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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Fairbanks ‘Back the Blue’ rally gets a dose of anti-police activism

A pro-police “Back the Blue” rally in front of the Fairbanks Police Department was met by a group of anti-police protesters holding “Fuck the Police” and “Abolish the Police” signs on Saturday.

The pro-police rally, with about three dozen people, and the counter-demonstration of about a dozen, started at about 11 am and lasted until 2 pm. Those supporting the police held signs saying things like “We Love Our Police,” and “Blue Lives Matter.” They had marching band music playing on a loudspeaker.

A sign honoring fallen troopers Patrick “Scott” Johnson and Gabe Rich, killed by Nathaniel Kangas in Tanana in 2014..

The anti-policy rally stood facing families with children, and held aloft their various signage while yelling at them. Four police officers were stationed outside the building to keep an eye on things, and some of the anti-police activists approached them, hurling insults and yelling at them.

One Back the Blue sign encouraged people to honk if they support the police, and Must Read Alaska sources said there was a lot of honking and waving at the pro-police side of the street.

Also, in the neighborhood anti-police signs appeared on power poles over the past 48 hours:

A participant in the “Back the Blue” rally said that it was appalling how coarse the anti-police group was, considering children were present.

Rep. Mike Prax crossed the street to try to engage in a civil conversation, to no avail. Several of the anti-police protesters crossed over to the Back the Blue side to try to provoke the police supporters, also to no avail.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Hmmm. The local TV station did not seem to report this bias. I didnt observe any conflict when I was driving down Cushman. I did notice that the Blue Line demonstators did not wear masks. Hope our infections dont increase.

    • Infections are going to increase no matter what. 26 deaths from people with Covid but not particularly from Covid is a very small percentage. While all deaths are tragic, I certainly wouldn’t live in fear about this virus unless you are elderly, infirm, or with pre-existing conditions. I had friends who were there in Fairbanks and it was exactly as reported here. Your ten second drive by was not representative of the scene. I’m surprised you were even out in this dangerous world.

      • Ha! Well said. The last line of your comments is the whole thing in a nutshell. We all have choices. Certain people want to ignore their own freedom and focus on the ones they are trying to restrict. It’s not enough that they can change their Own lifestyle, and, in this day and age, essentially avoid all risks for a time if they want by staying in, frequenting establishments with strict codes etc etc. No, they vehemently want to force everyone else to change. This is the whole divide these days. Covid is just highlighting it.

      • Great Comment Mayor Dan. Marilyn Bergin pulls her head out of the sand for 10 seconds then stick it right back into the sand pile

        • But she wore a mask.

      • Are you suggesting logic, common sense, & science are important concerning Covid? How dare you ignore Marilyn’s feelings. FYI only 55 million Covid infections to go to reach the H1N1 nationwide infections during the Obama Biden administration. Remember the panic, forced business closures, lockdowns & masks then? Oh, wait, nevermind.

    • They were outside and pretty spread out so likely not.

    • I’d bet you were probably wearing your mask on while driving, sheep are so easily led to the slaughter.

  • “The pro-police rally, with about three dozen people, and the counter-demonstration of about a dozen, started at about 11 am and lasted until 2 pm”
    Downing up to her usual below par reporting of inaccuracies and shoddy tabloid-style spineless journalism. The pro-police supporters wore no masks and practiced no social distancing while being super spreaders. There were at least 50 of them and not one with an IQ over 100. The counter-demonstration was masked and socially distanced where it was not possible to find a person with an IQ less than 100. The counter-demonstration was at least twice the size of the pro. If you want the photos, I’ll be happy to send the evidence.

    • Insults, the mark of the liberal elite. Soooo condescending. What kind of IQ does it take to know that public safety is the first element of a civilized society. Perfect? Of course not, but without it, society breaks down. Who in their right mind would want that.

      • Truth is not an insult even if it hurts. Police forces in the US are poorly trained and mostly thugs. Wouldn’t qualify to be police officers in the developed and civilized parts of the world.

        • How much police/law enforcement training have you had? What are you using to measure the amount of training they have?

