Explosive: Affidavit claims Sen. Giessel said military men rape 3rd-world women

Cathy Giessel

A signed affidavit from a media professional in Juneau says that Sen. Cathy Giessel, during a live interview in 2016, said that our military men overseas are raping women.

The document says that Giessel was a guest on a Coastal Alaska Television show when out of the blue, she made disparaging statements about the military.

It would not have been the first time. She also disparaged Rep. Laddie Shaw during the interviews she conducted for Senate Seat M, after the untimely death of Sen. Chris Birch.

The affidavit document was discussed on the Mike Porcaro Show on KENI radio during drive time this afternoon.

In the affidavit, Dorene Lorenz says that her show was meant to focus on positive topics, projects, and ideas. She says Giessel suddenly brought up “an astonishing declarative statement that it was her belief that all UN Peacekeeping forces — including Alaskan troops did was rape third-world women.”

Giessel’s challenger in the Republican Primary election is Roger Holland, a Coast Guard reservist and veteran. He was deployed to the Persian Gulf as a tactical coxswain operating 25-ft machine gun boats in 2002 and 2003-2004. In 2007, he served as Chief of the Boats in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. For his distinguished service, he was awarded the Joint Service Achievement Medal, the Global War on Terror Service Medal, the Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal, and the Special Operations Service Ribbon.



  1. I can’t wait to see her lecture video! Where she sits us down and speaks to us like 3rd graders to Giessel-splain herself.
    What a pathetic human.

  2. That would be a shocking statement for anyone other than a two faced elitist like Geissel. Can’t wait to hear her try to “spin” out of this one, something like “I was for Alaskan soldiers before I was against them”.

  3. Meanwhile, in much more important news – “So, what do you do? You just stand there longer, or you take a shower longer? Because my hair — I don’t know about you, but it has to be perfect. Perfect.”

  4. Giessel must resign from Alaska’s senate. Immediately.
    We request and expect Giessel’s colleagues –especially senators who are veterans– to insist Giessel resign. Immediately.
    No other option, no censure, no lachrymose lament, is acceptable.
    Giessel, you’re a disgrace, unfit to shine a veteran’s boots, much less lead veterans in our senate.
    Get the hell out of Alaska’s senate.

    • This Senate President is Loon Poop Crazy despite whether the affidavit is true or not. Watching her rule over her Senate is evidence enough.
      That said , I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of the reporters affidavit.
      Like the old Barron once noted ‘ power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely “, evidently corruption can be manifested in ways other than avarice.

  5. I am not a fan Sen. Cathy Giessel, but how do we know Affidavit claim is true? And how would Sen. Cathy Giessel defend it if it is False?
    It’s election year, be careful of Fake News

  6. We must admit, the atrocious grammar errors in the affidavit render it to be rather disgraceful work for a professional journalist. After all, communication is the affiant’s stock and trade.

    • WTF are you even talking about? Going after grammar instead of refuting her signed and notarized statement says more about you then it does about her.

      • She is a journalist unable to communicate on a high-school level? Like a brick-layer unable to build a straight wall; or a baker unable to bake a loaf of bread. Its a matter of credibility worth mentioning.

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      Step out of the echo chamber . Do your own due diligence. You may still be enlightened. After all you found your way to MRAK.

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    • Luvin it! All the Democrats coming to Giessel’s rescue. I’m smelling a Giessel write-in for November. Go Roger!

      • There are a few very conservative women coming to her defense. Until I hear it specifically I call it bullcrap

        • What is not bullcrap is that Ms. Giessel allowed unsubstantiated claims against a former judge to stand unchallenged and then she voted against his confirmation to the Board of Fish based on a lying Democrat’s unfair insinuation, and without even allowing testimony in the Senate. Disgraceful does not even begin to describe her treatment of Karl Johnstone. And she asked Rep. Laddie Shaw if he thought he was better than everyone else because he served in the military. Last election she said she defended our PFD, and then she cut it into a third. I don’t doubt one bit that she said this. She is a shape shifter who hates the governor and is ungrateful to our military men and women for their patriotism. Cathy’s gotta go.

        • Yep, but only the ones who have very old mothers in the Pioneer Homes. The ones who, like Giessel, don’t want to pay high prices for their mom’s well being, and would rather the State pay so that she can keep her mom’s bank account for herself. We get it. Just not mom’s bank account. That’s reserved entirely for the eldest sibling. Thanks for being such a good, big sis.

          • Actually Ellen, people like you scare me as much as some of he stuff Giessel has done. Oh, my conservative values are well known

          • Glad you agree on Cathy. btw, I’m a Democrat. So is Cathy. She just prefers to wear her fake Republican mask to work

  8. Well, she’s right about UN Peacekeeper troops from countries like Pakistan and Nepal raping the locals where they’re serving. It’s a longstanding problem nobody does anything about, because the UN covers up their scandals and the victims are powerless women and children in the poorest countries on Earth.

  9. I feel like we just jumped the shark here….

    Assuming for the moment that this is interesting, I am not seeing how it is relevant.

    • It’s relevant, she’s up for reelection this year and this kind of stuff only proves how out of touch she is with Alaskans and apparently, our military. It’s time for that liar to go.

  10. The only people raping 3rd world women are blue-helmeted UN troops, generally in Africa, none of which to the best of my knowledge are Americans, though Slick Willie most certainly tried to make that so 25 years ago. So did O’Bama 5 years ago.

