Elvi Gray-Jackson files, but Sen. Berta Gardner doesn’t


Former Anchorage Assembly woman Elvi Gray-Jackson has filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission for statewide office. She hit her term limit on the Assembly last year.

Elvi is a reliable Democrat. Is she planning a run for House, since Rep. Harriet Drummond has health issues and is on a cane most days.

Or will she run for Senate? Sen. Berta Gardner’s father passed away, and she is said to be re-evaluating family life vs. public life. Berta is usually one of the first to file, and takes campaigning seriously. She is one of the top Democrat fundraisers and yet has not filed for re-election, which raises a question about whether she has other plans.

The Democrats do a good job of coordinating these things.

Readers may remember Elvi as the Assemblywoman who sought to make it illegal for people to park their campers overnight in parking lots belonging to companies like Cabela’s or Walmart. She abandoned the idea after getting some serious blowback from the public.

Jason Grenn, a nominal Indie who caucuses with Democrats, filed his letter of intent on Monday.

He’s said to be driving Lyft when not legislating others out of a job. Word is he only picks up passengers from his political neighborhood — District 22.

According to his ethics legislation, shouldn’t this disqualify him from voting on anything that relates to his work zone — District 22?

Other Democrats who filed letters of intent last week: Ethan Berkowitz filed for Mayor for the April 3 municipal election, which clarifies he won’t be running for Congress.

Berkeley-bred Gabrielle LeDoux, who is still (improbably) claims to be a Republican, filed for her District 15 House seat, and then she went rafting somewhere in the West — perhaps the Grand Canyon — with Rep. Matt Claman as her guide.

Word is there is a likely primary opponent, but LeDoux, who moved to Muldoon to run for the seat, is a fierce campaigner and she has her own political action committee, where she soaks lobbyists for money that can help her.


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