Epic campaign video will rock your day (we have a sneak preview)


How to cut through the noise during the last week of campaign messaging? That’s the toughest assignment of all for the creative teams.

From the Progressive Left, negativity against gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy is hitting the airwaves with $500,000 in intense advertising bought by the Defeating Dunleavy group, a subset of the Democratic Governors Committee.

But out of the Alaska Republican Party is coming this flash from the past, starring Mike Dunleavy and Creedence Clearwater Revival — a video bound to go viral.

Must Read Alaska got ahold of the rough cut before it was released, and you can see it here.

We’re told the video concept came from the creative mind of a young Alaska commercial fisherman. With that idea, the Alaska videographer patched together slides from both Mike Dunleavy’s campaign and the Mark Begich campaign to contrast the two candidates, with the the iconic 1960s anthem “It’s Ain’t Me,” written by John Fogerty. Check it out on our YouTube channel here:

Some folks are born silver spoon in hand
Lord, don’t they help themselves, oh
But when the taxman comes to the door
Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yes
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no


  1. Love the ad shows the unforgettable truth that Begich is trying to run on his fathers legacy because he has none of his own besides siding with outside interest while in Congress.

  2. Love it! BTW, the song is actually called “Fortunate Son”, a title which in and of itself speaks volumes. I’ve known Marky Mark and his brother Tom since we were all teenagers or thereabouts. I’m also the son of a former state legislator. Unlike many in the Begich family, however, that distinction and $1.59 will get me a cup of coffee down at the gas station on the corner.

    If you can find it, go back to Mike Gravel’s 2011 interview for the ANCSA at 40 series. His comment where he both compares and contrasts himself with Nick Begich and Joe Josephson is extremely revealing.

    • Ha ha. My great uncle was in the House of Representatives in the 19th Territorial Legislature. Gets me no coffee. He was a lib.

      • I totally missed something in the wording of my earlier comment. I should have written “down on the corner”, considering that the CCR song “Down on the Corner” was the B-side of “Fortunate Son”.

        Newcomers may not be aware that the Dems held strong margins in the territorial and state legislatures ranging from the FDR administration to the LBJ administration, excepting a few election cycles here and there when Alaska voted along with the rest of the nation. Therefore, that narrows down your great uncle’s identity SOMEWHAT.

        The 19th Territorial Legislature was significant in that it marked the final stages in territorial governor Ernest Gruening’s years-long campaign to hijack the legislature, which included an illegal special session. The following year, Wally Hickel and Jack Coghill met for the first time and launched a campaign to rid the territorial Republican Party of its dominance by Juneau interests, another thing which may be hard to comprehend if you look at Juneau politics today. Alaska Republicans temporarily interrupted 20 years of Democratic near-dominance of the legislature not long after that.

  3. Nice work. This should help bring in borderline voters. Mike comes across as a warm, down-to-earth and trustworthy man, not a career politician.

  4. You know that Begich will point out the fact that he also “ain’t no senators son” he was the son of a congressman. He will probably have an ad made where he calls Dunleavy a liar since he was a state senator and even though he isn’t a senators son he was a state senator, and that’s close enough for him.

  5. Ugh, so partisan. You forgot to brand Dunleavy with all of his corporate sponsors, and his brother holding him on a leash. Not what I would call an Everyman, unless your goal is to make us all corporate suits like him.

  6. Only reason Dunleavy didn’t want to do debates was because he’s a big big bully and his true colors would come out!!!!!!! He’s nothing special!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike Dunleavy was in more debates this year than Walker and Begich COMBINED. He appeared to me to relish the debates I saw him in, particularly the ones with Walker and Begich. He certainly won those debates. The word special has lots of meanings, including new and politically correct ones so I am not sure what you mean by it. Mike Dunleavy is an ordinary Alaskan stepping up to get us out of this entirely unnecessary recession, crime wave, and general malaise created by Democrats and their insistence on more spending and more taxes. VOTE DUNLEAVY!

  7. The image Dunleavy is trying to project has nothing to do with the original meaning of the song. It’s just a cheap shot at Begich. I do not imagine that he believes he is a “Fortunate Son.” If you insist on using a catchy Fogarty tune, a better choice would be “Centerfield!”

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