Election Day arrives, MRAK will livestream results


The candidates have made their best cases, and will be waving their signs until the polls close. Now it’s all over but the voting for Primary Day, 2020 in Alaska. Some yet-to-be-known number of the state’s 588,072 voters will head to the polls to make their stand for the right or for the left.

With primary elections in Alaska, as few as one in five voters may end up participating; it varies wildly from election to election.

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Must Read Alaska will begin livestreaming coverage of the election after 7:30 pm Tuesday on Facebook.

Polls close at 8 pm, and typically results start showing up within the first 40 minutes and we’ll wind down the livestream around 11 pm unless something unusual occurs.

Guest hosts on the Must Read Alaska Facebook Live coverage will include John Quick of Nikiski, and Scott Levesque, Bernadette Wilson, Art Hackney, and Steve Strait of Anchorage. We’ll bring several guests on screen, including legislators, analysts, and campaign managers. It will be a freewheeling, unscripted event, in lieu of an Election Central gathering, which won’t happen this year, due to COVID-19 mandates.

But while we and others may speculate and prognosticate, many of the races will be unresolved by the evening’s end, due to the extraordinary number of absentees.

In fact, it could be days before Alaskans know the results of some of the more contested races. Absentee ballot counting will begin Aug. 25 and end Aug. 28, after which the election will be certified.

Some 53,968 absentee ballots were mailed by the Division of Elections, and 28,317 were received by the Division so far. That’s a lot of ballots still out there in the wild.

35,671 ballots have already been voted in this year’s primary, as of Monday’s count at the Division of Elections. This includes early voting and online voting, in addition to the absentee ballots already received.


    • I made a pledge to Cathy Giessel that I would never vote for her again. Today I made good on that pledge and voted for Roger Holland!!!

  1. Watch out! I just got a call from a friend. He is undeclared, asked for the Republican ballot, told he had to vote the Dem Ballot! He had to get loud and stood his ground!
    I have called Div of Elections and the are calling that precinct supervisor to put a stop to this! Tell your undeclared friends about this! I don’t care if they vote the Dem or Republican ballot, that is their choice and not to be told otherwise at the precinct!
    Not saying this is voting fraud, but we need to put a stop to this NOW!

  2. I found it interesting that my undeclared husbands absentee ballot only had the republican ballot and no mention of being able to vote either or. As it turned out he was not out of town and voted in person. However, He did turn in his blank unused Absentee ballot to the voting officials

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