Elvi Gray-Jackson and the raft of virtue signaling bills


Among important bills read across today on the opening day of the Legislature the Senate are a handful of bills offered by Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson:

SB 139: Establishing the month of March as Women’s History Month.

SB 140: Establishing the month of September as Hispanic Heritage Month.

SB 141: Establishing the month of October as Filipino American History Month.

SB 147: Establishing the month of June as LGBTQ Pride Month.

SB 148: Establishing May of each year as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Of the 14 pre-filed bills, more than one-third of them were specially designated months offered by Gray-Jackson recognizing one or another group.

Last year, Gray-Jackson sponsored Black History Month legislation, which was signed into law by Gov. Michael Dunleavy.

Gray-Jackson’s virtue-signaling bills, if they pass both Senate and House, will force Gov. Mike Dunleavy to choose whether to continue making these several special months permanent fixtures in Alaska by signing them into law, or to allow one or more of them to simply go into law without his signature, (or, as some social conservatives would have it, veto the LGBTQ Pride Month legislation.)


  1. Definitely have a comment for this…Let’s make November “Remove Elvi Gray-Jackson Month”
    And while we’re at it there are a few “Republicans” that have joined the Democrats that also need to be removed.

    • Never gonna happen, Greg. First of all, it was Whites who really invented all of these non-White pride months. Second, Whites have been taught to appease non-Whites out of pure guilt. Third, a White month would be purely racist.

      • I don’t know, if we’re going to recognize all races seems to me that we should recognize the whites for all their historic contributions. I mean…. I like my chainsaw and my boat and my Honda and I like getting on airplanes flying into Anchorage none of this would have been possible without whites making our lives a whole lot easier.

  2. God forbid we pay tribute to the European stock and heritage that was America before the Hart Cellar Act. There are roughly 800 million White people on earth, with below replacement birth rates the global White population is positioned to fall dramatically in the next 20 years.
    In 1900 White people were 30% of the global population, now it is about 8%.
    Only White nations are taught and expected to have a deracinated and selfless culture that feels obligated to share its resources with others. God forbid ANY White population desire to maintain demographic dominance in their own lands..

  3. Simply do a melting pot of all cultures month.
    Covers everyone

    No need to be decisive.

    Everyone one is so special we are all equal and doing anything else is pandering and embarrassing pathic.

  4. What happens when they run out of months but still have special classes of people they want to give a month to? Will we create months like Caesar?

  5. Another ridiculous politician wasting time on frivolous bills, when the PFD and Budget are still in limbo. Typical of an Anchorage Democrat. Please Gov. Dunleavy, veto all of this nonsense.

  6. I thought we were supposed to be reducing Government oversight…then again, if it comes with a paid holiday…

  7. I have an idea. What about Mutt month! A month where we collectively recognize that our heritage is a reflection of brutal conquests over time! Whether you are of Finnish, Russian, Balkan , Philippine or British heritage. What if we focused less upon diversity and collectively acknowledge the value of life.

    • All people including Natives have been fighting for eons, be it for a waterhole or hunting grounds or their women and slaves. My people the Choctaw didn’t do a whole lot of fighting, we were just forcefully moved to Oklahoma where are we still live today.

  8. Can’t we just have a Human History and Appreciation month and cover all the bases? This is all getting very wearying. ?

  9. United we stand, divided we fall. Whatever happened to E pluribus Unum? Oh how they have played us for the fools we have become.

  10. You all do see how ridiculous all this is right? We’re all tired of the racist accusations, tired of the left shoving their agendas down our throats. This Elvi Jackson person is exactly why you don’t label months with LGBTQ month, Hispanic month, black month whatever.. It’s all playing into the race card and I want no part of it. Let’s get back to having months be birthdays, important holidays and that’s it…. The rest is political bs in my opinion and not helping anything.

  11. This all you are going to get from Elvi and she will always vote Liberal Democrat.
    Special Interest Groups and Self Serving Personal Agenda.

  12. How about Man Appreciation Month for all the achievements by men? Nothing like a Liberal to divide people into groups.

  13. Doesn’t she have anything else better to do with her time? Everybody wants to feel like they’re something special. I’m a special heterosexual, card carrying white female who has done well and worked hard for all Alaskans in my small sphere on this planet. Hooray me. Give it a rest.

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