‘Fair Anchorage’ weaponized top cop in bathroom fight



The group advocating a no vote on Proposition 1 used the image of Anchorage’s top police officer in a campaign to sway voters this month to vote against the safe bathrooms ballot question during the municipal mail-in election, which began about March 15.

On the Mike Porcaro Show yesterday on KENI (650 AM), Police Chief Justin Doll said he had not given permission for the group to use his name, image, or endorsement in its position on Prop. 1, and he was none too happy about being blindsided by them.

Fair Anchorage is an independent expenditure group founded primarily by the Alaska branch of the ACLU. Ship Creek Group, the campaign company founded by the governor’s campaign manager John Henry Heckendorn, is doing much of its campaign work. It has acquired hundreds of thousands of dollars from Outside to push voters into opposing a measure that would keep public bathrooms separated by gender.

The ACLU is fighting for open bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms so that people who are uncomfortable using one gender’s bathroom can use the other.

The chief said the group had apologized to him and agreed to pull back any of its social media and other propaganda, but the postcards have already been received by all Anchorage voters.

Police Chief Justin Doll was featured on both sides of the mailer sent to all Anchorage voters. He did not give his permission to Fair Anchorage for this message, he told Mike Porcaro on Wednesday.

Porcaro asked Doll if he felt the police force had been weaponized by the “vote no” side. Yes, Doll said, adding that police stay out of weighing in on political questions.

Jim Minnery, whose group Alaska Family Council is heading up the “Yes on One” campaign, issued a statement saying that Fair Anchorage was not playing fair with their campaign to sway voters toward the open-bathroom policy in Anchorage

“Bottom line – how many voters who have already turned in their ballots were misled by this completely inaccurate representation?” the group asked on Facebook.

The Mike Porcaro Show podcast can be found at this link.

Porcaro said that an apology from the group is owed to the entire public, but in mail-in elections, most ballots that will be voted are likely already in the mail. If voters felt swayed by Doll’s apparent endorsement, it’s too late. The election ends on April 3.



  1. The liberal left will always feign embarrassment when confronted and ask for forgiveness claiming they ment no harm. Doubtless, they had permission from someone in authority at City Hall.

  2. just look down your god damn pants. That ought to tell what bathroom to use…
    This is getting so out of hand….

  3. They are using the better to ask for forgiveness than permission mentality. They should be banned from all campaigning for many years by the blatant disregard for ethics.

  4. If Doll was all that offended, he would insist on much more from the folks that misused his mugshot and statements. The problem is that his boss, the current Mayor, undoubtedly opposes Proposition 1. And the Chief probably likes his job with the multiple six-figure income, the snappy uniform and all the stars. Thus, there is a clear limit to his outrage.

  5. There are no ramifications for the left for lying. Point and example our not so illustrious Speaker of the House, Bryce Edgmon, and Gabi LeDoux and their surely untruthful handling of the sexual harassment case, Edgmon’s attack on Senator David Wilson, the certification of a shady election by Byron Mallott, our governor creating a state owned private company and loading it with his cronies, expanding Medicaid by executive fiat, the only citizen oversight commission that was defunded and ceased was for monitoring ANILCA violations—just before Murkowski’s Land Deal and the list goes on. It’s just a few off the top of my head. So sickening that so many shady things go by without a screeching halt called to them. Sure they are talked about but nothing ever happens. It’s the apathy and the failure to actually step in that will be out demise as a country. Why not? Lying is glorified on tv every day? Our former Vice President Biden encourages physical assault of someone he disagrees with (if they were in high school) surely that violence is acceptable but the rights of law abiding citizens well now—-if you want guns then you don’t care about children. It’s the hypocrisy of the left that just goes unchecked over and over. We need to have a meaningful plan to bring change to reverse this way of thinking. Or accept the status quo. Exposure is not enough anymore we need to follow up. Hard and unwavering push back whenever we see and wherever we see it. The whole pick your battles way of thinking has failed us and we need to hold the line. People are tired of politians not being accountable. Be it D.C., state legislators or local assemblies. It’s all gone too far. We have a system that can work if the rule of law is honored. But it just can’t be honoring it sometimes.

  6. Seems like a tempest in a teacup…

    Anchorage folks gave up their right to political outrage when they meekly accepted their new mail-in voting system.

    Now, it’s all about getting them accustomed to increasing doses of corruption until nobody notices, or more importantly, cares any more.

    Problem solved!

  7. I saw a crowd coming my way. They seemed to have a leader or a purpose anyway.

    I yelled, “where are you going?” Then I heard one say.
    “I’m not sure, but it seems okay!”

    The leaders must have proposed the direction they should go.
    I listened intently for dissent. I never heard no!

    So, I guess ignorantly? I jumped right in to this apparent righteous race.
    I had no idea. A cliff was up ahead. Little did we Lemmings know our fate was at that place.

    The dog wags its tail!

  8. Never heard of Justin Doll until I received the prop 1 postcard. Sad he was introduced in this manner.

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