    I think this is what she is referring to. If US military is augmenting the UN and the Blue Helmets are doing Bad Things, how are US troops responsible? ROE won’t allow any action by Americans other than reporting up the chain of command to a CINC who really doesn’t care. Then what?

    Interesting that this didn’t come up during the Vince Beltrami run 4 years ago. Why not?

    If Holland’s supporters are behind this last-minute smear, he needs to immediately shut this down. Otherwise, he is not fit for office. Cheers –

  11. Since when did ostensibly right-wing blogs publish unsubstantiated accusations by left-wing journalists against Republican officials? Election season brings out the worst in people.

    • Of course,
      ……and Byron Mallott was not a child molester. Another Lefty in denial because his Left-wing thinking won’t integrate the truth into reasonable comprehension.

  12. I hope Roger Holland’s campaign avoids this like the plaque.
    At this point Giessel can claim it’s a smear/lie and use this to garner sympathy from the fence sitters/uninformed. I am counting on MRAK to find out if there is tape. Why Dorene decided to come forward now instead of publicizing this during the election cycle when this event supposedly happened is another curious thing.

    • Based on my knowledge of Cathy’s past verbal outbursts, I give it a 99 chance in 100 of being true. I know this woman better than the rest of you.

      • Really, Ellen. How do you know her and for how long? Yes, she can be nasty and have outbursts but this just does not ring true and I think if there is not proof you should not believe it. It is politics at its dirtiest.

  13. What a horrible accusation to post with no credible detail to back it up. I’m very disappointed in anyone who puts this forward as a valid claim. We are better than that people.

    • Oh please, enough with the pearl-clutching, Rebecca. I remember Cathy Giessel saying she knew “things” about Rep. Laddie Shaw that “perhaps you don’t know.” And that’s why she would not confirm him as a senator. Giessel offered not a shred of credible evidence against the Navy SEAL veteran. Watch that video. What a disgrace. This account of her about our military members is in line with what we already know about her attitude. Still, I’d like to hear her response.

    • I so agree Rebecca but most of the people commenting don’t know Cathy. I may not like her actions but this is going down a nasty path. Much like the one in Mat Su. This is just not something she would say and I am not confident in the source

      • I smell a paid campaign staffer for Cathy Giessel. I say “paid,” because Cathy cannot get it any other way.

  14. I can swear an affidavit to the good things Senator Giessel has done, her support of my family, including veterans, and to paraphrase to my heart’s content. This is unprofessional of Dorene right before a primary. So this supposedly happened in 2016, and saying her statement was “to the effect of”, then putting in quotes how it was interpreted is shameful. Not only that, doesn’t the author work for the Governor? Smear campaign at it’s worst.
    The fact that her opponent is military is terrific, but having never served office, and not even bothering to vote in important elections in the past makes me very skeptical of her opponent.

  15. I understand everyone’s skepticism, I really do. But I cannot imagine what Dorene Lorenz would have to gain by creating this out of nothing. Somewhere, there may be a slice of video tape which would prove the statement true or false. In my online interactions with Dorene, I have found her to be very credible, but your personal experiences may differ.

  16. Giessel’s a Catholic girl from Fairbanks. Wait, so is Lisa Murkowski. More votes coming your way, Mr. Holland.

  17. “Regardless of your views about Giessel, we all owe it to ourselves to call out and reject these kinds of 11th-hour election hatchet jobs. Lorenz clearly released her affidavit at this precise moment in order to influence the election, and Porcaro and Downing obviously promoted it in order to advance their own political goals. Alaskans – and all of us – deserve better.”

    • Monk Felon,
      The lame stream media has a long history of doing the very thing you just cited. Recall Bush jr? The “Drunk Driving back in ’75” story which broke on the Sunday prior to the election? How about the fake Dan Rather story about Bush jr…the evidence was concocted. Point is Monk, leftist Bolschevik news outlets have carried the water for the Democrat party for years. Happy to learn that you have been “woke”, now start thinking critically about all the news delivered up about Trump!

      BTW, It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the affidavit wasn’t true.

  18. When my comments are critical of the right wing fools, Trump or Suzanne, they are deleted. This screening would not happen if I simply repeated the idiotic, inflammatory and false allegations against Berkowitz. So to help this comment survive, I hereby declare that it is obviously Berkowitz’s fault that the college footballs season will be cancelled.

    • Calm down. She takes down my comments soon after I post so they can be reviewed. She put them back up. instead of taking down the whole comments sections like KTUU and and ADn have.

  19. This is absolutely ridiculous and cannot believe it was printed. There is no proof what so ever. Yes, I helped elect Giessel to office several times and everyone knows I am not a happy camper with her but what I have seen from some opponents about her has gone to the ridiculous side. When you don’t have a reasonable plan about what you are going to do, you throw trash. Remember Pacaro ran Vince Beltrami’s campaign against Cathy four years ago. I also have met Ms. Lorenz and not sure I would use her as a reference. I most certainly would not without proof. You don’t have to like or support Cathy Giessel, but perhaps instead of spreading heresay, you fully investigate what her opponent will do if elected. The very least you should not print something like this without proof.

    • Your “oh-huh” has been formally noted.

      It would be nicer if you’d put the effort into refuting rather than simply denying.

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