Facebook cancels Assembly member Allard’s page



Facebook abruptly seized Anchorage Assemblywoman’s Jamie Allard’s official Facebook page — the one she uses for her Assembly role.

With no explanation, Allard saw her page cancelled after she raised concerns about the cancel culture, and license plates that had drawn complaints.

Also, the governor has removed Allard from the Human Rights Commission, with no explanation, but clearly because of the things she wrote on Facebook about the license plates.

Allard said her only concern was that many words — REICH or FUHRER to begin with — could be banned for any reason, that these are people’s last names, and that this is a slippery slope for any government to take.

The two attorneys who brought the license plates into the public discussion are lawyers for the Recall Dunleavy Committee. The photographs of the plates appear to be old, certainly there was no snow evident that would indicate they are recent photos. An investigation into the plates revealed they had already been revoked by the state.

Allard had made note that “Fuhrer” is a German word for “Leader.” Allard, who is Hispanic, had no intention of defending Nazis, she said. She was discussing cancel culture’s knee-jerk reactions.

“I told people that this was going to happen to me; I knew I would be deplatformed,” she said.

Allard is on MeWe and Gab, two other social media platforms that honor free speech and own their own server, through DuckDuckGo. Google blocks access to Gab.

(Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said her personal Facebook page had also been removed. That is not the case. We regret the error.)



  1. Does the right seriously feel like they need to defend Nazi propaganda now? My God, Trump destroyed the Republican party more than even I realized! This is pure insanity!!!

    • Will the banning of the German word for “leader” and invention of a new word solve any problems? How about banning of the word “trump”? No more trump cards? Will the actual concept of “trumping”, ie producing a higher ranked card in a game with rules, or maybe defeating a tyrant in a fair election, become illegal concepts, the mere thinking of which will become a crime of unapproved thought? Perhaps card games and elections themselves are racist and fascist? Winners and losers, determined by rules instead of…….you? Yes, we can’t have that……….

      • I do not believe elected officials should be defending names and ideas that are banned in Germany and an insult to the Jewish community. I would hope Eagle River will be elect a more rational person next time

    • How do you blame this on former President Trump? I am amazed at the lies and deception the King of lies has fed the American people, really the world, and they are being swalled hook, line and sinker!

      • I learned this in 12th grade American Government from Mr. Elliott at Service High School in 1974.


        When will you deign to READ the FIRST word of the First
        It does not say:
        FACEBOOK shall make no law……abridging the freedom of speech; it says:

        CONGRESS shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech….

        • Thank you Sophie! Obviously, people like Rick, who seems to think he is a “smart person” and Greg, have either never read the U.S. Constitution or they misinterpret it. The First Amendment’s Free Speech protection does not apply to privately-owned businesses. It only applies to government.

          • I believe you are mis-interpreting the law, Corporations free speech does not extend to defamation, or knowingly lying repeatedly. There will be numerous Dominion lawsuits going after FOX, Newsmax, OAN and other outlets that lied repeatedly about Presidential election. To date lawsuits have been filed against Rudy G and Sidney Powell. This settlemenst or trial will be very public.

    • Chris you are a uninformed fool, you have been indoctrinated by the leftists because of your lack of independent thinking! PS: You communist party is going to destroy our state.

    • President Trump didn’t destroy the Republicans he exposed their blantant disregard for WE THE PEOPLE

    • You know, 1984 was a warning, not a how-to guide.
      At what point will you be satisfied? When the English language is reduced to less than 10,000 allowable words? Less than 1,000?
      Can you point to any word that does not offend? Any word that cannot be considered part of propaganda?
      Words are not the problem. It is childish reactions that pretend to know the mindset of another person. No one is a mind reader. You cannot make a judgement on the intent of a person with a vanity plate. Yet… here you are. Not only assuming the intent of the person with the plates, but also that of the people questioning the wisdom of cancelling those words.