          • Straw man fallacy in the form of ad hominem tu quoque. I have the intellect and use the large brain that evolution bestowed on our species to analyze the results of policing around the world. Our LE ranks well with developing countries and can’t compete with modern civilized societies.

          • Tony, dont be mean & hurt Rob’s feelings. maybe he identifies as the perfect police officer, no training required. The measurement he uses are his feelings.

        • Then you do their job. Put your money where your mouth is.

          • If ignorance is contagious, it’s high time to put you in quarantine.

        • Stupidity is an insult. Those people with the vulgar signs that you credit with the higher IQs are about as intelligent as pet rocks… and so is any one who defends that kind of vulgar crap.

      • Agree. Insults in place of dialogue. Is that a sign of a high intelligence quotient? Hmmmm. Just curious.

        • Well he DID throw in two unrelated (non sequitur) Latin phrases to look all smart and intelligent. Note that his insults were in response to two simple questions. I think his claims of “intellect” and a “large brain” are sorely misplaced.

          • You should rather get educated than trying to think. I used only English which does not change words used from other languages and you obviously don’t know the meaning of non sequitur.

    • Like you have an IQ over 50. Move to another state we don’t need or want you here.

      • Mark, You and Rob seem to be saying that pro law enforcement people are generally stupid. Not that I believe the media, but seems Portland and Seattle are currently examples of the baseless argument that police are the problem. Check out Seattle; police funding cut, one of the finest police chiefs in the nation retires, downtown destroyed by violence, and residents now fearful of vigilant groups coming into their neighborhoods (as was actually done this weekend).

        Please stop the personal insults and discuss the real issues. Take the anti-police issue to the ballot and see if Fairbanks really wants to defund police or have “police free zones.” My bet is they do not, regardless of the number of demonstrators on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Without law enforcement, anarchy prevails and liberty is lost for everyone.

        • I am not against the police I think the anti police need to move to a city with that view, not here.

    • You should change your name to Dick.

      • I would gladly do that if I wanted to be like you!

    • No little Rob just stay home in your safe place and turn on MSNBC. We adults will carry on with our lives

    • Oh, please. Lovely, a Marxist baby killing, perversion loving, America hating lying idiot. Oooooo, superspreaders. Golly. Ignorant communist.

      • Call 911 if you know of babies being killed. Communists are far from ignorant. They are the world’s superpower as fatso the impeached has turned the US into a clone of Venezuela.

    • The pics I saw were of people outside and most distanced. Covid 19 is far less likely to transmit in open air unless very densely and very closely gathered and facing one another, closely.

      I’m intrigued you managed all of those IQ tests! That is pretty remarkable! ?

    • Rob, you seem to be able to identify people’s I.Q. with a passing glance. I am impressed with your extraordinary powers of perception. I wonder if your super power has any limitation? Except for your perception of journalism of course.

      • Wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is a not so subtle IQ test.

        • Rob, actually it is you who might want to enlarge your understanding about the protection that madks offer. In fact Holland, a place where the Police may be more to your approval, has not mandated masks and strangely enough has less Covid than the surrounding masked up nations.

          • Ok Robert, stop with the logic, common sense & science. None of us know the true power of Robs feelings.

        • Mask-wearing is passing the “sheep test”!

        • Aren’t you the one complaining further up the page about ad hominem and tu quoque attacks?

          Look in the mirror.

          • … ad hominem and (sic)tu quoque attacks (sic)
            There is no “AND” in
            ad hominem tu quoque. It is a fallacy and not an attack. Learn the language before shooting from the hip.

        • Funny, if you go on the CDC’s website it clearly states that you don’t really have to worry about disinfection outside because it’s very UNLIKELY to spread outside oh IQ master. And as for masks, they are recommended for when social distancing isn’t possible in ENCLOSED areas. The main reason you, anti-police protesters, and ANTIFA are pushing masks so hard all the time is because you are cowards. Right now you have a lot to say because the internet masks you, but if you didn’t have a mask to hide your identity at rallies like that one you’d stay quiet and hide like the coward you are.

          Typical liberal, hurl insults without a logical basis.

          • Ok Kevin, that’s it, using logic, common sense, science & actually reading the CDC website. How dare you. Neither you or I understand the depth & power of Robs feelings.

