Why do I have to prove it to you? TREAT US LIKE ADULTS.

  18. “It’s only happening because people are willing to play along”

    Gee what would happen if EVERY Borough employee called in sick Thursday and Friday?

    It’s called massive civil disobedience and it works.

  19. The current injections do not stop people from getting Covid or from spreading it. Their purpose is to keep the injected person from becoming severely ill. In this way it is not a vaccine at all. It is a therapy. And there’s still no reason to believe that it’s any more protective than natural immunity that comes from having already had Covid.

  20. Guess they aren’t aware it’s against the law to require masks or demand to know from Staff if they’ve had the vaccine. Fairbanks employees, get a good Human Rights Attorney and fight this.

  21. That’s it. That’s the only way this stops is if we just stop playing along. Not every person wearing a mask is a cultist, but every cultist is wearing a mask.

  22. I, for one, will be surprised if this policy stands. The borough likely would not be able to withstand the first lawsuit.
    The article states that the mayor’s office released the announcement, but does not mention anything at all about whom, exactly is repsponsible for setting this policy. It would be interesting to find out… – M.John

  23. Oh boy Bryce! Now your real face shows. You can kiss my mask.
    Now your about trying to steal my freedom? Maybe the cancer will win yours. That’d be poetic huh?

  24. Mayor Ward is up for re-election this fall. Someone please step-up and challenge him. That candidate would get my vote and campaign donation on the mask and vaccine mandate alone.

  25. Here’s the deal. This fall when covid cases rise again, as it is seasonal in nature, it will also be much milder, because that is how viruses behave. Mostly the community will have immunity, but there will be a rise in cases.

    And just watch. They will lock down again and implement masks. We must RESIST. If everyone or even a majority resist, they will have to back down.

    But trust me. They have tasted power. And they will seek it again.

  26. I got kicked off the bus last week for not wearing a mask. The only other person riding the bus was the driver. Fairbanks is right up there with the rest of the quack cities. Maybe worse.

  27. Throughout this entire pandemic, the Borough has not heard much from Mayor Ward. Now he comes out with this vaccine passport. Mayor Ward will not get my vote next election

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