      • Apparently, mind readers abound! Watch what you’re thinking, someone might read that which you think and be offended. It seems to be happening now. Well stated, CBM.

    • How is challenging socialist cancel culture “defending nazi propaganda”?? Looking quickly at Whitepages, there are people in AK named “Reich” and “Fuhrer”. Could you conceive a legitimate scenario that someone might put their name on a vanity plate? Or better yet, that it’s fair for someone to want to understand something before jumping to race baiting?

      If everything offends you, I’m curious for your thoughts (or feeeeelings) on president joey’s glowing eulogy of former dem/Klan leader Robert “Sheets” Byrd?

  2. It looks like the governor has caved and doesn’t want to get his hands dirty on this thing. That’s the only thing I can think of as to why he would go against her. This is what they do, make people afraid of confrontation so they either change you or silence you. Either way, they get what they want. They win and you lose.

    • I’m very disappointed in our governor, thought he had a backbone, but the republican party must make you check it when you joining.

      • Dunleavy is just hanging on for that sweet pension, he has had 30 jobs in as many years, he strikes out at everything he tries.

  3. And so it begins, the beginning of disappearing people that disagree with the narratives about “equality” that marginalize every white guy in America, the narratives about ” fairness” whereby every person that went out and worked hard to make their way in the world is villified. Nobody helped me build my business, I built it. If I hired someone, I paid them and they were more knowledgable when they left. The cancel culture is out to make all of those that refuse to conform disappear. Civil war will be the result.

    • I see you, Robert. So does the son of the founder of Stormfront and David Duke’s godson, Derek Black. He’s no longer a “chip off the old block”:

      “In a recent interview, Derek Black, son of the founder of Stormfront and the godson of former KKK leader David Duke attempted to explain the undercurrent of white supremacy that led to the storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters on Jan. 6th….”

      “I grew up really familiar with the white-nationalist movement, and its membership is broadly made up of people who are heads of their own small business, who run a car dealership, who are lawyers, who are doctors, who have advanced degrees, and that level of education and income making you a middle-class American does not insulate you from fully believing the ideology of white supremacy, that I think we kind of fall into that, saying that there are white nationalists and neo-Nazis, and then there are like normal Americans who are getting caught up in it….”

      “As for the insurrectionists being defended as “regular everyday people” concerned about the government as opposed to hardcore militia members, Black stated that, just because people don’t belong to militias, that doesn’t mean they aren’t hardcore white supremacists at heart….I would not be surprised as we get more into the backgrounds of people who are being outed and arrested now, if we realize that they’re both [for instance] a surgeon and a longtime contributor to white nationalism.”

      • A KKK behind every tree, right Sophie? Bet you believe in all that old Satanic Panic stuff too. I mean you literally saying white small business owners are klansmen. Sophie you are the racist.

      • WOW! This is one heck of a conspiracy theory you are throwing out there.
        I have yet to find any white supremacist militia person in my nearly 50 years of life.
        How do you contribute to “white nationalism”.
        Sophie, you have fallen victim to the victim crowd that calls anyone you disagree with a white supremacist.
        I feel sorry for you.

      • What a crock. Now you are calling Hispanics and African Americans, white supremacists? Because they supported Trump in greater numbers than they have for any other Republican since Eisenhower..

        The lies and slander know no end when it comes to leftists trying to malign anyone who supported “the Bad Orange Man”. A new leader has been installed for them, so back they March, dutifully, to be told what to do by their betters, in media, in academia, in the bureaucracy, in the ruling class and wealthy elites…

      • Hey Sophie, your buddy “China Joe” Biden delivered a eulogy for a former klan leader. What are your thoughts on that?

    • Gaslighting is so 2016, Rob. Armed white supremacists stormed the Capital not even 3 weeks ago. Denying reality isn’t working for you.

