Fact checking the candidates: Weddleton claims he is not the ‘special interest’ candidate for South Anchorage. True or false?


Anchorage Assemblyman John Weddleton’s flyer to his district voters in South Anchorage makes the claim that special interest groups hate the fact that he is “nonpartisan.”

Must Read Alaska did the research. The truth is that Weddleton is the candidate for South Anchorage with all the special interest money, while he challenger, Randy Sulte, has just $50 donation from an interest group.

Voters will start marking their ballots as early as Monday, when the voting period starts for the Anchorage municipal elections. Weddleton, who votes consistently with the nine hard-left majority on the Assembly, faces newcomer Sulte, who has never run for office before.

Sulte (pronounced Sult) has brought in more individual contributions from employed people, while Weddleton has made up ground by getting contributions from labor unions and organizations that are surrogates for the Democratic Party, such as the Alaska Center for the Environment.

We rate Weddleton’s claim “four Pinocchios.”

Here’s the contribution breakdown between the two candidates:


    • Particularly when you are a communist before the voting even starts. The extent of misrepresentation on the Left is staggering. Before the campaign ends, I fully expect Mr. Weddleton to proclaim that he is a passionate supporter for free enterprise and individual liberty – and all that stuff about lockdowns, mandates, masks, massive government give-aways, increased taxes and suppression of free speech was just in our imagination.

  1. I noticed all the democrats junk mail not a one says I’m a proud democrat look at my accomplishments the last few years here. I can’t imagine burning the farm down and now asking citizens to vote for me again, I noticed all the republicans not a one here is my list of accomplishments. Oath takers look at what you have done a national debt no citizens trust our elections look at all the evil accomplishments. Oath integrity Stop the evil and do you duty oath takers

  2. And John “Pull My Finger” Weddleton is an outright and blatant liar when he claims to be “nonpartisan”, when he votes around 98% of the time in lockstep with the other Marxist Nine.
    Go ahead, John, say it: “Pull my finger”.

  3. I don’t think a Gaming account is allowed to give political contributions. This should be a gaming violation.

  4. John’s re-election seems all but assured since John’s employee, Anchorage Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones, supervises vote-counting and who gets to “observe” what during the process.
    Throw in the inscrutably mysterious operation of Dominion vote-tabulation equipment operating on proprietary software, municipal amateur handwriting “experts” who can disenfranchise voters on a whim, ballot harvesting, and an imaginary ballot chain of custody, election observers who aren’t allowed to observe anything meaningful, much less conduct forensic computer audits on the Bell and Howell envelope sorting gear and the Dominion vote-tabulation equipment,
    …plus what the Clerk’s crew does when they think nobody’s looking, what happens to citizens who call them on it. “Assembly confirms two, but denies one to the Anchorage Election Commission” (mustreadalaska.com/assembly-confirms-two-but-denies-one-to-the-anchorage-election-commission/)
    and you wonder why anybody outside Anchorage’s ruling class should be confident in the integrity of Anchorage elections.
    Mistakes happen, maybe Barb’s crew’ll screw up, causing Randy Sulte to get elected.
    Sad when the best Anchorage voters can hope for is accidental corruption of an already corrupt electoral process, no?

  5. Weddleton may or not be a special interest candidate, however he and Sara Rasmussen are a special interest and reliable team player to democrats.

  6. Weddleton was all in for constitution-disparaging Dunbar when he ran for mayor. He kept AQD as acting mayor way too long, talked out of both sides of his mouth and voted with the extreme leftists, wasting money and raising our taxes. As for campaign claims, he only excels at lies. Randy Sulte will be a refreshing change!

  7. Alaska Home builders Associations is not really a Union, but shame on them for supporting the “I will control your life Assembly.”

    My recommendation is to find a contractor who’s not a member, that way the money you spend doesn’t go to support a candidate you don’t support!

  8. Conspiring with the 8 other leftist members of the assembly to misappropriate MUNI funds under the guise of helping the “homeless” and further indenturing the tax payers is a blatantly partisan representation. Weddleton never voted against the other 8 unless it was a guarantee the proposal on the table would pass without his vote.

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