    • The counter-demonstration were ” socially distanced where it was not possible to find a person with an IQ less than 100.”
      Look at the first picture again.
      Someone who’s not too bright has been guzzling the cool-aid.

      • Put your glasses on. None of the pro-police have masks and they were not practicing social distancing. Just out of range to the left was a jerk circle of about 8 maskless trumpanzees practicing a jailhouse orgy.

    • Gawd how I wished MRAK had a “Laughing Out Loud” emoji.

      • ?

    • Please send evidence of your IQ examinations, Einstein.

      • Read harder and smarter, if you can.

    • Rob Please do! I live in Anchorage and was surprised by this.

    • False

      There was probably 3 times as many pro law and order as anarchistic at this event

      • Nope. The pro was bookended by those who want priorities changed and better professionals appointed to engage in mental health issues. And were completely absent from the other side of the street where those requiring change and training were lined up much longer than the bookended mix. I took photos at about 1 pm.

  • No little Rob just stay home in your safe place and turn on MSNBC. We adults will carry on with our lives

  • I think this kind of idiocy will wane to nothingness come Trump’s reelection. I think the gloves will come off on his pursuit of those supporting and enabling the riots and the rioters. The commies need to read 18 USC Sec. 241, and 18 USC Sec. 2381-2386. Baby, you all are going down. Traitors.

  • The commies need to read 18 USC Sec. 241, and 18 USC Sec. 2381-2386. Baby, you all are going down. Traitors.

  • These no police people are the first ones to call the Police when they need to resolve stupid booze/drug related problems. Just take a moment to read the daily trooper reports and the evidence is clear. This defund the police and blm stuff has no place in this great state. Get the F out. Go to Portland or Seattle.

  • The feckless Daily News Minus did not report. Where are the little Cole Dwarfs when you need them? Terry? Dermot? You guys still alive?

  • Its funny, we can have hundreds of people rioting, looting, burning, etc. Never a mention of social distancing or spread of COVID, I honestly feel the masks are for identity concealment and not protecting their fellow rioters. But, get a couple dozen peaceful demonstrators standing up for our brave police officers and its “watch the virus spread.” Laughable.

  • Rob, you did IQ tests on everyone? Keep your name.

    • Why do you have no skills in observational evidence?

  • All you need to do is this simple exercise. Defund police this is the scenario :
    Homeowner calls to report a burglary at their home. The police apologize to the person saying they are sorry but the one officer that they can afford to PAY is out on a fatality and can’t help. Then you are forced to take the law into your own hands and we all know how that goes. Defund the police!?! The only crazy people behind that mantra are the ones with NOTHING TO LOSE that’s why they don’t care. I pity the idiot that stands and screams F the police then asks for help when bad things happen to them. That is insanity….

  • A quote from Socrates: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.”

    • “When the debate is won, the bearers of truth become the targets of hate.”

  • Abolish the police in Fairbanks !!! I have a ton of popcorn for that shitshow !!! That make great entertainment!!!

  • Rob did an IQ test on everyone at the the Rally and Counter-protest! That’s hilarious.

  • I find it quite amusing those accusing others of “insults'” are using…….insults. regarding the protesters, those you have labeled “anti-police” are, as usual, horribly misguided and, I believe, is an intentional strike to demonize them by spreading inaccurate character assassinations snd misrepresentation. They are protesting abuse of power and brutality and over 70% of Americans feel the same. And what responsible parent drags their children into a protest where there is ALWAYS a potential for hot heads and danger? Children are often used as props by the RW faction. Shame on them. Don’t buy into the propaganda vomited out by the folks at Fox News–they are part of the Trump Cult and have virtually turned their Studio into Trump Campaign Headquarters, please practice putting your partisanship aside for a few moments and use critical thinking to reach your OWN conclusions instead of parroting the propaganda. Thank you.

  • BTW, if this is a pissing contest over who has the higher IQ, I’m pleased to tell you MY IQ was assessed by professionals working under the legitimate guidelines of testing and scored a 145. The IQ Test pop-ups that are often seen on social media don’t count.

  • Maybe the anti-police folks should get an orange tattoo. It will be easier to identify them and in case of an emergency we will know not to call the police for them.

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