  4. I do wonder why Allard was removed by the governor from the Human Rights Commission. But soon, we’ll see the Left coming for its own. Allard predicted her own demise for stating the obvious in public. But you can never be “too woke” for the Left. If you’re white, you’ll make the list soon enough with one “slip” of the tongue! Watch it happen. Democrat leadership will soon be called racist (as that is the most feared accusation, even if inaccurate) by the more woke Left. Let the feast begin.

    • Is seems you have missed the point bud ? just waxing poetic bc the comments are the only place you have a say ?

      • Governor removed her. The board was a state position. The city assembly had nothing to do with it. Ido hope they do assist her in opening her mind.

  5. Many duly elected politicians use social media as official ways to communicate their offical positions or hear the opinion of people they represent. If social media can pick & choose what elected officials they will allow to speak & which they will prohibit/censor, all elected representatives should be prohibited by law from using any social media, for any reason, as a means of official communication.

    What we are seeing here is regulation of free speech by private companies but they are actually acting as government proxys, on behalf of government, which is unconstitutional.

    • “…private companies… are actually acting as government proxies, on behalf of government,” I like that

        • Felicity, you can do better than that. Your two questions, though clever, are not related.
          A proxy is an entity that does the bidding of another in that person’s interest. When govt cannot cancel someone socially, and it is apparent that govt (mostly left side, btw) wants to, it must find some way.
          A few large private companies appear to be doing their bidding by canceling those who might speak negatively about the present power. And before you rush to “not my ideals,” reflect that you’ll do exactly that when you try and paint those who express what you don’t like, even mean stuff, as deserving to be canceled or deleted. I want a level playing field, as do most on the tolerant right. There is only one side that most frequently displays intolerance of diversity of ideas. Bad ideas die naturally. Let them die of natural causes, unless you fear diversity and cannot tolerate such things.

      • Dunleavy is just hanging on for that sweet pension, he has had 30 jobs in as many years, he strikes out at everything he tries.

  6. Why was she removed from the Human Rights Commission? I thought Gov. Big Mike was going to Stand Tall for Alaskans? He is starting to turn into a RINO.

  7. Why anyone still has Facebook is beyond me (or Twitter). Now, she won’t have to worry about it. Ironic how the Woke left wants to save our democracy while actively removing its protections. And WE’RE the fascists??

  8. Who or what at the DMV decides what is offensive?

    The liberal professor at UC Berkeley, Robert Reich, might be offended it his name is banned from license plates.

  9. We need some kind of new platform for individuals to speak their minds. Having a select few billionaires determine what we can and cannot say is just trouble. The list is long for this type of evil behavior and censorship. Let’s name a few…Emperor Hirohito, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, the Castro Bros., Stalin, Xi Ping, I’ll stop here before my list gets too long. Next up will be reeducation camps.

  10. I think it’s more about private companies doing what they can or want to. The way we beat this is to boycott those companies. Let’s see how they can take 30 or 40% loss in revenue.

    • Yes! Big Tech doesn’t create power. Its only a tool that has as much power as the one using it. Let the conservative voices like MRAK be the last ones gone after seeing those standing for Truth will reach their neighbors in person. the consumers only using social media to consume information should had permanently delete themselves and get back into their community life long ago. Get back to in-person communication like before 1999.

    • Hi Dana, I don’t allow links. Jamie Allard says she deactivated her page, but then was not able to activate it after Facebook took action against her.

      • Just so folks know. You deleted a link to a screenshot shot of Allard saying she was going to deactivate her account. They can see it at Twitter dafawama

      • That is some horrible reporting there Suzanne Downing. Might want to have mentioned that Allard was the one who deactivated her Facebook page in the first place. How do we know if Allard could reactive her account or Facebook actually canceled it? As a journalist, you might want to reach out to Facebook for some answers.

      • Please stop deleting my comments. I have not been rude or vulgar in any way. I just have proof this story is not true. Why are you deleting them. You did not report the entire truth that Allard was the one who dereact her account. Folks look on Twitter. dafawama

        • Hi Dana, thank you for your comments. You might notice that we don’t allow links in comments because of the possibility of malware. As for your other comment, please see the note that says she deactivated her account but did not delete it. Thank you. – sd

  11. The supreme court of our country, with liberal judge Clarence Thomas voting with the majority decision proclaimed license plates are not protected personal free speech because they are government speech.

    Should we advocate for the honorable Thomas’s removal?

    • Justice Thomas is correct. They are the government’s property and assets can be confiscated if fees aren’t paid or if other reasons are appropriate. Justice Thomas is not a liberal. He’s as conservative as they come.

        • “Agree.. or else?” Is that what you meant to say?

          If you are running around terrified of what someone may put on their vanity plate, or worse, terrified that everyone else isn’t terrified with you.. then you have my pity. That is a sad existence.

  12. I’ve seen a screenshot of Allard choosing to delete her own FB page. She did that of her own volition. Isn’t that worth reporting in this article. Facebook didn’t cancel her, she did it to herself.

  13. Didn’t she delete her own FB account? I’ve seen screenshots, seems like it would be worth reporting that she knowingly deactivated her own facebook account.

  14. Poor Jamie! She wasn’t really.intelligent enough to hold.offjce to begin with, looks like.

    Her best bet now would be to claim.she was day-drinking, apologize and go to rehab ???

    No other explanation can be made for her pedantic ideas ?

  15. Jamie Allard was being harassed constantly by several liberals on her FB page, more like stalking actually, it was probably one of them that reported her. Those people hate free speech unless it is something that talks about diversity or inclusion, leave that out and voila, no more platform for you.

  16. Ugh. No, the use of the words FUHRER and 3REICH aren’t defensible. That’s why DMV revoked the license plates. The applicants haven’t returned them, however, which should be a finable offense leading to a bench warrant. No, it’s not harmless (see Jan. 6 insurrection, for example). No, it’s not someone’s last name, you know better. And someone with such lame excuses for hateful ideologies has no place on the human rights commission. Dunleavy did the right thing, a “distraction” is the least of our worries. Fascism is not an American value. We have no obligation to give it a megaphone, either.

      • You need a good explanation on Fascism Lawrence. It has always been right-wing and has never been a leftist value. Often it’s been fascists vs. communists (Hemingway’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls”) or in our case (WWII) us vs. Nazis and Italy’s fascists.

    • I think you are right, Democrats are Nazis.
      The Democrats never reprimanded Rep. Omar for her past anti Israel remarks. She was up for reelection and the Minneapolis Democrats should not have supported her return to D.C because of how she continuously stands against The State of Israel and Jewish Americans.

    • Yes! Can you imagine someone being censored for ordering a plate that reads ‘STALIN’ (killed 40 million), or ‘MAO’ killed 60 to 100 million, or ‘POLPOT’ (killed 2 to 3 million) or ‘V LENIN’ or ‘K MARX’ or… No, I guarantee they wouldn’t be censored, because those folks are all heroes for the censors. I’m not saying the ones cancelled were any kind of offensive (they could have been family names or German immigrants, or whatever, and even if they were intended to be offensive, ignore their idiocy and let the chips fall where they may), but that the politics in this matter seems to be a bit hysterical.

  17. Why do the left always claim Fascism when in all actuality the real fascist is coming from the current party in power. Current government or former government heads hinting to private companies to silence opposing view. Now isn’t that a form of fascism?

  18. Like I say Big Tech is only as strong as the people are using them. IT IS A TOOL! And Big Tech only has the power that the people give them using them. They are making a huge mistake reducing their power source. The people can always take the power away by putting the hammer on the table. But your reach to your neighbors living around you can never be taken away from you. You know the neighbors you neglected reaching out who living around your house and inside your community? but you redirected your neighbors to reach out to you thru a social media tool, yeah that neighbor living next door and living among you with 5000 more residences. Big Tech can de-platform someone off their tools but they can’t remove you out of society while you got neighbors living and breathing around you.

  19. When a society is more afraid of vanity plates and whether or not grown men can wear dresses and use the little girls room, than a totalitarian empire bent on their economic subservience, if not destruction..than unsustainable generational debt.. than uncontrolled illegal immigration and unlimited entitlement… or the total decimation of their local economy via draconian “Covid” measures..

    Then you KNOW you are in trouble..

  20. Can anyone imagine the bone-headed indiscretion of a Human Rights commissioner attempting to be an apologist for government issued registration that is linked to Nazis?

    This gal suffered from her own dumbness. The Gov rightly said, “we can do better than her – fire her.”

    • I would agree wading into this issue may not have been the hill I personally, would seek to die on, the controversy surround vanity plates, is as ridiculous as her getting into the discussion about it on FB. I think the most reasonable response to hysterics and faux outrage over such a silly issue, is to treat it, and the silly hysterical people who propagate it, as silly and hysterical as they are.

      This is silly.

      Anyone worried this much about vanity plates, is hysterical.

      There. Two sentences of adult, reason, in about a phone book worth of ridiculousness that is this subject.

  21. I deactivated my 9 month old business and personal accounts from Facebook like 8 months ago. I couldn’t take the propaganda over load anymore, and found they were nothing but unproductive time wasters. If I need to know what my friends are up to, I just call them.
    I didn’t know google wasn’t allowing people to go onto Gab, of course I run apple and then an independent browser. Probably before it’s all unsaid and done, I’ll have to start operating Linux.
    It’s almost like red communist china censorship going on here, with Ours being censored by third party activists for themselves and the government,. It keeps those pesky constitutionalist at bay, when it’s a private company doing the deed, and in a monopolized environment it’s quite effective.

  22. Ever stop and think that maybe the 3 Reich plate was a last name and there’s 3 of them, mother, father, child?

  23. If you have a problem with “cancel culture” or any other movement then demonstrate a sense of decorum and respect when you do so. To do it the way she did is no different than how a child in a grocery store protests a parent’s decision by screaming at the top of thier lungs. It embarasses the child, the parent and accomplishes nothing positive. I have no problem with the word “Furher.” I have no problem with the word “3rd Reich.” But don’t tell me that combining the two outside of a contextual setting isn’t supposed to raise red flags. To believe that is beligerant and self-serving.

  24. This nothing more than a free speech issue, and the Supreme Court and a Federal Court in California have said so. If either of these individuals were to sue the state, they would win. It is amazing how far we have come that restricting speech is OK now.

    • You’re so right! Can you imagine someone being censored for ordering a plate that reads ‘STALIN’ (killed 40 million), or ‘MAO’ killed 60 to 100 million, or ‘POLPOT’ (killed 2 to 3 million) or ‘V LENIN’ or ‘K MARX’ or… No, I guarantee they wouldn’t be censored, because those folks are all heroes for the censors. I’m not saying the ones cancelled were any kind of offensive (they could have been family names or German immigrants, or whatever, and even if they were intended to be offensive, ignore their idiocy and let the chips fall where they may), but that the politics in this matter seems to be a bit hysterical.

  25. Allard is absolutely right on the money about exposing the cancel culture and the leftist movement to silence anyone they disagree with. Cancel culture and the PC movement are in direct violation of our 1st Amendment and should be summarily dismissed as morons! No one in their right mind would support Nazi’s or anything they stood for but canceling common words in any language is absolutely wrong. We are witnessing the same leftist tactics in Alaska that you are seeing nation wide. This is how they destroy a nation and its heritage by demeaning anyone and anything they disagree with that doesn’t fit their Agenda. We need to grow a spine and tell them not in America, we will no longer tolerate your lies!

  26. Apparently she deactivated the account herself. Claimed FB did it. Not so according to FB themselves. She can activate it when ever she would like.

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